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Dreamworks Remodeling

Founded 1990 • With Angi since July 2008


(11) Verified Reviews

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415 W Taft C

Orange, CA 92865


visit us online The One Stop Remodeling Shop. Remodeling done by professionals. We are A+ rated (by the Better Business Bureau)General Contractors who specialize in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling as well as Room Additions, Solar installations, and Whole house

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Michael M.

We started our bathroom remodel last year and decided to try a "professional" contractor with a showroom who could do it all. In the past we always hired multiple contractors i.e. a plumber, a painter, and tile guy, etc. After meeting Lester, the owner, we decided to give Dreamworks a try and have them handle the entire job. Wow! Glad we did! Everything came out great!! Service and price were fantastic for the quality of work. We will be using them again on our next project! 👍🏻👍🏻

Description of Work
Bathroom shower remodel

Category custom cabinets, remodeling, home remodeling



Angelo B.

Everything was done to exactly what we imagined. Things went smooth and without a hitch. The attention to detail and quality of work will make us use Dreamworks for our next project.

Description of Work
Kitchen Remodel

Category custom cabinets, countertops, remodeling, appliance sales, home remodeling



Roozbeh S.

Dreamsworks rebuilt my bathroom and closets which had been gutted after a water damage. Dreamworks also replaced kitchen sink and faucets. They did an excellent job. This was the 3rd project that Dreamworks did in my houses. Lester and Bernie were very helpful and professional.

Description of Work
Rebuilt bathroom and closets

Category home remodeling



Marianne W.

They did some plumbing and some electrical work. They basically replaced vanities, countertops, tub, shower, flooring. It was pretty much a total remodel of the bathroom, it's a decent size bathroom, it was the master bath. The people were great, and they cleaned up after themselves. They basically did all of the tiling and stuff like that. It was pretty good. They installed the new tub. I pretty much sourced most of the material myself. I think some of the electrical stuff, and the plumbing stuff was fine. The tile and stuff from the trimming could've been done a little bit better, you know. That was basically it. I think they needed someone a little more experienced in putting in glass tiles, or I'll say design and stuff like that. I thought the price was pretty good you know, for their labor. They were really good with being responsive.

Description of Work
They did some plumbing and some electrical. They also replaced vanities, countertops, tub, shower, flooring.

Category home remodeling



agustin D.

Category home remodeling, house painters, interior painters



Mike L.

They got the job done at the right price and in the time frame given.

Description of Work
Painted the interior and exterior of a house.

Category house painters, interior painters



Ken A.

Buyer beware of Dream Works Remodeling and any work done by Lester O'Malley or Chris O'Malley, his cousin who is now operating Dram Works in New Jersey. In the last months of 2008 Lester remodeled my small 5"6" x 8' bathroom at a whopping cost of almost $20,000 dollars. I went with him as he had a great sales pitch. Now, in a little over four years the walls are soaked with water and falling down due to water leaks. I've got wood rot and mold issues due to the poor and careless craftsmanship from this dreamWorks outfit. The main drain was not even glued into the sewer, it was just loosely sitting there. He destroyed my plumbing vent allowing sewer gas into the walls of the house, and when the walls of the shower did not line up with the defective shower pan he mickey moused it with bull nose tile to cover up the misalignment. How that I'm having to redo this tragic mess I find that although I have full copper plumbing throughout the house, Chris, who was the project manager used cheap galvanized fixtures behind the wall to attach my shower faucets knowing that I would never see them.. Any Plumber knows this is a big NO NO. Dream Works, meaning Lester, Chris or any of their crew have no right being in construction. After the last major section of wall collapsed, Lester actually cane out to point out the cracks in the shower pan he installed, some foam filled fiberglass thing from American Bath Factory, he said that his ear warrantee was up and he had no responsibility to correct the issues. This bathroom should have lasted 35-50 years with no issues. Now in less than only 54 months the wall is full of rot and are falling down. There's stagnant water everywhere it shouldn't be. The folds at American Bath Factory who made the pan and looked at pictures of the damage soon quite returning calls also. My last call to Lester O'Malley, to see if he would back his work in any way was answered with a gruff "WHAT DO YOU WANT"? How about a professional with integrity. You won't find it at DreamWorks or any other place Lester O'Malley or Chris O'Malley are doing business, This has been my experience. What a mess.. Beware, Beware, Beware. Just a note, to fix this issue the whole shower had to be removed and replaced, This was done of just a fraction of the price I lost by using DreamWorks.

Description of Work
Remodel small bathroom

Category home remodeling

Service Provider Response

Response to [Member Name], Here is an actual review from a customer who totally disagrees with you. To: The next home improver So you are considering doing something to improve your current home. Good for you. It can be both exiting and daunting to commit to a new significant project. Hopefully our experience will help you. About 3 years ago, my wife Yolanda and I were considering a major remodeling project on our home. We interviewed and got quotes from a number of contractors. We read up on all the right questions to ask to be sure we selected the right one. Prices were all over the map. Our belief in the skills of some of the people we talked to was all over the map too. Lester immediately stood out. His quote was very reasonable but the way he approached the job was immediately engaging. He made us feel that he cared about what we would get from the remodel, not just performing the work. We felt that we had a partner in the task in hand. One of the best things about Lester was that he tries, wherever possible, to avoid subcontracting. The result of this is that the crew was consistently on time and worked as a team. I canʼt stress enough the positive effect that had on both the speed and quality of work. His crew was experienced and knew how to work together well. When Lester does subcontract, it is obvious that he has good, long-standing relationships with the companies he brings in. With any major job, you come across both problem and opportunities with what you originally planned to do. Lester always dealt with these changes with both efficiency and creativity. The quality of the work is very high. As we look around the house at windows, wood floors, bathrooms, the kitchen and everything else that Lesterʼs crew worked on I am still extremely happy with the result. In short, more than two years after the completion of the remodel, we are very proud to live in the home that Lester created for us. We wouldnʼt hesitate to recommend that you select him for the project you are considering. Steve and Yolanda Hussey Orange, California Here is our response: After performing over 800 bathroom remodels, and never having a leak issue, we know that taking care of any issues is very important. After an immediate response to your phone call to look at some damage you spoke of over the phone, we arrived that same day to look at it. After receiving permission to open up the pony wall, which was very firmly intact, we let the shower run for 30 minutes until we saw small amounts of water coming from several hairline cracks in the American Bath Factory shower pan. We took pictures of it, and proceeded to contact American Bath Factory. Within a week of them receiving the pictures, they responded with there claim of a one year warranty. We forwarded the written response from the company to Ken Anderson, and he asked us what we were going to do. We stated that our insurance company would not pay for a claim on another companies product. We spoke on may 15th and you said you would call us on the 17th, instead you called on the 16th and asked several questions, at that point then he said he would be “in touch”. After not hearing from him for a week, we documented a phone call to him and left a message, and he did not respond. About 1 week later we called again and he answered and stated, “oh yeah, you will be hearing from me!” Then Ken Anderson started cursing at us being abusive. We in no way stated we would do nothing for him, every contact was professional and as soon as we had answers. Here is a copy of an email to Ken and his response, we offered to work with him and he refused, no matter what he was told or felt, we put it in writing: From: Dreamworks Remodeling To: ken Anderson Subject: RE: Previous Contact Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 19:01:22 -0700iting: Thank You for responding. After our conversation on the 15th of May, and then speaking on the 16th, I do recall you asking about the tile used, and I apologize that the words "what do you want" are what you felt left with, I do not recall using those words or trying to portray that in any way. After forwarding the response from the pan company, then on Thursday when you had called, I did not yet have a chance to meet with Chris or the Bernies to see what ideas where out there to resolve this, and after speaking to them about this, I had to come up with something that that I believe would have resolved this for you and the company. We felt that you did not want to hear from us until you were ready to speak to us. After about a little more than a week, I remember leaving a message on either the house phone or cell phone to check up on this. I had already spoken to Chris about what he recommended. In no way was it any intention of ours to make you real like you were left out at all, we felt like we were respecting you wishes about contact. Since you have stated that you felt that we had no intentions on volunteering to work out any sort of work or monetary compensation and have moved forward without feeling that we should look at these other questionable areas, I will still propose the following. I will calculate what the cost would have been to us to perform the demolition and removal of the shower, and the cost of two days worth of labor for Bernie and a helper for 16 hours including total payroll of workers comp and taxes, and to compensate you with that amount if you agree. This is the same offer I was prepared to make to you when I called today, but, was definitely not counting on hearing your description today. If you would take a moment to review and consider this and let us know, we thank you in advance for that. Thank You for taking time to read this. Lester On Jun 11, 2013, at 7:44 AM, "Kenneth Anderson" wrote: I'm sorry but you are nothing but excuses and apologies mean nothing. What I needed was competent and someone willing to take responsibility. Bottom line, I'm out twenty grand and Your work was crap.. At this time I'm fixing the problem. . Your done.. Subject: Re: Previous Contact From: Dreamworks Remodeling Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 09:55:54 -0700 To: Ken Anderson When you state "your done", are you and Nancy at all willing to let us look at the issues you are talking about in any capacity to asses what corrective action might be needed. Lester On Jun 11, 2013, at 9:59 AM "Kenneth Anderson" wrote: Lester, your incompetence is overwhelming. If you had any construction talent you would have done it right the first time and the problem would not exist. As it is in writing, Ken Anderson became abusive in emails and even more on the phone and did not even accept any compensation at all, even though the failed item was not due to us, he continued in the same manner. Ken Anderson’s bathroom was more than just the bathroom for 20k, including a new window with stucco work, removing and building in a new wall and pocket door and a skylight. Any materials used as mentioned of course ARE TO CODE, any opinion of work not done correctly of course can be said by anybody, in particular any other tradesperson looking at it, and of course they want the work and will say anything. We carry full Workers Compensation Insurance, Liability Insurance and the General $12,500.00 Bond. Any company with such credentials will be 10% one way or another in pricing, if they are not, bottom line something is not being covered by them. Ken Anderson asks about a professional with integrity, sure, let’s start with the truth of this response. As far as a claim to our response of a gruff “What do you want”, since those words nor feelings of those words were never conveyed or spoken to you by us, your disappointment in American Bath Factories response we are sure was enough to upset you to think something like that, but no matter what, it was not said to you. Ken Anderson, we contacted you and responded immediately each time, if there was any legitimate concerns other than the pan, you did not allow us to see them. With over 1000 satisfied customer projects, our aim is to take care of our customers 100%, we sure do apologize that you feel this did not happen for you.


William C.

Working with Dreamworks was far from a dream. It was in fact a nightmare. The quality of the service and products we received were not commensurate with the price. But the most disappointing part was the complete lack of professionalism on the part of Dreamworks, particularly their leader. There are too many examples of this lack of professionalism to list here, but three standout examples are as follows: 1. The cabinets we ordered, the most expensive part of our remodel, arrived in truly terrible shape. There were multiple scratches and dings on almost every piece. After one round of retouching, the cabinets still looked damaged. This was brought to Dreamworks' attention and our request for further retouching -- to bring the cabinets to the state that we paid for... looking new! -- was met with not only a refusal to do more touchups, but a verbal tirade by the Dreamworks leader that ended with him calling us liars, even though he hadn't come to inspect the cabinets after the retouching was completed. In the end Dreamworks had a Merillat cabinet rep come to look at the cabinets. The result was an apology by the Merillat rep. He confirmed that the cabinets arrived in a state that was not up to their standards and paid for the remaining touchup work that needed to be completed. 2. After the project was complete, it took Dreamworks two months to complete the punch list. We had to send multiple requests just to get them out here to finish items and each request was met with resistance, and in many cases an insistence that what we were asking for wasn't in their "scope." 3. Dreamworks expected to be paid prior to providing an invoice. They insisted that their system would not generate an invoice until they were paid for the amount of the invoice. Although it didn't make sense, we went along with the system just to keep things moving. We have made repeated attempts to obtain our final invoice and they have refused to provide it at first stating that they were having problems with their billing system, and then just ignoring our requests and becoming completely unresponsive. Some additional issues we encountered: - Cabinet installation was poor. The crown molding had big gaps in between pieces; they cut multiple holes in the walls to install the cabinets, and didn't fill the ones they didn't use; they measured incorrectly and then had to cut into the wall to get the cabinets to fit properly; they didn't order shelves we had requested for some cabinets and then we had to fight them to get the shelving ordered and installed. - In our original plan, we asked for and were promised a larger kitchen island. It was measured incorrectly and the new one is actually smaller than the one we took out. - The installer lost a piece of the cook top and it took several weeks to get it. - The painters were extremely sloppy. Almost six months later we are still finding paint dripped on tiles. The new carpet that we had installed is not as tall as our old carpeting so there was some old carpet adhesive on the baseboards above the carpet. Instead of sanding and cleaning the baseboards before painting them, the painters just painted over the old adhesive. Again, it was like pulling teeth to get Dreamworks to correct this situation. They kept insisting that they would have to replace the baseboards and that was out of scope. We stuck to our guns and said all they needed to do was sand and repaint. When they finally came out to do the work (several weeks later), sanding and repainting did the trick. - The painters also took it upon themselves to tear off the base of one of the posts of our pergola outdoors. They said they tore it off because the wood was rotting and they wanted to show us. Personally I would prefer them just telling us rather than ripping it apart! Of course, Dreamworks came out to look at it and said that it was going to cost upwards of $3,000 for them to fix it because it was out of scope, even though we didn?t ask them to tear off the base in the first place! After several arguments, a patch was installed to repair the base cosmetically until we were ready to address the dry rot issue. - During the tiling the crew disposed of their dirty water in a planter, killing a plant and leaving the planter coated in tiling product. When we asked Dreamworks to clean out the planter and replenish it with fresh soil, they argued, as always. They said that they didn?t have anywhere else to dump the dirty water and the tiling product would wash away naturally with time. In the meantime, our plants were dying. As you can tell, our experience with Dreamworks was not positive. We would not recommend them to anyone. If you are considering using them, we encourage you to investigate other options. We are confident there must be another company out there that will provide better service and a better end product for the price.

Description of Work
- Demolition. - New floor tile throughout the downstairs and in two bathrooms upstairs. - Complete kitchen remodel including new cabinets, granite countertops and appliances. - Exterior paint. - Interior paint throughout the house. - New carpet throughout second story.

Category custom cabinets, countertops, remodeling, home remodeling, house painters, interior painters

Service Provider Response

Response: Here is a review from a customer that totally says the opposite: “I had the occasion to contract with AAL Construction/Lester in Sept. to remodel one of my bathrooms. I was pleased enough with what they did for me that I again contracted with them to remodel a second bathroom one year later and was again pleased with the results. I cannot imagine how things could have gone any better. In both cases, AAL Construction’s/Lester’s work was reasonable in price and very good quality. They thoroughly explained the options and cost breakdowns and were completely upfront about everything. They were able to work me into their schedule in a very reasonable amount of time. They dealt fairly with me when they ran into an unanticipated problem. I have had no problems with what they remodeled and installed. They began work when they said they would, worked quickly, and completed the work well within the timeframe that they had estimated. The workers were pleasant, polite and arrived each morning when they said they would. They were there when I would leave at 7:00 A.m. in the morning and some evenings they would still be there when I arrived home at 6:00 p.m. At the end of each day, they cleaned and tidied things up so as to minimize any inconvenience. If I have any remodeling work done in the future, AAL Construction/Lester will be the first I call. I have no reservation in recommending AAL Construction/Lester.” Best regards, [member name removed] We feel that completing this project was very important. We were contacted by several neighbors who asked us to work for them, they were very impressed with us just based on the fact we were able to complete the project at all due to reasons that are difficult to be nice and speak about and to be respectful as possible to all, describing exact details why all other contractors in the past could not complete there projects would not be pleasant. With having completed over 1000 projects like this one, our typical response by your typical homeowner is like what [member name removed] has to say above. As I write this response we are working on a third project for the same customer in Costa Mesa and a second project for another customer from 10 years ago in Stanton, that in itself speaks of our industry experience, longevity and quality. Cabinets: Some cabinets did indeed arrive damaged, we explained that they could be repaired or replacements sent, but would take 3 weeks to receive them, they opted for repair. The rep did come out and look at them, but the difference in shading and shadows could only be seen in early morning light, all issues were taken care of. The homeowner speaks of tirades and accusations of lying, once again to speak of these things would not be pleasant. Getting in some replacement parts and getting the repairs done did take some extra time, which we apologized for, but could not control. Punch lists and completion: Many people ask you to look at items in their home and want them all done, but they exclude them from the contract because of one reason or another. Our contract was very clear on what we were doing, but he felt just because you are there you should be happy to do extra items at no charge. Fixing his damaged moldings for example is never automatically included un less specified. Our painter agreed to fix them for him just to receive final payment, not that he agreed the extra work was in the contract. Yes, somehow a part was not included with one of their appliances, it did take some time to get a replacement from the factory, as soon as it did we installed it, we did apologize for the delay on behalf of ourselves and the manufacturer. When a homeowner asks for extra items, and feels he should get them for free, of course he would feel the job was not done yet. Payments: As per all of our legally binding contracts, they have a payment schedule, this schedule is based upon work already done, the contract of course is the invoice. All payments were reviewed and signed for by him at the time of contract signing. There was no question of this. Of course we all know that in Quickbooks, you can not print out a paid invoice until it is paid, and that breaking down a larger project invoice to 5 or 6 smaller ones can not happen either. It creates double entries. We explained this to him, but did not seem to accept it. They mentioned several other issues like crown molding, we explained to them that moldings only come in lengths so long and that seams are needed. Trimming the molding to their ceiling did take extra work due to the unevenness of their home. We moved some electrical for them at no charge and did fill in the holes from moving it, then the cabinets were placed against the wall. We did get shorted some shelves in our order, which were ordered right away when noticed, then installed when received. He received a scaled drawing of the kitchen and signed off on it, including countertops, claiming now later about a question on the island. They asked us to look at there collapsing pergola that was sinking. We needed to look at the supports on the bottom to see the extent of the damage. We had to remove a piece of interior baseboard molding which crumbled, which we asked to do. We stated that putting the trim back on could not happen and would be irresponsible to cover up the damage, but he insisted. We always ask for a washout area for our tools with our water-based products. We did remove the 1/8 inch layer that was there. With over 1200 tile projects, this is the first we heard of the water-based products affecting any plants. Yes we did have some things happen that were in no way had anything to do with him, and when they did happen, we let them know right away. We stand by our work and warranty at all times. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Susan L.

We needed to remodel the interior of our house and they gave what we assumed to be a fair price. The remodel was not completed until two months after the promised date. Towards the end of the project, the contractor became unresponsive and would take his time returning to our house to finish the little touch ups that were promised and needed. Furthermore, we were told that they had one of the best cleaning crews in town, but when we moved back into the house, our brand new toilets were stained and soiled, and clearly had been used multiple times but not cleaned up. Having settled into the house for a few months now, we have been noticing a lot of sub-par work on the cabinets, in the tile and flooring, and the installations of the fixtures. One other thing of note is that this was a fairly large project that involved the whole house and as we proceeded with the work, the contractor became presumptuous and assumed he would be the one to do work on the other projects we were considering. However, he became upset when he found out we were pricing the projects out to other vendors and made us feel guilty for doing something that any responsible homeowner would do.

Description of Work
Completely remodeled kitchen and bathrooms. Repainted interior and installed new flooring.

Category remodeling, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

After reading your comments please keep several facts in mind.A total of three weeks were added to your project because a previous company repaired leaking pipes, but did not tell you that your ground under your house had washed away, we could not proceed until that issue was fixed to the total of 3 weeks, which you were very happy to agree to the added time frame. When starting the project, you agreed and stated that you wanted basic items in the project, which would be available off the shelf. When it came down to final decisions, the items you ordered required 6 weeks of ordering time to get in. We found several items that were sent to us that were not to specs, we asked if it were possible to come back at one time and perform the installs for example two matching cabinets and one had the correct dovetail drawers, and one did not. You stated that you were more than happy to have us take care of them at one time. If there were any other concerns, they were not brought to our attention, we invite you to do so, so that they may e resolved.



I got other quotes and they seemed the most confident and they knew the most about it. They were very confident that they could do the work in the amount of time and within the amount of money.

Description of Work
I am using Dreamworks Remodeling to redo all my kitchen cabinets. They are redoing the ceilings and painting them. They are putting in canned lights in the family and living rooms. They are replacing all the lights in the kitchen and redoing the kitchen ceiling. They are replacing all the cabinets.

Category custom cabinets, electrician, lighting, home remodeling, interior painters



Jessica W.

They cleaned up, they were on time and they were very courteous. They were an amazing company. The product that they produced for the price was amazing.

Description of Work
I got new granite countertops and all new cabinets. They put in an island that is connected to my stove.

Category countertops, woodworking, marble & granite, home remodeling

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    Free Estimates
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    Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Financing Available
    Senior Discount

    Services Offered

    Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Dreamworks Remodeling

    How is Dreamworks Remodeling overall rated?

    Dreamworks Remodeling is currently rated 4.1 overall out of 5.

    What days are Dreamworks Remodeling open?

    Dreamworks Remodeling is open:

    Sunday: Closed

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Thursday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    What payment options does Dreamworks Remodeling provide

    Dreamworks Remodeling accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Financing Available

    Does Dreamworks Remodeling offer free estimates?

    Yes, Dreamworks Remodeling offers free project estimates.

    Does Dreamworks Remodeling offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Dreamworks Remodeling does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Dreamworks Remodeling offer a senior discount?

    No, Dreamworks Remodeling does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Dreamworks Remodeling?

    Yes, Dreamworks Remodeling offers warranties.

    What services does Dreamworks Remodeling offer?

    Dreamworks Remodeling offers the following services: Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling