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Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC

Founded 1995 • With Angi since July 2006


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Professional pet sitting, dog walking, dog and cat grooming. Caring for CT's pets since 1995. Celebrating 20 years. Award winning, bonded, insured, criminal background checked, experienced staff, are trained in pet CPR and first aid. Pet care available in your home 365 days/year. Convenient and caring mobile grooming service offers appointment 7 days per week, evenings too. We groom dogs AND cats. And any creature, big and small, we pet sit for them all....

Verified Reviews

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Nicholas O.

Everything was great until my husband came home missing our dog’s tag. When he called the establishment, the employees said they would look around and call him back. We honestly don’t know how the key ring that held the tag even came off the collar, as it was heavy duty. Anyway, my husband went down to pick it up. It was tremendously stretched out. It was very obvious this happened due to a very strong force. When my husband asked what happened, they gave no answers and had no explanation. This left us extremely worried and uncomfortable about the goings ons of this establishment behind closed doors.

Description of Work
Swimming & Grooming

Category pet grooming

Service Provider Response

We are sorry you feel that way. We can assure you that your dog was well cared for while here for our pool and grooming. We have security cameras everywhere and there is no issue with the care of any pets or actions. Our highly trained staff are professional and adore animals. You were here for a pool rental WITH your dog, and then a groom afterward. So, a missing tag is hardly a reason to rank us as an F.??? The o ring that holds the tag is absolutely not a strong ring. As was explained to you, when dogs play, their tags can get caught on each other, and fall off. Or the o ring can get caught on clothing and stretch. There are many reasons why. I suspect that this happened, which is what happens most often to people, the leash could have been erroneously attached to the o ring instead of the collar and if your dog pulled then the o ring stretches and comes off. The ring on the collar itself is very strong and made to have leashes attached and the o ring is not. Since your pet was also in our pool, it makes sense to consider that the water made your pet's collar and tag slick too. The o rings that tags come on are not strong they are flimsy. They stretch and release from collars. It happens! Yours fell off somewhere in our 14000sf yard and 9000sf building while here for a grooming. Fortunately, we were able to locate it and return to you. We would be happy to replace your o ring. Although we appreciate your business, we and hopefully other readers, find this review to be a false representation of our services and care to your dog. Your pet was at our pool and had a fantastic groom. We appreciate the opportunity to voice our professional opinion and input.


Mary M.

I have had my elderly golden boarded at Waggin Tales twice in the past year. Both times my girl was well cared for. She ate well and had many opportunities to exercise out in the yard with the other doggies. She also really loves fetching the balls that the staff throw for her. The staff text daily pics of my girl to me which I love! Great experience. I highly recommend!

Description of Work
Dog boarding

Category kennels,pet grooming



Nancy L.

Our 13-year old lab/pit mix LOVES Wagging Tails! She visited for the first time last June, when we went on vacation. They sent us photos and a note about how each day went. When we picked her up, Eden was happy and looking great from her fresh grooming. She has since returned to the “spaw” for grooming and overnight visits, and now gets extremely excited when she arrives there. Everyone there has been wonderful to deal with, and the online booking works well. They also offer periodic daily specials and many available extras (marrow bones, holiday meals) during a stay. They now have a pool as well. Not sure if Eden will be up for that at this point, but she surely would’ve enjoyed it in her younger years! Highly recommend.

Description of Work
Dog boarding

Category kennels,pet grooming



Karen T.

This service is awesome. I only stopped using them because I could no longer afford them.

Description of Work
Grooming and cleaning of anal glands

Category pet grooming

Service Provider Response

Hi [Member Name Removed]! Thank you for your kind comments! Please contact us for your next grooming appointment and we would be happy to work something out with you for pricing! And, we are soon opening Wagging Tails Pet Resort & Spaw 802 Boundline Rd Wolcott -with safe, sanitary and loving dog and cat accommodations, salon grooming, training, daycare, massage, pools, and more!


Debra D.

All I can say is-DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME WITH THIS "pet sitting" service. We had used Wagging Tails approx. 9 years earlier and was VERY happy with their service. So I didn't hesitate to call them again when our family planned a much deserved vacation in Feb 2017. I arranged for sitters to come in the morning and the evening to take care of our dog, I also hired a teenage friend of the family to come in the afternoon to help out. Boy am I glad that I asked our friend to help out, because had I not, there would have been more of a disaster then there already was when we got back. I expressed my dogs fearful demeanor of strangers during our "consultation" with a manager that came to our house. She assured me that they have loads of experience with this and that she would tell the sitters that would be coming to the house to call her if they had a problem getting the dog to go outside. Long story short, for the 4 out of 6 days that we were gone, the sitters claimed that they could not get the dog outside. COMMON SENSE would tell me (if I was a trained and qualified Wagging Tails sitter) that the dog MUST be going to the bathroom in the house if she is not going outside. Not once did a sitter clean up the dogs mess. The poor teenage kid that we had coming in the afternoon cleaned up all the pee and poop off of our carpets for us. These sitters never called the manager when they couldn't get the dog outside-like I was told would happen. They also didn't clean up ANYTHING. They never put our garbage out on the day we requested. Oh, and did I mention, we never got our keys back when we returned??? I had to call and (even though I had paid extra to have the keys delivered upon our return), I didn't get them back until TEN DAYS LATER. Soooo...... I basically paid them $300 to feed my dog twice a day. ABSURD! I was very upset upon our return and called to speak with the manager that had originally come to our house for the consultation. She apologized and assured me that those sitters would never be assigned to us again. I told her that that wouldn't be a problem because I will never use them again. I asked for at least a partial refund (approx. $100) since I feel I paid an astronomical amount for feeding the dog twice a day. And I had also paid the teenage sitter extra for cleaning up our carpets for us... and basically doing the work that Wagging Tails was supposed to do. This manager said she would speak to the boss and get back to me. Yup, you guessed it.... never heard back from them again! So 2 months later, I am still upset. Not only because my poor dog was not taken care of, but also because my house was dirtied by this company's negligence. I would not recommend this company. I have NEVER written a negative review on someone, nor do I complain, but I feel the need to have some justification for the way my pet and our family were treated. AGAIN DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

Description of Work
pet sitting while family was on vacation for 1 week

Category pet sitters

Service Provider Response

We are thankful you posted that you had used our service before and were pleased. And we appreciate the A for Punctuality. I would like to respond that our staff made excessive attempts on each and every visit to safely get your pet to respond to them. Often spending much longer than the allotted scheduled time trying to get your pet outside and more often than not, with success. This is documented on our GPS check in and check out, as well as our electronic report cards. Unfortunately we have no control over your pet's bowel or bladder functions, previous house training or any temperament issues. However, our staff is trained in positively handling all breeds in all personalities. For their safety, there is only so much they can do with a pet that is less than eager to see them. According to the pet report cards that we have, the accidents were cleaned up on each visit and often some were left for US to clean up by the 3rd party visiting. OR if your pet went to the bathroom again prior to their visit, and after our departure, then yes, there would be an accident left for them to clean up. If there was issue with them about this, then they should have contacted us to discuss prior to your return home. We would have gladly worked out a schedule for more visits to your home for your pet's comfort. Or met your 3rd party to see how they handled your dog. We have had a policy not to share any jobs with neighbors, friends or family for this reason. We bent this rule to accommodate your needs. Unfortunately the 3rd party seems to have some false information. Our sincerest apologies for any lack of communication or miscommunication on our or our staff's part. However, we did visit your home, your pet, and provided our services with love, care, attention and time. We recommend socializing your dog and training so that any future caregivers that you do employ are safe and successful and so that your dog is happier. Thank you for your time and for giving us the opportunity.


Damaris L.

I contacted Wagging Tails to have the mobile grooming service at my home for our small shih-poo. i have been using a dog grooming service in the community. I have been dissatisfied with the service due to poor scheduling, the use of crating and extra long grooming time. I have been upset that our dog often appeared anxious and not herself after her grooming. Our dog was overdue to be groomed and really needed grooming quickly. After explaining the situation, Wagging Tails worked very hard to fit me in within a few days. We scheduled an appointment for 8 am. Mandy arrived right before 8. She was wonderful with our dog. She first explained what she would be doing and asked how we wanted her groomed. Since this was the first time, my daughter and Mandy walked our dog to the mobile van. In less than 45 minutes, our dog was back at our door. She looked beautiful but most of all she was calm and unstressed! Mandee was wonderful with our dog!

Description of Work
Groomed small shih-poo in mobile van at my home

Category pet grooming



Dr Sandra S.

Wagging tails had been sitting for our champion standard poodles for many years. Although we always wondered whether services were being provided as requested, we had no specific evidence to to the contrary. One of our dogs is elderly and a finicky eater and needs special attention. He lost nearly 5 pounds during our recent trip to Paris while they were caring for him. Our other dog, gained 5 pounds because he ate the other's food. On the plus side, Wagging Tails did manage one emergency with one of our dogs years back, and we were grateful for their quick thinking. However, In MAY, 2015 we installed a remote viewing camera with live audio so we could NOW see and hear what was actually transpiring. TO OUR DISMAY, WE DISCOVERED THAT WAGGING TAILS WAS NOT COMING FOR DINNER AND BEDTIME AT THE TIMES WE SPECIFICALLY HAD REQUESTED (TIMES THEY HAD AGREED TO IN OUR SCHEDULED EMAILS.) HAD THEY INFORMED US THAT THEY WERE UNABLE TO DO THE LATE EVENING WALK, WE WOULD HAVE DEFINITELY HIRED ANOTHER DOG WALKING SERVICE BECAUSE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO OUR DOGS. SO WE WERE LEAD TO BELIEVE THEY WERE COMING AS REQUESTED, WHEN IN FACT THIS WAS NOT THE CASE FOR DINNER AND BEDTIME. We always scheduled 4 walks a day and made the times clear: -- breakfast, midday, supper(5:30-6) and bedtime at (9:30-10). On camera (from France) we witnessed walkers giving our boys dinner at 4PM (not 6) and saying 'goodnight" at 8:30. We emailed Wagging Tails and were told this would be corrected. IT WAS NOT. The next time (around November 6th) the same problem.... our dogs were fed dinner at 4PM (not 6 as we expected) and they left for the night at 8:30. Our pets are accustomed to a late walk and the old dog has difficulty going nearly 12 hours. This is the reason we paid for 4 walks a day!. When we finally verified that we had been mislead for so long and after so much patronage, my husband and I were absolutely livid. After all of these years, and after giving this company many thousands of dollars, we finally discover that our pets had not been receiving the services we thought they had been receiving. It was a rude awakening! I called them and firmly told them how angry and disappointed we were and that we expected the services we were paying for and if they could not/or would not provide them as we requested, to please tell us and we would go elsewhere. We were then told they would make it happen and that there was a person who could come and do a late night walk. We met the prospective new walker on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015. She arrived at our home for meet and greet and my husband interviewed her, but he is not at all sensitive to smoke. Later she returned to meet me. As I was walking down the stairs, the stench from the smoke on her clothing hit me like a wall. It was unbearable. I asked her, "Do you smoke?" and she replied, "I VAPE". I said, "You vape?" She said yes. I then said, "Are you around smokers?" She replied, yes. I then said, "I'm sorry but this is unacceptable because I'm very allergic to smoke and can't have that in our home." She left. It certainly was not my intention to hurt this individuals feelings, merely to emphasize the seriousness of this smoking problem for me. Later that afternoon, we emailed Wagging Tails and said we'd consider having this sitter change her clothing before she comes to our home, if that was acceptable to them and her. My husband was told by Wagging Tails that the sitter was very upset with what I had said to her and the way I delivered my message. At 7:59AM on Monday, November 23rd, the next morning, I received an email CANCELING ALL SERVICES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO NOTICE LESS THAN 24 HOURS BEFORE OUR FLIGHT WAS TO DEPART FOR ATLANTA. WAGGING TAILS LEFT US IN THE LURCH WITHOUT ANY CARE FOR OUR TWO PRECIOUS STANDARD POODLES FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK! THEY FIRED US WITHOUT ANY OPTIONS AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE JUST BEFORE THANKSGIVING. AS PROFESSIONALS, THEY SHOULD HAVE PROVIDED THIS LAST SERVICE, AND IF THEY DID NOT WISH TO CONTINUE WORKING WITH US, SHOULD HAVE GIVEN APPROPRIATE NOTICE. WE BELIEVE THIS BEHAVIOR SHOWED DISREGARD FOR OUR PETS WELLBEING AND A LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND WAGGING TAILS ... BE CAREFUL. THEY MAY HAVE MANY CUSTOMERS AND "AWARDS" BUT UNLESS YOU HAVE CAMERAS TO VERIFY WHAT IS ACTUALLY TRANSPIRING, YOUR PETS MAY NOT BE RECEIVING THE CARE YOU THINK THEY ARE. THEY LEAVE NOTES WITH HEARTS AND SMILEY FACES AND SAY ALL THE RIGHT THINGS, BUT THAT'S NOT NECESSARILY EVIDENCE OF THE CARE YOU ARE COUNTING ON. Dr. Sandra Scantling, Farmington, CT 06032

Description of Work

Category pet sitters,dog walkers

Service Provider Response

In over 21 years of business, we do NOT make it a normal, or regular business practice, to turn away clients. In fact, I can count on one hand, how many times in 21 years, it has occurred. The decision is not always an easy one, and is based on these reasons: 1) when a client has an ongoing history of extremely late or non-payments, 2) or has a pet that we feel would be better suited for a boarding facility, 3) or if a client does not accept, or uphold, our policies and procedures 4) or we have exhausted every means to see to our client’s needs, without success. If and when, any or all of the 4 above points occur, for the sake of our staff, and the well-being of our client’s pets, we make the difficult decision to sever our relationship and refer the client elsewhere. The last 2 of the above reasons is why we no longer care for Mrs Scantling’s pets. Our policies are, and have always been, very clearly stated in our contractual agreement- 2 very specific polices in particular that pertain to Mrs [Member Name Removed]: 1) that we will always attempt to maintain the same pet sitter at our clients home, but we cannot promise that it will always be the same person. 2) that we have 2 hour windows of arrival times to a client’s home that coincides around their requested time. Meaning we cannot promise exact times of arrival to a home. For example, Mrs [Member Name Removed] requested a 530/6 pm window, Wagging Tails policy is 430 to 630 time frame. A pm visit specified for 930 or 10 pm is done anywhere from 830-1030pm. Mrs [Member Name Removed] was well aware of our policies, as we reiterated them to her many times over the years that she utilized our services. Contrary to what she stated, we clearly were not at fault for our arrival times to her home. She was reminded of our policies again and again. She chose NOT to accept them. That is why we decided after many years of attempting to remind, and to accommodate her, that Mrs [Member Name Removed] would be a better fit for a different pet care service who did not have policies like ours. These fair and realistic policies, leave room for traffic delays, or unscheduled occurrences, and emergencies that could arise at another home. A perfect example of this is when Mrs Scantling’s dog was gravely ill, and our staff member promptly rushed him to the hospital, staying with him, and attending to his needs, for several hours. Thus pushing back the rest of our arrival time, at all our other visits that day. We hope that she would understand that if this had happened to another client’s pets, it would detain the sitters from arriving to her home. With 4 visits per day, and each visit about 4 hours apart, we reiterated our time frame policies, which again, Mrs [Member Name Removed] refused to accept. With a travel schedule requiring 4 visits per day for 7-14 consecutive days, it does usually and realistically require more than one staff member to provide visits. Mrs [Member Name Removed] did not accept this policy. She demanded ONE person on all 4 visits for 2 weeks straight. We reiterated our policies and on our final attempt to please Mrs [Member Name Removed], who had previously refused to have 3 of our other sitters in her home, none of which we’ve had any issues with, or any client complaints, of the same issue that she had. After she dismissed THREE of our staff, this was our final attempt to keep our client happy and to meet her needs, and to bend over backwards to accommodate her demands. The appointment was set for Mrs [Member Name Removed] to meet one of our staff members- (the one who generously agreed to change her personal schedule and to make herself available to pet sit for Mrs [Member Name Removed] 4 times a day for 14 days straight). However, when she arrived, Mrs [Member Name Removed] was not home. The sitter stayed for over an hour, conversing with Mr [Member Name Removed], and then finally agreed to leave and come back so that she could meet her. I would say that was very kind, patient and professional of the sitter to do, regardless of the fact that Mrs [Member Name Removed] did not show up to the appointed time. So the sitter left, went on her way to continue working, albeit delayed, and then returned to the [Member Name Removed] home. Upon her return, Mrs [Member Name Removed] immediately met her and insulted her. She flat out said she wasn’t a good fit, called the WT On Call Manager and asked for someone else on staff. That made it a total of 4 different people she didn’t think were up to her standards!? The sitter, was extremely upset, left in tears. I’d like to add that this sitter has been with WT for several years, is one of our top performers, is a genuine, kind, hardworking person, that we’ve yet to have any issues with. NONE. In fact, she is requested back by our clients over and over again. After attempting to meet all of Mrs [Removed Member Name] requirements, demands, and providing responsive customer service, we had exhausted all means. And we told her so. She was also informed that the sitter was made to feel uncomfortable and was very upset. Perhaps then Mrs [Member Name Removed] realized that she had been quite rude and demanding to our staff, because she then said that she would accept the sitter who she had already insulted and hurt her feelings!? However, it was too late. That sitter did not feel comfortable returning to her home. Would you?! Yes, we are a service business. Yes, we cater to each and every personalized need that our client’s and their pets have. Yes, we absolutely make every attempt to rectify any situation that we can, and to go above and beyond in our services. However, we do so every day with kindness…while working very hard. To insult someone inside their own home is Mrs [Removed Member Name]’s perogative. But, as the owner, and boss of this sitter, I know I would NEVER, speak to my staff, much less anyone else in my home, in the manner that Mrs [Member Name Removed] spoke to this staff member. To call the next day and say “Well, if I have to have her, I guess, she’s ok…” This experience, in addition to the previous lack of respect and understanding of our time policies, led to the decision to suggest to her that she should look elsewhere for her pet’s care. Contrary to Mrs [Removed Member Name]’s statement, this action was taken well in advance of her planned trip departure. In fact, the contact info for 3 other services was forwarded to her so she could find another pet care professional who would meet her demands. It was not an easy decision, as the sitters, have grown very fond of her pets. They were VERY well cared for in her absence. I find it quite disappointing that after several years of providing exceptional service, (if not, why would she have utilized our services for so long?) and quite frankly, bending over backwards to attempt to appease all her needs, including bending our policies, that Ms [Member Name Removed] waits until now, to post a negative review. The fact of the matter is, she was “fired” as a client, for her blatant disregard for our policies, procedures, and her rude interaction with our staff. It was not an easy decision, but it had to be done. Both WT Office Managers, many staff pet sitters, and myself, all are in agreement that we attempted to accommodate Mrs [Member Name Removed] and to meet her demands 200% above and beyond, to no success. We appreciate the many years we had with the [Member Name Removed] pets and truly wish her the best in finding an alternative for her pet’s care. Our many other wonderful reviews, 20 years in business, numerous service awards, including Angie’s List Super Service Award, indicate our dedication to our clients and to all pets in our care. We thank you for your consideration.


Anndee R.

They did a great job! They did a beautiful job grooming her, and had a wonderful manner with her. She's a rescue, so she needs a little TLC sometimes to keep her from getting nervous. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Description of Work
They came out to groom my Yorkie.

Category pet grooming




Very professional and focused service in all aspects! The initial meet-and-greet was to meet my pets (2 dogs, 2 cats) and obtain pertinent care information. I opted for 3x daily as the dogs needed to be let out. I had the eventual pet-sitter (Krissy) out 3x before I left to acclimate herself to my dogs especially, and vice versa, as I have a large Doberman. Every step of the process went without a hitch. The actual pet care was loving, attentive and flawless, with punctual and reassuring text messages sent during each visit. A daily journal was completed and provided as well. These guys have taken almost all of the anxiety out of traveling and leaving your beloved critters in the hands of a third party. I couldn't recommend Wagging Tails highly enough.

Description of Work
Cared for my 4 pets during vacation

Category pet sitters



Sherry K.

I have used Wagging Tails several times over the past few years once my male cat needed daily heart medication to treat his heart murmur. I do call a few days before to verify over the phone with someone that I do have a reservation. I leave detailed instructions for the sitter at the house since you may get a different person each time. I think the price I pay for 2 cats (one with medication) for one visit per day is appropriate: $19.00. The folks here leave detailed messages and checklists every day as to how the visit went. They have watered plants, picked a veggie garden for me, rolled garbage bins to the curb and back. They also leave lights on and off to simulate someone being home. I will contnue to use this company to care for my boys. Of note I have also usd the mobile grooming service which was double the price of bringing my cats to a groomer. I figured I would pay more since they do come to your house. The groomer did a good job and was prompt and very courteous. I would use them agan, but I have started to groom my own long haired cat since he has a heart problem and I do not wish to stress him out any more than needed.

Description of Work
Fed and watered 2 cats, cleaned litter boxes each day, gave pill to one cat that required daily medication. Brought in package from porch, brought garbage bins out to curb and back into garage the next day.

Category pet sitters,pet grooming

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    Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC is currently rated 4.3 overall out of 5.

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    Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC is open:

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    Ask Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC for details on free project estimates.

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    No, Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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    No, Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC does not offer a senior discount.

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    Yes, Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC offers emergency services.

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    No, Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC does not offer warranties.

    What services does Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC offer?

    Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming LLC offers the following services: All of the above