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Best In Concrete Services

Founded 1991 • With Angi since May 2010


(17) Verified Reviews

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8821 N Peninsular Ave

Portland, OR 97217


Best In Concrete Services has been taking care of your concrete needs since 1991. With our attention to detail we will provide you with quick and prompt service exceeding your expectations. The personal attention to your needs and desires are met no matter how small or large the job. Bill, will be

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Simon K.

I was scammed $8000 by this company. They are master manipulators and have no idea how to properly lay down concrete. They demanded a deposit upfront, which I gave them. After performing minimal work, they demanded even more money and kept demanding more deposits every day. Every part of their job was done wrong. The levels were wrong. The concrete was very sloppy and they didn't have the right tools to do the job. After I demanded they return my money, they disappeared and don't respond to my calls or texts. I will be filing a claim and lawsuit against this company, as I'm sure I'm not the first one they've done this too.

Description of Work
Concrete Slab and Sidewalk

Category concrete repair



Walker P.

Bill and his crew did a fantastic job: From assessing and quoting the work to be done through demo, site prep, and final pour everything was precise and professional. Bill's initial assessment of the work showed me he understood what I wanted, what the job needed, and that he had the expertise to complete the job. I was impressed with how fast they worked, getting our old driveway out and prep work done in a couple days. The pouring took 2 more days and it was done. Bill bid the job to be done in 7 days or less and he was done in 5. He continuously sent me updates about progress and was very upfront about costs and billing. I would absolutely recommend Best in Concrete Services for concrete jobs large or small.

Description of Work
Replaced driveway and repaired sidewalk

Category concrete repair, concrete driveways, excavators, pavers, gravel, mudjacking, foundation repair



Gary G.

Very Well. Quoted price, started promptly and completed the job in minimum time. Also repaired decayed expansion joints in driveway pad.

Description of Work
Remove and replace 50 ft. of sidewalk and driveway approach.

Category concrete repair, concrete driveways




Shoddy work all round. I think he must have doen us as a side job. He came one evening to pour cement in the basement, no form was used--he used wood from our yard, and a brick from our yeard to hold it together. Cement oozed out the sides, some went down the drain--which they didn't cover. It is not level either, probably because of the cement that oozed out. The front side walk had air bubbles I came home when it was almost dried they came back after I called to to repair it in the dark. They had to come back the next day. The side walks look like a diy er fixed them they do not look like they were done by a professional. When my partner talked to him about how badly the basement was done, Lonie blamed me. Said I wasn't willing to pay for hom to do it properly, that it should have been higher and he THINKS it will hold up. Here's the thing I called him, asked for an estimate, told my partner, and we hired him. No haggling, he never said how much it should cost. I called him to talk about this and he said he was sorry, and he's coming over today.

Description of Work
Front side walk repair, side sidewalk repair. create a level section in basement

Category concrete repair




Description of Work
I received a verbal bid and hired them on the spot because they were doing my neighbor's sidewalk and offered a discount since they were already on our street. They replaced about 1/2 of the sidewalk in front of our house that had become a trip hazard. They coordinated with the city regarding how to work around the large sycamore roots that were pushing up the walk. The sidewalk looks great. They didn't grade one spot perfectly so water now pools slightly there, which is why they got a "B" on quality. Also, all the work was on a handshake - I never got a typical bid. That said, they were on time, worked hard, and gave me what I paid for.

Category concrete repair, hardscaping



Kathleen A.

Description of Work
Bill and his crew removed two sets of steps and three small retaining walls in front of my Victorian row house replaced them and added steel handrails. The new steps and walls look great.

Category concrete repair, hardscaping



Ellen W.

I want to start off by saying that I called a few OTHER places for a quote, and for some reason, was unable to get a single one to come out and give me a quote, for over two whole weeks. I never had that kind of bad luck with previous contract jobs... but I'm guessing concrete removal is a back-breaking work and no one really wants to do it. The main excuse we got when I called those places back were 'oh, we are backed up, we'll have someone get back to you by the end of the week (which never happened).' Bill and Sue responded to my call right away, came over that same evening and gave us a quote. They appeared very nice and personable. My husband negotiated a little, which I'm not sure they are accustomed to, but my husband always negotiates. We settled at $1500 to remove and haul away the concrete pad. At the time of negotiations, Bill said there would be no concrete left over after they were done. The next day, my husband asked me to email them to obtain a cost to remove the concrete under the basketball post as well. They never gave us a number but did do the work. I couldn't tell whether they were a bit annoyed because they felt my husband was asking to do extra work for free. That wasn't our intention. I paid them an extra discretionary $100 for the post but did not inspect their work as I was busy with two small children. My husband came home later that night and asked if they were coming back to clean up as there were a lot of concrete left behind (enough to fill an entire trashcan), and a corner of the concrete pad they somehow missed (about 2 feet long and 3 inches wide and 4 inches deep... could not be dug out by hand and required sledgehammer to break apart and remove). We removed that part and did the clean up ourselves over 2 days. I think overall, there aren't a lot of place that can beat Bill and Sue's timeline or prices. I do wish however, that they would have just sent us an estimate of the extra cost to remove the post, and/or told us that if they did remove the post, they wouldn't be able to do a good job on the clean up. I think we would have rather just coughed up some extra money, as long as it was reasonable.

Description of Work
Remove and haul away a 14x16 concrete pad (used as a basketball court), basketball hoop, and post. We needed it remove so that we could put a Costco play structure in that same area.

Category concrete repair



Rusty W.

Lonie, who is a very muscular project foreman who came to the U.S. from Pacific Islands, was quoting my neighbor after a city inspector reported lots of sidewalks on our block in need of repair. My neighbor seemed positive so I asked for a quote which he gave me on the spot. And continued to expand his verbal proposals beyond my initial request. I don't have sufficient experience to know if the $2500 price was high, low, or just right. The work was begun with a 50% down payment -- the balance due upon completion but I was leaving town so paid ahead. Upon returning, I find cleanup is still to be done along with completion of the brick column rework. While Lonie's group is not strong in English, they work hard and well and at this point I would recommend them to others. I will add to this review depending on how well things are finished.

Description of Work
Replaced sidewalk and walkways and renewed two brick pillars.

Category concrete repair



James G.

This could have been a disaster but turned out very well. Our next door neighbor was re-doing his driveway which abuts ours and replacing the sidewalk in front of it. He called us out to ask about a part on the property line, and we decided to use the same guy (Lonie) to replace a part of our driveway and sidewalk that cracked and raised by tree roots. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we had decided to replace our whole 80' single driveway and the part of the sidewalk. We were aghast because in the past, we always consult Angie's list and get bids before doing any jobs. Lonie had worked for a number of our neighbors and the work looked good, and we wanted our driveway to go well with the adjoining one of our neighbors. So, without consulting this list or getting any other bids, we plunged ahead. Lonie is Tongan and his accent is difficult to understand. He never put anything in writing, no bid, no contract, no receipts. We were pretty concerned about what was going to happen, but Lonie and his crew showed up before the sun came up and worked until it went down everyday. They worked so hard with jack hammers and pick axes to remove the old concrete. Today they poured the new sidewalk and driveway. We couldn't be happier. It looks great. He did everything he said he would do, and explained to us about when we can drive and walk on it and when he will be back to remove the barriers and molds. They cleaned everything else up. He is a careful, hard worker with a good eye for detail Lonie doesn't look or sound professional. He doesn't do business the way he should. But his work is excellent and we would definitely hire him again.

Description of Work
new 80' single driveway and part of the sidewalk in poured concrete

Category concrete repair, concrete driveways



Dennis R.

the contractor always was here when he said he would be and cleaned up after work was done I have no cracks in the concrete after almost three yrs

Description of Work
put in a new drive way and partial sidewalk

Category concrete repair



Lanore V.

My husband called on Friday and left a message. The call was returned within just a few minutes and a time set to come give an estimate on Saturday morning. Bill and Sue came and were very personable and supplied license information and references without us even asking. Bill wrote an estimate which we accepted, and gave him a deposit. They were to do the job on Wednesday and Thursday, but called on Tuesday afternoon and could come and start right then. We weren't finished emptying the garage so the 5 men helped put the rest out on the driveway and then got started about 2pm. By 6pm the old floor was gone and it was prepped for the concrete. At 7am Wednesday there were 6 men here ready to start so by noon we had a nice new floor in our garage. They cleaned up and hauled everything away. The job was done quickly, efficiently, professionally, and we couldn't be happier.

Description of Work
Removed a badly cracked floor in attached double garage. Saw cut by some side cabinets and around the gas water heater and used sledge hammer and jack hammer to break up the rest. Used a bobcat loader to take pieces (which they use to recycle into outdoor walls) and filled truck for removal. All this was done on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday morning they were here at 7am as promised. They did an excellent job laying wire mesh prior to pouring the new concrete in 4 sections so there would be room for expansion and contraction so as to prevent cracking. They were finished and gone by noon except for one man who stayed to clean up and go over the floor a second time. It looks great. We'd recommend them and use them again if we need any concrete work in the future.

Category concrete repair




Bill told me he would be out Saturday morning to give me an estimate on some concrete repair work I needed. No show. Tried calling again, but no return call. Probably a good thing after reading the one review here.

Description of Work

Category concrete repair



Kyla W.

The exterior portion of the job went OK aside from new cracks in the surrounding concrete on the exterior portion of the patio. When they went into the basement to cut the interior portion of the foundation they "dry cut" it. Concrete dust billowed thickly through the entire house from the basement to the second floor. Smoke alarms were going off. Every surface of the home was completely coated in toxic white concrete dust. When we told them to stop and use water and finish with a wet cut, the boss, Bill (who had returned to the job after receiving my angry phone call) tried to say that it was our fault for not sealing up the house. He said they "dry cut concrete all the time". Even I know that this not what they teach in concrete cutting 101. Next, they failed to bring the appropriate tools for the job. They spent 2 hours calling around looking for a chainsaw to finish. They tried to make the large circular concrete saw work for the cuts within the window well. It didn't work. Then they were hitting the sidewall of the foundation with a sledgehammer before making the appropriate cuts. They were trying to break it apart. We had to call them off the job. It was awful. They were unprofessional and unsafe. One cutter was wearing flip flops. We have to get professional cleanup crew to come in and clean the entire house. We refused to pay the estimated price for the job as it was unfinished. Bill threatened to put a lien on the house if we did not pay. In addition they somehow managed to break our toilet and leave it full of you know what. And their truck leaked oil all over our driveway. I am in disbelief. DO NOT EVER USE THESE PEOPLE. Even if their bid is 1/2 the price, it is not worth it. Once it all said and done, we'll have spent 3x what a reputable contractor would have charged in fixing the aftermath. I cannot say enough horrible things about Best in Concrete. They are the Worst in Concrete.

Description of Work
They were supposed to cut the concrete for a basement egress window.

Category concrete repair



Andrew A.

Rose was very amicable and also a good negotiator. The quote was scribbled on a piece of blank paper, but it was far below others that I received. I wanted to think about it, but she was ready to start the next day. There was a $0 down requirement, "just pay us when you're satisfied." Job was done as promised, with no follow-up necessary.

Description of Work
Extended the width of my entire driveway and cracked out and poured new concrete for about 1/3 of it. They also took out and re-did the walkway from the sidewalk to my front door.

Category concrete repair




They did an awful job. They created a difference of slope of over 5 inches length wise and a few inches width. I called him because the framers and drywallers could not do their job. He put the blame on my contractors. I asked him to call me back. He never called the contractors,and basically walked off the job. I feel he is dishonest, does not stand behind his work, and I would never use him again!

Description of Work
They poured concrete for a basement foundation. It was roughly 500 sq. ft.

Category concrete repair




Job was started January 5th, which was within a couple of days of meeting with Rose. Lonnie & his crew broke out existing sidewalk and hauled away old. They then had to wait for the city inspector to mark tree roots for removal. Concrete was poured Jan 16th. They knew it was going to snow the next day and rushed to get it down and covered the entire job with heavy plastic. Snow came that night. I paid 1/3 cost prior to the start of the job. Lonnie knocked on the door and asked for the balance of payment immediately after the pour. I wanted completion & to walk the job & waited. Rose came out & we observed the driveway flowed back into the garage & onto neighbors property from the house back. I noted a white calcification of the concrete. Lonnie broke out drive concrete Feb. 1. He leveled & then poured 2nd concrete March 15th. Replaced 3 squares cracked sidewalk. Used silicone caulk to seal & attach concrete to house. Did not harden. Cracked sidewalk; 5 inch drop from driveway to garage

Description of Work
Removed & Replaced 50 feet of sidewalk and 43 feet of driveway. Additional Sidewalk from the house to the driveway subsequently added to cost. Concrete driveway was to be attached to the house and leveled to a nice even grade from the house to the street to ensure water runoff. I relied upon Rose's many years in the business for the detailed execution of the job.

Category concrete repair




Positives: Rose was very easy to reach and really strived to satisfy us...we could tell customer satisfaction was high on her priority list. Always prompt. Negatives: The guys that did the actual work did extensive damage to our landscaping (over $500 to repair) and the siding on our new house ($700 to repair). They had to redo the stairs twice because they didn't know code and the rises were drastically different (by 3'' in one case), and redo the entire patio once because they poured it in 100 degree weather and the finish was horrible. They agreed to reduce their price by $325, which didn't even come close to covering the cost of repairing the damage they caused. We were marginally satisfied with the end result after weeks of headaces, but are overall very disappointed because of the extra expense the job caused us with all the repairs we needed to do. They were cheap, but we got what we paid for.

Description of Work
We hired them to pour an exposed aggregate patio with stairs in our back yard, sidewalk along the side of the house, and build a retaining wall in front.

Category concrete repair

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    How is Best In Concrete Services overall rated?

    Best In Concrete Services is currently rated 3.6 overall out of 5.

    What days are Best In Concrete Services open?

    Best In Concrete Services is open:

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    Yes, Best In Concrete Services offers free project estimates.

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    No, Best In Concrete Services does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Best In Concrete Services does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Best In Concrete Services offer emergency services?

    Yes, Best In Concrete Services offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Best In Concrete Services?

    No, Best In Concrete Services does not offer warranties.

    What services does Best In Concrete Services offer?

    Best In Concrete Services offers the following services: Concrete & Hardscaping – Decorative, Sidewalks, Patios, Retaining Walls, Stone, Flat, & Tricolor, Design, Resurfacing & Repairs, Foundation, & Driveways.

    Are there any services Best In Concrete Services does not offer?

    concrete self leveling