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Honey Do Handyman

Founded 2005 • With Angi since December 2010


(124) Verified Reviews

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934 W Glenoaks Blvd #4

Glendale, CA 91202


Honey Do Handyman has been a well respected handyman in the Los Angeles area since its inception. Specializing in handyman, painting and drywall. I believe in honesty, open communication, reliability, customer service, timeliness and managing every project I undertake in a cost effective way so

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


nick B.

Steve showed up 40 minutes late and didn't apologize for the tardiness instead opening with "Ok, I'm going to go to the bathroom". There was also a misunderstanding on the work to be performed which meant I had to go with him to Home Depot to unload the extra drywall he purchased. He was on his own time once work began and seemed in no hurry. Which would have been fine if the drywall was the only thing on the list. It is the only thing he got to, though, and even took a snack break about 5p before finally finishing around 6. The work he did was pretty good (not great as I still have to go back and sand it down before it can be painted). This is my first Angie's List purchase and it wasn't a great first impression.

Description of Work
I needed a doorway drywalled and ceilings prepped for painting.

Category drywall, handyman service



steve C.

This would also require replacing bathroom faucets. There was two bathrooms, both identical. The first one went fine. In the second bathroom, he noticed the hot and cold water valves needed to be replaced and he was correct- I had a plumber to come out and do that. In the process of Honey Do Handyman attempting to re-attach the pipes, he told me that he broke one pipe and I'd need to replace it. He said he felt bad and said he'd only charge me for an hour of service. When he left, we didn't know the cost of the pipe replacing. I spoke to a plumber and got the price for the replacement. Later, I text Honey Do Handyman, I suggested to him - that in the future if there's trouble with the plumbing that he should let his future clients know so they can determine if they want him to finish the job. Rather than admitting he couldn't fix it, he did damage and cost me money. I think he can do anything that's not complex or plumbing related- he has lots of experience with that, but he wary about hiring him for plumbing work.

Description of Work
The project I assigned him to do was replacing two bathroom counter tops.

Category plumbing



Karen F.

Installation was completed within a few hours.

Description of Work
Installed mailbox.

Category handyman service




it went great. I will hire him again.

Description of Work
Stephen replaced wood panels on the outside of my sun room. He was very efficient and painted them as well.

Category contractors, handyman service, house painters



Joshua E.

The contractor was a breeze to work with and showed up on time. That was when the wheels started to fall off. Despite being given a list of things to do, he didn't say what he needed to complete tasks (new hardware for cabinets, and different drains for sinks) and completed only 1 task (replacing three drain stops in sinks). One of the cabinets he "fixed" has already broken off, and the walls still need to be painted. I ended up doing one of the tasks myself since he was taking too long. I have to hire another handyman to finish the work he started (and spent 8 hours trying to do...)

Description of Work
The provider patched a hole, moved a toilet roll holder and replaced 3 drain valves in sinks

Category drywall, handyman service, plumbing, interior painters




New Ping pong table set up. Ask fixed loose bathroom faucet. Was unable to fix fire alarms.

Description of Work
New Ping pong table set up. Ask fixed loose bathroom faucet. Was unable to fix fire alarms.

Category handyman service



Mark S.

Steve came out the same-day I called and got to work immediately on the odds-and-ends that needed some elbow grease. Nicest guy, honest, fair. 3rd time using him in the last 6 months and I'm getting the same excellent level of service as before.

Description of Work
Patched up drywall, installed mirror and lighting fixture, painted interior of shower and bathroom.

Category handyman service



Lori A.

Stephen did many handyman jobs for my mom over the course of a few years. He was always upbeat and happy, outgoing and friendly. He also is a good problem solver. Usually, he looks over the job, gives you an estimate, and goes out to get the supplies. This job was especially tricky, because he would have to have the pipes cut to the proper length and threaded. It took more than one day, it was such a big job, but it was very successful. The railing was rock solid, and mom was confident that her firm grip would help her navigate the big steps up to the house.

Description of Work
Stephen created a sturdy handrail from the front sidewalk to the house for my elderly mother (about 20-25 feet). It was a challenging task because the stair path was angled, and he had to piece the thing together with available pipe parts. It worked great, and allowed my 90 year old mom to climb the steps to her front door with little assistance. He also made another shorter railing for the back door porch.

Category handyman service



Michael Z.

Holy crap was this bad! I found their card at Baller Hardware and hired them to install a roof over my patio, similar to the one at Modern Eats (if you're local and have been). Well, $3,000 later, there is no roof, they used Douglas Fir, and attached it directly to my roof, something they explicitly said they would not do because that is not good for the roof. This work was done a few years back, but the work was so bad, the experience resonates with me still today. I was a naive new homeowner, and I think they took advantage of it. These dudes suck.

Description of Work
Installing a slanted trellis for roof over patio

Category handyman service, remodeling, woodworking



Nick R.

I wish I didn't feel the need to write this review. Steve is a nice enough guy, but he is very unprofessional and did a pretty terrible job for something that should have been very straightforward. He installed a new power outlet in the wall and made such a mess of the plasterboard after realizing he couldn't put the outlet where we wanted it. So he had to shift it a few inches to the left, which isn't the problem. The problem is the subpar job he did of putting the outlet plate on the wall and then "repairing" the hole in the wall. He "filled it" and then left it without sanding it flat, didn't clean up after himself, so there was plaster all over the carpet and he didn't even screw the plate onto the wall correctly. It doesn't sit flush with the wall and wasn't in straight. I had to take it off myself and realign it so it would sit flush. It wasn't difficult at all. It also only took me 15 minutes to sand the wall flat so I could be repaint it. None of this is good enough. I shouldn't have needed to do any of it considering I paid him $175 to do it and it took him 3 hours to install a power outlet and plate. I would have made him come back to finish the job properly, but he scared my girlfriend and roommate so much while he was trying to fix our sliding door and after the power outlet install because he was yelling and cursing at the door at the top of his voice. He couldn't figure out how to repair it. This is incredibly unprofessional and borderline abusive. They felt threatened and just wanted him to leave. I did speak to him after and told him about how he made them feel and that it was unprofessional. Steve did apologize, but the excuse of saying he was just hungry and hadn't eaten yet wasn't good enough. They didn't feel safe with him in the house and I regret leaving for work because I wouldn't have allowed that to happen. Not good at all. Steve has been a handyman for many years and I am sure is capable, but he did a terrible job on a simple project for us and I definitely feel like people should be aware of his temper issues. We won't be using his services again.

Description of Work
Installation of new power outlet and repair of sliding door.

Category drywall, electrician, handyman service



Virginia R.

It went great. Stephen is so friendly and professional. He assured us he would be able to do this job. With creativity in problem solving, ample supplies and tools already in his truck for any situation and careful easing without damage to our air conditioner, he completed the installation. He made a thorough clean up, got the whole job done in a timely manner and showed us how to use our appliance for optimal results. PS He returned my call the first day and was willing to come do the job on a Saturday so we wouldn't have to wait.

Description of Work
We needed the installation of an air conditioner. It was a complicated project as our window is a louvered window and not a simple sliding window.

Category handyman service



Raymond P.

Steve was excellent and very professional! He was also very personable and our dogs loved him! Great Job!

Description of Work
Handy Man to hang up artwork.

Category handyman service



Corey C.

Wonderful, quick work! We'll definitely be asking Steve for help again when we need work around the house. Very nice guy.

Description of Work
Repaired door frame and broken wall.

Category handyman service



Debbie E.

Stephen showed up on time. It was a quick fix and he lowered his hourly rate based on the need for the repair. I appreciated his honestly on other items in my home that are in need of repair. I would call him back if the job fit his skill set.

Description of Work
Assisted in fixing my lazy susan cabinet.

Category handyman service



Dania M.

He was very responsive. On time for the work. He was friendly. It took him a couple hours to install the kitchen sink faucet and still it is really wobbly, not snug at all. I have to hire another contractor to fix it.

Description of Work
Repaired some grout between the tiles. Installed Kitchen and sink faucet.

Category ceramic tile, handyman service, plumbing, remodeling



Alison D.

It was okay. I wouldn't hire him again. There were no additional costs. He was here within a month of the purchase date.

Description of Work
He came to hang several drapery rods.

Category handyman service



Sandra H.

I originally arranged to have 6 rain barrels installed, but there was insufficient communication about what I needed to do to provide the required materials. As a result, only 2 rain barrels we installed, no leveling )one was very unstable) using flexible PVC downspout extensions. I ended up paying for 2 workers, approximately 6 hours each (approximate, since the invoice I received was not detailed) and the job was not completed, and poorly done. Duct tape?!! Seriously?? It was a challenging job, due to my old & non-standard gutters & downspouts, however...... In short, except for the cutting of the downspout, this is a job I could have done myself with the help of a day laborer. I am very disappointed. I will now have to find someone else to finish the job, properly.

Description of Work
Cleaned gutters & installed 2 rain barrels.

Category gutter cleaning, gutter repair, handyman service



Christopher D.

Steve showed up a late because he said there was traffic. It was 9:40am by the time he got started and I had to leave for work after waiting for almost one hour. The job was straightforward. I provided the paint and instructions as well as a place for him to park and set up his workbench and even a power outlet for his tools. He was to cut, hang and paint a door, including installing a doorknob and deadbolt. Take off the existing door and job would have been complete. From my experience with other contractors who install doors, this would be a 4 hour job, and one additional hour for the paint to set, clean up and get paid. It was 9pm at night that I returned home from work and the door was still not on. The tenant was very upset and couldn't believe that in 12 hours work was not complete. The apartment was a mess from sawdust, wood chips and debris. The door frame was damaged where the hinges lined up because he actually spent 6 hours moving them up and down an 1/8 of inch and I witnessed this standing outside the door for thirty minutes in total disbelief. It looked like a science project. gone bad at this point the door was a total mess! The first thing I said to him was "Stephen, why did you tell me you knew how to hang a door?" He responded, "I do, I just made several mistakes." At 9:40pm, when he actually got the door on, without paint or a handle, the door didn't shut. What was disturbing while looking at this chipped up mess of a door was that it was almost 10pm and the tenant could not shut the door and this time of year it is very cold. Needless to say the tenant left the premises and found another place demanding back her security deposit. I am not sure why Stephen told me who knew how to install an exterior front door. He does not. And after this mess I would not recommend him every again. Perhaps he can paint or do light handy work, but this was a total disaster

Description of Work
He was supposed to hang and install a front door on a unit.

Category electrician, handyman service, locksmith, woodworking, doors

Service Provider Response

I understand that [Member Name Removed] is upset and I am sorry to report that this job didn't go as planned and that was unfortunate. On my behalf, his report seems a bit exaggerated, while I will admit to having made mistakes on this job and normally that doesn't occur. The majority of my work and jobs go as planned and are professionally done and completed as such.


Deborah S.

I was very happy! Really responsive to scheduling messages. At the last minute, the owner (who I think does most of the appointments)'wasn't available and sent someone else instead. He was great. He took care of everything on my list and had great ideas on the best way to fix things. Very professional and personable too. I'll definitely use them again.

Description of Work
I bought the deal for four hours of handyman services. He re-hung a closet door and fixed the handle,min stalled smoke detectors, repaired patio doors, and did a small fix on a sink.

Category electrician, handyman service, plumbing, doors



Mary L.

Lead man Stephen arrived 8am as planned, but unexpectedly had 2 other workers with him. Said that instead of getting 1 man for 8 hrs, I would get 3 men for a total of 8 man-hours. Told him this arrangement not good for me, as I had several small jobs for him; had sequencing organized for one person; to explain/then supervise 3 seemed unmanageable; but he argued that it was to be his way, or I would have to reschedule, because he and his crew had 'to be at another job at 1pm". I reluctantly gave in as I needed the work done that day. So--I explained/demonstrated first part of the outside job (dust and then apply silicone lubricant to the tracks of my Shade-Tree awning system --had to be done from up on a tall stepladder due to height of the structure) to one guy; then got Stephen and the other guy started on the light-can adjustment inside the house. Long story short--I couldn't watch over all 3, and several things were done incorrectly. Stephen was on the phone at least 50% of the time and personally got very little done, plus made several mistakes. I had to call them to come back and fix what had been done incorrectly (left several messages before Stephen responded) for a couple of the more obvious errors (one light can done incorrectly and no longer worked; plus, the dimmer wiring had been switched so that switch #1 now controlled light #2 and vs-versa)--but a 3rd problem has only become apparent over time and that has to do with the application of silicone to the ShadeTree tracks: while I asked guy#1 to spray the silicone on a cloth and then slide the cloth through the track to lube it---instead, he sprayed silicone into the tracks, and now 6 months later, it's apparent that silicone was also sprayed all over the wooden structure, as it has discolored in multiple fist-sized globs along the track lines. Hope I do not have trouble getting paint to adhere when I repaint the structure in the spring. In fairness, toilet repair was done properly and fixed the filling problem; most of the rest of the work was OK; and they did come back to correct a few things (after my numerous calls)----but when one is paying $47.50/man hour, I think a certain level of skill and attention to detail is expected of a handyman. While the lighting project did require flipping the circuit breaker---the work was not complex enough to require an electrician. Main problem though was the scheduling issue---'too many cooks'.

Description of Work
-Adjusted 19 'in-ceiling' can-lights to accommodate slightly longer LED replacement bulbs------involved flipping off circuit breaker, removing old bulb, undoing a wing-nut inside the fixture and sliding bulb receptacle platform back about 1/2 inch, then installing new LED bulb to replace the old. Most of these had to be done while standing on a stepladder. -replacement of 2 incandescent dimmers with 2 LED dimmers-no wiring change -Replacement of old outdoor motion-detector light fixture with new -no wiring change -minor adjustment/bulb replacement of several outdoor low-voltage garden lights -adjustment of recently installed toilet valve which was shutting off too soon, -in backyard, dust and then lubricate the 10 tracks of my Shade Tree awning system with Shade Tree silicone lubricant.

Category electrician, handyman service, lighting, plumbing, doors



Ellen W.

Steve arrived promptly, was very professional and knowledgeable. He had the appropriate tools for the jobs we had discussed. I was very pleased with the job he did. I would definitely use him again!

Description of Work
Helped with fixing my gate, clearing my gutters, fixing leaky faucets, replacing fluorescent tubes in fixtures that were high up on cathedral ceilings, and various other odd jobs.

Category electrician, fencing, gutter cleaning, gutter repair, handyman service, lighting, plumbing



Hannah F.

I contacted Steve to get a rain barrel set up as well as to have tile put in behind our stove as a backsplash. We first messaged on the 16th and agreed that he would come between 8am and 8:30am on the 23rd to do the work. He then texted me on the 23rd at 7:30am saying that he needed to reschedule because "the guy who I had planned to come there says he doesn't do tile. I thought he did." He had a fully week to find this out in advance. He then asked when would be good for me for him to come back and I responded that I would get back to him... but I didn't and I won't be using his services because I found this late notice and lack of skilled labor unprofessional. I could have had someone else do it during that week.

Description of Work
He was supposed to put in tile behind my stove and put in a rain barrel.

Category ceramic tile, handyman service

Service Provider Response

My apologies [Member name removed] . Steve@thehoney-dohandyman


Jennifer W.

Stephen arrived on time. Did the work in a very timely manner. He was extremely thorough and fast. He cleaned up. I liked that he kept me informed throughout the whole process and he stuck to his original estimate.

Description of Work
Cleaned up water damage in a built-in cabinet from leak in unit above us. Primed and repainted the cabinet. Also repaired water damage to ceiling. Plastered and painted ceiling.

Category custom cabinets, drywall, handyman service, plastering, interior painters



Norma D.

The repairs he did were ok. He went to get supply's he was gone for 2 hours the home depot is 6 mins away and then charged me for the 2 hours. I am upset with the lack of professionalism from this company.

Description of Work
Repaired small job

Category handyman service



Joseph Z.

Steve was a great help to us. He installed our new laundry cabinet, fan, and light fixtures perfectly. He even came back the next day to finish the fan when we ran out of time. Would absolutely recommend if you have a handyman list to tackle!

Description of Work
Installed a cabinet, a light fixture, and fan.

Category custom cabinets, electrician, handyman service, lighting, ceiling fans

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    Honey Do Handyman offers the following services: Painting. Doors. Windows. Curtains. Wooden fence. Gate construction & repair. Drywall. Gutter repair. Blind installation. Kitchen cabinets. Carpentry. Plumbing. Tiling. Concrete work. Vanities. Electrical. Furniture. Hauling.

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