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Ultimate Choice Restoration

Founded 1994 • With Angi since November 2013


(11) Verified Reviews

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3040 North Simmons Suite 104

North Las Vegas, NV 89032


Ultimate Choice Restoration has been in business since 1994 and employee 35 amazing individuals. We only subcontract specialty items like HVAC, plumber and electricians. Our billing cycle is 30 days or more. We also help customers with their deductibles using in house financing.

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...
Connie G.
The company was asked to have their workman wear a mask and gloves, and there are many times that they don't have the masks on. They are asked again about them, so this has been a struggle, to make sure we are not I don't want to get Covid19, so I would be aware of that company working in your home
Description of Work
Re build the
water damage restoration, air duct cleaning
Art V.
Something probably has happened to this company. Our recommendation – AVOID DOING BUSINESS with this company!! And, if you do, DO NOT PAY any money until the work is completed and verified to your satisfaction! We live in Massachusetts and have currently paid in excess of $2500 for materials and installation work that has not been completed……shame on us for being so trusting. Folks, research and evaluate this company on your own. If you decide to do business with this company, protect yourself. There are several workers on the staff that do quality work that we found to be wonderful individuals who need jobs. You would want Sammie, Geronimo, Sergio and his son to work on your project. JUST DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING UP FRONT! Problem is you do not want to do business with Mr. Steve Feris, Principal in the company. And, as good as he has been, we can no longer rely on the Project Manager, Brendan T. As a result, we have decided to terminate the business relationship because we no longer have confidence in company’s ability to complete our project. And, we do not respect the management team. We have been asking for copies of the actual material orders [considered special order items] for weeks. On September 23rd via text and email we again asked for (a) copies of the special orders; and, (b) confirmation that installation could be completed by 10.25.17. Since then all communication from the management team to us has stopped. We have airline tickets to fly to Henderson on 10.22.17. We wanted copies of the special orders to make sure everything ordered was to our specs so there would be no surprises when we arrived. Gut tells us Ultimate Choice Restoration’s business is declining. They probably can not produce copies of the special order item orders because they were probably not ordered. The ordered items include Kohler Choreography walk-in shower panels and shower pan; new shower fixtures; glass for the walk-in shower and a new patio door. We were told the walk-in shower panels were ordered and would be in on 10.14.17; and, the patio door was ordered. We do not believe any of this now. If that the materials had been ordered, it would be a reasonable expectation that copies of the orders would be readily available and there would be no problem sending them to us. Would you agree? Things were fine up until September 6th, 2017 when we flew home to Massachusetts. Communications were OK with Brendan T.; and, work was getting done but we constantly had to ask about the project. Project planning was definitely not perfect. Since then all communications with Brendan T. went dark as did communications with Steve Feris, Principal of the company. We firmly believe the special order items needed to complete our project were not ordered and they used our money for payroll or some other expenses. Mr. Feris will make an excuse the Brendan T. had a health issue. True but why have we not heard from him since he was confirmed to be back at work on 9.25.17. From a Better Business Bureau posting to a customer complaint the company response was “Any issue that the ************'s had could have been resolved with communication”. Well folks, there is NO COMMUNICATION! We have been emailing, texting, calling and leaving voice messages every day since September 22nd with absolutely no response to our requests or confirmation that the installation can start on 10.23.17 and be completed by 10.25.17. As previously, mentioned, we are looking for another company to complete the project. I was able to reach Mr. Feris via phone presumably because I blocked my number using *67 about 8:30 PM, his time, on Thursday, 9.28.17. When I start talking he tells me “he’s had a tough week”. When I mention we have over paid he says “this is not a tit for tat situation” and then he tells me he has had thousands of dollars out of pocket before receiving what he has ordered. Not exactly what I was interested in hearing as a customer who is not getting answers. Then he tells me he will look at my file on Friday, 9.29.17 and call me. Well folks, we are still waiting for the call. He was ‘yessing me’ to get me off the phone. Mr. Feris is certainly not providing us with a great customer experience. This is the customer service experience you can have if you do business with Mr. Feris and Ultimate Choice Restoration. Well….that’s all folks. BUYER BEWARE…and good luck if you decide to do business with this company.
Description of Work
Remodel of Condo in Henderson, NV
drywall, electrician, plumbing, garage builders, woodworking, stucco, interior painters, mold removal
Juan I.
The whole time we were dealing with Ultimate Choice Restoration, we had a feeling we were being ripped off, AND YES WE WERE. That's not the worst part. Now everyone in our house, my aunt, my mother-in-law, my wife, our roommate, our KIDS and myself, are now showing signs of mold related symptoms, Which are nosebleeds, headaches, difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, throat irritation, coughing etc. Ultimate Choice employees had a fan blowing directly on a wet pile of of wood, with what "appeared to be mold "(can't legally call it mold, because I didn't have it tested before they got rid of it) with all the windows and doors closed with the A/C running. The smell was so bad, the employees even had masks on. We decided we had to leave and get a hotel room. They never even said anything about the dangers for our kids!!!! It got so bad I even put a camera down stairs in front of them (I set up the camera right in front of them and I told them it was to see the progress) and still, all they did was watch the soccer game (the employees were the one that turned on the TV and put it on the soccer channel!). Seriously they're watching TV most of the time, right in front of the camera. that's how much they didn't care. They actually would wait for the commercials, to start working again. I have it on video!!! It's ridiculous!!!. And there are cameras all around my house. There's are various days were they didn't show up! I have videos, pictures, text, email, estimates and the invoice, that show what a horrible Company Ultimate Choice Restoration really is!!!!!. Ultimate Choice Restoration, turned out to be a very bad choice and now it turns out, it was a dangerous one as well.
Description of Work
Removal of floor cabinets and drywall
drywall, water damage restoration
Imelda B.
Our overall experience with Ultimate Choice Restoration.. From the beginning Ultimate Choice Restoration never showed any consideration for our children safety. They left sharp pieces of wood exposed and a pile of wood "appeared to be mold on it" with absolutely nothing to keep our children from it while they took off. And if the wood was supposed to be disposed of, WHY WERE THEY DRYING IT?! Maybe resell!! Their cabinet braces are ridiculous!! And not safe for children!! They left out exposed electric sockets and carpet nails!! And after all this the owner of the company (Steve) never asked once how are children we're doing (Never)!! after seeing are kids (1 and 3 year old) get 5 tubes of blood taken out, it would have been nice for someone from this company to ask how are kids we're doing!!!!!!! Now to Ultimate Choice Restorations invoice and estimate First the invoice for the dry down, here were all the discrepancies. 16. refrigerator removal and reset ($37.01) 17. Range-gas-removal and reset (131.43) 23. Emergency service call "during business hours " ($177.58!!!!!!) WOW!!!! We called on Monday and they showed up Tuesday!!! 30. Dryer remove and reset ($27.76) 33. Washer machine removal and reset ($30.83) 34. Tear out countertops ($43.15) 35. Tear out cabinetry-vanity (36.08) 45. Water extraction and Remediaton technician (g$720) None of the above, was ever done except for 17. but was never reset. And 23. is just crazy!! And to me it looks like they charge for 52 air movers (it was 800 ft.²) Now for the Restoration part Our insurance granted us $11,548.73 for the wood flooring, but that was never told to us since Brandan was the one dealing with the insurance for us since we thought we could trust him and we're working overtime (12-16 hour day 7 day a week) When I finally had time to look for tile, I text Brendan to see what our budget should be. He text me approximately 800 ft.² and $1.68 ish for the tile!! now according to Home Advisor and Google the average cost for installation of tile is $3.00 now add that all up and you get $3,744 for a difference of $7,804!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that's just the flooring. As soon as you realize what was going on we immediately contacted a Public Adjuster who recommended us a honest Restoration Co and for us to get rid of Ultimate Choice Restoration!!!!! Which we did!!! Ultimate choice restoration would've caused us to go completely in debt and we would've had to take out loans!! For something at the very end of all this should only have cost us $700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the re-piping.
Description of Work
Our floors to be removed and replaced. Cabinets to be teared out
water damage restoration, woodworking, interior painters
anne G.
Description of Work
They ripped out a cupboard and tore down a wall that had black mold. They replaced baseboards. They replaced everything, cleaned up the mold.
woodworking, interior painters, mold removal
Sean M.
The contractor was not nearly as responsive as expected. After a quote was obtained on our about October 24, repair work was not complete until November 10. The contractor was also recalcitrant toward obtaining the necessary permits and inspections required for the repair work. (In Clark County, water heater replacements must be permitted, as must any drywall repair over a certain square footage.) Only at the owner's insistence were the necessary permits pulled and the inspections obtained. Overall, the quality of the work appears quite good. However, given this contractor's apparent ignorance of permitting requirements (which is quite a surprise since the contractor is a licensed general contractor) and the long time from quote to job completion (given the house was without any hot water service for over two weeks), I cannot recommend this contractor for similar repairs.
Description of Work
The provider was contracted to repair water damage caused by a water heater that failed and to install a new water heater supplied by the owner. The work included repairs to water damaged drywall, including application of texture to the drywall.
drywall, plumbing, water damage restoration, interior painters
Bill R.
Description of Work
Handled water remediation after a 2nd floor pipe burst and flooded the house. | |After the initial remediation, they took care of the restoration/repairs. | |They worked well with me and my insurance company, staying within budget.
home builders, woodworking, interior painters
Pama Y.
A time of high stress for me as the sewer line backed up the day after Christmas- flooding three rooms of my five year old Pulte home and creating unlockable conditions for several months. ULTIMATE RESTOARTION services were quick to respond. The young team worked well to mitigate water damages and suggest how I could mitigate financial costs since INSURANCE DENIED ANY COVERAGE FOR REMEDIATION OR RECONSTRUCTION OR LIVING ARRANGEMENTS. The team returned every day to check the operation and progress of the dehumidifier and check the moisture retention in the walls and flooring. I really appreciated their support at this horrible time. Never expected a New home to have such horrendous defects. THANK YOU ULTIMATE RESTORATON TEAM.
Description of Work
Very responsive and professional young men. Handled all my belongings. Very carefully and especially quickly to mitigate water damage. Answered all my questions. Worked quickly and returned for followup daily. Tested for residual moisture damage before beginning any restoration project. I would definitely recommend this service.
water damage restoration, interior painters
Ed K.
Workmen offered to do other work on the side on more than one occasion. Miscalculated the amount of tile needed to complete floor restoration leading to a delay. Provided low quality replacement carpet and pad. They had to be called back for punch list items rather than going over the completed work themselves.
Description of Work
Initial response was good and the first week on the job was punctual. Work slowed down and took about four weeks to complete. Most of the work was of good quality, but some details were lost such as replacing door bumpers and tacking the computer cables back to their original position. The job was to clean up and restore two rooms after a plumbing leak. Most disappointing was that the carpet was replaced with lowest quality carpet. We only had to pay our $1,000 deductible and the balance was covered by home owner's insurance.
interior painters
Gregory J.
The recent flood in my home was devastating to say the least. I arrived home from work to find water running down my driveway. I opened the door and was horrified when my shoes were completely under water. I had just seen Ultimate Choice's big truck earlier in the day and called them immediately. The technician was at my house within 45 minutes and they had all the water sucked up very quickly as well. The technicians were very understanding and sensitive as my partner and I were very upset. Within just a few days, my home was back to normal and the devastation was a thing of the past. I am very impressed with Ultimate Choice and would recommend them to anyone needing any emergency or restoration services done in their home or business.
Description of Work
Efficiently removed water from home
drywall, water damage restoration, interior painters
Leslie F.
I hired Ultimate Choice Restoration for my mother and step-father when they purchased in Sun City. Upon purchasing, the smell of cigarette smoke was overpowering, the flooring, paint, and counters were very outdated. Steve worked with my parents one on one until they had a plan that fit their budget. My mother changed her mind a few times and her ideas were met with kindness and positivity. I'd expected that we would run into some frustration from the contractor at some of her last minutes ideas but was surprised with the willingness to do whatever it took to make my parents happy. Steve and his employees were always very kind, professional, tidy, punctual, prepared and willing to listen and answer any questions. We were always kept up to date with where we were in the process and what the plans were for the week. The finished project was more than any of us anticipated. We went from a dark and smoky house to a bright, beautiful home with not even a hint of the cigarette smell from before. The house looked so good that some of my parents friends looked at it, bought just down the street from them and had Ultimate Choice do their remodel as well. We would highly recommend Ultimate Choice to anyone that needs any remediation or remodel done in their home. Its never easy having strangers in your home but in our opinion, a positive experience is guaranteed.
Description of Work
complete remodel of kitchen, bathrooms, flooring installation, custom entertainment center
drywall, plumbing, water damage restoration, home builders, woodworking, interior painters

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    Emergency Services OfferedEmergency Services Offered
    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Free Estimates
    Eco-Friendly Accreditations
    Payment Options
    Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Financing Available
    Senior Discount
    Emergency Service

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    Sewer back ups, water removal, water damage restoration, thermal imaging, structural drying, mold removal, trauma scene cleanup, new construction remodels kitchen remodels bathroom remodels complete house remodels.

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    Landscaping, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Ultimate Choice Restoration

    How is Ultimate Choice Restoration overall rated?

    Ultimate Choice Restoration is currently rated 3.4 overall out of 5.

    What days are Ultimate Choice Restoration open?

    Ultimate Choice Restoration is open:

    Sunday: Open All Day

    Monday: Open All Day

    Tuesday: Open All Day

    Wednesday: Open All Day

    Thursday: Open All Day

    Friday: Open All Day

    Saturday: Open All Day

    What payment options does Ultimate Choice Restoration provide

    Ultimate Choice Restoration accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Financing Available

    Does Ultimate Choice Restoration offer free estimates?

    Yes, Ultimate Choice Restoration offers free project estimates.

    Does Ultimate Choice Restoration offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Ultimate Choice Restoration offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Ultimate Choice Restoration offer a senior discount?

    No, Ultimate Choice Restoration does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Ultimate Choice Restoration offer emergency services?

    Yes, Ultimate Choice Restoration offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Ultimate Choice Restoration?

    No, Ultimate Choice Restoration does not offer warranties.

    What services does Ultimate Choice Restoration offer?

    Ultimate Choice Restoration offers the following services: Sewer back ups, water removal, water damage restoration, thermal imaging, structural drying, mold removal, trauma scene cleanup, new construction remodels kitchen remodels bathroom remodels complete house remodels.

    Are there any services Ultimate Choice Restoration does not offer?

    Landscaping, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC