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Heaven Sent Construction

Founded 2006 • With Angi since February 2011


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PO Box 151716

Tampa, FL 33684


Heaven Sent Construction is a family-owned business that specizlizes in Residential & Commercial Construction. With over 8 years of experience, our main goal is customer satisfaction by providing reliable service & cost efficent options. We rarely use subcontractors, as many of are specialities our in house. All Estimates are free of charge....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Cassandra S.

The only good thing I can say is that after 1.5 years the room they remodeled is still standing. This review is extremely long for anyone that would like to see the details. For those that like it short and sweet, I recommend any other company as this one is not worth the time. We were mistakenly convinced by the good reviews we found, and the owner Francisco's friendly demeanor at first, but, none of this is worth the six months we spent in **** with this company! The name is ironic, because they are anything but Heaven Sent. We had a simple but unique project, turning an extra 200 sqft room into a "tiny house," essentially a miniature studio apartment. It needed a bathroom built, and a kitchen installed. Francisco was friendly at first and provided a good/fair price. When we agreed to go forward, we got this great email asking us tons of things: where can they park? what hose can they use? Can they use our bathroom? who should they contact? etc. We were told that they only work one job at a time, and they contact you before they come every day. This was all great as they'd be working in our existing house. All of this was lies. We got notified maybe the first week, but everything else in that email was a waste. They had numerous jobs going, because he'd make a comment about "having to pull someone off of a job," and one of their other jobs was on our street! They parked in our front driveway, causing 3 flat tires of ours over their 6 months, they blocked our mailbox to the point where we wouldn't get mail for days at a time. They used our front hose, left it running, broke about 4 hose nozzles, and ruined our front sidewalk by scratching it and spilling concrete all over (and no, they didn't fix it). And that's just the beginning. They left their garbage and trash all over our house and yard. They left our doors and windows wide open, despite there being a note on each one saying to please lock. Our whole house would be left open for days, and we told them we'd had a lot of breakins and wanted to be careful. We also have animals that can get through the screens. They treated our house like it was trash. Scratching things, banging up walls, breaking a table on our porch and then just putting the broken things back like we wouldn't notice. They cleaned out their paint brushes and concrete over my mother's garden (despite there being another hose 10 feet away they could use). Each time Francisco blamed his subcontractors, but he forgot we had a family member home during the day, and it was his workers. All of the problems were with his guys. The trash, doors open, etc. Apparently they were talking to my neighbors, because one of my neighbors told me that they told her we were building a tiny house in the room, and I hadn't told anyone that. It was certainly concerning that they are sharing my business with my neighbors. They failed numerous inspections, a lot of them because nobody bothered to meet with the inspectors. They blamed it on the inspectors, but we spoke with them, and they called with notice. On top of this, they had to repeat numerous projects, and often did projects in our main house without our permission. Only this one room was a part of the contract/plan, yet our house was involved. They had to do our floor 3 times because they couldn't get it level, they had to paint twice because after painting they were so sloppy they re-damaged the walls. They actually raised the ENTIRE floor, to the point that the doors didn't open, without asking or telling us, and didn't understand why we were frustrated. They came in and threw out all of my existing smoke detectors because they needed new ones for the inspection, but nobody told me this. We constantly came home to changes made in rooms that weren't a part of the project. They ruined our whole front yard because they decided it was easier (per Francisco) to run plumbing through our yard then to connect to the existing. Nobody asked us. We now can't plant any trees in our front yard. We just got this house. Nobody asked what we wanted. Francisco also had the nerve to tell me he "wrote off" that cost, even though I didn't agree to it. The subcontractors he used are just as bad if not worse. The electrician flat out told us when updating the house electric that he didn't know what he was doing, which is why we and our animals went 9 hours without power in the summer (and lost a fridge full of food) when we were told it'd be 2-4 hours. They had to re-do the fire alarms because the ones they bought weren't up to code. We had issues with one outlet, so they changed a breaker to "stop it from going off" but never checked out the outlet. They lied on both of their permits for the electrical boxes, saying they were the "same size" but both were upgrades. They couldn't get the box to fit right, so they left us with a two inch hole in the wall. When they left we still had things not working. They didn't listen to the original plans for where the switches were supposed to go, and then literally argued with my Mom when she told them where they were supposed to be, despite it being her project. We asked to talk to the electricians as we wanted to make sure the upgraded electric panel would have enough extra space for the new water heater we needed. Francisco handled all the communication and never let us directly speak to them. He wanted to remove our inside electric panel because it was 'easier' to put it all outside. We spoke to another contractor who said that was insane and they could leave our existing setup alone instead of rewiring everything. We just found out that in the end, Francisco was wrong and we now need another electric upgrade to cover the water heater because he only upgraded us enough for his specific needs, despite what we asked or that we paid $5000 to have it done. The plumbers broke more than they fixed. Francisco told us the appliances could stay in the room, but the plumbers dug up the concrete, literally burying our brand new appliances in dirt and concrete, and scratching them up. The first day the plumber came in to work within the house, he was out in the tiny house and something went wrong, he was screaming at the top of his lungs "what the **** is this, who the **** did this." I had family in my house. They thought he got hurt or something. He was screaming and throwing tools around in the brand new construction. We provided them with a sink and toilet, brought into the room where they needed them. They managed to crack the sink in 3 places and scratch up the toilet. Then, they tried to sand over the cracks in the sink and installed them both anyways, as if this was going to be acceptable. Every day coming home from work was like where's waldo to find out 1) if anyone was in my house 2) what they did, and 3) if they did it right. Down to the very last day, where they "installed the stove and passed inspection," and yet it didn't work. They installed a new door, yet it didn't close. It was just constant, and exhausting. I feel like I did as much work as they did. I would email Francisco (I took over communication on the project because it was too much for my Mom), and let him know what we found. He told me, about halfway through the project, that I shouldn't be in the room at all until they are done. This is in MY house, and is the only way to my laundry room. We were never told we'd have to give up access to our laundry room for 6 months. He also told me to "take a customer role" and let them work without checking or looking at their work. He wanted me to wait till the end, and then point out everything that I wanted fixed, but that would have delayed us so much. Some of their shotty work (like a shower not sealed) would have been hidden if I'd waited. After all of this, he fought with me and requested that we pay the final payment the day they were "done" without being able to look at or check anything out for more than 5 minutes. We said no, and paid a week later after making sure it was all still standing. On top of that, we had to pay to replace 3 flat tires, 5 hoze nozzles, a screen they broke, a light they broke, the door they damaged, the paint they wasted, a table they broke, all of our garden edging they ran over, plants that died from being rinsed in concrete, a concrete patch they scratched and damaged, and numerous other things. At this point we still have things that are not right, and never will be. Our concrete sidewalk right outside the door to the addition is sanded down and scratched, they installed electric to the stove that jets out into a sidewalk outside (major trip hazard and they didn't ask until it was done), and we just last night found out that they installed the mini-split AC unit wrong. Due to that it backs up every 6 months and costs us $200 each time to fix it. We have plumbing running all over our lawn and can't dig anything into the ground. We had to pay to replace the smoke alarms they installed all over our house because they would go off nightly. Turns out they weren't spaced out correctly, and the ones we had that worked fine had been thrown out. I'm sure that there will be a cocky and rude response to this review, as Francisco is very arrogant and rude when questioned, but please don't do this to yourself. I wouldn't wish them on anyone. What started as our dream project turned into the nightmare from ****. tldr.... Don't use this company unless you want to do more work than they did.

Description of Work
Remodel room to add bathroom and electric/plumbing for kitchen

Category remodeling

Service Provider Response

Ms. [Member Name Removed], we apologize for the way you feel regarding the project we did for you in 2018. Our company takes pride in providing the absolute best experience possible for all of our clients. If there is anything that is not up to your expectations, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


John L.

Took longer than expected but finished product was absolutely beautiful and expertly finished.

Description of Work
bathroom remodel

Category countertops,flooring contractor,remodeling,home remodeling,interior painters



Edwin L.

Heaven Sent Construction truly was a blessing for our kitchen remodel. There are no words to express how pleased we are for having chosen this company. Not only did they come in on time and on budget, but they finished earlier then expected. HSC was one of four quotes we received for our project and they were the best value for our dollar providing superior products in comparison to the competition within the same price range . Their professionalism and workmanship exceeded every expectation throughout the entire project. Every appointment was kept promptly and we were kept well informed of their progress. The crew was courteous, well trained and they kept the workspace as clean as possible. Anytime questions or concerns arose, HSC collaborated with us to find the best solution and ensure we were pleased with the end result. Without a doubt, we highly recommend HSC and would use their services again for future projects. Thank You Heaven Sent! Ed & Debbie Lizarraga

Description of Work
Kitchen Remodeling

Category countertops,home remodeling



Kimberly A.

Beautiful gut renovation of condo. This GC is wonderful. He communicated throughout the project. Delivered on schedule. He reached out when encountering anything he felt was important to address differently. His work is top of line. Joy to work with and would highly recommend.

Description of Work
Gut renovation if condo

Category contractors,concrete repair,countertops,decks,drywall,flooring contractor,picture framing,hardwood floor,remodeling,woodworking,stucco,home remodeling,interior painters



John L.

very professional and quick to address any questions or concerns. Rooms worked on look wonderful!

Description of Work
bathroom remodel, new quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops, lights and fans changed, new kitchen backsplash

Category countertops,drywall,flooring contractor,home remodeling,interior painters



Laurie B.

Francisco and his crew were professional and honest. Great integrity and excellent work. I do not hesitate to recommend this company. The quote was right in the range of what was expected.. not the lowest, not the highest. We felt he listened to our needs and added some suggestions that were helpful. The work was started as scheduled and was completed on time... earlier than the contract. We were informed when workers would be coming. They were fairly neat. When we asked for extra attention in this area, they complied with no discussion. His subs were also excellent. We had electrical, plumbing, drywall, window installation, cabinets, counters, flooring, shower glass installation, HVAC, trim work. In the end, Francisco, just repeatedly expressed his desire that we be 100% happy with the finished job.. and we are.

Description of Work
Two full bathrooms were remodeled. One included demolition of walls and ceilings. An addition was created from an unused porch area. A walk-in closet was custom installed.

Category countertops,drywall,flooring contractor,remodeling,home remodeling,interior painters



Burke C.

It was outstanding start to finish. I can't recommend Heaven Sent Construction enough! 1) On time and On budget 2) Quality and Speed of work outstanding 3) Trustworthy employees 4) Polite subcontractors 5) Professional back office staff 6) Best bid on my project compared with 3 other contractors, and fastest to get back to me with a quote 7) Text communication with Francisco and back office on details 8) Always felt like he was paying attention to my project

Description of Work
I need space built out for my new physical therapy office, that including demolishing a wall, building 2 new walls, adding a sink w/ hot/cold water lines, adding additional can lights in the ceiling, and re-doing ceiling tiles and wood flooring to match the rest of the building.

Category drywall,flooring contractor,remodeling,home remodeling,interior painters



Denise V.

My sister had used Francisco, the company's owner and contractor to renovate a master bedroom and bath in her home, and was very pleased with the outcome. She suggested him for the renovations I needed to do, at a condo I own but do not reside at. As a Christian, it is very important to me that I do business and support those people in business who love the Lord Jesus Christ. This is just that company. The workers are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Before the project began, Francisco did a walk through with me to get a sense of exactly what I wanted. Throughout the project he made some recommendations and suggestions that actually were very sound and cost effective. Each morning, Francisco would send me a text letting me know the crew was on it's way. At the end of each day, they would clear and clean up the area they worked in, and didn't leave a mess. They covered the carpets so there would be no damage by tracking back and forth. Kitchen: -replacing damaged drywall, -installation of solid wood cabinets and granite counter tops, per my designed sketch, -installation of floor tiles and grout products I supplied, -installation of sink, faucet, stove, over stove microwave, and refrigerator that I supplied, -installation of light fixture I supplied, -raising the ceiling up by reconfiguring air conditioning supply and receptacles that needed replacing anyway, -reconfiguring electrical outlet locations to go with new appliance configurations per my sketch design, -painting kitchen. Master Bathroom: -installation of wood vanity, granite counter top and sink, -installation of faucet I supplied, -installation of new toilet I supplied, -removing built in tooth brush holder and patching up wall. Guest Bathroom: -installation of wood vanity, granite counter top and sink, -installation of faucet I supplied, - installation of new toilet I supplied. Francisco did a complete walk through at the end of the project to ensure that I was satisfied with the work completed. I plan to use his company again in the future when doing work in renovating my own home. Very pleased.

Description of Work
Kitchen, Master Bathroom and Guest Bathroom Renovations

Category countertops,drywall,flooring contractor,remodeling,home remodeling,interior painters



sharon C.

They were great. They prepared the walls and textured. Very clean and considerate. They were responsive to concerns and worked with us to make it right. They primed and painted. Very impressed at how quickly and professionally done as we were on a tight deadline. Thank you!

Description of Work
Prepared finished and new walls. Textured walls, ceiling and around windows. Primed and painted walls and ceiling.

Category interior painters



Liliana P.

I worked with Megan over there a lot. They were punctual, the quality of the work was good, and I felt comfortable leaving them alone in my house to do their work.

Description of Work
They did some painting and flooring work inside my home.

Category flooring contractor,interior painters

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    All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves.To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page.
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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Heaven Sent Construction

    How is Heaven Sent Construction overall rated?

    Heaven Sent Construction is currently rated 4.6 overall out of 5.

    What days are Heaven Sent Construction open?

    Heaven Sent Construction is open:

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    Heaven Sent Construction accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

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    No, Heaven Sent Construction does not offer free project estimates.

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    No, Heaven Sent Construction does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Heaven Sent Construction offer emergency services?

    Yes, Heaven Sent Construction offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Heaven Sent Construction?

    Yes, Heaven Sent Construction offers warranties.

    What services does Heaven Sent Construction offer?

    Heaven Sent Construction offers the following services: Commercial & Residential Buildings, Homes, Offices, Apartments, Industrial and Tenant Improvements, Home Rennovation and Additions, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling.

    Are there any services Heaven Sent Construction does not offer?

    Please note we are not a handyman service.