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Indiana Professional Contractors LLC

Founded 2006 • With Angi since February 2011


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2031 Silver Lane Dr

Indianapolis, IN 46203


Indiana Professional Contractors is a fully licensed and bonded company that provides a wide range of high quality services at highly competetive pricing. We provide all types of maintanence and repair services 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. We also specialize in landscaping, home remodeling and restoration. As a property manager, Indiana Professioal Contractors provides all aspects of homeowner and neigboorhood needs including maintanence and repair,landscaping,mowing, and snow removal. Unlike many property managers, Indiana Professional Contractors provides services that are many times subcontracted to other companies and a higher cost....

Verified Reviews

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Our HOA contracted IPC to provide semi annual inspections of the exterior of our 15 buildings and clubhouse. Following a thorough inspection of all of our building exteriors and interior of the clubhouse, they provided a through and comprehensive report of vaious maintenance items such as caulking, rotted boards, etc. This report included estimated costs for material and labor for each repair item. IPC not only provides various maintenance services to our HOA but also offers many serviece to our residets such as interior remolding and painting but also other services such as changing smoke alarm batteries, HVAC filters, etc., which is very important to our residents since many of our senior citizens are unable to does those types of tasks. I woull highly recommend IPC to other communities such as ours as well as to individuals needing the type of repair, maintenance and improvements to their home.

Description of Work
IPC serves our condo community (The Villas agt Chapel Hill) provideing maintenance tasks on the exterior of our 15 buildings as well as the clubhouse

Category handyman service



Kathy L.

I remain very dissatisfied with their work, with the owner's response (or lack thereof) and the integrity of the company. I have asked for money back for work they did not do, but charged me for. I have asked for them to pay for the repair under the door (rot) that another contractor had to to and that the owner offered to pay for. I have received nothing from them. I will never use their services again. I am not the type of person to complain about service without first giving the company opportunity to make it right. I have given them ample opportunity, and they are not interested in providing appropriate service. Should anyone ever ask me my opinion of this company, I will state -- with clear conscious -- that my experience was very bad, I do not trust them, and I will steer anyone away from the company.

Description of Work
I needed them to do various jobs related to an inspection of the home we bought. K Jobs included: clear out crawl space, identify and stop leak in crawl from ac condensate, close opening in crawl under window and insulate, fix leak behind wasker and remediate mold in that wall, examine and fix floors around toilets, repair rot under exterior door, replace chimney chase. They did the chimney, removed debris from crawl. They did NOT stop leak from consendate, or even look at it. They did NOT fix rot under door. In fact, when they removed door to replace, they could see the rot, but installed door over it. They left a mess in house and yard. They were not responsive to my requests for help immediately, but did offer to refund some money, i will update if there is a refund. UPDATE: they have NOT given any sort of refund and the owner now indicates that he is only willing to send his workers to my house to repair the work that they did not do but charged me for. I am not wiling to have them come to my house again, as I do not trust their work.

Category drywall,insulation,remodeling,chimney repair,doors,drain cleaning

Service Provider Response

I am truly sorry to hear you are not satisfied, I John Logan have tried several times and have the emails to back this up, that I would pay for the the rotten wood missed that should not be over a couple hundred bucks and I would come back and fix anything needed to be fixed. That was the best I could do and that was not good enough for you. It was funny how you had another contractor come out and replace the door we just put in, because as your emails state " you broke the door" . I am still willing to give you the $350.00 and repair anything personally myself. I can only hope and pray that my employee's do what they are paid to do. When one does not do what they are paid to do and I find out, I do believe the right thing to do is give us a chance to make it right. I think by you not letting us repair the problems that you are being unreasonable. The offer still stands for the $350.00 and repairs until next year. If anyone would like to see the emails I am talking about please contact us at also I have all recorded phone calls with the homeowner as well.


Dustin S.

The two workmen arrived slightly early and got straight to work. Despite on-again/off-again rain, they managed their time well, working on the inside tasks when the rain picked up, moving to the outside tasks when the rain stopped. They were professional, friendly, and remarkably efficient at their tasks -- I had purchased an 8-hour GroupOn that I was redeeming, and they were finishing the tasks I gave them at a much faster rate than I anticipated! They had completed the main jobs I had planned for them within a couple of hours, and they were very patient as I came up with new tasks for them on the spot. Despite some of them being what I might consider mundane, they never complained and always completed the jobs quickly while doing good work. I would recommend them to a friend, and I'll keep them on my short list to call for similar jobs in the future.

Description of Work
Two workmen performed several unrelated tasks outside and inside of my home: replaced vinyl siding, repaired a missing roof shingle, shimmed a storm door that wasn't closing properly, replaced a number of window screens, lubricated garage door rollers, installed door latches on an old cabinet, fixed the frame of a broken dresser, hung a valance, assembled a few small tables from kits, and adjusted some shelves to allow for a power cord to run behind them.

Category handyman service,roofing,siding



Bridget N.

Prior to purchasing my Groupon in May, I emailed the owner to inquire as to whether the work I needed completed, the built-in and the molding, applied to the Groupon. The response received stated that these were within the parameters of the work they could perform. I then purchased one 8-hour Groupon and my mother purchased another 8-hour Groupon as a present. Having had numerous contractors out to provide estimates before, I was well aware that the built-in would take a day, 8-hours, and that the molding would take a day, 8-hours. When I scheduled the work the woman in the office asked what it was that I was having done. I told her about the molding and the built-in and she scheduled both Groupons for one day and said that there would be two people to cover the work for both. Upon arrival we discussed the built-in first. The older gentleman was confused as to what I was wanting done, despite the diagram, but the younger man understood. However, I was informed by the older gentleman that it was not something that the younger man could do. So, I figured we would get the molding done for the day and then use the other Groupon another day. I informed them of what needed to be done and in which rooms. An hour after starting work, the older gentleman approached me and asked if I had anything that the younger man could do as he was just standing around. I was again told that he could not do the built-in, I threw out some other projects were were working on - hanging a ceiling fan and a porch swing - and was told that he was not able to do those either. The only other project was a playset that my parents had sent so the young man proceeded to spend the next 7 hours putting together the steps that attach to the monkey bars, of which there are 4 bars. At the end of the day, for 16-hours of work, the molding wasn't even finished. In fact, some of the floor transitions that we had laid ourselves had been removed/broken, and were not reinstalled. I called the owner who was very defensive and rude. At one point he even asked if they needed to be fired. Through numerous phone calls between myself and my husband, he agreed to have only the older gentleman come out again for 4 hours to finish the molding. He also stated that with every job there is a skilled tradesman and an assistant/helper. We argued that since we officially purchased two jobs that there should have been two tradesmen and two assistants on site. This argument further infurtiated him and went nowhere. So, after paying for 16-hours of work we have molding on the floors, which would have taken the other 4 contractors 8-hours to do and steps to our child's playset.

Description of Work
Services requested included a built in bookshelf and molding for the floors we recently installed. Services done included the molding on the floors and the stairs to a playset we were putting together.

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response

In the Groupon Terms of Agreement it states that you “must use promotional value in 1 visit,” now this is a case where an additional voucher was purchased as a gift and the customer made us aware of this when they emailed us the work they wanted to complete. We did agree to the work they wanted completed with the 16 hour window that was available and did tell the customer that there would most likely be two men doing the work. That being said it would then make the 16 hour 1 handyman service an 8 hour 2 handymen service, this still performing the same amount of work. On the Groupon it states “Local handymen help homeowners spruce up abodes with up to eight hours of services, including gutter cleaning, faucet replacement & painting.” We did have many customers inquire about other jobs that were more elaborate than the simple handyman services that were shown on the groupon and we did agree to do these more elaborate jobs within sufficient time windows and taking a loss as these were vouchers for a “handyman” and were prices paid for a “handyman” not a specialist.



We got the quote, were told they would start the first week of March and would be done in 30 days. At the start, they didn't show up and finally told us they would start 3 days late. We cleaned out furniture, clothes, etc. from upstairs so they could finish that first. Unfortunately, they still weren't done with the master bath shower, so we stayed in the main floor bedroom. They also got pulled for a week to work on someone else's "emergency." Next they moved to the basement. It turned out that the carpet had been glued down with epoxy, so they decided they had to sand the floor. They spent a couple of days sanding, during which we were in the house during spring break. We were expecting that we could start moving back into the bedroom. They ran out of sand belts, so my husband drove to the store to buy some new belts for them (he was never reimbursed). When he described what the workers were doing, the guy at the store told him they were using the complete wrong belts for the job and no wonder it was taking twice as long as it should. When they stained the floor, they didn't protect the bottom landing carpet, so it got ruined. We had decided not to do other work on the original quote, so we suggested they do the bottom landing while they were finishing the other basement room. There were no discussions about any additional charges. They also started disappearing in the middle of the project for weeks at a time. I finally asked what was happening and was told by the owner (in writing) that he was going through a divorce and had dumped everying on the foreman. This was after we sent a check for work not yet done or payable. They finally came to finish the inside of the house and then started the exterior painting and the roof repair. During this time, the owner was extremely aggressive about collecting checks so he could make payroll, above the amount due (50% at contract signing). Unfortunately, they did additional work that I approved (painting the deck and rescreening the porch) before I received the invoice for the work. They also removed the carpet off the basement stairs without getting my approval that we wanted the work done. I had only asked for the quote. In his final quote he included the total amount of Quotes #2 and #3 and charged profit, overhead and sales tax on top of what had already been included in the previous quotes. When I explained this in writing, he just told me to pay or else. We have communicated several times during which our previously friendly relationship has deteriorated. It is very possible he is going to file a lien on the house. We have asked in writing for a detailed explanation of the final quote but haven't really gotten what we need. The owner has told me he is in trouble financially, but I am not interested in funding his business for work that is overquoted.They still haven't finished the structural work on the roof (additional gutters), they spilled paint on the living room carpet, they broke several fixtures in the house, and they removed carpet without an agreement that I wanted to have the work done. He is demanding $2000 to walk away.

Description of Work
Quote #1Repair all drywall inside housePaint all interior walls, ceilings, trimInstall medicine cabinets in bathroomRepair and tile shower floorInstall wood flooring around perimeter of living room and family roomRe-install existing carpet in living room and install new pad and carpet in family roomInstall laundry room sink and move plumbingRemove basement carpeting, acid etch floor, seal floorMove furniture as neededQoute #2Paint exterior sidingQuote#3Repair structural roof issuesQoute #4Paint outside deckRescreen porchCarpet basement and second floor stairs

Category remodeling,interior painters

Service Provider Response

[member name removed] should get together this was a classic case of we love you until we have money problems. [member name removed] wrote verbal checks until the checks were due at the end, after we had done most of the contracted estimated work. The [member name removed]'s added more work and said just be fare and I was. There house was trashed and they are very messy. I have several pictures of the interior of there home. If anyone would like to see these pictures please email me and I will show you how [member name removed] claimed they cleaned out closets. That is very funny because we cleaned are way through there mess and put it back after drywalling and painting, usually I see this type of living environment in section 8 housing not on the upper northwest side of indianapolis. I should have did change orders for everything we did, but they were so cool until there daughter was going to a fancy collage and those checks were due at the same time. Good luck to you and yours sorry for doing all the work you hired us for and it still looks messy. As for the carpeting that has paint on it we were told by [member name removed] we were replacing that carpet and that is why we didn't cover the carpet. [member name removed] had me bid the stairs for hardwood until she got the quote. At the end after dealing with [member name removed] the whole time until they were scrambling for collage money we were good friend then [member name removed] had to drop the hammer of we are not paying you and come up with these allegations that make us look bad when Prior to it coming down this were they acted mad I was calling for 2 weeks straight without return calls.. Sorry but Angies list should see this B.S. and straighten it out and put a bad review against homeowners. Why does it always have to be the contractors. Are we the only bad ones??? I think not!!!



Prior to setting up a date and purchasing the Groupon, I specified EXACTLY what I needed done. And asked how long shoud it take. The packages came in 2 hour increments. After getting a response, I purchased 2 pkgs (4 hours). They (older guy and younger guy) arrived promptly. When I showed the guy the materials and told him where the lighting was to go, he looked bewildered. He said that wasn't what he was told and he didn't know if he could do it. I previously had outdoor lighting, which needed to be replaced. I was very upset and started 2nd guessing my choice immediately. He called his supervisor who told him, basically, how to go about it. I was kind of uncomfortable at that point and told the guy, if he wasn't sure then don't do it (after all we are talking electricity). He assured me he could. About 15 minutes into it he said he needed more cable and I needed different bulbs for the sensor lights. I went to get the additional materials. I told the guy NOT to touch the bulbs with his hands (he needed to use gloves) as they would blow immediately. He comes to me about 1/2 hour later to say 3 of the bulbs had blown! He said they were lit, at first, then blew immediately. I asked had he touched the bulbs. He went back and forth from he never touched them to admitting that he HAD touched them b/c he couldn't fit his hands down in the votive. I asked if he was going to replace them. He said he wasn't going to replace them. I could call the company if I wanted to. VERY bad attitude and poor customer service. He went in the house to replace the batteries in the smoke detectors. I didn't follow the guy upstairs to WATCH him, but I guess I should have. After they left, I had discovered that he just threw the used batteries on the carpet, and I guess he decided to take the bag with all of my batteries with him!While he was changing the batteries I went outside to make sure the sensor lights worked. The lights on one end DID NOT WORK!. I told the younger guy and he made sure they worked. Had I NOT went out there to check them, I would not have known.I called the office immediately after they left. (I had not been upstairs to find batteries thrown on the floor and the missing bag of batteries at that time). The lady who answered the phone was very apologetic and said she would contact the manager, then call me back. She called back and, again, apolgized and said she would put a check in the mail for the ligh bulbs. I received the check promptly the following week.I will NEVER use their services again.

Description of Work
I purchased a Groupon to have outdoor lighting installed (I had all materials), replace bulbs in 2nd story motion detector lighting and replace batteries in smoke alarms.

Category handyman service,outdoor lighting

Service Provider Response

The Groupon is considered a "Handyman" service. The reason that the customer was advised to purchase a 4 hour voucher is so that we could make sure the job could be finished in the one trip, given this was for a "handyman" not a specialist so this type of thing would take longer. The description of work that is given for each Groupon is basic, there are no estimates done before the work is to be completed, therefore we go in blind with exception to the customer description. I assure you the comment "This was not what I was told and I do not know if I can do it" was not because he did not have the skills to complete it, but because it was not considered a typical "handyman" service that we had gathered from the customer description. The customer did contact me in regards to the blown bulbs and she was reimbursed for them and at no time was I informed of any other negative occurrences that had happened during the time my men were there.



From day one I was uncomfortable because they dropped off their workers. I observed the workers and some of them looked like they did not know what they were doing. One day they told me the job would be a lot more than they initially thought, and that it would be twice as much. I had to pay a very high amount of money, and had to oversee the whole project. After the job was done, I found out that the workers were day laborers. I would not recommend him at all.

Description of Work
They installed two vinyl entrance railings for me.

Category masonry

Service Provider Response

We were a very small business and our company vehicles were limited at this time. This job was quoted a different price at the finish than the initial price due to added materials. With the addition of more materials that meant there was more labor to be done. There was no contact or concern shown to me at the time of this job, in which case I would have reassured the customer that these men were skilled and capable of doing this job or I would have not assigned them to it. There was also no contact from the customer after the job was completed for any issue with the quality of the work, therefore I would take that the job was done to her standards and the work itself was not an issue. Many companies do things many different ways and I do not feel that they way my employees got to the jobsite and the hours that they work for my company should reflect on the quality of work that they did produce on this job or any others.



It has gone really well. We are ahead of schedule. They have been here three weeks in my house and I have not heard one swear word. They gave us the most thorough, line by line estimate that I have ever seen. If there has been anything that has gone wrond, they have fixed it immediately at no additional expense. They are as prompt as they can be. They do not take breaks. I have never seen a crew work so well and be manerly and courteous. I am totally satisfied with the work so far.

Description of Work
They put in new countertops. They have knocked out a wall and installed an island. They are redoing the floor and installing new appliances.

Category home remodeling



Gloria F.

Overall the project went well. His crew experienced some difficulty in removing the wall paper in one room. Due to the nature of the paper and the difficulty of removal, they had to skim coat and sand some areas of the drywall in this room prior to painting. All turned our well and the finished room looks great. In other rooms, the wall paper came off without difficulty. Cleanup, especially in the room that had to be skim coated and sanded, was not well done,with lots of sanding dust left on woodwork, but this was addressed immediately by John. Carpet was replaced in one room and on the main stairway. Again, the carpet strands left from the installation and cutting were not cleaned up. John said this would be addressed with the carpet installer. The carpet installer did return to fix a couple of minor buckles in the carpet on the stairs. This was done as soon as we reported it.

Description of Work
John's crews performed several interior redecorating jobs to get our home ready to sell. These jobs included wall paper removal, painting, drywall repair, recarpeting and replacement of six thermal pane units in windows. John subcontracted the window unit repair to an excellent glass company in Carmel.

Category drywall,wallpaper removal,replacement windows,interior painters



Gloria F.

Overall we were very pleased with the work. John came to the house when the insurance adjuster examined the roof and assisted in the examination. John's crew was always very polite and we never heard any questionable language or observed any horse play. The finished roof is beautiful. Following the completion of the project, John's crew cleaned up the yard and used a magnetic roller to collect all of the nails which had fallen into the yard during the old roof removal.

Description of Work
Maximum Service did a complete reroofing of our home, including removal of the old roof and installation of new roofing. In addition, some trim boards which showed signs of deterioration were replaced and one section of plywood sheathing which has deteriorated was discovered and replaced. The roof was very steep pitched with several gables and valleys.

Category roofing

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    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Indiana professional contractors provides all types of services including home remodeling and improvement,roofing maintenance and repairs. We also provide all types of exterior services including gutter cleaning and repair, siding, fencing,snow removal, and landscaping.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Indiana Professional Contractors LLC

    How is Indiana Professional Contractors LLC overall rated?

    Indiana Professional Contractors LLC is currently rated 3.6 overall out of 5.

    What days are Indiana Professional Contractors LLC open?

    Indiana Professional Contractors LLC is open:

    Sunday: Closed

    Monday: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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    What payment options does Indiana Professional Contractors LLC provide

    Indiana Professional Contractors LLC accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal

    Does Indiana Professional Contractors LLC offer free estimates?

    Yes, Indiana Professional Contractors LLC offers free project estimates.

    Does Indiana Professional Contractors LLC offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    Yes, Indiana Professional Contractors LLC offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Indiana Professional Contractors LLC offer a senior discount?

    No, Indiana Professional Contractors LLC does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Indiana Professional Contractors LLC offer emergency services?

    Yes, Indiana Professional Contractors LLC offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Indiana Professional Contractors LLC?

    No, Indiana Professional Contractors LLC does not offer warranties.

    What services does Indiana Professional Contractors LLC offer?

    Indiana Professional Contractors LLC offers the following services: Indiana professional contractors provides all types of services including home remodeling and improvement,roofing maintenance and repairs. We also provide all types of exterior services including gutter cleaning and repair, siding, fencing,snow removal, and landscaping.

    Are there any services Indiana Professional Contractors LLC does not offer?

    Anything to do with anything other than construction needs