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Bedell Home Services

Founded 1989 • With Angi since October 1996


(1682) Verified Reviews

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431 W Carmel Dr

Carmel, IN 46032


Bedell is a certified, bonded and insured home services company that provides full service, plumbing, excavation, heating/cooling and remodeling services. We have been family owned for more than 28 years and continue to invest our assets to take care of our customers, employees and communities. We take pride in our work and are driven by our values of Trust, Dependability and Quality. Our service areas cover (not limited to) Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville, Plainfield, Franklin, Greenwood, Beech Grove, New Palestine, Avon, Plainfield, Brownsburg, Greenfield, Shelbyville and McCordsville. Our collective experience over 150 years has helped us build a loyal customer base that consists of single family homes, apartments, property management and warranty companies as well as small commercial buildings....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Steve K.

We hired Bedell to install a ductless mini-split heating/cooling unit. The installation went smoothly, at a fair price. Within a month and a half, the unit's indoor head unit's coils started to freeze over and it no longer cooled the room. Bedell's team came out and tested the refrigerant pressure, which was very low, and recharged the refrigeration. No further diagnostic or leak testing done on this visit, despite a loss of refrigerant. Within a few weeks, we experienced the same problem (very little cooling and frozen over coils in the head unit). During their second trip out, they identified a leaky refrigerant-line flange attached to the head unit. They tightened the flange and recharged the unit. Three days later, same problem, except the entire head coil was frozen over after a running the system in cooling mode for an hour. It seemed like they made the problem worse. I scheduled another repair visit, which they blew off completely, without notifying me. I scheduled a second visit, which they blew off completely. When I called the lead HVAC technician, he told me that the owner had cut me off from service...that the installation had become "a thorn in their side." And that's the last I heard from them. I hired another company to inspect and repair the system. They immediately identified that the flange had been installed incorrectly and was leaking wildly. The tech's leak detector sounded like a Geiger counter at ground zero in Chernobyl upon entering the room! Before he even approached the system. They diagnosed and properly fixed the flange. I'm out an additional $1000, but at least now I have a system that works, and an HVAC company I can trust.

Description of Work
Ductless mini-split installation and subsequent repair

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Corinne U.

He arrived on time, was careful to keep things clean and we felt the price was fair for the work he did.

Description of Work
Replaced pump that pumps sewage from basement up to sewer line.

Category wells



Tim C.

Bedell was very punctual on getting someone out for a quote. I had 3 other quotes for the same work and had one scheduled to come do the work but Bedell came recommended from a friend so I cancelled other contractor and went with Bedell. Technician was on time but didn’t have all the material to complete all the work. The technician installed hot water heater, water softener and move bladder tank 3’ along with replacing pressure switch. I noticed how the bladder tank was positioned and the drain valve was right up against the wall where there is no way to hook a hose up to drain bladder, I asked technician to change and he said he tried rotating drain but with no success and said we can quote you a new tank, mind you the price to move tank and replace pressure switch was $525 all of my other quotes were $100 cheaper and were replacing all the fittings to brass but all Bedell did was install a $20 pressure switch and move tank 3’ and made two connections to tank and left a system non functional to drain. I called the office and spoke with Tom Bedell and his answer to me was the same that the technician said we’ll quote you a new tank and then we’ll replace everything. Tom is not in a position to talk costumer service he was basically like oh well can’t help you!! The technician was scheduled to come back and finish the laundry box and drain work but I needed this resolved before I would have them do anymore work for me. I called and left a message for the owner Garish to call me and never received a call so I called again the morning the technician was scheduled to come and Garish answered so I explained the situation and he said he’d talk to Tom and the technician to make it right. I asked Garish if he call me back to confirm this and he said yes, I never received a call back from him!!!! The technician called and said he’d be at my house in 10 minutes and I asked if he had talked to Garish and he said no!! I said your not doing any work until I talk to Garish so I called office again and no answer so I called technician back and told him to get ahold of Garish and have him call me please. I received a phone call but it was not Garish the owner it was Tom Bedell and I was not happy because I knew where this conversation was going. Tom pretty much said what he had told me the previous day that they aren’t fixing but can quote me a new tank!! I told him if they are not going to make the work correct than don’t bother coming to finish the rest of the work and he said ok!!! Very bad costumer service by this company!!!!! I asked Tom to have Garish call me and he said ok. 3 days later not a phone call from anyone!!!!! I can’t even recommend this company to anyone I wouldn’t want them to be treated as a costumer as they treated me.

Description of Work
Hot water heater and water softener replacement. Move my bladder tank for well pump and replace pressure switch, also rework water lines for laundry box and drain.

Category appliance repair, plumbing, water heater repair, water softeners, wells, drain pipe



Stephanie S.

Perfect. I claimed a deal thru Angie's list for a 12 month/ 3 tune-up package to service my HVAC system for the next year. I know my AC is on its last leg so I'm trying to make sure my furnace lasts as long as possible. They called me tge following day, made appointment for that week. Technician was even a few minutes early. He did his thing, gave me an update and invoice, and it was all done. He wore a mask and booties in my home.

Description of Work
Furnace Tuneup

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac




Project went well, was very professional, very personable. Did a great job but they are very expensive. I feel. Reason for the C is due to pricing only. The experience as far as job related goes went very well, but pricing is lousy.

Description of Work
Installing Toilet and replaced shut off valve.

Category plumbing



Peter W.

I've interacted with every major A-rated crawlspace/foundation service provider in this area within the last 3 months. Bedell does a better job than any of them, for many reasons. They listen: they respond to what you are saying instead of taking a glance and pressing their opinion on you. They explore the problem with you and you will feel that your situation is better understood. They are very respectful and friendly when doing the work. If there are any follow up concerns, they are just as friendly and diligent as their first visit. Every other one of the 5 or so foundation/crawlspace companies I either interacted with, or commissioned for work, spent more time telling me how they were better, or how bad other companies are (specifically naming them frequently), pointing out how work that I had already done was "wrong" or "they did a bad job"; and if there was follow-up concerns, there was either silence or "not my problem, must have been something you did." I didn't work with every single company in this area, but easily enough to convince me that I won't even bother with anyone other than Bedell in the future. Foundation, crawlspace, plumbing, and whatever else is written on the side of their truck, they are my first choice now. Special thanks to Myles, Justin, and Rodney for outstanding drain work, and to Billy, Joe, and Rachel for outstanding plumbing. These guys were the only guys I've worked with this year that I felt like actually cared about my issues and the health of my home.

Description of Work
Drain pipe installed and downspout repaired/buried

Category appliance repair, plumbing, drain pipe



Erin M.

It went great! I received a call to schedule the service shortly after claiming the deal. The service tech was courteous and knowledgeable and did a great job.

Description of Work
Furnace tune-up

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Tammy S.

City official said Bedell installed non compliant pipe/drain and would not approve drain. The company made multiple mistakes, took a long time, did not finish the job and cost us a lot of money to fix their mistakes.

Description of Work
Install drain and plumbing before concrete slab to be poured and excavating.

Category appliance repair, excavators, drain pipe




Very good, explained things well, was timely and fixed it up much better than it was before. I hadn't used Bedell previously but will gladly go with them in the future.

Description of Work
Floor drain in basement which catches water from woter softener and 2 furnaces and a water heater wasn't draining great. The cast iron had rusted the holes so closed, and years of condensate causing slowness. Cleaned the pipe, replaced the drain cap and nicely affixed the drain pipes to minimize water pooling around it.

Category plumbing, drain pipe, drain cleaning



Trish G.

They are prompt, not expensive, and communicate well.

Description of Work
They helped replaced couple of spigots.

Category plumbing



Pat H.

Great. I was very happy with the person who took my phone call, because he was a knowledgeable plumber and was able to determine what I needed and an approximate price before sending anyone out. I was surprised to get the work done the same week I called. They (plumber and apprentice) finished the job quickly and without any problems. The price was fair for the time they spent on the work and for the expertise that I got.

Description of Work
Replace Leaking Outdoor Faucet and Install Indoor Shut-Off to Faucet

Category plumbing



Tim W.

We had a new Heat Pump installed by a company named Comfort Heating and Cooling a few years ago. We have had nothing but problems with this unit since it was installed. Comfort Heating and Cooling was purchased by Bedell Home Services which means Bedell Home Services is now liable for any work done by Comfort Heating and Cooling. My heat pump installation was done "very poorly" which were the exact words from multiple Bedell Home Services technicians that came out and looked at the heat pump. Bedell could not figure out what is wrong with the unit so they called out the manufacturer of the unit to diagnose. He stated the installation was done very poorly and proceeded to list out several things that needed to be fixed. I thought these things would be fixed at no cost due to the poor installation but proceeded to find out Bedell wanted to charge me an additional $1,500 to make the poor installation correct. After much discussion, Bedell said they would warranty replace the unit for an additional $1,500. The fact that I had a Heat Pump installed incorrectly from the beginning and the poor installation was corroborated by multiple technicians I should not have to pay additional money to make the installation correct. I realize Bedell did not install the unit but they purchased the company that did which makes them liable for the poor installation. I am stuck with a Heat Pump that doesn't work correctly because Bedell will not own up to their responsibilities. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

Description of Work
Heat Pump Repair

Category appliance repair

Service Provider Response

Sir, we understand the issue but your review is for the wrong company. Bedell Home Services did not purchase comfort heating and cooling.



Cynthia M.

We had Bedell Plumbing out for some work and they found a disconnect in the toilet so there was some human waste on the return duct for the air. We called Bedell Home Services to have it taken care of. We were told that the work would be done the first day they came out. The technician came out and had no information on what he was supposed to do, none of the information had been past along. So he took notes of what all would need to be done. We were waiting for a call or some form of communication and heard nothing, so we called them. They said that they had already sent emails but we received nothing. We scheduled them to come out and take care of everything and it rained so they had to reschedule. The technician told us it would be in the next day or so but when the office called to reschedule, it was another week out, and keep in mind we had human waste sitting under our house. The technician was supposed to come out again but an emergency prevented him from doing so. The owner himself called to assure us it would be done the following day. The technicians finally came and found out that the return duct did not need to be replaced, just removed. So the technicians called up the owner to let him know of the find. The owner had told them to charge me the same amount as before. I promptly told them to just leave the return duct, I wasn't going to pay the same amount for them to remove it as I was going to for a replacement. The owner called me to "apologize" and was making up new numbers and saying that he would never say that and defending himself. The technicians were very nice and informative, but the owner and company as a whole was terrible. I would absolutely never use the heat and air portion of this company again, and recommend to don't use them either, as they have poor communication and lack of honesty.

Description of Work
Removal/Replacement of Return Duct

Category appliance repair, heating & air conditioning/hvac

Service Provider Response

Thanks for the response. We will work to correct pur internal communication and communication with customers but strongly disagree on a character assassination on honesty.



Scott R.

The process was great. The Bedell team was responsive, returned calls and made quick appointments. The installs went great, the installer cleaned everything up, made sure I was satisfied and left the house better then when he entered. I will (and have) hire them again for any home service needs.

Description of Work
3 toilets installed

Category plumbing



Denis C.

They were unable to clear the drain and something that I tried worked so the second appointment was not needed. Since they could not clear the drain I was not charged.

Description of Work
Although the plumber that came to the house could not clear the drain he gave it his all. He scheduled another day to camera the drain.

Category plumbing, drain cleaning



Laura H.

I spoke to Art who was wonderful. He was able to get a technician out within two days. David came and right away put in shoe covers on. He had to deal with a phone call to get the work approved through a home warranty company. It was a pain, but he was professional and patient. He was personable and worked hard. He got the job done quickly and effectively at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend Bedell Home Services!

Description of Work
A leaky faucet

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

Thanks, [Member Name Removed] for your honest Feedback. We really appreciate it.



Amanda R.

Mitch called to see if he could come early since they had wrapped a couple jobs up earlier than they expected. He came and completed the job and was very polite. He also showed me the issue that was causing the leak. I will definitely use Bedell again.

Description of Work
Outdoor Water Hose Faucet Replaced

Category handyman service, plumbing

Service Provider Response

Thanks [Member Name Removed]. you are always welcome.




Bedell provided exceptional service, coming out the day after Thanksgiving to unclog our kitchen sink drain. That took some time because accumulated coffee grounds had virtually solidified in our sink line. More importantly, Bedell's technician discovered a gas leak in our basement -- with pipe "dope" sealer that had either never been applied or had completely deteriorated. They came back with a different crew to perform the gas pipe repair. All went well, and I'm very grateful for the "good sniffer" on the Bedell technician!

Description of Work
Thanksgiving Day drain clog!

Category plumbing, gas leak repair, drain cleaning



Wei Z.

The service technician was punctual, arriving at the start of the time window. Due to COVID-19, he didn't enter home, and went directly to check the outside AC unit. He asked me for a garden hose to spray and clean the unit, which surprised me because none of the previous technicians ever asked me for a garden hose. About 40 minutes later, he completed the tune-up and told me the unit was in good shape. This was the first time I used Bedell Home Services. I hope the AC will work well during the summer.

Description of Work
AC tune-up

Category heating & air conditioning/hvac



Jon W.

Would absolutely hire again. Prompt and clear communication; very competitive quote; got me on their schedule quickly and without hassle; showed up on time; worked hard until job was done; did a fantastic job with the work.

Description of Work
Installation of battery-backup sump pump; re-routing of primary pump discharge.

Category appliance repair, wells




Very well! David did an excellent job for us. We were impressed with the service we received. We would definitely use again.

Description of Work
Replaced outdoor faucet

Category plumbing



Deborah T.

Toilet wobbled so they redid the work promptly. No complaints from me on any of the work. Except I felt the first reset wobble.

Description of Work
Remove replace ring seal on toilet and replace Omari’s in tank

Category plumbing



Vicky C.

Was done within half an hour once the plumber got the replacement from the store.

Description of Work
Replace sump pump

Category plumbing



Eugene H.

faucet install was ok, never heard back on quote request

Description of Work
faucet and a quote on other work

Category plumbing



Emily G.

We've had a couple small leaks and drips that needed corrected before winter comes. Outside water spigots, washer hook up and basement toilet not working. Service was scheduled fast and easy. Technician had to make repairs on the inside of the home as well as outside of the home. Very glad to see the technician put on shoe covers before entering my home. Technicians were courteous and showed me what repairs were needed before work was started. No quality issues.

Description of Work
water leak

Category plumbing

Service Provider Response

Thank you for the business. Let us know how we can help in the future. We also do HVAC service as well. Let us know if need anything else.

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Bedell Home Services

    How is Bedell Home Services overall rated?

    Bedell Home Services is currently rated 4.8 overall out of 5.

    What days are Bedell Home Services open?

    Bedell Home Services is open:

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    Bedell Home Services accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Financing, Check

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    Yes, Bedell Home Services offers free project estimates.

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    Yes, Bedell Home Services offers eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Bedell Home Services offer emergency services?

    Yes, Bedell Home Services offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Bedell Home Services?

    Yes, Bedell Home Services offers warranties.

    What services does Bedell Home Services offer?

    Bedell Home Services offers the following services: Drain Cleaning, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Repairs - Leaks, Water Line, Garbage Disposal, Sewer Drain, Sump Pump, Septic System, Water Heaters, & Softeners.