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Caldwells Custom Concrete Inc

Founded 1999 • With Angi since November 2011


(9) Verified Reviews

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PO Box 196

Dansville, NY 14437


9 employees. Residential & commercial services.

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Lynn K.

Description of Work
Cleared and poured a concrete patio and removed front porch concrete base and then stamped it...He also suggested doing, in front of my two car garage, a six foot stamped concrete apron that tied into the side walk and new porch floor...My wife and I were extremely pleased with his work, neatness, and overall professionalism of Mr. Caldwell and his crew....

Category concrete driveways, hardscaping



Marco M.

Pat and his crew were kind, friendly, and professional. First, Pat always called us back and kept us informed of the project status. He was there to answer any questions no matter how insignificant they were or how busy Pat may have been. Pat is a good salesman but his recommendations are justifiable. For example, when I wanted to build a slightly smaller shed, Pat convinced me that adding the extra square footage would be well worth it and he was right! Pat was also correct when he persuaded us to add the retaining wall to hold back soil and divert water. We were’t going to add the sidewalk but after speaking with Pat, we learned that some of our water problems were due to shoddy work from the previous contractor. See, the company who installed our old sidewalk poured the concrete on dirt without using any stone base. Subsequently, the sidewalk heaved downward toward the house, allowing water to penetrate our garage. The new sidewalk is not only whiter and crisper looking, but we don’t find any water in our garage after a heavy rain storm. The patio looks good! We chose stamped concrete and had a few challenges during the stamping and pouring process. Pat worked with us to resolve these imperfections and, as a result, the imprints are defined and the colors vibrant. Pat’s crew took great care to ensure our patio would be welcoming and of the highest integrity. Pat’s craftsmanship and dedication to customer service is exemplified in his final product. We are very happy with our patio and look forward to many summers of use. Many thanks to Pat and his crew for making our outdoor project a reality.

Description of Work
Pat and his crew completed (1) a 400 square foot stamped concrete patio (2) a bright and inviting sidewalk which extends from the patio, around the garage, terminating at our front porch (3) a spacious 16 ft x 24 ft shed which complements our home nicely and (4) a 100 ft retaining wall that is not only functional but adds additional seating to our patio area.

Category concrete repair, excavators, hardscaping, stamped concrete



William C.

It was fine. It was a little lengthy but they did explain and they did follow up saying that they were very busy but would still get back to us. They were very professional about it. The people were very good.

Description of Work
Caldwells Custom Concrete gave me an estimate to asphalt my driveway.

Category driveway pavers



Oneil G.

I spoke to Patrick the owner of Caldwell Custom Concrete about how I wanted my driveway built. due to the fact that my driveway is on an incline it was very import that he removed a significant amount of dirt so to lessen the degree (angle) of the slope for the installation.I told him that I wanted from the bottom of the garage door to the ending of the driveway to be built consistently straight down to the road. I even went as far as to draw him a sketch of how a wanted it. It was very important that the driveway be built in such a manner because it would significantly lessen the angle of the slope, which he definitively agreed. Knowing that he understood my request I was satisfied to give he the job. He told me how proficient he was at building driveways and that the entire work would be done in less than a day. I was a bit apprehensive when he told me that because I knew there was a significant amount of work to be done. However he insisted that it would not be an issue and that I should not be concern about it. All this discussion was done sometime in the later part of June. He told me that it may be three to four weeks before he would be able to fit me into his schedule because he had other jobs ahead of mine, I told him that was fine and that I could wait because I had ordered a new garage door and it would take a similar time before it would be installed. On Monday July 1, 2013 he text me and told me that he had a break in his schedule so I didn't have to wait as long as was discussed because the job he had, the people decided to wait until after the 4th of July holiday. I was surprise, but I said why not of course he could come and do the job. On July 3rd he started it but wasn't able to complete it that day because it rained, so on the 8th they returned to pour the concrete. When I got home the first thing I notice was that he did not built it as how we had discussed, and like how we had agreed. I called him and he told me I should wait a week before I walk, or drive my car on it because the concrete had to dry properly. After a week of waiting to test the driveway it was finally time. I proceeded to drove my car on it and then I notice that if I didn't enter from an angle, the front of the bumper would scrap on the floor. Then a notice that because of how steep it was built when going up and I had no vision of what was in front of me, mainly what I would see would be up in the sky. I hated that because if either of my three young children was in front of the car I might not be able to see them, if I came to a stop on the driveway then the car would rolled back, and then to moved it forward I would have to significantly press down on the gas which could cause me to over shoot into anything that might be in front of me. The driveway was built at literally about a 45 degree angle going up, and then somewhat leveling off to form a flat surface 7 feet from the driveway door. Because of the 7 feet somewhat leveling of surface it cause the slope of the driveway to become exponentially elevated which I only came to realized after driving my car on it. The dirt that he should have remove from the top of the incline to lessen the slope was apparently not removed enough. He lay stones (gravel) on the incline and then poured concrete on top of it which further elevated the angle of the slope versus decreasing the angle which was suppose to have been the intended purpose after all. Now the driveway is a huge safety risk for my children, it decreases my field of vision going up it, and I presume its going to be somewhat impossible to drive my car up in come winter when its slippery and wet. After realizing all these safety issues, impediments and concern I decided to call Mr Caldwell to let him know what I have to be contended with. He told me he would come by Monday of the following week which I assured him I would be home because it was the week of my vacation. The Monday he didn't come nor the following day or the day after that. I followed with several text that I sent him and all when without not receiving a single reply from him nor did he showed up the entire weak I was home waiting on him. With facing with not knowing what to do next I proceeding to wright a claim to Better Business Bureau. Not too many days after that I received a text from him saying that he would come by to go over the concerns with me. On August 5th, 2013 he showed up with a employee of his. He went on to state how he could sue me for defamation because I stated on BBB things that were not true and if I continued that's what he would do. I told him I was plainly stating my opinion and my business experience which I had the right to do. I went a head relaying all the concerns I had with the driveway. He proceeded to let me know that was the only way the driveway could have been built and that my neighbor's was built in similar manner. I told him it was not the plan for the driveway to be built like such, that it was suppose to have been built in one straight slope from the garage door leading to the street. That with the horizontal surface at the top only served to elevate to angle higher than its intended purpose, when the whole plan all along was to decrease the slope as much as possible. I asked him why he didn't let me know that he wasn't, nor could he built it as how we discussed upon agreeing to to the job. He again proceeded to let me know how that was the best way to built it because they discussed my neighbor's driveway and built it in similar fashion. I had no idea that my driveway was going to be built like my neighbor's, that discussion was never had nor mentioned to me. He told me he's been in the business for maybe 20 years, and his job is as close to perfect as perfect gets. I told him all I wanted was to have my driveway as how I told him, and that the way how it is presently built was nothing like how we agreed on. I told him I had a contractor come to look at the driveway, and the contractor told me there is no reason why the driveway couldn't have being built like how I wanted it in one straight slope going down from the garage door, and indeed that would have lessen the slope of the driveway. He made a verbal comment: if that person had said that to his face how he would have slap them in the and quot;Ballsand quot; (male genital) because they didn't know what the h*** they're talking about. He told me he was going to prove to me that how I wanted my driveway built would not allowed my car to enter the garage cause then it would get caught up on a hinged. I asked him how is that possible when presently my car goes in at this currently high angel, why wouldn't it go in at a lesser angle? He began to lay out all different explanations why, which neither of them proved to me he was right. Upon us not agreeing he told me he would come back with a laser to prove to me that my way of building it would not work. On August 7, 2013 they returned with a laser and we discussed his way versus how we agreed initially to build it. With the laser and the measurement, it show that the original plan would have absolutely decrease the angle of the slope, but his reasoning of not building it that way was that he thinks my car would get caught up on a hinged halfway after entering the garage. I told him I didn't think that was correct, and even so he should no worry about it because that would be my problem not his. If he had carried out the job how I wanted it per contract, whatever happens he could rest assured that he did his job and that's all I ever wanted. After an hour a dialogue I ask what was he going to do about state of the driveway and he has me what was I willing to do. I told him I was willing to compromise despite of everything, and that I was willing to re-reimburse him some of the cost to have it re-done. He told me he would think about it and get back to me and I agreed. A few days Later I got a three page letter in the mail claiming to be a contract which I should sign and returned to him. These were the stipulations that were mentioned as per his contract in order for him to redo my driveway: 1. You will need to be present the entire time while we are redoing the driveway. 2. Once we redo the driveway per your specification you agree to have myself and a video camera present the first time the car is pulled up the driveway and into the garage completely. At this time if the new driveway achieves all the original objectives, we are complete, with the loss 100% on my company. If the new driveway does not achieve the original objectives you are to reimburse my company 100% of the cost to rework the driveway. 3. Original objective of project was to create a driveway to utilize the existing garage door opening. This means you will need to get off the road and completely in the garage without your car scraping, rubbing or bottoming out. 4.Prior to any rework of the driveway a check will be given to me for the full amount. At the completion of the project when a pass or fail is achieved the money will be left in place with the proper party. Regardless of the final product it stated there should be no public negative actions taken towards his company. He basically agreed he did no built the driveway how we agreed upon the contract, and yet he takes no accountability for the issues and problems I have with the driveway because of how he built it, which was something I didnt agreed to. Of note in the contract he wants me to send him a check of $4,500 before any work is done. I told him I did not agree to this and that I will have the check ready for him on the day he come to start the work because that would be the only way I would know if he would do as stated. He told me okay, I should signed the contract and send it to him and then he would get back to me with a day to commence the the job. I did what he asked only for him to tell me that I voided the contract because I didn't send the check with the money.

Description of Work
Installed concrete driveway

Category concrete driveways

Service Provider Response

Per our original meeting, the intention of installing a driveway at this location was to be able to utilize the overhead door to the garage to park your car inside. During this meeting I was very reluctant to install a driveway at this location because of the angle this driveway was going to have to be, due to the elevation difference between the garage floor and the road. There were alternative options suggested at this time to accommodate additional parking with a retaining wall and concrete parking area with no access to the garage. Also, it was suggested to put an addition on the garage on the existing driveway side which would allow a 2 car garage which would be accessed by the existing asphalt driveway. At this time neither option was anything you were interested in and I left with no agreement as to what, if any, work we were going to complete for you. A couple of weeks later your wife contacted me and asked if I would come up and install the driveway that you wanted. Knowing that driveway was going to be steep and the objective was to be able to utilize the garage to park your car, you decided to proceed with the project. On July 3rd, 2013, we completed the excavation and form work for the new concrete driveway. Throughout the day of July 3rd several pictures were sent via cell phone from both your wife and me during the excavation and forming phase. During this time, you agreed to add an additional 3 feet in width to accommodate 2 cars to park side by side. Due to rain we were not able to pour the concrete for the driveway. About one week after the driveway was complete I received a phone call from you expressing your concerns about the steepness of the driveway and safety issues. At this time the garage door had not been replaced so we could not verify that the car could be parked in the garage. On August 5th, 2013, myself and an employee met with you to go over your concerns with the driveway. At this time the overhead door had not been replaced so we were still unable to see if the car could get into the garage. When we left that morning we agreed we would come back over with the laser level to show you the actual elevation differences we created to accommodate your original objective for the driveway. On August 7th, 2013, myself and an employee returned with the laser level to show you the actual elevations we had created to accommodate your original intentions for the driveway. We walked through all the elevations we created to make the driveway as flat as we could, while also making sure your car could get into the garage. I drove your car in and out of the driveway 2 times without any problems with scraping which was also a concern. Upon arrival I noticed that the new overhead door and automatic opener had been installed, which you confirmed had been completed that day (August 7th, 2013). I drove your car up into the garage to verify our elevations were correct to allow the garage to be usable to get in and out of. Throughout the 1 ½ hour we went through several alternative options to flatten the driveway out so it would not feel like such a safety issue. During this time both myself and my employee expressed our concerns about creating one straight angle from the road to the garage. We feel your car is going to hit on the frame before you can get all the way up into the garage. We confirmed on the existing driveway from the underside of the car’s frame rails to the concrete you currently only have 3 ½” of clearance. This is with a completely empty car with no passengers or any miscellaneous items that would add weight to the car compressing the shocks and springs. During our conversation you said several times that your major concern was safety and the steepness of the driveway. You were uncomfortable parking a car on the driveway. When the concern of not getting into the garage was brought up by me you said the steepness of the driveway is more of a concern than if you can get in and out of the garage. The original objective of this project was to create a driveway so you could utilize the garage. You commented to me it was not a big deal if you could park in the garage or not with our original meeting that was the main objective and the investment of a new overhead door and automatic opener confirms to me that was your original intention. With the amount of time I have spent going over the driveway with you and physically being able to see your car utilize this driveway, I feel very confident that we installed this driveway the only way it could be done to accommodate the original objective. I know we are in disagreement with what we have done and what you would like to see done. I am not willing to take a 100% loss on redoing this driveway based on what you think might work. I and my crew have 20+ years of experience in the construction trades and I feel we achieved the original objective.


Joan L.

Pat Caldwell and his crew were terrific. The driveway is perfect. They worked well and were careful with the surrounding garden in a tight space. As an extra bonus the finish is beautiful—brushed concrete with a flat edging. Pat was on site working and supervising the excavation and construction. I would certainly use Caldwell again.

Description of Work
installed concrete driveway

Category concrete driveways



Mary C.

The project was started one week from the contract signing date. The service was professional and the workers skilled. The owner of the company kept me informed of the progress on a daily basis as I was out of town. He provided excellent guidance in the process of choosing the stamped design and coloring for the walkway/patio. When I arrived home one week later it was a gorgeous site! I would recommend this company in a heartbeat. Thanks to Caldwell's Custom Design the outward appearance of my property, is a welcoming site! ,

Description of Work
New brushed concrete driveway, garage floor and a stamped front walkway and entrance patio.

Category concrete driveways



Robin C.

Pat and his crew were very professional. I would definately hire Caldwell's again!

Description of Work
We had Pat pour a pad 10 feet in front of our garage and then add a stone area off to the side for additional parking. Pat took my initial idea and tweaked it so that now we have added parking as well as the pad!

Category concrete repair, concrete driveways



Gerald F.

They told me upfront that it wold take a few months together to my job, and the timing was just as predicted. They came and completed the job quickly and professionally.

Description of Work
They excavated footing trenches, poured concrete footings, laid concrete block for stem walls, and poured the concrete floor for a 24 x 24 foot garage. Their work was excellent. They worked with me so that I could lay in PEX tubing for in-floor heating.

Category concrete repair, concrete driveways, excavators



Robert L.

They are busy enough that it was hard to get an appointment, but once we met things happened quickly. It is the best looking work in the subdivision, but more importantly, it is the best quality work. I can look and see neighbor's work with specific problems which did not occur with my work. The driveway is tied to the garage floor and sidewalk with re-bar drilled into the concrete. Steel mesh was used along with the re-bar for reinforcing. Two coats of sealant were applied. Joints were saw-cut rather than formed - a premium process that results in a more attractive and better winter surface.

Description of Work
Two large driveways plus stamped concrete sidewalks and steps.

Category concrete repair, concrete driveways, hardscaping, stamped concrete

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