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Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation

Founded 2009 • With Angi since March 2010


(1497) Verified Reviews

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2216 S Miami Blvd

Durham, NC 27703


Super Service Award Winner 9 Years in a Row and #1 rated landscaping, lawn care, and irrigation company in the Triangle five years in a row! We pride ourselves on easy communication, great service and transparent pricing. Call us today for a free quote! Full service lawn maintenance plan, landscape design, landscape installation, and irrigation system repair and installation. On the irrigation side, the sprinkler professionals at Greenway Irrigation have been designing, installing and maintaining the finest underground irrigation systems in the Triangle area and beyond for nearly a quarter century. Underground sprinklers are our specialty—that’s all we’ve ever done. Greenway is committed to providing high quality irrigation systems and exceptional customer service. Between Agape and Greenway, services Offered Include: Landscaping. Lawn & Yard Maintenance. Irrigation System Repair and Installation. Also specializing in leaf removal, lawn fertilization, hardscaping and pavers, landscape lighting, mulch and topsoil, and drain pipe installation on the exterior of your home....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Ralph E.

Overall it was just average. They cut 3 of my irrigation lines. The told me that could happen. So it was expected. However, when I would reach out to the PM, he would not call me back to make sure they would be sending someone out to complete. Cleanup of the work was not done well either. They did not rake the yard smooth and remove rocks after digging. I will say the guy that did the irrigation repair was good. He knew what he was doing and was apologetic about the fact the PM was not responsive.

Description of Work
Install Drainage System

Category drain pipe



Kristi W.

I have used this company for a long time since I wrecked my knee. Initially, I could not have been more happy, they did a great job. And then last year happened. A worker apparently sprayed a round up like product to deal with grass that was too inconvenient to trim. i spent over 10k to get my lawn leveled and sod with bermuda. I now have very very expensive dead spots in my yard where rain has washed away the dirt the grass used to hold down. Their manager said, "oh it is heat stress that killed your grass" The owner of the company came out a few days ago and acknowledged that the grass was clearly sprayed. He was supposed to get in touch with me to give me a quote to repair damage and mulch. I can't believe I was going to give them more money. Agape used to be a really great company. Stay away now, things have changed.

Description of Work
Fixing the damage they did to my lawn

Category lawn treatment



John B.

They person I texted with said they drove by and looked at the job even though I made two appointments to talk to him to show what I wanted done. He never came to the door and never followed through with meeting me. His mail notes just stopped. I ended up hiring another company that did an outstanding job for a very reasonable price. I will never recommend Agape in face I will steer people away from them. Very unprofessional. Seems they don't want the work.

Description of Work
Brush removal and stump grinding

Category tree service



Terry M.

This was not a good experience for me. I found Michael Hoy to be very personable and easy to talk to. He promised me a great service. The first day of the job my extension cord for my outdoor lighting was severed with a weed eater. ( Michael had a new one shipped to me within days of my reporting it. He did not bother to find out the color or the length so this process was repeated twice. He never collected the one that was too long or the wrong color). I presented him with a list of things that went wrong in the job. He left the list behind rather than take it with him and address the issues. I complained that the crew did not seem to understand or have been trained in pruning nor did they understand the plants in the garden. The crew worked very hard and did their best but they needed better knowledge and someone ot oversee their work. They pruned all of my bushes rather than the ones requested. My nandinas did not bloom during the winter as they were pruned at the wrong time of the year as well. This was in August the 22 of 2019 and a return visit in September so my gardinias which would normally be laden with blooms this week have NO BLOOMS. This is a big disappointment. They were pruned at the wrong time of the year. This is the reminder that so many things went wrong with this job that I was motivated to speak up and review Michael and Agape. They did not remove all of the grass and weeds as proposed so they came back to do the job correctly. My stones that had just been laid and set were removed and I had to hire someone to lay them again after Agape completed their work. It was a process getting my stones laid properly. The holly from the bushes was on the ground rather than picked up properly. I cleaned out this holly as it was cut and laying on top of the new mulch. The company did come back and remulch everything with another layer of a very hard mulch. This particular mulch is hard to walk on without getting splinters in your rubber soles or sandals. I got one in my foot and had to remove it. I had requested triple shredded mulch not the mulch that was applied. The crew was so very nice and polite. They were not trained in how to care for and prune the garden and plants. I have one plant growing in my walkway right now because the area that was removed and weeded ( rather than containing the weeds and plants being removed it reseeded and now grows in the middle of my walkway. I am thinning this plant out now. Anyway, I thought I was getting top shelf service and instead I got the "B" team. Polite and kind does not suffice for knowledgable lawn care. Michael has the ability to charm you in the process of negotiating. Do not be blindsided by this smooth charmisa. No, I would not recommend or use Agape Lawn Care again.

Description of Work
I needed my grass removed and mulch in the place of grass. I also needed to have two holly bushes pruned. Instead my other bushes were pruned by inexperienced employees.

Category concrete repair, lawn service, mulch



Ron K.

Very well. Agape is a very good landscaper and I highly recommend them.

Description of Work
Trimmed shrubs, cleaned up area.

Category landscaping, lawn service



Dave B.

It seemed that they made a mistake every visit and it required us to instruct the crew and office staff. We called with many complaints. Despite our efforts things only got worse.

Description of Work
Routine lawn care (mowing, edging, reseeding, regrading)

Category lawn service



Carrie D.

Let me first say that I am extraordinarily picky and a bit OCD. Bill Matheson headed this team with Louis and Samuel doing the day-to-day work. I have Nest cameras in the front and back of my house so I was able to watch these guys as they worked. What I noticed is that they took great care with this project, and were as precise as I would have been if I had been building it. And Louis is an artist. There were times when they would lay a small pattern but he would take it up and re-do it because it was better the second time. 'Care' is the word that characterized this project from start to finish. The back gate that they had to take off previously was hard to close since the hinge had sagged over the years. When they put the door back on they fixed that as well, at no additional charge, and now it latches as smooth as butter. They didn't do that because I asked them to, they did it because they care about the quality of the project and making the client extraordinarily happy, which they have accomplished. Bill had chosen the type of paver he thought I would like and would be consistent with the property, and I went to the stone company to take a look at the stone before finalizing. His recommendation was spot on, and the pavers are just stunning. The two patios they built are very, very pretty and the work is perfect. The pavers, the lines, the angles, the pattern -- I am SO happy with the work these guys did. If you are looking for a company that cares as much about your project as you do, start with Agape. You won't be disappointed.

Description of Work
Patio Installation

Category landscaping, hardscaping, patios



Dave B.

We had to fire them because virtually every week they found a new mistake to make. High crew turnover was part of the problem. I think poor/no experience could also be a contributing factor. Grass seed was scattered all over the berm where we have mulch so grass is now growing where it shouldn't be. Grass was mowed too short at times. They even forgot to mow the back yard on one occasion despite their denial. It made no sense to us that they would even argue with us because we were home and saw them mow only the front. Edging along sidewalk was always sloppy and rushed. Dumped grass clippings in our wooded area on multiple occasions despite our pleas to do otherwise. Dumped grass clippings in our yard waste bins even though we asked them not to do so. Leaf blowers were used with such high velocity that they damaged plants in the garden and broke a large clay pot by blowing it over and ruining the plant at the same time (they never said anything to us, just left it for us to discover). They also blew gravel from the pathes into the mulched areas. This is just a partial list and in the end it made us so tense to have them around because we were always anticipating the next mistake they were about to make. Nice office staff and folks were always polite. Very good at apologizing and promising to address our concerns.

Description of Work
Mowing, seeding, edging, leaf blowing, soil grading.

Category lawn service



Corey M.

Rotten. My lawn is destroyed and they did nothing to try and resolve the destruction.

Description of Work
Lawn maintenance

Category lawn service



Tia V.

We contracted with Agape to install 5600 square feet of low-maintenance zoysia; they said they'd install a zoysia that would only have to be mowed a few times a year. We were happy about this and discussed in detail, and many times, the convenience and delight we felt in getting sod that would be so easy to maintain. Instead, they installed sod that must be mowed every week! Once we realized this and tried to contact the company, Brent, the owner, refused to discuss this with us or make a site visit. He simply dismissed us and would not return calls.

Description of Work
Sod installation

Category landscaping, lawn service



arline S.

I am not sure the folks who came were recommended by Angie. These folks were from Durham but called themselves Huggins & Son Yard Service. They never called but just showed up. Their phone # is 919-641-3610. The tree branches were collected and they disposed of them, however, the weeds are still here and now at 82 years of age and in poor health, I have to spray them myself. Not a happy camper at this point.

Description of Work
weeds killed and branches picked up and disposed of

Category lawn service



Rodrigo M.

Well, what can I say except WOW (in a surprisingly bad way). We are selling our home and was looking for a company that would maintain the lawn. Nothing fancy, just mowing and edging the front / backyard every 2 weeks or so. It took several days to finally get them to call us back, and gave us a whooping $680 quote!!! I seriously could not believe it, primarily because we always get letters from landscapers offering this service in the range of $30-$50 per visit. My realtor almost laughed at it too. Anyways, even if they quoted us something much higher by mistake, it shows a complete lack of empathy towards customer's specific needs, and to be honest ... insulting because the pricing was so dramatically high that makes us think they didn't want to do the job.

Description of Work
Mowing and edging

Category lawn service



Dwayne R.

I emailed them, they replied and asked what day that week I could meet them. I gave them two days and their reply was what day next week. I gave them a day I could meet and they kept wanting to find another day. If you are too busy to come give a quote, fine, then say so. But don’t keep asking what day then saying you can’t meet.

Description of Work
Irrigation system quote

Category irrigation systems



John R.

Much to expensive for what I needed

Description of Work
Raking and getting rid of leaves

Category lawn service



Lauren H.

We chose Agape to performed the following services on our Tall Fescue yard after reading many positive reviews on Angie's List: $490 = 3 yd3 of 50/50 Compost/Topsoil spread $395 = Aeration, Overseed, Starter Fertilizer $50 = Straw laid down over Bare Spots Total = $935 We were extremely pleased with the work completed and the seed has taken very nicely. Our yard had a few decent size bare areas and some unevenness. To address we had Agape put their 50/50 topsoil compost mix to level and provide a good base for seed. We watched as the Agape employees took great care to evenly fill and level those areas. The aeration covered all requested areas and they were very careful to not contact any sprinkler heads / drains. They put seed down thicker in bare areas and covered with straw in the bare areas. We would highly recommend Agape for the above services and will use them for our aeration and overseed next fall. The price was very fair for the services and quality of work performed. The response from the sales side and office staff was excellent. Nothing but positive things to say about Agape, great experience.

Description of Work
Aeration and Overseed of Fescue Lawn

Category landscaping, lawn service, lawn treatment, mulch



John P.

Quoted price seemed high for backyard only, but promised quality seed and work and they confirmed for 'backyard only' as per my request. 1/2 payment was required and paid before scheduling. They did not come on scheduled day, understandably because of rain, but did not notify us or reschedule. They came the next day without notifying us. They were aerating, fertilizing and about to seed our front Bermuda grass yard with Fescue seed before we stopped them. He said the order was for whole yard and even though he saw we had Bermuda grass in front, he didn't question it before starting. They brought hay but none was laid down over seeds so much of the seed was eaten by birds, etc and washed away by heavy rain. Afterwards, I found that my debit card info was used again to automatically bill my account for the FULL amount instead of the balance of half pay. I contacted them and the office denied having record of payment of the half up front ppayment, even though their policy is to not schedule until payment is made. To get my refund, (by check!), they insisted I send a copy of my bank statement. I finally received a check in the mail for the overcharge. We will never use them again.

Description of Work
aerate, seed and fertilizing done for our backyard

Category lawn treatment



Geri V.

First contact quoted 3 times what I've paid in the past and double what it would cost to rent a machine and supplies to do it myself, and have it delivered and picked up–before they knew what size my lawn was. Sorry, NOT impressed.

Description of Work
lawn aeration and fertilization

Category lawn treatment



Christopher F.

I've been an Agape customer for several years. I've always been happy with the way my lawn looks and the speed and efficiency of their crew. Today was a case of above and beyond. I had needed to trim some trees which were over hanging my house. I got the trimmer out and attacked the trees with gusto, or at least as much gusto as a retired guy in poor health can. I had managed to haul off about half of the limbs I had downed, when I simply ran out of steam, and needed to rest. I thought I'd get out tomorrow and get the remainder. lo and behold, along come the lawn ninjas from Agape. Now those remaining branches were in their way. They could have mowed around them, moved them enough to be able to cut. Not these guys! Those branches, which were a burden to me, were like match sticks to these guys, and they were moved off the lawn and into a natural area, out of sight. This was a big deal for me, and I appreciate it greatly. They live up to the company name Agape - God love. Thanks guys!

Description of Work
lawn maintenance

Category lawn service



Lindsay W.

Sam Garcia stopped by a few weeks ago to get an idea of what we (I should say my wife) was interested in. He was very professional , listened and asked many questions. He emailed us a quote within a day or 2. A couple of modifications to the plan ... no problem. We agreed to the proposal and the terms. A date was set.Sam and the crew showed up this morning at 8am. They were done by noon. The yard is very much improved. I definitely recommend them.

Description of Work
New plantings, mulching, new beds, dead shrub removal.

Category landscaping, lawn service, mulch



Anna L.

I requested a quote and never got any sort of response.

Description of Work
I was looking for full lawn care services

Category lawn service



Clifton D.

Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation are definitely a re-hire. They did an awesome job and I look forward to hiring them again.

Description of Work
Lawn Care and overall maintenance.

Category lawn service, irrigation systems



Matt A.

Absolutely horrible. I gave this company thousands of dollars to design, install sod, and plant bushes and plants in my back yard. The sod is 95% dead and half of the plants are dead. I had another landscaper review the work and he said they chose the wrong grass for the area and did a terrible job planting the plants. All were out coming out of the ground and had air in the roots. I'm out $10,000 and will have to have it redone. Worse yet, when I called them, one technician came out and agreed it looked awful and referred me to another guy that never showed up to review. The worst planning, execution, and customer service of any company. PLEASE DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. They took my money and left me with a moonscape.

Description of Work
Backyard installed

Category landscaping



Joyce K.

I was very satisfied. I will recommend and use them, again.

Description of Work
Lawn and Yard Work Service

Category lawn service



G C.

Had Greenway come out and provide quote to replace driplines and make a few repairs from recent landscaping. The work went pretty well - actually quicker than expected. The installer actually ran lines farther than I had requested to reach other plants - he didn't mention any major cost implications. The bill received for part was nearly double the estimate - the scope of work done didn't change, no unexpected issues. We split the difference, but since it was 100% on them, and they did extra without asking me, I feel that they should have covered the overage.

Description of Work
Replace existing irrigation lines

Category irrigation systems



George C.

I couldn't be more pleased. They were extremely responsive each time we communicated. The deployed technicians were courteous, professional, competent and friendly. The price charged for the services rendered was fair. I would hire them again without any reservations. They really earned my support. I wish all the people who worked on my home was as good.

Description of Work
Replace underground backflow valve with above ground model. Inspect entire existing irrigation system for leaks and non-performing heads and so on.

Category irrigation systems, drain pipe

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    Landscaping. Lawn & Yard Maintenance. Irrigation System Repair and Installation.

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    Housecleaning. Gutter Cleaning. Window Cleaning.

    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation

    How is Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation overall rated?

    Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation is currently rated 4.6 overall out of 5.

    What days are Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation open?

    Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation is open:

    Monday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Thursday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    What payment options does Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation provide

    Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check

    Does Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation offer free estimates?

    Yes, Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation offers free project estimates.

    Does Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Are warranties offered by Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation?

    Yes, Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation offers warranties.

    What services does Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation offer?

    Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation offers the following services: Landscaping. Lawn & Yard Maintenance. Irrigation System Repair and Installation.

    Are there any services Agape Lawn Company and Greenway Irrigation does not offer?

    Housecleaning. Gutter Cleaning. Window Cleaning.