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Moore Restoration Inc

Founded 1971 • With Angi since June 2002


(104) Verified Reviews

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3610 Shelby St.

Indianapolis, IN 46227


Since 1971, the Moore Restoration team has been helping clients restore their properties after disasters of all kinds. We understand our customers’ need for fast and reliable service in order to get back to everyday life. Unscheduled repair work is hard to manage. You need experienced restorers

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Danielle S.

We hired Moore for mitigation/restoration services after a small leak was detected under our kitchen sink in July of 2019. We were very happy with the initial mitigation services we received (drying out the water damage and making sure there was no mold)--but unfortunately, that's the only good thing I can say about this company. Our restoration project was "completed" in February of 2020 (more than six months later), and I use the term "completed" generously because work that was included in the original estimate (and work that our insurance PAID for) was never actually done. We are now in the process of filing a BBB complaint--but for now, I want to post a review to warn anybody thinking about hiring this company to run. Run far, far away. The project manager assigned to our restoration work was completely incompetent from the onset, and most of the contractors he hired to handle the work frequently showed up late or did not show up at all. In one instance, we were left without water/plumbing in our kitchen for six weeks (after being told it would be a few days) after a "miscommunication" between our project manager and the plumbing company. During this time, we had to wash dishes in our upstairs bathroom sink. In addition to having no respect for our time, we often had to have contractors come back to fix shoddy or downright unsafe work. For example, the granite on our breakfast bar overhang was installed incorrectly and was visibly unlevel (pens, pencils, etc. would literally roll right off), which had me very concerned about safety. Moore's estimator tried downplaying it--assuring us that there were metal brackets reinforcing the granite and there was probably not much the granite company would be able to do to level it without breaking the stone, anyway. The stone company ended up coming back out to re-level and reinforce the countertops (still no explanation as to why this wasn't done properly in the first place)-- but they also confirmed with me that there were, in fact, NO metal brackets supporting the granite as our estimator assured us there were. This is just one of many examples where Moore blatantly lied to or misled us. We were also frustrated with how often we had to be the ones to be proactive and reach out to contractors, get appointments scheduled, etc. It truly seemed to defeat the purpose of hiring a restoration company in the first place. There were many occasions where we couldn't get in touch with our project manager and had to contact vendors/contractors ourselves. There were also instances where *we* thought of things that these so-called "professionals" did not (e.g. maybe those holes in the drywall need to be patched before you try to install a new backsplash?). I could go on and on here...but suffice to say that our experience with Moore was so terrible that we had to start a Word document to keep track of all the issues we encountered with them. From wasting countless hours of our time waiting on contractors who never showed up to having our project manager go completely MIA (apparently he is "no longer with the company"), the entire process was beyond frustrating. I would not recommend this company to anybody and regret that we ever trusted them with this project.

Description of Work
water damage mitigation and restoration

Category water damage restoration, mold removal



Margaret B.

very difficult to work with and communicate with; delays, delays, delays. Damage done in July and took until December to get work completed.

Description of Work
water damage mediation

Category drywall, heating & air conditioning/hvac, water damage restoration, woodworking, interior painters



Sharron B.

Came out 2 put tarp on roof & haven’t COMPLETED job. It’s been 4 months & all we hear is EXCUSES

Description of Work
Roofing & interior/ceiling

Category drywall, roofing, water damage restoration, interior painters



Michele S.

Very unprofessional. Obviously take on jobs they cannot handle or finish. Called Wednesday, told us would be out in 24 hours then 24 hours later called to say would be next day. This was with a major water leak. Sent a crew that had no experience, placed fans, did not remove drywall then left and never returned. Called to say they were coming out but no one showed up.

Description of Work
water damage restoration to finished basement

Category water damage restoration




The Moore representative arrived at my home at the appointed time. I gave him a copy of the insurance adjuster's summary which included a thorough description of all the work needed to be done. This was on Friday, May 12. He said he would check the adjuster's figures and get back to me the following Monday (May 15). It is now May 24 and I have heard nothing from him. I specifically told him that I have "money in hand" to give him his required 50% deposit. I guess he isn't interested in my business.

Description of Work
I contacted Moore Restorations to be the general contractor for damage to the outside and inside of my home due to the recent hail storm. I already had the initial 75% payment from my insurance company and wanted to get the ball rolling on the repairs.

Category drywall, gutter repair, roofing, wallpaper removal, water damage restoration, interior painters



Wilma A.

They left the carpet on patio and didn't give me the bill or any price until after the work. I asked multiple times for a bill or an estimate. They left the fans on for seven days, which made my electrical bill go up. Then they wanted to take the carpet out to dry out the floor. Why didn't they do that in the beginning? The price was outrageous! Don't ever call those people.

Description of Work
They came in and removed water because my sump pump went out. They asked if I wanted the carpet out as well and I said yes.

Category water damage restoration



james R.

The drying out part went well and was done on time finished end of June. The additional work to fix the floor and trim has not gone well. The subfloor they put in is unprofessional and the boards have quarter and half inch openings. I escalated to Moore a month ago and still it has not been resolved.

Description of Work
My water heater leaked and they came in to dry everything out in late June. They were supposed to replace the floor, and any damage.

Category water damage restoration, woodworking




After two weeks of giving me the run around, lies and lame excuses, I gave up on getting an estimate from these people. They did not have the professionalism to just tell me they either didn't have the expertise or didn't want to do the work. Thanks for wasting my time.

Description of Work
Roof and Deck Repair After Tree Fell On House

Category decks, roofing, water damage restoration




Its going very well, they are punctual, professional and clean up after themselves. They are able to identify other issues and I am really pleased with them.

Description of Work
We had a problem with our water softener that leaked into our basement they areworking on drying and removing the carpet and resolving the issue.

Category water damage restoration



Bryan G.

Moore gave a very good and thorough estimate after our fire incident and seemed like the best company of all the estimates we got. Once we selected them however, things changed. They began smoke remediation quickly, but It took them months to obtain the permits for the restoration of the burned unit and they provided no follow up or explanation. We had to constantly ask them what was going on. Once we insisted that they give us a timeline for the work to be completed, they suddenly started construction. When construction started, communication improved slightly but we still had to do a lot of follow up. Smoke clean up for the other four units in our building was terrible. Their cleaning staff only did very minor surface cleaning and after complaints from our residents, they had to send another crew to thoroughly re-clean every single unit. Occupants experienced lingering smoke smell for months until the burned unit was finally repaired. Our fire incident took place in in early June and the burned unit was not able to be occupied again until March of the following year. It took approximately 8 months for Moore to complete this work and the five other units in our building dealt with smoke odor that entire time. The company seems very unorganized. Once the job was done, it took months to get a final bill and settlement to resolve the matter. It was almost a year and a half from the date of the incident to the final resolution and payment. In the end, the work appears to be satisfactory but we had to stay on top of everything to make sure Moore's contractors were doing what they were supposed to. They sub-contract everything and do not check the work of the contractors they hire. Our duct cleaning had to be re-done three times until Moore just finally replaced the duct work because it was so contaminated with smoke. Going through a fire is a very stressful and emotional experience in and of itself. I don't know if they simply took on too much work at once and were unable to keep up or if there was something else going on, but Moore Restoration made a bad experience worse with their disorganization and lack of communication. They were responsive to our complaints and took care of things when we brought them up, but we had to keep a very watchful eye the entire time.

Description of Work
Smoke remediation for four units and complete restoration of one unit.

Category remodeling, water damage restoration



Sharon O.

They were very professional. They had great subcontractors doing the work and they went above and beyond what we expected (I've heard horror stories about subcontractors). The reason for the 'B' grade is the communication at Moore is not great. There were things that the subcontractors told us that a rep from Moore should have. The flooring manager was the only person who really communicated with us on a regular basis. As I stated the work was outstanding but if I do use them again, I would have to make sure that everything going on with the job.

Description of Work
Our upstairs bathtub overflowed and Moore was one of the companies our insurance company recommended. Moore fixed us up and got us looking great again!

Category flooring contractor, water damage restoration, woodworking



betty ann S.

On 6/28/15 returned home from a weekend with my daughter. Upon opening the garage door I noticed water on the garage floor. Upon inspection I saw that my water heater had a leak. I shut off the water going into the water heater and went into the house to check for water. The master closet floor was totally wet and a small portion of my bedroom floor. I called my insurance company and their chosen provider was Moore Restoration so I called them and they were there within 2 hours. Pulled up the carpet and removed the pad and placed huge fans to dry the area out. They told me when they would be back to check for damage and pick up the fans. At this point I was very impressed since they came they back when they said they would. That is when it all changed. On 7/3 the Estimator arrived at my home to do an estimate to complete the work. I received a copy of the estimate and there were charges that was not performed. I notified my insurance company and those charges were deleted. I know we had a very wet Spring and there were basements that were flooded and I expected a wait to finished the repairs, but I did not expect it to take 7 1/2 weeks. I made several calls to the Estimator with no success so I finally called the office then I did get a return call. I think I then spoke to the Estimator 2 or 3 times and every time I got the same answer as to why no one has been here to complete the work - Many basements flooded. I understand those were big jobs, but I only needed a closet done. Finally after 7 1/2 weeks someone came to do the work. It took a total of 30 minutes and I had waited 7 1/2 weeks for that 30 minutes of work. I hope I never again had a water issue problem because Moore Restoration will not be called.

Description of Work
Extracted water from closet and bedroom and removed carpet pad

Category water damage restoration



tamara O.

Moore Restoration came to our rescue when JL FOX Restoration/Contractors was unable to do the job! I felt bad that Moore was being put in a position to fix a problem that was exasperated by another company. BUT..Moore rose to the occasion and tackled the job and in the process became our heroes!! These folk are punctual, pleasant, professional and just all around great to work with. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help us and take care of the problem for us. They did in 90 minutes what FOX was unable to come close to accomplishing in 5 hours! Should the need arise again (and I sincerely hope it doesn't...sorry Moore! :) ) MOORE RESTORATION WILL BE THE FIRST CALL I MAKE! (note***a full explanation of the situation can be found on the review that I left for J L Fox)

Description of Work
Water removal from basement.

Category water damage restoration



Jessica E.

This was the chosen provider by my home owners insurance. I had a flood in my basement on Tuesday, July 7th, the next day Moore restoration came out to remove the water. They did a great job with the initial assessment and were very courteous. Then it all hit the fan. Moore had scheduled coming back out to our house to check on the drying process on Monday, July 13th. They had come out one time in between the initial set up and the scheduled follow up date. They discovered they had tripped our breaker, so they reset the breaker and said they would follow up again on the 13th. Moore pushed us back and never came to our house until the 18th, with no communication! I had to call them daily to inquire why someone was not coming. The problem with them tripping our breaker was that it happened again and made us lose power to our sump pump causing our basement to flood a SECOND time on the 17th. I called Moore several times that night to inform them of the issue and they informed me they would send a crew to clean it up the next morning. I waited until about noon on Saturday the 18th for a crew to show and no one ever did, so I again gave them a call. They said they would have a crew out by 4pm. At 4pm, no crew in sight, I called again. They informed me they had a crew in route. They showed up at 5pm only to say that it was too much work because the guy doing the work "had dinner plans that night." So at this point, my wife and two month old son went to stay at a hotel due to the stench of the soaked carpet. The crew informed me that they would be back at 9am on Sunday to do the work. Sunday at 9am, they showed up, thank goodness. The crew did not bring the appropriate equipment to do the job. They put the damaged carpet in about 20 trash bags and left them in the street, for someone with a truck to come pick up later. That person showed up 4 hours later, or should I say two complaints from the home owners association. They then continued to run extension cord from my basement to the second story of my house, a very dangerous situation with a baby in the house. Then I thought everything was done when they came out to get their equipment, but during the final walk through they discovered a problem. The guy that did the final walk through told my wife he would call me to let me know what happened but did not. I had to call him and left him a message. He responded to me three hours later via text, VIA TEXT!!! He informed me that when they drilled holes in the walls to ventilate the drywall, they hit a PVC pipe and would be sending a plumber out. The next day a plumber came out only to inform us that the concrete would need to be jackhammered due to Moore hitting the fitting on the PVC pipe!! The plumber was told it was a quick job and upon inspection, had to reschedule due to the severity of the problem. So finally after everything, one month of being lied to by the Moore customer service, Moore management, and anyone associated with Moore, they came and got their equipment and left us with holes in our drywall, damaged concrete, a toilet being disconnected, and numerous headaches. Overall, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND MOORE RESTORATION FOR ANY TYPE OF SERVICE.

Description of Work
Basement flooded and company came out to remove water and help the drying process.

Category drywall, electrician, plumbing, water damage restoration



Melissa G.

It was great at first! But you don't understand how good work is until it's been done for about a year. There are a couple things that I really drive me nuts about the work performed: - the drywall isn't even so the baseboards and crown modeling has gaps that we have to keep caulking - there are strings that are coming off the carpet - you can see a gap in the padding under the carpet - the cords in the back of the TV are coming from a drilled hole, they didn't put a plate over it (didn't notice this until long after work was done) - the light switch plates aren't flat on the wall - the door knob of the door they installed is already coming off (cheap!) - there are waves in the ceiling where the drywall didn't match up straight A couple of these things we had them come back out and look at but after it's complete, there is little that can be done. Because there is a flood, insurance paid for portion but we chose to upgrade a lot since our basement was old in the first place. Since we weren't a high paying job, clearly we were back burner. I wish I would have paid more attention at the time the work was done but I didn't. Lesson learned and we would use someone that pays better attention to the details.

Description of Work
Our basement flooded and they gutted it and rebuilt.

Category water damage restoration

Service Provider Response

Thank you for your time to post a review for Moore Restoration. We have reviewed the file for the work performed at [Member address removed]. Some of the items mentioned in the review could have something to do with the fact that the basement is older and had some moisture issues, but our customer’s satisfaction is very important to us so we’re happy to see what we can do to rectify these issues. To date, we have been out to address some caulking issues, but no other warranty items have been brought to our attention. Work was completed in July 2, 2013, so your 5 year warranty is still valid. If there are items you’d like us to inspect please let us know and we’d be happy to do so.


Eric K.

Their estimate included repairs for parts of the kitchen that were not damaged. They did not give a good explanation of why repairs needed to be done.

Description of Work
Estimate on repair from water damage.

Category remodeling, water damage restoration




Service provided per estimate

Description of Work
Restore water damage

Category water damage restoration

Service Provider Response

Thank you for your time to send a review for Moore Restoration. We appreciate your business and positive feedback!


Sheryl A.

He came out and gave an estimate and acted like he would do the work. We wanted him to start a couple weeks before Christmas but he never gave us a call back or responded to my calls. He wasted time I could have been looking for a new company.

Description of Work
They came out and looked around and gave an estimate.

Category mold removal




The responsiveness of Moore Restoration was impressive! After the drying process, they had to repair dry wall, replace a utility room floor, repaint, and refinish the garage floor. I chose to use a different plumber than their provider, and I regretted it. I know that Moore's plumber would have been as top notch as the other services they provided, and my plumber choice ended up being a huge mistake. The drywall repairmen, painters, floor construction contractors, "One Call Construction Services," were fun, fast, and meticulous. The garage floor was replaced by Innovative Garage, Inc. and looks like a showroom floor. The construction manager and insurance negotiator, as well as other office personnel were accessible, professional, and honest. I appreciated Moore Restoration's competency, and would call them immediately if I ever had any water or smoke damage.

Description of Work
I found a flood in my mother's garage in March, and Moore Restoration came immediately and dried everything quite well. They proceeded to repair the damages and went above and beyond to make it even better than it had been before the flood.

Category water damage restoration



Dawn S.

They don't have a supervisor on staff to make sure everything is done correctly. They had a person come do an estimate. Another person came out to due measurements and finish up estimate. The workers did a great job. They worked hard but no supervision. We have a wall where the original paint is coming through where they had painted. We have reached out to them and they refuse to put on another coat. They also used the wrong flooring in the living room and bathroom and refuse to take responsibility for it. They said if we wanted it fixed it would cost over $300 to rip it up and replace it. In addition, we have a toilet that isn't working. Their hours of operation are supposedly 24 hours, 7 days a week. I called them last night and expected someone to be here this morning or at least a phone call...I haven't heard anything. When I called the business again, I'm now getting the run around. According to my adjuster and insurance company, Moore is responsible for getting everything fixed and completed as it's under warranty.

Description of Work
Restoration service-cleaning up after a flood.

Category flooring contractor, plumbing, interior painters



Phillip D.

We love our historic Broad Ripple home but it does mean living with plaster walls and uneven floors. Moore Restoration was the only contractor that said "not a problem" and delivered great results at a great price!!

Description of Work
Installed tile on kitchen and bathroom floors and around tub. Installed mosaic tile backslash

Category ceramic tile, flooring contractor

Service Provider Response

Thank you for allowing Moore Restoration the opportunity to assist you in your home repairs. We're so pleased that you are satisfied with the work and appreciate your kind words. We hope for your sake that your need for restoration won't present itself again, but if it does we hope you'll consider Moore Restoration in the future. Best of luck to you!


Thom B.

I was more than disappointed with this company. Very unprofessional. They tried to use inferior products on the job and after numerous complaints did a so-so job. I've already had 2 leaks and damage to the carpeting. It took 9 months to complete the job, so if you're looking for efficiency and quality, look elsewhere. After signing the final papers 2 months ago, I received a bill for something that was already paid. What a nightmare !! There were sooo many problems that I don't have enough room here to list them. Steer clear!!

Description of Work
Restoration after a tree fell on the family room. Roof, deck, ceiling, and cleaning.

Category decks, roofing




They did a great job. There were a few minor issues with the damage to a mirror and some stains in my carpet, but they replaced the mirror (84 in. x 36 in.) at their cost and paid for extra thorough carpet cleaning. They handled these minor issues very professionaly. This was covered by my insurance (Safe Co) minus my deductible. I am very satisfied with their service. I would recommend them.

Description of Work
They had to replace the plaster ceiling, replaced crown molding, painted woodwork, painted ceiling, painted walls and cleaned the carpets.

Category carpet cleaners, drywall, plumbing, water damage restoration, interior painters

Service Provider Response

Thank you so much for allowing Moore Restoration, Inc. the opportunity to assist you on your claim. We appreciate the kind words and recommendation from you. Although we hope you never have to experience another loss in your home, please let us know if you ever need our services again. Good luck!!


Jim L.

loud. a learning experience for me.

Description of Work
complete roof, wrap (complete) vinyl siding, good cleanup.

Category water damage restoration



Dave V.

The job was a major project. We had doors that had to be replaced and re-hung. The repairs took place during the middle of the Winter. The crew worked hard to make sure that my heat bill was not catastrophic. I was impressed that they sealed off the outside area when working on 2 of the outside doors. They did an amazing job in my kitchen. The old cabinets were all re-painted and they put in an all new sink area. There was a lot of drywall repair that was necessary. They painted all of the ceilings and re-texturized several others. The job did take some time, but it was not gonna be an easy fix. There was a minimum amount of dust and dirt from the project. The crew did an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves. The house looked great after everything was complete. I sold this house in just a week after the completion. The house sold for 219 K. I would have been lucky to have gotten 175K before the remodel. It pays to hire someone that puts pride in their work!! I would recommend and insist on Moore's Restoration for any of your home repairs!! John Tatum, the Project Mgr. goes the extra mile to guarantee that the job is done to the customers satisfaction!!

Description of Work
This was my 2nd job that I had Moore Restoration perform for me. I was in the process of selling my home and needed repairs done throughout my home. I have a large 2 story home with also a walk-out basement. Updates and repairs were done on all 3 levels of my home. William Alumbaugh gave me the estimate and John Tatum was my Project Mgr. I had all new faucets put in. There ceilings had to be repaired and texturized. Painting was required throughout the home. I had several doors that were replaced and repaired. There were also plumbing issues that had to be fixed. The kitchen sink was all replaced.

Category drywall, plumbing, water damage restoration, interior painters, doors

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Moore Restoration Inc

    How is Moore Restoration Inc overall rated?

    Moore Restoration Inc is currently rated 4.1 overall out of 5.

    What days are Moore Restoration Inc open?

    Moore Restoration Inc is open:

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    Ask Moore Restoration Inc for details on free project estimates.

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    Yes, Moore Restoration Inc offers eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Moore Restoration Inc does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Moore Restoration Inc offer emergency services?

    Yes, Moore Restoration Inc offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Moore Restoration Inc?

    Yes, Moore Restoration Inc offers warranties.

    What services does Moore Restoration Inc offer?

    Moore Restoration Inc offers the following services: Disaster recovery, water extraction, structural dry out, board ups, securing buildings, roof tarps & cover ups, removal of contents, emergency cleaning, emergency planning, air duct cleaning & carpet cleaning, storage facility