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Founded 1985 • With Angi since August 2005


(109) Verified Reviews

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PO Box 512

Beaverton, OR 97075


Bark blowers Inc. was founded by two families in 1985 with a vision to apply the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle philosophy to the timber industry. We wanted to reduce the amount of waste produced by lumber mills by reducing timber byproducts and recycling them to the earth in the form of barkdust. Bark Blowers Inc. was thus developed to help people beautify their landscape with desirable organic products that would naturally return their nutrients to the ground. While wanting to give something back to the earth we also wanted to give something back to our customers. Bark Blowers Inc. was one of the first barkdust companies in the Portland area to develop and build their own blowing systems. The blowing system was developed to save our customers time and money while reducing the need to run wheelbarrows over their landscape....

Verified Reviews

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Jason D.

Great! Perfectly punctual and were able to drop the mulch exactly where I wanted it even though it was a tight fit for the truck. Really high quality mulch and outstanding customer service. Very friendly and efficient.

Description of Work
Hemlock mulch delivery

Category mulch



Lois K.

We are repeat customers of Bark Blowers, Inc. and have relied on their services for years. We have always found them professional and easy to work with. This visit was no exception. Jennie, in the office, was friendly and helpful when we were deciding how much bark dust to order. Bark Blowers called the day before to let us know when they would arrive. Scott and Sean arrived on time. Before starting to work, they spoke with us and listened to our concerns about certain areas in our yard we wanted them to pay attention to. The bark application went smoothly. They took care with all of our plants, particularly the new, smaller ones. After blowing in the bark, they did an amazing job of cleanup, even going so far as to hose off the plants. The yard looks amazing and our backs feel great!

Description of Work
We needed 2 units of medium dark hemlock bark dust blown in our yard.

Category mulch



Gregory K.

Scott and Drake showed up on time, and were very professional. They did a great job blowing the mulch into my somewhat "challenging" yard. They did a very impressive and thorough job with clean up as bark mulch can be quite messy when its blown in. The office staff who answered the phone and made the appointment were very professional and answered my questions.

Description of Work
I had one unit of composted bark mulch blown into my yard.

Category mulch



Karen K.

The crew was on time, very professional, friendly and courteous. They asked us specifically what our goals were and where we needed the mulch placed; we worked together to fine tune where and how much product to place in different locations throughout the process to be sure we were getting the coverage we needed. They brought extra mulch to work with and only would have charged what we needed. However we decided to put the remainder in a stock pile. They were careful to not go onto the neighbor's property and put it exactly where we wanted. They did a super job of cleanup afterwords. They completed the work in under an hour.

Description of Work
bring in bark mulch for temporary coverage/ erosion control until landscaping could be completed at later date; we wanted a guarantee of organic, non chemically treated material which they provided

Category mulch



Derek L.

Didn't hire them because their prices increased almost 50% over last 2 years. $319/unit in Aug 2013 (medium fresh hemlock) $349/unit in April 2016 $509/unit in March 2018.

Description of Work
Blow in 2.5 units of bark dust

Category mulch



Erin P.

They came as promised at the date & time agreed upon, did the job flawlessly and cleaned up behind themselves.

Description of Work
I ordered 8 units of bark to be blown onto the landscaping at my business.

Category mulch




The workers were courteous and we were pleased with the results. The scheduling got mixed up so they delivery was more than an hour behind the scheduled time.

Description of Work
Bark blown in to back yard

Category mulch



Nikki B.

Very well- they were very professional and helpful

Description of Work
Bark dust for yard

Category mulch



Steve G.

Didn't cover all the ground I wanted covered.

Description of Work
The workers were fine. However they did not have enough tubing to cover the entire area. The area they covered seemed too small for the high cost.

Category mulch



Donald & Carol S.

Went "ok" except when the pipe blowing in the fir bark clogged and exploded next to my neighbors house--they scrambled to clean that up. They then finished up the project--as they finished they mentioned that I would need to water all the plants because the bark dust gets hot from the blower and can burn the plants. Ran around frantically to do that after they left. Tried to wash the excess off the sides of the house--did not come off. Just spent 2 hrs this morning scrubbing all the areas on the siding--and got most of it off-- but still can see some staining. At first I was afraid I would actually have to repaint to get it off! Would not recommend this unless your house is painted black.

Description of Work
Needed bark dust blown into my flower beds.

Category mulch



Gary B.

GREAT - I was very pleased with the people who performed the work.

Description of Work

Category landscaping



Wendy W.

Fantastic. They were in and out in about 30 minutes. They cleaned up any excess and hosed down walkways and areas that had some bark residue. They were mindful of existing flowers and plants. They even paid attention to property lines and made adjoining areas look very well blended.

Description of Work
I had them blow bark around my home, approx 1/2 acre lot. Some areas were steep, others a shared flower bed with neighbors

Category landscaping, lawn service, mulch



David G.

Back in June (2016) I called Bark Blowers because they had a high rating on Angie's list. They said they were too busy to come to Forest Grove in June but could probably come out in August. I called them back in August and arranged a date for "Heather" to come to our home to estimate how much bark dust we needed. The arranged date arrived, but Heather did not. We called Bark Blowers and they said they would contact Heather and call us back with an ETA for her arrival. That was three days ago. We have not heard from Heather or Bark Blowers. Needless to say we are very disappointed with their customer service and will be getting my bark dust service from someone else.

Description of Work
Blow bark dust on my yard.

Category mulch



Echota K.

I needed bark dust for the selling of my home, to make landscaped areas "pop". This company was OUTSTANDING. THIS is the example of "how to do your job". From making the appointment, which was handled in the best way - lots of good information from the website, then the person who makes the appointments, answering all of my questions, giving me the best information possible... To the guys who came out and did the work. Oh my gosh, they were professional, friendly, kind, understanding, helpful....I wish I could hire these guys for every job I have on my property ever. I'm not kidding. They went above and beyond: The weekend before they came, my husband made his best effort to clear everything so they'd be able to do the bark dust. We didn't think we'd have everything ready, so I'd tried to call Saturday after they'd called to confirm our appointment - I was going to reschedule. But since I wasn't able to get ahold of them, I kind of figured they'd come anyway. So we did our best to get things ready for them. I kind of expected them later in the morning, so I was sleeping when they got here. They'd tried to call and tell me they'd be early, but my phone was off - MY bad. They were patient and persistent though, and they honked, which finally woke me up. I went out in my pajamas and to their credit, they didn't even blink twice that *I* was the late one and coming out half awake and disheveled, in my pajamas. They were smiling, friendly, not a trace of irritation at having to wait for me. They knew where the bark dust went and they got it down SO fast. We have a large property, but they moved like ninjas and put it all down lickety-split. I had to run an errand when they were finishing up (which again was SO fast), so when I left there was still bark dust on the ground near where they were putting it as they hadn't cleaned up yet. (Again, for this they were SO accommodating - no irritation whatsoever at moving the truck so I could get out, they were so friendly and nice about it all). When I got back, I was blown away. Everything looked AMAZING. They'd cleaned up everything around the edges, made it look better even than when we first moved in. I mean, it was TIDY. There is even this area in front where there are rocks on one side for drainage and then the area where the bark dust is on the dirt behind it. Some of the rocks had gotten half buried in the dirt and it wasn't as distinct anymore where the lines were - I have no idea what magic they wove, but there wasn't a speck of bark dust on any of those rocks, and the lines were so clear and clean between the dirt and the rocks. Seriously, it has NEVER looked that good before. There was also a strip we didn't finish, and they offered to just put a pile of bark dust there so we could spread it ourselves later. I said yes please, and they said, "Do you want us to just blow off this part and put the dust in a pile here?" There was some debris, so I said I could rake it away really quick, and they said, "It's no problem, we have an industrial blower, we can just do it." I thought they'd just out a pile in that one spot, but no, above and beyond, they blew away as much as they could around the area and basically laid half the bark dust where they could. Only in the unweeded areas and where we have a pile of debris we need to still remove do we need to spread it ourselves. I mean, talk about exceeding my expectations. The hose they used, which was all over the yard when they found it, they put back in a neatly coiled pile when they finished with it. Every edge is perfectly clean. Everything is WAY better than they found it. Even my husband, who always does a meticulous job with things, could not have done better. They really really did an amazing job. Seriously, I wish everyone I hired did their job this way. Just beautiful!

Description of Work
3 Units Bark Dust for Home Sale

Category mulch



Laurie T.

Tony and his team were fantastic! They arrived right on time, made sure to care for all the plants in the area of the installation, finished the job quickly and then very carefully cleaned up. I was so pleased with their efforts and the yard looks (and smells) amazing. Great job!

Description of Work
Delivered and installed 2.5 units of mulch for our home. Including large, very steep bank area.

Category mulch



Lori L.

I was able to schedule a delivery within a couple of days. They arrived promptly within the promised time frame and dumped the load in the location I requested. The quality of the bark mulch was good. I also had a unit delivered on 9-4-13 and was also pleased with the quality of the bark mulch and their friendly service.

Description of Work
Deliver bark mulch

Category mulch



Jarod C.

They informed me that they charge $50 to come out and bid the job ($25 of that fee would go toward the total cost of the job if I ended up using them)! I have never encountered a business CHARGING the customer to bid out a job, let alone FIFTY DOLLARS. You want to charge for a bid, build that cost into your overall fees when you BOOK THE JOB. Needless to say, I won't be going with Bark Blowers.

Description of Work
I contacted Bark Blowers for a bid on having bark spread over the beds on my property. I live on a corner lot, so it's a large area. Additionally, my property is professionally landscaped and therefore features numerous beds in numerous areas. Long story short, there's no way for me to accurately estimate the size of the area I'd need covered. Additionally, I would like different types of bark used in different places (dark hemlock in the beds, larger wood chips in the kid's play area). Bottom line these are completely normal reasons for wanting a bid on the job.

Category mulch




Crew showed up as scheduled, on time, very professional. Completed the entire job in less than an hour. -showed on time -cleaned up -made accommodations for my schedule with no questions asked -very professional attitudes, and friendly crew

Description of Work
Bark dust applied to front and back yard

Category mulch



Ted H.

Perfect. Not sure if this is the norm but if it is....Keep it up!!! Called yesterday and the following morning had a yard or rock and 5 yards of bark nuggets delivered. I couldn't use their mulch blowing service because I needed the large fir bark nuggets which can't be blown but will certainly use them for this next spring. The driver called prior to his arrival and advised of his ETA. I met the driver and he dumped the products exactly where I needed them. The whole process could not have been any easier.

Description of Work
Delivered rock and fir nuggets

Category mulch, pavers, gravel



Carolyn B.

Did a walk through with workers before they started. They had the job done very quickly, cleaned up after they were done. The crew was great, would definitely use this company again.

Description of Work
blew 1.5 units of fir bark in my yard.

Category mulch




They called about 30 minutes before they were to arrive. They walked around the yard with me before they started, so I could orient them to what I wanted done. I initially ordered 1 unit, but fortunately they had an extra unit on the truck and we had to use it. They cleaned off all the sidewalks after they were finished. They were in my yard approximately 2 hours--working constantly.

Description of Work
Blew 2 units of aged Hemlock bark dust in my flower beds and tree wells.

Category mulch



Susan F.

I was late and they were early. They waited so they could hear exactly where it went. They were fabulous. They did a pristine job. Looks wonderful!!

Description of Work
Provider blew 3 units in the back.

Category mulch



Matthew T.

Crew was on time, very professional, cleaned up well. I am very pleased with the company and will definitely use them again.

Description of Work
Team came out and blew in several yards of bark mulch in our yard.

Category landscaping, mulch



David M.

They were on time, efficient and did a good job of cleaning up after the bark application!

Description of Work
Barkblowers covered the entire yard, front, sides and back.

Category lawn service




I called Bark Blowers Inc (based on excellent reviews) the week before I wanted them. They said they were very flexible time-wise. I asked them about product availability. I wanted the finest (size) bark dust. They recommended dark hemlock, but said I should come to their yard to be sure than I got the product I really wanted. They were correct; the dark hemlock was the best choice for us. I made arrangements for the following week. I wanted the morning, but not early. They said I would have the second appointment which would work out to 9:30-10:30. They agreed I would be called 1/2 hour before they arrived. I decided to be sure, and went over around 9:15. They showed up at 10 and had forgotten to call. I reviewed where I wanted the bark dust. I had put down cardboard to suppress the weeks, they were to put the bark dust over the cardboard. They did a wonderful job and it went very fast. They blow the bark dust and it goes everywhere. Then they blow it off the areas it doesn't belong. They even were careful with new plantings to uncover them. I was very happy with their service.

Description of Work
Blow 1.5 units bark dust in flower beds of 10,000 sf yard.

Category mulch

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    Family Owned & OperatedFamily Owned & Operated
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    Bark dust and mulch blowing. Delivery of many landscaping products including bark, soil, cedar play chips, gravel, river rock, and more. Our Tigard retail yard is also open year round for pick up of any of our products.

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    How is BARK BLOWERS INC overall rated?

    BARK BLOWERS INC is currently rated 4.8 overall out of 5.

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    BARK BLOWERS INC is open:

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    BARK BLOWERS INC accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check

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    No, BARK BLOWERS INC does not offer free project estimates.

    Does BARK BLOWERS INC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, BARK BLOWERS INC offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does BARK BLOWERS INC offer a senior discount?

    No, BARK BLOWERS INC does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by BARK BLOWERS INC?

    No, BARK BLOWERS INC does not offer warranties.

    What services does BARK BLOWERS INC offer?

    BARK BLOWERS INC offers the following services: Bark dust and mulch blowing. Delivery of many landscaping products including bark, soil, cedar play chips, gravel, river rock, and more. Our Tigard retail yard is also open year round for pick up of any of our products.