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VIP Evergreen & Small Tree Trimming

With Angi since May 2009

Additional DBA Names - Evergreen & Small Tree Trimming.
This pro has not provided any licensing information to Angi at this time.All statements concerning insurance, licenses, and bonds are informational only, and are self-reported. Since insurance, licenses and bonds can expire and can be cancelled, homeowners should always check such information for themselves. To find more licensing information for your state, visit our Find Licensing Requirements page. Contact pro for more details.

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Caroline H.
The landscaper used to take care of my trees. He is very good and okay with the trees. He needs to stay with trees. However, he also told me that he could take care of the drainage problem. He got his nephew to put in concrete. I don’t have any complaints about the concrete, but I had a problem with the wall. He has someone who doesn’t know how to install a retaining wall. I had to stop them from putting a wall up crooked. It still went up crooked. It was not straight. He didn’t put it up right and he didn’t put the rocks. He was just laying the medium sized building blocks straight on and he didn’t level out the ground. I made him pull out the wall since it was crooked and supposedly flatten the ground. I had to rip out whatever he did other than the trees. He does snow removal, landscaping and hauling. He should not be doing anything other than putting grass down and trimming trees as well as evergreens, but don’t expect him to do brick work, stone work or French drains. The French drain that he had installed was too shallow and wasn’t deep enough. It wasn’t straight too. It had an uphill. It never worked. I had excessive flooding even though he did say that he took care of the drainage. I have drainage problems since I am on the side of a hill. He took out a root. He said that he would do something about taking out the tree roots on my property where trees have been cut down, but he didn’t do it. He said that he forgot about it. I had to put in fill dirt because I have a slope and I was filling that in to level the yard. He didn’t do that. I now have a very good company and they are excellent. I had to take down a patio wall because it had sunk and a tree had broken it down away from the foundation of the house. It was damaging the roof too. It was right in the corner and much close to the house. I had to take that out since the damage was getting excessive. The patio wall had been damaged since the tree roots had broken it away from the foundation of the house. The bricks were coming down since the branches were pulling the bricks out. He said that he would restore the wall the way I wanted it. The patio is very nice with everything else. He hired a person who didn’t know how to do it. I was complaining about the wall from the second row of bricks all together. It was very messy. There were pieces of concrete that were hanging out and it was all over the bricks but he kept saying that he would scrub that out so that I wouldn’t even notice. However, I had a problem with another structure that I had to build in another house by a different person, but someone who didn’t know what they were doing. I had known someone who Efren and his wife had become very good friends with. That person did a lot of stone work since he loved to do stone work, brick work and other stuff. He also told me that the structure was very sloppy and it had damaged the bricks. He told that it was unacceptable and he knocked it down.
Description of Work
I used the services of VIP Evergreen & Small Tree Trimming for tree service, landscaping, concrete work, gutter repair, installing a French drain and installing a retaining wall. Efren Vialpando is the landscaper who did the work for me. My last interaction with him was in August for installing a retaining wall. He then put up a very beautiful stone plant. This gentleman was later Efren’s late father-in-law. I told Efren that the wall was not the type of wall that I wanted since it was messy, dirty and looked awful. My neighbors were complaining and I was complaining too. A friend of mine said that it is not how a wall is to be built. He also kept everything open in the middle with concrete, rocks and everything else. The brick wall developed a crack. He told me that he would clean it up. So finally on a Sunday morning, I called him and asked him to come out immediately since the wall was coming down. I then made him knock it down. I was mad at him. Furthermore, there was water flooding when we had rains. He told me that he would take care of it and there was a rock. So I pushed the rock and the person who was doing the French drain didn’t take the rock out. He didn’t do anything with the rock and there was a drain over there. It was too high and it wasn’t draining because the drain had to go uphill instead of downhill. I had excessive flooding in the yard. It was terrible. It was worse than what I had before I had him put in the French drain. He was supposed to install a French drain and a drain in our new driveway. He didn’t connect the driveway with the drain. So the water gets collected and I have mosquitoes. I have to take the drain out in the driveway and fill it up with concrete. He is very good when it comes to trees. If you need the tree out, he will take the root out. I paid him to take a big tree root that someone else had cut out. I paid him for it and he didn’t take the tree out. He later on asked someone else to take the stumps out. He will pay his guys to dig around the tree and leave the tree sitting there. I had to have another company come out in order to grind that big tree root. It was a huge maple. The price charged by Efren was cheap. He gives an excuse when you tell him that he is doing something wrong and he doesn’t acknowledge that he is wrong. He has an extreme ego and he thinks that he does everything right. He used to drop his people and they used to wait for him when they were finished with the work. He also had to repair the gutters with the drainage problems, but he never did it. I would not use his services again.
concrete repair, landscaping, masonry, pavers, gravel, drain pipe, hardscaping
Mark M.
The work itself was not badly done. However, it took three weeks to do a three day job. They frequently didn't show. They left garbage behind in the yard. They left a huge junky dumpster in my driveway for more than a week, when the proprietor said it would only be a day or so. He insisted being on paid with a check made out to him personally, rather than to the company, which makes me suspicious about tax issues. He was pushy and aggressive about trying to talk me into agreeing to more work.
Description of Work
Clearing of brush and fire abatement, back yard. Trimming of front bushes. Gutter cleaning.
gutter cleaning, lawn service



3435 Lynnwood Way

Colorado Springs, CO 80918


VIP Evergreen & Small Tree Trimming is currently rated 2 overall out of 5.

No, VIP Evergreen & Small Tree Trimming does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

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