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J. Benson Construction

Founded 1965 • With Angi since September 2001


(16) Verified Reviews

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3230 Gorham Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55426


J. Benson Construction is a full service, fully licensed, insured, and bonded general contractor. We serve the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and greater Minnesota from three offices in Minneapolis, Rochester and Duluth. We are a preferred vendor for Contractor Connection, Code Blue, Travelers,

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Cesar M.

Horrible The experience was awful with this people. I didn't know this company at all, my insurance company send me a list of 5 general contractors to take care of my house, so I pick J Benson because they were close to my house and I want it to keep the contractor local and close. So I went with them. They send an estimator like one day after the damage of the house, I signed the paperwork and two days later they send a different person because the first guy had previews commitments, so that was the first red flag. The second estimator took a lot more pics of the house and did he's first estimate, he submitted to the adjuster and it passed just fine. But then it took them almost one whole month before any one started to work in my house, not a single nail was removed or anything. Then I found out that numerous contractors were going in and out of my house with out me knowing it. Finally the work started and the job "foreman" got involved, this guy was even worst, he only called and picked up the phone when he need it something for me other ways good luck trying to get a hold of him. This guy should be FIRED and never allowed to work on the field again. One day I called him and he's answer was "what do you need, I am kind of busy right now" Awesome. Then I asked for an estimate to build a brand new bathroom in the basement. The estimator give me he's quote and we agreed on the price, so they started the project about one month after the paperwork was signed. About 80% of the work was done when I found out that the estimator "FORGOT" to add the toilet and the tub on the estimate!!!!!! How can any one do that????? So I had to came up with that $$$ And then there was the communication with office personnel. Since day one right after I signed the paperwork I offer to give them money, the estimator said "some one from the office will contact you" NO one ever did, weeks went by with out a single person contacting me about money. Finally some one did and every time we communicated there was a mistake with the numbers, every time there was an "I am sorry I forgot" Unreal this people. A couple of weeks before the project was done and I was super upset with every one involved at this point I requested a supervisor. He reached out to me and we meet at my house. He right away start asking me for money, I pretty much lost my cool there and I went off about all of the issues I was having with he's people. He's answer " I am sorry I wasn't aware of the issues" This shows how unprofessional this company is I can't believe how this people are in business not only in the twin cities but in southern Minnesota.

Description of Work
House reconstruction after major water damage.

Category contractors, drywall, electrician, plumbing, water damage restoration, home builders, interior painters, basement remodeling



Andrea F.

Very professional. Had the entire job done in a day. Looks great. The crew was very polite. Second time we have used this company. Would use again.

Description of Work
Scrape and repair water damage on a ceiling

Category water damage restoration, interior painters



mark F.

they were prompt in coming out to get the contract signed.....and then.... (I have edited this 3 times to try and be as brief as possible) their project manager, Tony, came out to look at the house to discuss how everything would happen during the project. among the things he told me were: 1. the tear-off and re-roof would be done in 1 day ~ it took 16 hours over two days 2. the roofing crew would surround the house with tarps on the ground to catch all the debris ~ they put 1 tarp down, and a lot of debris ended up in our flower beds and gardens 3. they would replace the flashing on the roof ~ they replaced no flashing 4. the gutters would be installed a couple days after the roof was completed ~ the gutters were installed 5 weeks after the roof was completed There were a few questions I had for Tony during the entire process but he refused to take most of my calls. when the refuse company showed up 4 hours early to pick up the dumpster (while they were still tearing off the old shingles) I called Tony to ask what was going on. He refused to take my call. the dumpster pick-up driver told me he had just spoke to Tony 10 minutes prior, so I had him call Tony from his phone....then he gave me the phone so I could speak to Tony. Among other things, I did tell him it wasn't very professional of him to dodge my calls.... After the new shingles were on the roof, there were a few things that didn't appear to be done correctly. I wasn't worried though as I assumed my city inspector would find any problems when they came out to do a final inspection. To my surprise... my city doesn't allow their inspector to get on the roof to do a final inspection. Instead, they looks at 6 pictures of the roof after the tear off, and these pictures are taken by the roofing crew. (this is an entirely different problem.....but homeowners beware if your city does this type of final inspection) I had a strong feeling that the roof had some problems so I called a home inspection service to do an inspection of our roof. The inspector found numerous problems, and I contacted Joe at J Benson to make him aware of them. Joe came out to look at the roof, and agreed to have a crew fix most of the problems. But he refused to fix the biggest problem found by the inspector.....the shingles were butting up against the wood siding on the second story of the house, and there was no gap between the shingles and the siding to keep water from wicking up into the wood siding. we 'discussed' this issue at length and his solution was to give me a quote to have a siding guy come out and fix the problem. I told him that was BS and that they can't install a roof in a manner that will cause damage to the siding of the house. The good news for me was that my mortgage company was in control of the ACV (actual cash value) funds and would not release them to me until I signed a letter of satisfaction. Needless to say I was NOT the ACV funds were held by the mortgage company until I was satisfied. This 'satisfaction' finally came during the first week in January, 2016....a little over 4 months after the shingles were put on the roof...when J Benson brought a couple of their guys out to trim my siding. (at no cost to me) During the period that we were arguing about trimming the siding on the house, they gutters were installed. the gutter contractor asked me if I'd like to eliminate one of the downspouts from the front of the house, and just have them use a single downspout. It sounded like a good idea so I agreed. Everything seemed fine with the gutters until my wife and I installed some gutter covers. (I was recovering from surgery and couldn't climb a ladder) She noticed that one end of the gutter run....the end furthest from the single downspout....had a lot of water in it. she measured it with a ruler and saw there was 1/2" of standing water in the gutters, which meant the gutter slope was insufficient. I called Joe to come out and look at it. he brought some water with him to check how the water drained from the gutter, and after he poured his water into the gutter he told me it was draining just fine. then he explained to me how there will always be some water in a gutter, but it will evaporate. I took him at his word and sent him on his way.... the next day I managed to crawl up a ladder to take a look at the gutter myself. I found a lot of water in the gutter.....and it had NOT rained overnight. I got out a ruler and measured it.....and again there was 1/2" of water in the gutter. I called joe again and had him come out. when he arrived he immediately began blaming the problem on me.... he told me that if I had allowed the gutter installer to put a downspout at the opposite end that there wouldn't be a problem. at this point, I was at the end of my patience with joe.... I exploded. I told him he lied to my face about the water draining out of the gutter when he tested it, and I didn't appreciate dealing with a contractor who appeared as sleezy as they were. voice was raised during this 'discussion', and I was ticked off. but joe decided that I must not be mad enough at that point.... he asked for the full ACV and told me I needed to write him a I told him to get off my property....immediately to summarize.... this was the worst experience I've ever had with a contractor. stress, lies, threats.... no professionalism... if you hire these people, you are enlisting a contractor that will take advantage of you if you let them

Description of Work
They were hired to re-roof our house, and to replace the gutters

Category gutter repair, landscaping, plumbing, roofing, siding, water damage restoration



Shari H.

Great! This is a first-class operation. The project appraiser (Joe) was punctual, professional, and very helpful. The project supervisor (Tony) was knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. Every team member Tony brought to my job was great. I'm so glad to have found J Benson.

Description of Work
J. Benson completed the restoration of my townhouse after flooding from a plumbing leak. Carpet restretched and cleaned, wall repairs and baseboard repositioning, and furniture repositioning.

Category contractors, carpet cleaners, carpet installation, drywall, flooring contractor, plumbing, water damage restoration



Ann W.

See above

Description of Work
This is an excellent place to contact if you want no work done. After recent hail storm I asked my insurance adjustor to recommend a preferred contractor for complete roof replacement and other storm damage work. On July 6 their estimator came and said I'd have a contract in the mail by 7/10. Contacted company on 7/14 and receptionist stated she sent out a lot contracts but had seen nothing about me. A/O today (7/22) still haven't heard from them. Will be going with a different contractor.

Category water damage restoration



Andrea F.

Description of Work
They fixed our basement ceiling which had water damage. They did a good job. Looks great and we don't feel like they overcharged.

Category electrician, siding, water damage restoration, home remodeling, interior painters



Karen S.

Nice job.

Description of Work
Remove shingles, reshingle, partial remove and reside vinyl siding. From mid July to mid September. They had a backlog on the siding and it was special ordered.

Category roofing, siding, water damage restoration




A drunk driver crashed into our house in the middle of the night. JBenson arrived within 2 hours of having called them for emergency board up service the next day. They sent a crew of 4 (plus an electrician that arrived later). After reviewing the damage, they said they could just board it up or fix the structure. They removed all broken pieces to the structure, reframed the corner, placed sheeting and tyvek and cleaned up the glass around the site. Their electrician (a sub) ran a dummy line through the broken outlet so that we could turn the electricity back on to that part of the house. The cost listed above is an estimate based on the 5 hours of work. I have not yet seen the claim so I did not rate on cost. All of the team was very professional and courteous. We are waiting for a final bid to see if they come back to finalize the work.

Description of Work
Emergency services to repair house after a car hit it.

Category electrician, remodeling, water damage restoration



Kent M.

We had them twice. They are responsive and honest. Everybody was pretty good except for the painters. They are professionals.

Description of Work
I used the water damaged service and remodeling service of J. Benson Construction.

Category remodeling, water damage restoration



Pamela S.

Quality of actual installation was acceptable. They could have done a better job of coordinating work. Delays with flooring delivery left us without access to one floor for over two weeks. Workers damaged appliances. It also took several weeks for them to bill us, which delayed our final payment from the insurance company.

Description of Work
Oversaw repairs caused by water damage. We were referred to them by insurance company. Cost was not an issue for us because it was covered by insurance.

Category drywall



Ron B.

After they picked up the dehumidifiers I didn't hear from them for nearly a month. They left a voicemail I returned their call within 30 minutes and got voicemail. After not hearing from them for 3 weeks I contacted my insurance agent and they contacted the service. I finally received a call back a few days later (a Tuesday) They promised to let me know when they would be out to do the work by that Friday. Friday came and went and still no call. This has been going on long enough I thought and my agent suggested I move on and find someone else. I was told by the service I would not be billed for anything. Then I found someone else to complete the repairs. Keep in mind by then it was early September and I have had my house in upheaval since the storm of June 21st. You can imagine my surprise when I eventually received a bill for the 1-2 hours their employee did work and it was for $1281. That comes out to over $640 per hour. They didn't supply and materials so that was a labor only charge. I have since filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota.

Description of Work
Spent 1-2 hours removing the bottom 2 feet of sheetrock from basement drywall damaged by flooding. They also plugged in a couple dehumidifiers to run for a couple days. They didn't replace anything and provided no materials.

Category water damage restoration




J. Benson was actually recommended by my insurance company. The conflict of interest concerned me, so I talked to two rental owners (one of whom I knew) and two homeowners for references. They were good, I signed the contract, and the J. Benson supervisor told me I would be satisfied with their work. Everything went well. Their subcontractors were cooperative. J. Benson knew about fire restorations, they worked cooperatively with me and my insurance adjuster. I came to trust J. Benson and the adjuster did also. As issues came up such as the quality of the replaced equipment or fixtures, or the detailing of a feature, the issues were resolved to my satisfaction (I was more involved in project oversight than the typical rental owner). At the end of the job, I was satisfied, just as promised. It is now 2 1/2 years later, the the restoration has held up. This review is tardy because I just didn't take the time; it should have been earlier.

Description of Work
Restored a fire-damaged apartment. Tenant had fallen asleep while smoking. Work included gutting the apartment to the studs (absolutely everything was removed, even the tub), removing asbestos tile, abating mold caused by fire department water, bringing apartment up to current codes, and rebuilding everything.

Category drywall, remodeling, water damage restoration, home remodeling, interior painters, mold removal



Laura E.

Benson responded quickly dried basement, emptied belongings - salvageable in to a pod + trashed rest. Worked through insurance Co. They cut walls, repaired sheet rack, replaced bathroom vanities, repainted and 3,5 months late & back in.

Description of Work
Our pond backed up into our septic. It fried the pump and the septic backed in to the house filling. The basement + 2 bedrooms with 6" on sewage + pond.

Category basement remodeling




They were very personable. They came out to give us an estimate and they got it done rapidly. They sent out about 3-4 people to get the work done. They were prompt and complete with their work.

Description of Work
They did some repairs on the inside of the house. Repairs to the wall and ceiling since we had some damage due to water. They did drywall, painting and plastering.

Category drywall, plastering, water damage restoration, interior painters





Description of Work

Category fencing



Description of Work

Category contractors

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    J. Benson Construction is currently rated 3.9 overall out of 5.

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    Yes, J. Benson Construction offers eco-friendly accreditations.

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    Yes, J. Benson Construction offers emergency services.

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    Yes, J. Benson Construction offers warranties.

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    J. Benson Construction offers the following services: Residential and commercial remodeling, property restoration, additions, roofing, siding, windows, fire, smoke & water damage, board up, water extraction, contents pack outs, storage, & professional cleaning.

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