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Brits R Us

Founded 1989 • With Angi since June 2012


(33) Verified Reviews

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15929 Jasmine St

Victorville, CA 92395


Reasonably priced builders. 5 employees. May hire sub contractors. Charges by the job or the hour depending on the job. Travel/trip charges apply....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Ronald Z.

They arrived 15 minutes early and cleaned the driveway before even starting the job.

Description of Work
Brick work

Category masonry

Service Provider Response

Thank you appreciate the review



Richard P.

I showed him in person what I wanted based off of the other yards in my neighborhood. He rented a back hoe and dug a 12-14 ft. trench. He took out so much dirt that he had completely filled up the tote that was 16ft long 4ft high, which was supposed to last the whole week and lasted only a day. I told him I didn't need that much dug out. When he came back from lunch, I told him no more. He got mad and walked off the job. I didn't fire him he just walked off the job. I had already paid him ahead of time when he asked for an advanced payment. He would not submit a bill to me to show me how much would be refunded for the job being left unfinished. I asked repeatedly over the last couple of months. He finally wrote a bill out on the back of one of the bills he had gotten for the back hoe. He inflated his cost so that it matched what I had already paid him. He didn't tell me that he had to rent the back hoe which was 20-30 miles away. He included in bill he gave to me a bill for gasoline. I had never agreed to that. I had only agreed on the labor rate (which he inflated). He had added extra people on to the bill. I asked him for the bill because I needed to know what my refund would be. I know he does good work because I have seen his work before. I am not sure why he did this project this way. It is roughly $600-700 bucks that he owes me still. He said if I would sign the proposed bill and date the bill he would pay me half of what he owed me. He was drinking on the job and using a back hoe. I do not think that is professional.

Description of Work
They were supposed to put in 6x6 lawn edging.

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

We at BritsRUs strive for customer satisfaction. We explained in detail to this client as to what the details were of the job....trench would be dug out by machine bigger than concrete to allow for forming prior to concrete pour then back filled when forms removed. Client changed his mind more than a couple of times on what he wanted. As it was labor only picking up and returning machine was clients responsibility to pay. It would not have been cost effective in labor to do this any other way than by machine. We did not walk off the job as stated ...client called and said he did not want us continue after job had progressed a whole day ! Once again we tried to explain that we had to do the forms for concrete pour but he simply wasnt listening as he didnt want us to continue after much discussion we went next day to collect our tools.He did not pay" upfront" It was a downpayment to cover any costs as we were "labor only". We made numerous attempts to resolve this..we did not inflate our prices...we gave him an itemised bill of costs incurred..our time is not free ! We did not charge for guys labor that were not there ! We sent a closing statement of cost and $ refund and he refused it. We made numerous attempts to call this client( even using a third party) . At no time was anyone drinking as alleged by him. BritsRUs feel we are having our reputation unfairly tarnished. We have tried to resolve any issues but sometimes it is just not possible and please note this was over "6months ago ". We apologise if client dissatisfied but sadly cant please everyone I guess.....client went from telling us our work was excellent to stop work dont continue...Had we been allowed to continue he would have saw for himself he had made the right decision in hiring us from a personal referral from a satisfied client where we have been called back to do more work. !!



Conni A.

Description of Work

Category interior painters



Nancy J.

Description of Work
They were nice but not professional and their work is poor. They painted 3 rooms and did not prep the walls. The paint started pealing off within a few weeks. They painted over exposed drywall metal corners without patching and got paint all over the wood trim. They tiled my kitchen floor and lots of the grout is coming out. They installed new baseboards and they gap from the walls in many places. Since the new baseboards are taller than the previous ones, existing vertical molding around the hall cupboards was too long. Instead of cutting it, they pulled it out at the bottom and let it lay over the new molding with nails exposed. They didn't show or call one day they said they'd be here. They seemed like real nice people but I don't feel they cared about my house. I will need to pay someone else to redo a lot of the work when I can save up the money. The work took over 2 months to complete. |

Category ceramic tile, drywall, woodworking, interior painters

Service Provider Response

BritsRUs strive to make all our customers satisfied with our work. We care as these are peoples homes. We also refinished kitchen cabinets,and stained 3doors and new baseboards. Granite was installed as was backsplash tile. Never at anytime would we install baseboard over door molding....paint was already on existing moldings. As with all our customers we always say' if any problems please contact us and we will come correct anything you are not happy with' ....We have had no contact from this customer. The job was delayed as Peter had taken ill and admitted to hospital (where he was in ICU) this was inconvenient and unfortunate and I did apologise. Sorry that she feels dissatisfied but we were never given opportunity to correct what she unhappy with. When job completed we asked if she satisfied with everything and she said YES.



Cynthia C.

Peter and his crew did a fantastic job. They were professional and efficient. Everything was done beautifully. We enjoyed working with them and would definitely work with them again.

Description of Work
Painting, electrical, plumbing, bathroom remodeling and etc...

Category plumbing, remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters



Pauline M.

Description of Work
Peter and his business partner are amazing to work with. They came out to give us an estimate on electric work (replacing the fluorescent lights in our kitchen to can lighting). They were quick to come out, gave a reasonable price. When they came to do the work they were very thorough and did a professional job. Already have other work lined up for them to do. Would certainly recommend them for any job you may have.

Category lighting




It went very well, the staffs sure knows what they doing, we have a small problem and they come back the next day to take care of it right away.

Description of Work
Remodel bathrooms and tile kitchen floor.

Category ceramic tile, remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters



Garrett G.

Came by one week and estimated the work then schedule it for a week later. The job was completed in a couple of hours and it was a very clean install.

Description of Work
Wired an external 30amp RV box

Category electrician



Garrett G.

The service included new exterior molding and a 1 foot change in the dimensions. They came quick for an estimate and started in two days. Finished as planned. They even through in a little extra work with mounting a gas valve for my fireplace. The door looks and operates great. They protected the floor before starting and cleaned up all dust and trash. NOTE - I forgot to write this review last year, but after 1 year looking at the door I thought it was time to give them their praise.

Description of Work
Remove and install a new Balcony French door.

Category interior painters, doors



Abe L.

It went really good. They did a really good job. They installed a custom cabinet and completely redid the entire thing, including changing the color. They also completely redesigned one of the bathrooms. Everyone tells us our bathroom looks like it's from a magazine.

Description of Work
I had my two bathrooms remodeled.

Category woodworking, home remodeling



Barry P.

Just great to have these guys around. They are thorough and take pride in their work and want to give you the best possible work and products for the price. I am so glad that I found them.

Description of Work
Extensive renovations to 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, floors, hallways etc

Category remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters



Michael J.

It went perfectly. Peter came out for the estimate and the only issue we had was that we were having so much fun chatting that it took us a minute to get to business. He was very straight forward with his very reasonable pricing. He knew that I was getting an estimate for a job that wasn't going to be done for a few months and still came out with no questions. when it came time to do the work, he finished ahead of schedule, stuck to his estimated price and the job turned out absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend him for any job simply due to his straight forward business approach and his quality work just makes it even better.

Description of Work
Poured a concrete slab in front of and around the side of my home.

Category concrete repair, electrician



Michael J.

It went perfectly. He worked with me through a work trip, so showed up and did the estimate for the work, knowing it would be a few months before the work was going to be performed. Gave me a price on the spot, then a couple months later when I was ready, he performed the work. Did a great job, finished the work on time, was super friendly and easy to work with throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend him to anybody, if nothing else for his attitude, but his workmanship is also top notch.

Description of Work
Laid a large amount of cement around my house.

Category concrete repair, interior painters



James W.

When I first bought my home, it was a time capsule from the 70's and 80's with wood paneling and dirty white shag carpeting wall to wall. The the vision of Peter Woodburn, his wife Sheila, Martin, and the rest of his crew, my house is slowly transforming to a modern version of its old self. The wood paneling has been replaced with fresh drywall and vivid colors. Peter found me an excellent deal on hardwood floors, so now I have beautiful wood accenting the new walls throughout. Peter and his crew built custom shelving in my bedroom closet that now provides more space than I have wardrobe. Brits R Us are seriously good and trustworthy people, I do not hesitate to leave them a key when I can't be home to let them in. I've been so impressed with their work that I have made arrangements for them to remodel my kitchen and two bathrooms.

Description of Work
Renovations throughout the house.

Category drywall, remodeling, woodworking, home remodeling, interior painters



Amanda H.

Britsrus have been GREAT! We had repairs that needed to be done as soon as possible and in a hurry so that we could move forward with escrow on our house. They started and finished sooner than we thought possible, and did an awesome job at that. Everyone was friendly, helpful and courteous. We will absolutely be calling them again for anything we may need in the future!

Description of Work
Repaired drywall & insulation after water damage, Installed smoke detectors and repaired wall plate

Category drywall, electrician, interior painters



wendi M.

My backyard was just a pool, some plants around the edges and stacker bricks that were all uneven on one side. Now it's a showplace! They added used brick retainer walls around the entire perimeter in very cool curved patterns. They added much needed walking and lounging space with pavers and used brick accent edges, built a raised corner deck with a starburst slatted roof for shade, brick edges around the pool and 2 steps on both sides from cement to deck in brick, built an amazing waterfall and firepit (complete with gas line and electricity) and brought the pavers out to the front, replacing my old wood fence with a block wall and an amazing hand made gate. I can't wait to have my first big party!

Description of Work
Completely redesigned my backyard and front side yard. Approximate cost of service includes materials.

Category masonry, remodeling



Lisa L.

I recently bought a 1987 mobile home and immediately found mold in the master bath walls. The remediation team had to gut the entire bathroom to fix and clean the problem. All I had left were wall studs and floor joists! Peter and his team were quick to respond to my cry of help. Since I had nothing left in the room this was the perfect opportunity for me to get the bathroom I always wanted, problem was.. what exactly did I want? Peter has great vision and ideas and helped me create my "dream" bathroom. I may have been a bit of a pain by changing my mind a few times and adding lots of extras, but honestly I wouldn't do anything different. Peter, Martin and John each have their specialties which makes them a great team. I now have a GORGEOUS customized tile and quartz walk in shower with a good sized seating area and plenty of storage for all my bottles. I also have a custom built storage unit for all those extras. They retiled the whole floor and extended it into my vanity and closet for a seamless look. They also added extra lighting in my vanity area as well as in my closet which they also rebuilt and customized. I will definitely be calling them again if I or anyone I know needs any kind of work done, because they can do it all!!

Description of Work
Rebuild my master bathroom and build steps outside the door.

Category ceramic tile, closet systems, electrician, lighting, remodeling, home remodeling, interior painters



Shipman P.

No words will ever appropriately express my gratitude for the expertise, professionalism, reliability, and kindness, I received from this wonderful group of people. Every project was completed, as if it was the most important thing they had ever done. Some of the projects required corrections to another contractors work. To say I am completely happy with their work, is understated. These people are the real deal.

Description of Work
Multiple home installation and improvement projects. Installed interior/exterior lighting, install bifold door and molding, create and stain new kitchen cabinetry to match existing cabinets, patch/repair/paint exterior stucco, repair drywall, install wash tub requiring attic and plumbing work, and other miscellaneous improvements.

Category interior painters



David B.

Very good experience. The team is so nice to work with. Made good suggestions that saved me money and was better solution. Arrived on time and completed the task on schedule and the quality of their work is very good. . Planning to use them on the outside of the property for painting and door replacement and some siding installation.

Description of Work
Interior painting of 1600 soft house , kitchen tile floor install, miscellaneous repairs

Category interior painters



Deborah H.

Outstanding. Mr. Woodburn and is team (Martin and John) are the pinnacle of professionalism. Mr. Woodburn's associates Jessie's cement pumping service and David the cement finishing service where well chosen by Mr. Woodburn, their pride in their work was demonstrated by their attention do detail. I would with the utmost confidence choose Mr. Woodburn again for all other projects I may have in the future. BRIT'S ARE US are a very diverse group and in my opinion should be contacted for any type of construction work. For me there work was outstanding and very professional..

Description of Work
Cement . Added a patio and side walk extension.

Category concrete repair, interior painters, patios



Deborah H.

Mr. Woodburn and his associates (Martin and John) are the pinnacle of professionalism. They explained every detail of how the requested work would be performed and provided suggestions that enhanced what I had asked them to do. Mr. Woodburn's selection of sub contractors (Jessie's pumping service and Cement finisher David) was a wise and excellent choice. Mr. Woodburn and his associates are well versed in every aspect of the construction industry. I would without hesitation, request their services for any other projects that I many have in the future.

Description of Work
Patio extension and side walk

Category concrete repair, patios



Charuan A.

They were timely and very communicative. Very friendly and able to match the existing, weathered brick near perfectly. They should me a receipt for materials and explained exactly what they were doing.

Description of Work
Martin and Peter extended my block wall and raised the height. They did a great job and absolutely detailed work. The were very friendly and did a great job cleaning up. I highly recommend their services and will use them again for future landscaping.

Category lawn service, interior painters, hardscaping



wendi M.

After having Woody (Peter) and team here in December, I couldn't resist bringing them back for windows. As a gift (and great advertisement) during the last job he framed in one of my bathroom windows. The windows in my track were plain - basically a textured hole with glass. Woody and team added gorgeous wood framing all around with a nice ledge and painted them white. So beautiful I had to ask them to come back and do all the rest of my windows! Again, very responsive, beautiful work completed very fast. He's good ... got me thinking baseboards which I declined at the time - gotta stop somewhere. Then of course, couldn't stop thinking about them and called them back. Now my whole house has beautiful, expensive looking doors, windows, framing and baseboards all around - for a great and very fair price. I'm ecstatic that I found them - they WILL be back! (My backyard, then office will be next!) I would trust nobody else. Always a great experience with the 'Brits'!

Description of Work
Replaced the baseboards throughout my house; before than on 1/9 framed in all my windows

Category drywall



wendi M.

I called them initially to repair water damage in the ceilings below my upstairs bathrooms and a very high upstairs ceiling. They were prompt, very friendly and very good at what they do. I was so happy with their work we started talking about other things I wanted done (one being double french doors to my den.) The opening was off size; I'd been looking forever for doors to fit and was having no luck. Woody (Peter) said there was no need for that, it's a simple enough build. When he found that I'd also ordered some other interior doors and said I'd paid too much for them. We went to HD and bought them along with the dog door and they installed them same day. He even offered to take the doors I'd bought online back to the store for me once delivered. This past weekend they installed the double french doors. His wife Sheila stained and finished them and Woody and Martin reframed the doorway to fit, dry wall, texture and added very pretty molding. Next they replaced all the molding around all my doors and laundry room to match and repaired other floor molding issues they found just because. I'm so happy that I found them - friendly, honest and exceptional work. So many little extras over and above I just had to add a tip I'm an ecstatic returning customer!

Description of Work
First time, repaired water damaged ceilings, paint & second built, finished & installed off sized interior french doors, replaced molding everywhere

Category drywall, picture framing, interior painters, doors



Aubrey M.

Initially, I met Peter while he was finishing another job which was much larger and took him a couple of extra days (completely understandable considering the scale). That day, I put a $1000 deposit down for him to purchase tile at a significant discount (well worth it). Then, as a result of the previous job time over-run, my job started a few days later than anticipated but I wasn't worried about it so it never was an issue. After that, they were in constant communication and completed the job on time and exactly within the budget that we agreed to beforehand. On my side, I under-estimated the total materials cost required but he provided all the receipts and in the end the error was definetly on my part. Furthermore, I got the initial referral from another contractor I found on Angie's List that did some other work. Initially the job started with them working together but that relationship dissolved quickly. As a tribute to the professionalism of Peter and his team, the job continued seamlessly without any further issues. I would definetly recommend he and his team for your house remodel needs whether it be the bathroom, kitchen or other (the previous job I saw of his was basically a complete house interior remodel with kitchen, bathes, stairs, family room etc.). As a niche, I think he and his team really enjoy tile work and definetly have an eye for unique finishes that will make your project stand out. One more note, Peter and his team are British and recent ex-patriots so their accents are a bit heavy. However, their work is more than worth the communication barrier frustration (which wasn't really that difficult in hindsight).

Description of Work
Peter and his team which consists of his good friend Martin, his wife Shiela, daughter and a few others did both the demolition of my existing master bathroom including flooring removal and removal of old fixtures and shower unit. They then replumbed the existing lines to fit our new design. They then did all the prep work and finally tiled the floor, around the bathtub and constructed us an exquisite tile and granite shower complete with shelves and a seat. They then reinstalled all the finish trim and made the room look great.

Category ceramic tile, concrete repair, home remodeling, interior painters

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