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S & A Construction

Founded 1994 • With Angi since December 2009

Member of BBB with an A+ rating, S&A Construction, Inc. performs majority of all remodeling work with staff of over 10 master craftsman. Licensed, bondable per project, and insured our company performs most facets of residential construction including additions, bathrooms, kitchens, fire and water restoration, roofing, insurance claims, siding, replacement windows, and complete home maintenance. S&A Construction is also certified through several major national insurance companies to provide exceptional service through your insurance claim experinece. Whether from turning a dream into reality or from disaster to completion, we provide "one call, one contractor, from beginning to end," with our trained and experienced staff members.

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Warren D.
Description of Work
Recommend you pay close attention to the scope of work quote. Company seemed to excel in some places, and then totally miss the mark in others.
Daric K.
This project was a big disaster from the beginning!! First they quoted 10 days to 2 weeks to get this project complete. It took 7 weeks for them to get it finished. They often showed up late or not at all!! They would often schedule someone to be there at 9 am and they would not show up until 10:30 or 11. Sometimes they would schedule the workers to be there at 11 and they would show up at 8:30. You never knew when they were going to be there! There are two separate occasions that I can prove with text messages that they were scheduled to show up and they never did!! I called them when they were 3 hours late and they said one time that " I didn't know he was suppose to be there today" and the other occasion was the carpet guys were suppose to be their on my sons birthday at 2 pm!! I texted Cory at 5:30 and Cory said "oh they didn't call you?? They are not going to be there until tomorrow at 2 pm" so we have wasted so much time on their scheduling issues. Second, they brought out the excavator to dig the hole for the window. Maybe 2 hours into the dig they come tell us that they blew out the hydraulic line so they had to go get parts for the machine. Well okay I understand things happen, no problem!! After they had left I go out to look at it and move some dirt around and I start smelling hydraulic fluid!! So I start digging a little deeper and found all of the hydraulic fluid still in the yard buried under the rest if the dirt from the hole!! They didn't even bother cleaning it up at all?? They just thought it would go away!! I had to spend 5 hours digging it out and disposing if it!! I asked Cory about it and he said "well I don't know why they wouldn't clean it up but we will pay you for your time!!" They never did!! Of coarse!! That is the first problem with the quality if work but not the last. Next problem, they put the window well in the hole and bolt it to the foundation!! Well they forgot to put sealant around the bolt hole so when we got 7 inches of rain water just floods the room!! Their was mold growing and major sheet rock damage! I email Cory about this on Saturday and no response!! Previously he responds within a matter of hours!! So I send a second one on Monday. No response, I send a third one on Wednesday and no response. So I called the office and they said he's in western Kansas so he will have to get back with you tomorrow!! Obviously their wasn't a rush with them!! He calls the next day and says he got all my emails Wednesday?? He has never had a problem with his email before, and I think western Kansas still gets the internet!! Anyway they are blaming the flooded basement on our sprinkler system coming on twice a day for 10 minutes?? This is interesting because for 3 years now the sprinklers have been doing this and we have never had water in the basement before they came out and did this work. To fix the issue they ripped out al the sheet rock that was damaged and used a $10 roll of sealant and sealed around the bolt hole!! Why didn't they do this the first time?? When they were ripping out the sheet rock do you think they covered anything in the room?? No!! They flung sheet rock dust, mold and other things all over the bed, dressers, stuffed animals, etc. why would you not cover things up before you did that?? He just said "sorry I should have covered it up before I did that!!" So we got to spend hours cleaning all that stuff up!! Poor quality if work for sure!! Next the cover for the window well!! When they installed it the first time, yes it took them twice, they left a two inch gap from the top of the window well and the cover!! This looked really bad and let water into the window well!! Also with the window well cover they left a 2-3 inch gap between the cover and the house wall, so water would hit the wall and run down into the window well and window. This is very poor quality work. To fix it, they came out and lowered it to the top of the window well and put some flashing on top of the 3 inch gap above the cover! Why would they not do this I'm the first place! Why would we have to say something to get them to do it right?? I asked Cory about this and he says " we must have just missed it." Again this is the quality of work I have to pay for?? Next in the poor quality of work is the bedroom closet doors. They brought out the new closet doors that have been stained to match the rest if the basement, hung them up and went on to the next project!! Well we go down after they leave and see a hand print in the stain of the closet door!! Right on the front edge covered in clear coat so it was a finished door! This is very poor quality workmanship!! Cory came out and took the doors to have them replaced!! Again he "didn't know why they didn't catch that??" Finally is the ceiling guy spraying the textured ceiling. He comes and spays the ceiling in the new bedroom and bathroom downstairs with a medium sized grain. The previous texture was a large grain. The next day in the bathroom, it kind of smelled funny so we turn on the vent fan and it doesn't turn on?? It worked the day before they came out?? So we start looking at the fan and it has medium grain texture all over it!! He didn't cover the fan up before he sprayed it!! I had to replace it so I ask Cory about it and he says "I'm sorry about that!! How much did it cost and I will get you your money back for that?" Well we didn't see any money!! So I asked Cory about it and he said "my guy says he covered that fan up." But earlier in the week he sent Freddy out to clean up the vent fan." So he knows he didn't cover it up!! I didn't take a picture of it so I can't prove it but it worked the day before he got here and didn't after he sprayed the ceiling!! It was only $45 so I'm not concerned about the money it's about the quality of work we received!! Very poor!! So to sum up my experience with this company would have to be a very bad experience!! They don't care about your time or your belongings!! Cory quoted 10 days to 2 weeks to get his project done and it took from July 7 until August 29 to get it done!! I paid all the money before we discovered the leak so we paid for it all!! I feel we deserve a refund of some money so YES I have written the BBB in hopes they can help me with this company's poor quality of work!! I feel all customers should know how they are and the quality of work they have done!! I asked them about my issues that they have caused with their poor quality and forgetfulness and they sent me an email saying that they feel they have done everything they need to do to resolve our issues!! Well I think not!! I work hard for my money and should not have to pay for this poor quality work!! They should have to pay for my time I had to spend fixing their issues with quality and scheduling!! I don't understand how they could have a good rating with Angie's list!! This is unacceptable!! I would find someone else even if it cost more!!
Description of Work
They put an egress window in the basement, remodeled another room in the basement, retextured the ceiling in the basement and replaced siding on the outside of the house.
Patricia B.
Work was done beautifully and professionally. S&A accommodated our work schedules in order to be home when the work was done.
Description of Work
Finished an unfinished basement, including a bathroom.
Thomas O.
For the most part, the repair went very well. It didn't happen quite as fast as we would have liked, but there were a lot of home damaged at the same time, plus we had a very wet and rainy summer. All in all we are satisfied with the work performed for us by S & A Construction.
Description of Work
Repair work on our house after the hail storm in May, 2013
Wanda A.
We got bids from various companies to do work on the house and checked everyone out with the Better Business Bureau and references they gave us. S & A Construction, Inc gave us over 30 referrals and we asked the people a lot of questions. Did they stay on the job, did you get lien releases as each phase of work was done, did you have any problems with the work done, did you have a hard time getting them to do work over that was unsatisfactory, etc? We were impressed with the answers we were given and they told us we couldn't go wrong hiring them. My daughter, Stephanie and her husband, Bill and I meet with Don Horning and Stuart Nelson about 5 times before we hired them to remodel my home. In fact we added additional work we wanted done. The nightmare on Lotus Street has begun and continues today as my house is getting worse due to the work they did on it. We were told by Don Horning and Stuart Nelson that the men who would be working on my home had over 19 to 40 years experience and knowledge and did excellent professional work. Maybe the 1st concrete man had over 40 years experience but he sure did a lousy job at my house. The other workers were young men not old enough to have over 19 years experience and they clearly lacked the knowledge and experience to do the work. S & A Construction Inc agreed to do the work per our specifications and use the materials we wanted used. They tried to cut corners with each and every phase of work they did. Nothing was done properly and they weren't consistent on how they put the vinyl siding around the basement windows or the metal overlap which was cut too short or mitered different. We were constantly complaining about the inferior work and Stephanie and Bill took off work many times to meet Stuart Nelson and Richard Brown, City of Wichita Central Building Inspector to discuss the substandard work. I made many, many calls to Richard Brown and his supervisor, Darlene Holtman complaining about the lousy work at phone number 316-268-4461 and 316-268-4700. I also spoke to over 60 attorneys regarding bringing a lawsuit against S & A Construction. The inspectors and attorneys both told me that I need to give them the opportunity to make things right. Some of the work was redone 3 times or more. How many chances are you supposed to give them before it's too many? Why did Mr. Nelson have the same people, Jason and David that did the work wrong the 1st time do the work over and over again? We certainly didn't agree to allow unskilled people to work on my home. They had so many different projects going on at the same time and none were stayed on till they completed them. Jason would start on something else before they finished the other project. I know they came and started working on my house shortly before I got home from work because they hadn't accomplished much from the last time they were here. They often received calls to go work on HUD houses for the City and other homes and would leave. Sometimes they would go to lunch and be gone for over 3 hours. The work was supposed to be completed in 3 weeks. They started on 11/15/07 and finished on 02/19/08. They didn't do all of the work they were supposed to do and I fired them before they could do anymore. My blood pressure was over 200/100 from the stress they were causing me and I had to be put on high blood pressure medicine and my hair was falling out at the roots with my scalp attached to it. My doctors said I was lucky I didn't have a heart attack or stroke. The stress also caused me to have severe migraine headaches. A legal document was written appointing my daughter, Stephanie as my agent to handle all business transactions with S & A Construction Inc and signed by me on 1/03/2008. A copy of this document was given to Stuart Nelson. On 12/29/07 Stephanie also wrote a letter outlining all of the problems with the work performed on my house with pictures included. She also had a document requesting Mr. Nelson provide her with a written detailed workplan of the action he would be taking to correct the problems and remedy the issues. He refused to sign or give her a written workplan. He told her they would fix everything. Things are still not right and causing more damage. When this house was built in 1950 my father helped build it. He worked for the City of Wichta as a supervisor for almost 33 years and he worked on houses for extra money. He paid me to help him work on houses and I learned a lot. I also did research on the internet regarding house ventilation, etc. I have 2 huge binders called Easy Home Repair A Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Do-It-Yourself with instructions, pictures, tools, and materials required to do the work. They refused to put my porch lights up and I didn't have any porch lights until 9/19/2008 and Decker Electric charged me $466.24 to install the porch lights and install the combo fan/light and switch in my bathroom. S & A Construction claimed support braces would have to be mounted between the house studs to install the lights which wasn't true. Arnold, the owner of Lakeview Electric came out and he quoted me $90.00 to do all of the work that Decker Electric did. Lakeview Electric was back logged and couldn't do the work right away and I heard that Arnold was trying to finish up his contracts so he could retire so I hired Decker. You can imagine my shock when I got their bill. Unfortunately, I had to hire someone to take the porch lights off and remount them because Nicholas cut the holes in the siding too big and the wind was blowing rain into the holes getting my sheetrock wet. The man that removed my porch lights and remounted them also removed and replaced a piece of vinyl siding above my bedroom window. The siding was flopping back in forth in the wind hitting the house and keeping me awake at night. This cost me $140.00 for the lights and siding repairs. Mr. Nelson was contacted several times about the siding and said they would come out and remove and replace the bad siding. The piece of siding above my bedroom had holes clear thru it from flopping back and forth in the wind. Mr. Nelson was supposed to send someone out on 3/25/09 to fix it (the siding was completed on 02/19/08) but no one came or called me and I had taken the day off from work at my 1st job to be here. I kept calling Mr. Nelson about the house complaining about the siding and the windows being drafty. I kept calling the City Central Building Inspectors. The attorneys that would take the case wanted a $10,000.00 retainer fee up front to bring suit against Stuart Nelson. UNBELIEVABLE !! I discovered the sheetrock mud on the bottom of my bedrail in December 2010, the curtain Jason wiped caulking and sealant on, and the house just keeps getting worse so I called S & A on 12/20/10 and again on 1/5/11. They threw concrete all over the yard when they put the new basement windows in, nails and screws were all over the yard that I had to clean up, glass from the window they broke and the glass picture window that broke. I strongly believe if I remove the vinyl siding off the east side of my house I will be able to see where they caught my house on fire. I found a white towel they were using stomped into mud that was all burnt up and a small piece of wood burnt black as coal that was clearly cut off my house. Unfortunately one of my granddaughters picked the burnt wood out of a box sitting in my garage and got her hands dirty. Her sister told her to put it back and I wasn't aware that she threw it in the wastebasket until it was gone. I was going to take a picture of it with the nails I had picked up. On 1/04/2011 I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They sent me a letter saying he had until 11/21/11 to respond to my complaint.I called the BBB and they said Mr. Nelson said he mailed a reply to my complaint on 11/18/2011. I called the BBB on 11/21/2011 and they hadn't received a response. I kept checking in the computer. On 11/26/2011 I received a letter stating they had NOT received a reply from Mr. Nelson. On 1/03/2012 or 01/05/2011 I called the BBB and spoke to Shelia Valdo and she said they received a reply on 11/22/11 and that since I hadn't responded by 12/03/2011 that the case was closed. I looked in the computer and found his reply to them which was date stamped 11/22/2011.but it wasn't in the computer on 11/23/2011. Mr. Nelson claims I'm making false accusations, and that he will not tolerate any further disrespect of vulgarity from me. He demanded I send him photos, statements from the City Building Inspectors and from Ron, owner of Arko that custom made my storm windows, etc. My house is proof and I have pictures to validate my claims. He has the audacity to accuse me of making false claims. Where were the experienced workers? His comments are erroneous and he is fully aware of the problems.His statement that I have been disrespectable and vulgar is irreprehensible. He told us whatever we wanted to hear but didn't follow through with his words. He didn't keep his appointments and denied making any. What would he call his behavior regarding these facts? We were told that we would receive a substantial referral fee after we made our final payment. If Mr. Nelson thinks the work was professional and superior why weren't we offered the referral fee? I'd really like to know. It is UNBELIEVABLE what this company has put us through.I don't know what happened to his company but I sure wasn't able to join his list of satisfied customers. All documents, pictures and notes have been given to Elaine Hammons, Central Bldg Inspection to review. Their phone number is 316-268-4461 or 316-268-4700 and I have spoken to Darlene Holtman, Richard Brown, Deb Legg, Peggy Wilhelm, Rick Stubbs, and Elaine Hammons there about these problems. I left another message on 1/25/12 for Elaine but have not heard from her. I told her that I want to know if they are going to do anything as time runs out on 2/19/12 to do anything.
Description of Work
My daughter, Stephanie Bowen and her husband, Bill and I meet with Don Horning, Planning/Estimating Sales person and Stuart Nelson, President of S & A Construction, Inc. 4 or 5 times at my home to discuss remodeling my home. We had an appointment with Mr. Horning on 11/14/2007 to sign the contract for $18,578.00, pick out roof shingles and vinyl siding, and give him a check in the amount of $4,644.50. Once again he was an hour late getting here which made us late for work. We only had 10 minutes to conduct business. We didn't catch the errors on the new proposal/contract until later with the exception of the metal overlap which was added for an additional $400.00. Roof - Remove and replace with 30 yr shingles and replace broken boards on the roof. Roofers didn't have a ladder or tools and were using mine. Didn't replace broken boards on the roof as agreed. They stole the brand new tarp I put on the roof. Roof leaking at vent pipe above bathroom not fixed and leaked. I had to have it fixed. Driveway and Porch - Remove completely, use sand,rebar and mesh. Replace driveway from garage to street,they only did to the city property. Porch extended with two steps and sidewalk in front, no toe kicks. Cement was unlevel, when garage door was shut it had a big gap that gradually got bigger, no cement under trim boards around door. Porch not entirely removed and had toe kicks. A sub contractor redid part of the drive and the porch and it looked good until it dried. It cracked severly and has big broken pieces, is black and marbled looking. Porch wasn't entirely removed and he used old concrete as a filler on the porch and drive. He left the old concrete out in the street overnight and refused to put up barricades with flashing lights. Where was the man with over 40 years concrete experience? Siding - Install vinyl siding over existing wood siding. Siding was cut too short, not joined together properly and some is wavy looking. Sidng is falling off of the house and is discolored where they used an abrasive cleaner to get the caulking off of it. The siding warranty is voided. Mr. Nelson signed the warranty papers for the siding on 02/19/08. They replaced some of the siding cut too short and the vinyl trim around the windows not done correctly. Mr. Nelson agreed to come replace the bad siding that is discolored and coming off the house but has never done so. I had to pay a man to replace some siding flopping back in forth above my bedroom window.Where was the man with over 19 years installing siding? Soffit - Remove old wood soffit and replace with good quality wood, cut holes in each section and install vented vinyl soffit over it. They tried to put vinyl soffit over the old rotten wood and I made them take it down. The soffit wasn't done correctly and I don't have enough intake ventilation in my house which is damaging my roof, ceilings, and walls inside my house. Most of the vinyl soffit doesn't have any vents in it. Wood used is different thicknesses. Soffit is bowed now. Fascia - Repair or replace as needed and cover with metal overlap. Metal overlap isn't nailed in some places and not bent the same width. Basement Windows - Remove old metal and replace with vinyl hoppers with insulated glass and low E-Argon Gas. Windows not installed properly and look terrible inside. Concrete should be smooth around the windows but have big chunks of missing concrete, walls cracked, and big chunks of concrete in front of the windows along the sides. Vinyl trim and metal overlap outside around the basement windows is not cut level with bottom of siding as requested, looks terrible. Only 3 of the windows will open. Didn't give me the numbers off the windows or papers to get credit on my income taxes. Guttering - Remove and replace with seamless metal guttering. Shows 5 downspouts only needed and received four. Gutter guard - Metal gutter guard was supposed to be installed but wasn't on the contract as requested. Roof truss ends - Remove and replace if needed with 2" x 6". Wasn't needed or done. Bathroom Window - Remove wooden window above tub. They wanted to install a 1'x 3' window which I told them I didn't want. They removed the window and enclosed the opening with sheetrock. Sheetrock - Remove bottom 4' of sheetrock in bathroom. Remove sheetrock around the tub and replace with cement hardiboard. Includes hanging, taping, and mudding. Doesn't include painting. East and West walls both 66" W x 4" H and South wall 31" w x 4'H. I didn't let them do this. Bathtub Shower Wall Kit - Install kit provided by homeowner. I didn't let them do this. Bathroom Floor - Remove toilet and sink. Remove old linoleum and check sub floor for mold and mildew. Relace wooden sub floor if needed and install new linoleum. Contract shows 5' x 8' but is actually 5' x 6'. I didn't let them do this. Bathroom Combo Fan/Light - Install exhaust fan with light and switch to operate. I didn't let them do this. Window Sills - Remove and replace two wooden window sills on the east side of the house in the bedrooms. Jason ruined the woodwork inside the house and put 37 nail brads in one apron and 17 in the other one. He knocked holes in the sheetrock around the windows in both bedrooms. He picked up some of the broken sheetrock and placed it in the hole and applied sheetrock mud to it. The next day the sheetrock cracked and fell on the floor and he had to apply sheetrock mud again. He got sheetrock mud all over the headboard of my bed, on a lamp that is attached to the wall, on my queen size Vellux blanket and I later found that he scraped his sheetrock knife on the bottom of my bed rail. He also got sheetrock mud on the backside of my bed skirt. He used his putty knife to remove the sheetrock mud from my blanket and it removed the fabric almost making holes clear through it. The windows sills set inside the house too far and have pushed the woodwork away from the walls. Jason sat the bucket of sheetrock mud on top of the kids bed and I had to wash the blanket to get the wet dirt off of it. Garage Ceiling - Cut out small area that has holes and mold in it from roof leaking. They didn't do this. Metal Overlap - Install around doors, windows, and fascia board. The metal was cut too short and isn't flush against the sides of the window trim. They folded the metal over and nailed it where it butts up against the inside window sill which doesn't allow the windows to close properly. The windows do not meet in the middle and are hard to lock. The apron boards under the window sills are all pulled away from the walls and the house is very cold and drafty now. When it's real cold you can see vapor with every breath you take when your in the bedrooms and they are about 20 or 25 degrees colder than the living room. With my thermostat set at 80 sometimes our teeth chatter and we shiver from being cold. The two windows on the south side in my bedroom push out to open and I can 't get them to open anymore. Ventilation of house - They covered up both gable vents on the ends of my house without discussing it with me. When I questioned them about it Jason told me, " We had to cover them up. They don't make vents like that anymore. We're putting vents in your roof. I've put hundreds of roof vents in and never had a complaint about them leaking." The contract shows new vent covers under the roof section but it wasn't discussed with us. The pitch on my roof is only 4/12 and the height 10'. Before I hired them I stressed the importance of proper ventilation in the house and told them how I wanted the soffit done and ventilated and they agreed to do it as I requested. I showed them inside where the nails were popping out of the sheetrock where the ceiling and walls meet. The back bedroom had been recently remodeled prior to them starting the remodel project. Now the nails are popping out of the sheetrock and the paint is popping off the wall. Some of the sheetrock on the ceilings has dropped and you can see where they are joined together. Some of the rooms were like this but now they all are this way. The house makes a lot of noise in the attic now from not having enough ventilation which is trapping the moisture and will cause the entire roof to need removed including the roof truss, boards, and shingles. Other Complaints - Downspout at the northwest corner is mounted up against the house. The water is draining up against the foundation which has caused the concrete to crack clear through. It has also caused the ceiling in my garage to pull away from the wall leaving a gap where the sheetrock meets. Water is getting under the garage floor and soaking clear through it making the concrete black and seeping through the basement wall leaving a puddle of water in my basement where I have never had a problem before. They broke a window and cut my wooden window up removing the glazing compound. They didn't smooth up the glazing compound and their 2nd attempt was still unsmooth and 5/8" wide. I told Mr. Horning that he could have my old storm windows but Jason removed all of the aluminum and left the glass. Jason set the glass from the picture window up against the backside of my shed and the wind blew it into my grill and broke it. I paid $872.61 for 7 custom made storm windows and 1 picture window and they do not fit my windows properly and I can't even get 2 of them on at all. You can see the screws inside the house because no wood is behind them along the sides and the bottoms aren't level because of the caulking being so thick. Nail in safety zone of brand new tire $200.00, gallon of custom made paint $32.00, vacuum $350.00 burnt up sucking brad nails under edge of bed, $40.00 blanket, cedar fence board $6.00, will have to buy 3 curtains (they used one to clean off caulking gun), paint for new door they got dark caulking on, storm door glass pitted and brass plate scratched badly, stole hammer, oil funnel, quart of oil, and $5.00 tarp. Wouldn't install porch lights.

Service Provider Response

The home owner Mrs. (Member) has made a previous claim with BBB of Wichita, KS in November 2011 with a novel of accusations similar to those contained within the Angie’s list complaint. A response to the BBB complaint was filed by our company in a timely manner in the allowed time to respond by a business. The BBB complaint was later closed without dispute. This Angie’s List complaint references a series of reasons for Mrs. (Member) non participation in the BBB complaint filed, but otherwise she is now seeking her 2nd venue to address her complaints, which poses several concerns listed below. I have attached a copy of this BBB complaint for review with a date stamp as received by the BBB office. My response requests validation, photos, and statements from said individuals in the BBB complaint which were otherwise unable to be produced, refused to be produced, or denied to be produced by Mrs. (Member). I pose the question; if this customer was serious regarding this complaint why was this information not produced in a complaint Mrs. (Member)? In our initial response, we AGAIN have NOT REFUSED to resolve the complaints with this customer, but to date, this customer has not provided any of the reasonably requested information to our company. I would like the following facts considered in my response to this complaint; • The subject renovation work is outside of any warranty period, whether expressed, implied, or mandated by local ordinance. • Mrs. (Member) paid in full for all services rendered. The main contradiction to her account is that services were delivered as promised. No collection attempts were made, no threats of any kid or nature, and no pressure was made for payment period. Mrs. (Member) paid for all services rendered after their completion because the work was completed satisfactory, and for no other reason. • A permit was obtained for renovation work. No formal requests for project changes, workmanship, or for any other reason were issued by the city of Wichita Kansas for the renovation work. • The renovation work was completed in 2008. It was not until 2011 was dismissed. Requested information in the initial complaint was never submitted whether photos or statements from any individuals mentioned in her account. I pose the following for consideration in this rebuttal to Mrs. (Member) claims; Why would a reasonable person wait three (3) years to complain about workmanship? Why are novel accounts without validity being posted if Mrs. (Member) realistically wanted to resolve anything? Does Mrs. (Member) truly have any issues or is she simply trying to tarnish our company image by posting multiple complaints with BBB and Angie’s List? Why has Mrs. (Member), neglected, refused, or otherwise denied to submit any information as requested from our company? If Mrs. (Member) truly wants to resolve this matter and if anything truly exists that was a result of work S&A Construction performed, than I am asking Mrs. (Member) to complete the formal request as outlined in the original BBB complaint and submit this information to S&A Construction, Inc. for review. If a member of your staff would like to discuss this matter in person, please do not hesitate to reach me. I may be reached at (316) 262-6770. Please mail all correspondence regarding this matter complaint to the address listed below. Respectfully submitted, Stuart Nelson- President

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S & A Construction accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Financing Available

Yes, S & A Construction offers free project estimates.

Yes, S & A Construction offers eco-friendly accreditations.

No, S & A Construction does not offer a senior discount.

Yes, S & A Construction offers emergency services.

Yes, S & A Construction offers warranties.

S & A Construction offers the following services: Remodeling, additions, bathrooms, kitchens, roofing, siding, replacement windows & door, Insurance, seamless guttering repairs, Fencing, countertops & drywall.