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Davis The Plumber

Founded 1962 • With Angi since July 2006


(67) Verified Reviews

Business Details

Phone Number


3231 Vassar Dr NE

Albuquerque, NM 87107


In 1962, a man by the name of Mace Davis decided to go into business for himself as a residential service plumber. Basing his business on hard work and quality customer service Mace quickly established a loyal customer base. Everyone knew they could trust "Davis the Plumber" to do an excellent job. As the years went by the demand grew for good, honest plumbing services - so much so that Mace knew he couldn't do all the work by himself. It was time for a full staff. Davis the Plumber, now a household name, moved into the office at 6110 Menaul NE. As the company grew, more technicians were added to meet the growing demand. Mace even decided to extend his tradition of hard work and customer service into the heating and air conditioning field. By the mid 90's Davis the Plumber had 13+ technicians and 3 office staffers to keep up with them - all holding Mace's original goal of providing excellent customer service through honest hard work. Today the company is in a new location and has a new manager, but Mace's original ideal still lives on through each of the services we offer. Come try us out and I'm sure you'll be pleased with the experience. Whether it's residential plumbing, heating, or cooling, I guarantee you'll receive excellent service through good ol' fashioned, honest hard work....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Gayle H.

reattach dryer vent/install non electric bidet

Description of Work
The work was insignificant . He managed to stretch out the time. Made a mental note of that. The work took him 1.5 hours. He arrived at 10:20 am. It was taking him a long time to write the invoice so I went out to his truck. He presented me with a $303 invoice. Told him I wasn’t paying that exorbitant price particularly since I asked his hourly rate in advance. He told me it was $30/hr. He got very aggressive with me and got so close as to push me with his belly. I called the police who responded. I settled the dispute by paying him $175. I gave the check to the Rio Rancho police officer who waited until the plumber left.

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

Sorry that you had a bad experience with a plumber, but it was not performed by Davis the Plumber. We do not have a [Member Name Removed] in our customer data base and we maintain a data base of all customers that call in for service.


Anthony S.

Service tech was on time and fixed the problem for half the price as the first company who came

Description of Work
A/C not cooling

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, air duct cleaning



Fred H.

The workers arrived on time, removed our 15 year old equipment , which leaked and used the obsolete R22 coolant. They installed a new higher efficiency Trane A/C & furnace system. The work took two days consecutive days. They also installed a new hot water recirculation pump that I purchased on-line. Another contractor who provideed a bid refused to do that service with equipment that they themselves did not provide. Davis the Plumber did a great job with the installation, and gave me two extra pleated air filters, which they recommended over the old filament spun E-Z Flow filters. There was a problem with the new thermostat programming, but they returned to fix that the same day. They also came back a few days later to provide free screening (magnetically attached) for the outside A/C unit to help keep it clean in a high dust and plant debris area. I obtained bids from 4 different contractors and they came in at the lowest. They also provided a 5% Angies List discount on the new system. Another contractor who unsuccessfully bidded on the system also advertised an Angies- List discount, but arbitrarily capped the amount at $200. Davis the Plumber provided the full 5% discount that they advertised. The Trane system installed is rated at 16 SEER for the A/C and 96% efficiency for the furnace, qualifying for hundreds of dollars in rebates from both PNM and NM Gas. The Smart thermostat installed also qualified for rebates from those companies. Davis the Plumber did offer a 17 SEER A/C option, but it was not cost effective. I determined that using a SEER energy savings calculator at the following site: [*** Link removed ***] My neighbor ( a retired engineer) subsequently commented on how much larger and quieter the new outdoor A/C unit is over the 15 year old Rheem equipment it replaced. He also was impressed with the Trane historical reputation for quality equipment, indicating their slogan was "Its hard to stop a Trane". I highly recommend both this company and the Trane equipment to anyone considering a new A/C & Furnace system.

Description of Work
New A/C & furnace & thermostat and also installation of customer-provided hot-water recirculating pump (to replace an existing pump).

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, air duct cleaning



Sumit G.

Ended up paying 2.5x the quoted price, but that included cleaning the ac cooling fins.

Description of Work
Maintenance on HVAC furnace unit

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Betty L.

Davis lack of professional integrity resulted in our living without hot water for over two weeks and without a stove for 3 weeks. He collected a deposit of $1500 and and on the first day signaled that he couldn't do what he said he said he could do. The proposal he sent was nearly unreadable - he'd taken a picture with his cell phone. As it became clear that he couldn't do what he said he could do, he said there was fine print in the contract that allowed him to raise the price for "unforeseen circumstances." When we objected, he threatened to cancel the government inspection scheduled for the next day. It turned out (1) he hadn't scheduled an inspection and (2) the work he had done could not have passed inspection (passing inspection required installing a new water heater and he hadn't done that). During the day he was on site, he made multiple trips to the hardware store (round trip over an hour) for parts he hadn't brought. For these trips, he expected to be paid $85 per hour. Fortunately, we had not signed a contract and told him not to come back after the first day.

Description of Work
conversion from propane to natural gas

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

We're sorry you had a poor experience with whomever you called to do work for you in the fall of 2018. However, most assuredly, this was not Davis the Plumber. We have not done any work in Sandia Park since 2007 and we do not collect deposits on our projects. However, if you'd like some recommendations for East Mountain service providers, please feel free to give us a call: 505-881-7811


Ronald P.

All was repaired as requested. There was a problem with the lines to the washing machine(only hot water was coming through), turned out to be a kink in the supply line. They were quick to come out and fix it. Then, there was only cold water, but there was nothing to see as to why, suggested a washing machine repairman. Somehow, on the next wash, it self-repaired.

Description of Work
Leak in water supply line, replacement of floor under water heater.

Category plumbing, water heater repair



Terri G.

Davis Plumbing was hired to replace a faucet in my home. My home is older and has some quirks for sure, we're aware of this and understood that some extra work might be necessary. The plumber arrived on time, installed the faucet and warned us that because of the older nature of the pipes we should watch carefully for leaks. He was professional and courteous. The pipes did leak and this is where the problems began. When I called the emergency/after hours line about the leak I could never get through to anyone so we had to wait through the weekend before we could speak to the office. When I called on Monday to let them know the sink was leaking, I was able to get someone in the same day - so far so good. However, due to the nature of the leak my garbage disposal was removed - (the seal was cut without asking me first). The job could not be finished that day because we needed to either buy a new seal for the old disposal or purchase a new disposal. We were told that we could make a decision that day and let the office know. The plumber thought he'd be available the next day. We decided to replace the old disposal. When we called back to let the plumber know the office told us that there would be no way we could get the job completed for almost two weeks because this was a very busy time for them. Meanwhile I have a sink with a hole in it! I asked if this counted as emergency/after hours work and was told no because you can't preschedule that kind of work. I explained that this was not a new job but just finishing up an existing job and was told that there was nothing that could be done because they were already booked for the next two weeks - even though my job wasn't finished. When I let the office know that the plumber said he could return after hours I was told that if I wanted the plumber after hours he would be tired and the quality of his work might be "shoddy" and that the work couldn't be guaranteed to be done right. I finally had to speak to the owner to get this issue resolved. The owner was courteous and apologized and I was able to schedule the plumber to come back and finish the job within 24 hours. The plumber returned and finished the job - he was professional and did good work. However, we were charged the full amount a second time as if this was a new job and not simply the completion of a job in progress. When I asked about the cost I was told it was high because the water valve I needed cost over $100 (it looks like some I've seen at Home Depot for less than $10) and that the diagnostic fee was necessary because that would ultimately be cheaper than if I was charged full price for the parts. I understand the need to pay for parts/ labor, but I disagree with charges that treat this like a new job. While the quality of the plumber's work was good I just don't think it's worth the hassle to use this company. You shouldn't have to speak to an owner to get a job completely fully, or be charged twice to finish the same job.

Description of Work
Replace faucet

Category plumbing



Terry W.

Friendly enough, but extremely expensive. I received a bill for $521 for 2 hours of labor (being generous) and $50 worth of parts (again, being generous).

Description of Work
Rebuild toilet, replace shutoff valve for toilet, replace turnoff valve for swamp cooler

Category plumbing



Gaither B.

Very well; very professional and efficient operation.

Description of Work
Plugged drains Air conditioner/heater maintainance Hot water distribution problem Garbage disposal problem

Category plumbing



Adam D.

Bad clog, another plumbing company charged more and came out twice and didn't fit the clog. Davis the plumber came in fixed it, charged less and it has been fine.

Description of Work
Main line drain clog.

Category plumbing



James B.

Great. Wish I'd hired these guys when I had the system installed. Went with a lower bid and have regretted it ever since. You do get what you pay for.

Description of Work
Furnace inspection, clean up and tune up.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Betty H.

Work was done in two hours. We are satisfied.

Description of Work
Outside pipe from city water line was leaking.

Category plumbing



Lisa B.

It went really well. The staff clearly knew what they were doing. Had good ideas. Did the work on time and within budget. Very polite and professional.

Description of Work
Re work plumbing, install new down drain, install new utility sink, install kitchen plumbing, rework bath plumbing, review HVAC, etc.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, plumbing



Charles C B.

very well, Prompt, efficient.

Description of Work
Repaired leak in shower, toilet, and kitchen sink faucet.

Category plumbing



Bridget B.

Boiler went out - no hot water and Davis the Plumber sent out a tech who found a moth incinerated at the pilot light, blocking the gas flow. Cleaned everything and did an overall maintenance check up. We (and our next door neighbor) use DTP for all of our plumbing needs - they are the best!

Description of Work
Cleaned boiler pilot light

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, plumbing



Sue J.

Fantastic service from Davis the Plumber as always! Davis the Plumber installed our furnace in 2002 and has been servicing it every year since, in addition to several plumbing issues over the years, new sink installation, new hot water tank. Several years back, while servicing the furnace, a gas leak in the nearby hot water tank was found, which could have had disastrous results. New tank, completed installed and checked was installed the same day. I can't recommend them enough! They provide prompt, quality, professional service and are extremely knowledgeable about servicing, new products, recommendations, etc. If they ever decide to close up and retire, I don't know where I'll go! Highly recommend. You can't go wrong with them.

Description of Work
Cleaned and serviced furnace for the winter, check for carbon monoxide and gas leaks, inspected, testing, etc.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac, plumbing, air duct cleaning



John J.

Both installations went well and both units are functioning properly. We also have an annual service contract with Davis the Plumber whereby they prepare our three units (two package units and one "splitter") for the heating and cooling seasons. Davis the P has also installed a hot water recirculation pump in our hot water supply system which insures that hot water will flow from any fixture in the house in a matter of seconds. The company has also installed new bathroom fixtures in all of our bathrooms. While not the cheapest plumbers in town, they are the best and one certainly gets what one pays for!

Description of Work
Installed an new "package unit" (combination air conditioner/heater) in back bedrooms and a "splitter" unit in backyard studio

Category plumbing




He arrived within a half-hour of my phone call (great response time). Jason stopped the leak, using parts that I had bought earlier that day from Kenco Plumbing Supplies. I couldn't budge the set screw on the dome cap using my Allen wrench, and neither could Jason: his Allen wrench was bent when he tried to budge the frozen set screw. Sadly, the plastic hot/cold indicator button on the faucet worked loose after Jason left and went into the garbage disposal while it was running (another validation of Murphy's Law). In summation, Jason tried his best, but it was just one of those days.

Description of Work
Jason made a service call on a Saturday evening ($ cha-ching $) to stop a slow leak on our 2009 Delta kitchen faucet.

Category plumbing



Jim H.

It took (5) five men to do this job, including the manager! At first they said all I needed was a flue cleaning. After that didn't work, and with soot trampled into carpet, they recommended full replacement of unit. When that was done, I was left with a hole in the wall over the heater that I had to get replaced! Another inconvenience: The manager gave me a check for $100 to clean the carpet since they weren't.

Description of Work
Replace well needed heater.

Category plumbing, water heater repair

Service Provider Response

Work was completed 4/23/2013 not March 3, 2014 as reported. Customer requested Davis the Plumber (DtP) perform a service call on his inoperable wall furnace. DtP found the heat exchanger and flue clogged with soot from years of neglect and the furnace not being de-rated for altitude. DtP disassembled and cleaned (hosed out, brushed, vacuumed, blew out) the heat exchanger, flue, vent pipe and draft diverter. Although DtP used tarps under and around the furnace, some soot was spilled on the carpet (there was also some soot on floor when we arrived for the service call) under the furnace and was tracked around in close proximity to the unit. DtP also de-rated the furnace for altitude. Although the unit was working properly when we left, DtP provided him with a price to replace the unit because of its age and condition. Within a few days the customer called and said that there was still some soot dropping out the bottom of the unit and he had decided to replace the wall furnace and DtP quoted him a price for replacement of the furnace and code/safety repairs to the water heater. The customer was given the option to have us repair the drywall above the furnace or he could handle the job himself. Since the customer had a handyman working on the unit beside his he said he would handle the repair himself hence the estimate did not cover dry wall repair and was noted on the service ticket. After the install and city inspection was complete we discussed the dirty carpet under and around his furnace and came to an equitable reimbursement of $100 that he could use to have the carpet cleaned.


Steve M.

Worked with Mark Kilgore from the beginning to end. Our house was built in the early 1950's and the furnace/hot water tank were in the same small closet. In order to upgrade our house, we wanted to have a good quality furnace/AC unit and replace the swamp cooler. As part of the process, due to code (space requirements), we replaced the hot water tank with a tankless water system. The process took 3 days to complete, and the installers were all professional. From what I could tell, this was not a "easy" install as the closet was small, and they needed to a bit of custom work. As part of the process, we upgraded the power outside, and his contract person was also professional and worked within the bounds of the limited space on the outside of the house. The city inspector found a few issues which they resolved that day, but we had to wait until the next day for the inspector to check on the corrections. overall, a good process.

Description of Work
Replace furnace, hot water tank, remove swamp cooler install A/C and upgrade power at the house.

Category plumbing



Zach R.

It went pretty well when they snaked the main drain.

Description of Work
Snake the main drain. Work on the faucet.

Category plumbing




Apparently he found the problem with my heater and replaced a part. It's working so far. If it keeps working I will say he is very efficient.

Description of Work
Davis The Plumber repaired my heating system. They were also the one who installed my heating system several years ago.

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



janet L.

t It went smoothly, they kept working while went to buy a new garbage disposal and when I went to get my daughter from work when her car wouldn't start.

Description of Work
Snaked out water outlet pipes from washing machine to past toilets.,( @ 80 ft.). Installed my new disposal, put in new pipes for both kitchen sink drains and replaced drains in kitchen sink, double checked pipes creared in washing machine and dish washer. Did a great job.

Category plumbing



Kathleen D.

Cleared sink and talked with me about the value of purchasing a special product they recommend - an enzyme for $50. Gave me invoice/receipt and then told me that the work is not guaranteed. I was surprised by this since every other plumber I have used offers at least a 30 day guarantee for a blocked pipe. When I commented on this, his response was that basically they do not trust the customer's to not mess it up again...felt like it was my fault that the pipe was blocked. Not a good way to build customer good will.

Description of Work
Call for a sink back up and expected a simple clean out. Company was courteous and prompt in their response.The technician came, tried to used the outside clean out and couldn't make the turn in the pipe so he accessed it from inside under the sink. Successfully opened drain.

Category plumbing




Techs were early and job was fast and correct.

Description of Work
Water heater went out and Davis was a little pricey but the product provided is amazing and the service was great.

Category plumbing

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