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Cook Construction Contracting

Founded 2005 • With Angi since September 2011


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8552 Dakota Dr

Gaithersburg, MD 20877


Cook Construction Contracting (CCC) is a locally owned & operated company that is a leading provider of all types of residential and commercial construction and maintenance services as well as provider of emergency services for fire, water, storm and other damage, clean up and restoration and mold

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Wanda G.

Description of Work
They dug out my basement. They dug out my basement and add a sump pump. The plumber did not do a good job and my basement flooded. I had to pay another company to repair CCC's work. I waited 2 weeks for someone to repair the plumbing. Unfortunately, I did not receive a response. Due to a short deadline I was on, I paid a plumbing company to redo the plumbing at a price of $2,600. Willing to forget this incident, I met and asked Mr. Cook to repair a window in exchange for me having to have my plumbing re-routed. Mr. Cook agreed but nothing happened. After waiting 2 weeks, I had it repaired at my own expense. As a result, I paid approx $6,800 for work I had contracted with CCC.

Category excavators, plumbing, roofing, water damage restoration, replacement windows, basement waterproofing, wells




Cook Construction performs work that it is not licensed to do. Cook's unlicensed roofing sub-contractor caused over $100K damage (and counting) to the home. The roofer's insurance company refused to cover the claim because the roofer was not licensed to be doing the work in the first place. Cook's own insurance company initially agreed to cover the loss since Cook was the contractor who signed the contract. Cook and its insurance company stopped answering calls or responding to emails, even from an attorney. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Description of Work
Roof replacement

Category roofing

Service Provider Response

Everybody was licensed and everybody was insured (otherwise we would have been legally charged for contracting without a license). We were contracted to replace only the copper barrel portion of the customer's roof, even though we informed the customer that the entire roof needed to be replaced. Some time after we completed the work on the property, another area of the roof leaked, causing extensive damage in the home. A representative from our company went out to the property with a representative from our insurance company and after inspecting the roof, determined that the leak definitively originated from a different area of the roof than that which we had replaced. This is why our insurance provider did not provide coverage for the roof. The customer continued to pursue the matter after the claim had been denied, but unfortunately we could provide no alternative other than to perform the additional repairs at an additional expense to the customer, which was refused. Moral of the story: If your entire roof needs to be replaced, don't only pay to get half of the roof replaced, because you are only addressing half of the problem.


John H.

On July 3rd my upstairs toilet overflowed, seriously damaging my living room ceiling. On July 4th I was putting my townhouse on the rental market. On July 5th I was leaving on a 3½ week vacation. I was in a serious bind. I called Mr. Cook who came over and checked the damage. He made a few calls and arranged for a crew to start repairs on the morning of July 4th, a holiday. They showed up on time and were very professional and polite. They covered the floor and carpet, then cut out and replaced a 4ft by 4ft section of damaged drywall. The next morning the crew arrived early and painted the entire living room ceiling. They were done and gone before noon. And we were on the road by 3:00PM, ready to enjoy our vacation. Without Mr. Cook’s quick response, our townhouse would not have received the attention of potential renters that it did.

Description of Work
Repaired water damaged living room ceiling.

Category drywall, water damage restoration, interior painters



Madeleine F.

Cook Construction was recommended to me by a handyman services contractor who said she used them on her own house. Jesse and Nicolas were one of several companies I contacted for an estimate to repair or replace the approx 5 x 10 front porch on my house. They responded quickly to my request, came out to give me an estimate, were prompt, friendly and asked questions to understand what I had in mind. Unlike some of the companies I contacted, they took measurements and photos, and gave me two estimates: one for repair and one for replacement of the porch. Their price was comparable to the other estimates I got, and they offered ways to re-use salvageable materials as appropriate, which ended up saving me about $1,200 versus other bids. As soon as the crew lifted the decking and got a direct look at the condition of the framing, it became clear the porch had to be rebuilt; the roof framing turned out to be in even worse condition once the decorative trim came off. Because they had already given me an estimate on the total rebuild, this only slowed the project down slightly while Nicolas and I discussed some questions about what materials to use. Throughout the project, Jesse and Nicolas were very responsive to phone or email questions, addressed a concern about the new gutter overflowing in heavy rain (which turned out to be caused by a blocked sewer line) by proposing creative, minor fix at no additional cost, and were polite and friendly throughout the process. The project took about three weeks from start to finish, although there was probably a week's worth of time when work was stalled while waiting for specific crew members who had been scheduled on other projects. Because Nicolas was very good about keeping me updated on the project and because this was an exterior project and didn't interfere with using the entrance of the house, I was fine with that. All the crew with whom I interacted were friendly and willing to answer questions. They removed all the materials from the demo promptly and did a really good job of cleaning up the site when finished. The final result looks great, protects the front of the house, and is a huge improvement. I'm very pleased.

Description of Work
Front porch replacement

Category decks



Wanda G.

On 7 May 2012I entered into my contract with Cook Construction Contracting and the work is STILL incomplete. The problem began, when I noticed standing water in my basement in July 2012 following a thunderstorm. Mr. Cook met me at my home and indicated the water was due to the sewage ejector pit and pump appeared to have been unable to keep up with the nor'easter storm. However, I asked him to explain why in only three areas in the basement there was standing water. He explained those were the lowest areas and when the fast storm came through it settled there. Although very skeptical, I accepted his response. In mid-September 2012, another storm came through and again, my basement flooded. Mr. Cook and Mr. Nicolas Rivera visited my home and checked the ejector pump plug and attributed the flooding to the ejector pump possibly lost power and I should think of getting a marine back-up battery installed in case I lose power again. I explained, I believed there was more than a problem of lost of power to the ejector pump and the sump pump but they were not working because of another problem which needed to be corrected. Mr. Cook and Mr. Rivera ASSURED me, if that was the case that it was another problem, they would immediately address it. On 29 and 30 October 2012, Hurricane Sandy came to the area and left torrential rains in the area and approximately 2 or 2.5 feet of water was left throughout my basement. In complete disbelief, my basement looked like an Olympic size swimming pool. I have photos showing paint buckets floating across my basement floor. I immediately called CCC to advise my basement had 2 feet of water and that the ejector pump and sump pump they installed had failed. I made repeated calls to CCC to discuss options; unfortunately, CCC did not respond until 5 days later. On Monday, 5 November 2012, Mr. Cook and Mr. Rivera came to my home. They too, were shock when they saw the water. I gave each of them 2 construction strength plastic bags to walk across the basement floor and to look at the ejector pump. The ejector pump was stuck and defunct but the sump pump was working. Mr. Cook removed the rear sump and moved it to the front and pumped the water out my front basement window. He apologized for not contacting and responding me earlier on my flooded basement. He indicated, he would have his plumber Gus (Last Name Unknown) return to assess the problem and how to move forward to correct the problem. CCC's plumber did not return to repair the failed ejector pump, instead I hired at my own expense a licensed and certified plumbing company. According to the plumbing company, I needed to separate the two systems; the rain water and sewage systems to solve the basement flooding and re-pipe the system from going through the ejector system. By keeping the rain water system completely separate from the waste water system, it would eliminate the flooding. I paid twice for my sewer line to be rerouted at a cost of Three thousand one hundred and fifty dollars ($3,150), absent of the frustration and one day missed wages for the work to be performed correctly. Wanting to move forward, on 13 December I met and proposed to Mr. Cook, I wanted to work towards an amicable resolution of this issue and was willing to close this chapter if your firm replace and install no later than 3 January 2013, a new insulated basement window and install a wrought iron security bars on the basement window at my home that was damaged during the excavation process. Or, I proposed an immediate refund plus the cost of the installed insulated basement window and wrought iron security bars that was damaged by CCC during excavation. Again, CCC did not want to fulfill its obligation, instead, CCC demand top dollars for inferior work. I would never use CCC again and recommend Home Depot and any insurance company to stay away from CCC because Mr. Cook does not oversee the work and is an absentee project manager who does not want to be held accountable or responsible for the subcontractors working under his company's name. Finally, ALL of the negative comments about CCC from me and other customers are an accurate assessment.

Description of Work
Cook Construction and Contracting (CCC) was contracted to perform structural work in my home. This required the firm to excavate by hand excess dirt to access pier; shore up main support; install appropriate retaining wall, back fill all dirt; move HVAC sysyem to the rear of the rear of the basement; all new HVAC ducts would be fabricated and installed to accommodate the moved HVAC system, install new duct work to accommodate new registers in basement area; e route the sewer line and install a sewage ejector pit with pump; rough-in basement bathroom; detach water heater and relocate; run supply lines to new location of water heater; run supply lines leading to the exterior front of home; and clean up construction area and remove all construction related debris. CCC used a subcontractor firm named Rhodes Construction to perform the excavation, shore up the main support, back fill the dirt and build and capped-off the retaining wall with sand and concrete. This firm was excellent!!! Rhodes Construction was timely, professional, and committed to the job. I would recommend them and will use them again to perform any concrete or masonry work at my home. However, the HVAC subcontractor was marginal and the plumber was lousy and a poor tradesman.

Category excavators, basement waterproofing, drain cleaning, mudjacking

Service Provider Response

Cook Construction Contracting: over 8 years in business, hundreds of projects annually, negative review number 2. As attested to by the customer, all of the work performed was completed in an exceptional manner with allegedly an exception to the plumbing portion of the project. When looking into the water issue, we were indeed confused as to where it was coming from when the basement flooded and it took a few storms before we could accurately assess and determine the source of the water. The problem turned out to be that the home had their rain water and waste water systems both connected to and running through the same main drain line. This is not only unusual, but is not at all in compliance with local building codes. This was a preexisting condition of the property that had nothing to do with our scope of work or any work that we performed. This was either not known or disclosed to us before we initiated the plumbing work at the property. If the two systems were separate as they are supposed and assumed to be, the sewage ejection pump installed would have functioned as intended and removed all waste produced in the home and pumped it out to the main sewage line. If the power went out, only the waste produced in the house would be affected when the pump did not have power. But as the rain water from the underground drains was also incorrectly run into this system, it quickly flooded the basement when the power went out. This information was passed along to (member name removed) and we discussed the need to reconfigure the entire system to bring the house up to code compliance. (member name removed) told us that she had expended her budget and had no additional monies to allocate to the project. We informed her that the basement would continue to flood every time it rained until this issue was resolved. (member name removed) later contacted us and told us that she had hired another individual to reroute the waste line around the perimeter of the basement to bypass the sewage ejection pump. We asked her if the plumber had separated the water systems to bring the property up to code, which she told us was unnecessary. (member name removed) claimed to have paid nearly $5,000 to this other individual but offered to overlook the difference if we were to replace her basement window and install a security bar over it. We told (member name removed) that we had already completed the entire scope in it's entirety and that the window was not a part of that scope. She was also reminded about the email that we had sent to her before the start of the project referencing the preexisting damage to the window. Included in that email was a picture of the damaged window, once again, before we even started the project. (member name removed) then submitted payment in full for all of the services rendered under our contractual agreement. We heard no additional comments or complaints until a series of patently inaccurate reviews was posted on various websites. We were uncertain why the customer had paid for the job in full if she was indeed as unsatisfied as she now appears to be. We learned the true intention of the negative reviews later when we were contacted and received an offer to remove the negative review in exchange for a $5,000 refund. Obviously the request for a refund is not a feasible option and we will unfortunately have to accept the negative review.


Ann Q.

I would warn people not to use them. Two people had recommended them to me. I had to move quickly. At first they were fine. Their problem was that they used subcontractors who were not supervised. Their electrician was great. The floor installers that actually put in the finished floors were good. The floors were beautiful. They had a crazy crew supervised by a man named Eduardo. I called him Eduardo and his merry band of thieves. They stole all my tools and destroyed my cable modem. I moved all my personal belongings and they were supposed to cover my furniture. They covered it with plastic that was thinner than bags from the dry cleaners. If they had told me, I would have bought heavy plastic and done it myself. One night I came home and they had left the second floor window wide open with no screen down or anything. They ruined parts of the new floor. There are gouges in the new floor where they moved stuff that they shouldn't have. I have an antique velvet settee and they put heavy metal stuff on it so it has a few holes in it. I had to get all the upholstered furniture cleaned. They got paint all over everything. The painting had to be done 3 times. I evicted Eduardo from the basement and then from the upstairs. The owners had to come and finish the punch list and it is still not finished. Eduardo ruined my shutters in the bedroom. He lied to me. He told me he took the shutters to a paint store and the paint that was on them wasn't their paint because they were using a water-based paint and the paint on them was an oil-based paint. He said they were cleaning them off out of the goodness of their hearts and that was how the shutters got stained. They didn't paint right and they didn't put tape down. Aaron Horner, the number two man in the company and the project manager of my rebuild, is no longer with the company, which told me something about the company. He said that they tried to repaint the shutters and they wouldn't take the paint. The two owners promised to buy me new shutters and I still haven't seen the shutters. I called yesterday and a new guy said they were going to paint the shutters when I had been promised new shutters. They are just bad. They stole all my tools. The only thing they left was a hammer that the dog had chewed on the handle. I've only been back in the house for six weeks and they started the work in July. The insurance company paid $30,000 so it was not a small amount of money. It was complete frustration. The good work that they did got overwhelmed with the bad. The price was reasonable. Eduardo put in subfloors and painted and he was lousy. The electrician and actual floor installers were excellent. Their punctuality was pretty good.

Description of Work
I used Cook Construction Contracting because I had a major flood in my house from a malfunctioning front-loading washing machine. Water came down three floors into my living room and a basement apartment which caused major structural damage. They are also known as CCC.

Category electrician, flooring contractor, plumbing, remodeling, interior painters

Service Provider Response

To whom it may concern, It is unfortunate that negative criticism is more adamantly offered than positive, as is clearly seen since we are only receiving our first negative report after being in business for 7 years. One of the first statements made is that we were recommended by 2 different people, which we regard as a great compliment. If you are reading this and have had a positive experience with our company, please take a moment to post a positive note for us as it would be greatly appreciated. Cook Construction Contracting (CCC) made every attempt to remedy every concern that was brought forward by the homeowner, even though many were unrelated to the scope of work that CCC was contracted to perform. The owner of the company as well as the operations manager made several visits to meet with the homeowner at the property and even personally performed various items that were addressed. CCC was doing drywall, paint and flooring in different areas throughout 3 levels of the home. During the course of the project, another contractor was already performing repairs in the residence. Among the projects they were performing, was a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel as well as various other projects. We always recommend against homeowners having multiple contractors performing work simultaneously in a single residence as issues of this nature often arise. It is often the case that one contractor is negligent of another's projects and perform actions in a residence they wouldn't otherwise, knowing that the blame can not be firmly affixed to one or the other. We questioned why the other contractor was not hired to perform the remaining work, but none the less were happy to take on the project. The electrical work as was the carpentry and flooring were deemed to be excellent by the homeowner, although numerous other items were criticized. Many of the issues claimed by the homeowner are unfortunately true, although not entirely accurate as explained. The main issue was claimed to be the lack of a supervisor, but then immediately it is noted that Eduardo was the on site supervisor for the project. One of the worst claims that can be made against a contractor is theft and we certainly would not tolerate it. The claimed theft was of personal tools (paintbrushes, screwdrivers, a bucket and a small step ladder) left at the residence. This crew has worked for our company for 7 years and has never been accused of stealing anything. It is certainly possible that these tools were accidentally used and may even have unfortunately found their way into one of the trucks or toolboxes. We offered full compensation for all of the items that were claimed to have been missing, but were told not to worry about it. The brand new floors we installed were indeed gouged during the construction process as well as various walls damaged. On 3 or 4 occasions, when we arrived at the job site, we had to replace the protective covering which had been torn and removed from certain areas of the floor. We had to perform various minor repairs to the flooring that were damaged and had to repair drywall and repaint on countless occasions. All of this damage occurred while another contractor was carrying in cabinetry, drywall, cement board, tiles, tools, etc. At one point the other contractor ruptured a water line and flooded the basement that we had just finished remodeling. We continuously repaired these issues for no additional cost or complaint, as ultimately they are a direct reflection on the quality of our finished product. We also had to continuously cover the furniture with plastic that was removed when the other contractor moved and stacked furniture to create work areas for themselves (the standard and appropriate 3 mil painter's plastic that the majority of contractors use). We adamantly tried to protect the furniture and even offered to have it professionally cleaned. The modem was an item that was apparently missed during one of the furniture recovering attempts and did get damaged from drywall dust. We were informed that the internet service provider came out and replaced the box for no additional charge. The shutters, which as documented by photos, have at least 3 different types of paint on them. It is claimed that 1 of those is from our crew and we don't feel it worth the effort to dispute that claim. As requested, we sanded the shutters down to their original natural finish. Unfortunately, the wood is stained from the old oil based paint on them and can not be appropriately restored. It was requested that we purchase new custom plantation shutters that cost over $1000 at which point we had to draw the line. CCC willingly addressed issue after issue that arose, requiring work above and beyond what had been originally contracted to be performed at no additional expense to our customer. Unfortunately we have to determine what is reasonable and what is excessive. Price: A We do offer competitive industry average pricing. Quality: D The finished project is beautiful, even as we continuously went back to repair new damage. Responsiveness: F The only lack of response it to recent unreasonable requests. Punctuality: B We would prefer an A, but are content with a B. Professionalism: D There is only so far one can go above and beyond what can be reasonably expected. In closing, we would hope that the customer seeing the validity of our response would recognize the brash nature with which they compiled this report and remove it or change it appropriately. Sincerely, Jesse Cook Owner Cook Construction Contracting

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    Emergency Services OfferedEmergency Services Offered
    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Residential and Commercial remodeling, repairs, additions, installation and maintenance of plumbing, electrical, roofing, siding, doors, windows, and flooring. Painting, power washing, gutter cleaning, landscaping, tree removal, emergency services, mold testing & remediation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Cook Construction Contracting

    How is Cook Construction Contracting overall rated?

    Cook Construction Contracting is currently rated 2.7 overall out of 5.

    What days are Cook Construction Contracting open?

    Cook Construction Contracting is open:

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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    What payment options does Cook Construction Contracting provide

    Cook Construction Contracting accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Financing Available

    Does Cook Construction Contracting offer free estimates?

    Yes, Cook Construction Contracting offers free project estimates.

    Does Cook Construction Contracting offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Cook Construction Contracting offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Cook Construction Contracting offer a senior discount?

    No, Cook Construction Contracting does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Cook Construction Contracting offer emergency services?

    Yes, Cook Construction Contracting offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Cook Construction Contracting?

    Yes, Cook Construction Contracting offers warranties.

    What services does Cook Construction Contracting offer?

    Cook Construction Contracting offers the following services: Residential and Commercial remodeling, repairs, additions, installation and maintenance of plumbing, electrical, roofing, siding, doors, windows, and flooring. Painting, power washing, gutter cleaning, landscaping, tree removal, emergency services, mold testing & remediation.