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Precision Enterprise

Founded 2003 • With Angi since July 2013


(112) Verified Reviews

Business Details

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2918 Meridian Street

Huntsville, AL 35811


Precision Enterprise is a construction company offering a wide array of home improvement services. We are a small company of 10 employees that take a lot of pride in the work that we do. We are licensed, insured, and carry Worker's Comp. We offer numerous discounts such as: Senior/Military discounts and New Customer Appreciation discounts....

Verified Reviews

A few reviews for this pro...


Kristi F.

What went wrong: 1. I was charged an extra $225.00 for workers to take a 1” bow out of a roof board that they nailed up with a 1” bow in it (see photo). 2. Gutters were not installed correctly. They were simply lowered so that I now have exactly the same problem in a different location (see photos). 3. Water is still leaking between gutter and facia board because the gutter flashing between the gap created between the shingles and the gutter due to lowering the gutter instead of fixing the problem (see photos). 4. I am now missing a ladder which mysteriously disappeared the same time the work crew did. After repeated unanswered phone calls, I give up trying to resolve this issue with Eric. I had the feeling the main concern of the work crew was finishing as fast as humanly possible regardless of the quality of the work left behind. Needless to say I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and if necessary, filing a claim in Small Claims Court.

Description of Work
What I Needed Repaired Water Damage to the roof of my deck caused by improper gutter installation 5 years ago. What Was To Be Done: Replace all water damaged wood and realign gutters so that water flowed downward and out downspout.

Category decks, gutter repair



Jennifer C.

Eric quoted the work but never showed up. He said he could start Thursday but later called to say he would have 5 guys out on Saturday at 8:30, he neglected to inform me that he would not be one of the 5. One guy showed up at 9:30 another came limping in sometime before 11:00 apologizing for being late because the boss kept him out all night. They repeatedly left the door wide open for hours wasting electricity and letting flies in. The painter damaged my accent wall and spilled paint on just about every floor surface in the house, even though he was only supposed to paint 2 rooms. The faucet they replaced was secured to the house now its just loose. When they took the fountain apart to level it the broke the piece of pump that the hose attaches to and pulled out the seal that keeps the water in. Then they just put it back together and shoved the pump in any old way knowing it was not going to work. I called Eric who knows I am in a hurry to get this stuff done and he said he would take a look at it. But I have not heard from him since.

Description of Work
paint 2 rooms, pressure wash deck, level fountain, replace 2 doors, replace faucet outside

Category handyman service, pressure washing, interior painters



Bill B.

they showed up on time. the tile work overall looks good. the fine details like switch and outlet covers were sloppy and didn't fit. Overall cost was $399, plus i purchased all tile, grout and mastic. I was supposed to receive $80 credit back for tile purchase from the $399 they charged me for the job thru Angies List. After asking repeatedly and receiving assurance that I would get it, it obviously never showed up. Their address on Meridian St is a front. Nobody is ever there. I quit wasting my time asking.

Description of Work
They tiled my kitchen backsplash. Switches and plugs were left incomplete with multiple covers and plugs broken and I had to modify switch covers and plug mountings to complete the job myself. They still owe me $80

Category ceramic tile



Michael B.

They did a very good job. Very satisfied.

Description of Work
Install tile flooring on screened in patio.

Category ceramic tile



David P.

Eric was unable to perform service I needed but was polite, informative and helpful. Pointed me to someone who could do what I needed done. Will use his company for other projects in the future.

Description of Work
Replace a specialized Bedroom Window

Category bathtub refinishing, handyman service



Debra B.

Mix up with owners and the schedule. Had to contact them several times to get them to respond. Once guy came out, I explained what I wanted and he went to work. He got the stuff done with some time left over so I had him clear another space in my back yard. I had asked him if he had cleaned up the mess and he said yes but after he left I checked the area and pulled weeds were still there. Also having problem with weeds coming back in flower bed so will need to redo the weed barrier myself.

Description of Work
Cleared out flower beds, dug up bed, laid weed barrier, planted flowers and shrubs, laid bark, and planted 2 trees.

Category landscaping



alice S.

The guys here doing the work were very professional. I would use them again if I could get them to respond. I have called and left messages and not gotten any response.

Description of Work
I used Precision Enterprise to clean leaves up.

Category lawn service



Bill B.

I purchased the $399 special that was offered through Angie's List. It allowed for up to 40 square feet of floor or backsplash and theoretically included $80 for tile. I purchased my tile from Home Depot separately and provided the grout. They showed up as expected and the tile work itself looks great. The problems arose when I noticed that none of the plugs and switches had been completed and most of the covers and one of the plugs had actually been destroyed. I had to complete that part of the job myself as well as cleaning up around the edges of the tile work where corner strips and such had been removed. this was a bit of a problem in the the tile around the plugs and switches had to be modified to make them fit, and nothing I had would cut the tile. My last problem with this vendor is that I have after repeated contacts still not received the $80 back for the tile credit. As they ignore my emails and when I have caught them on the phone, they have either told me there is no credit or the checks in the mail, I don't expect them to make good on this debt.

Description of Work
40 sq ft of backsplash done in my kitchen

Category ceramic tile



James G.

The original upper deck to my house is a walk out deck from the upper level of the house. It was originally designed to shed water off of the deck into gutters, but over time it failed and started leaking over the back entrance to the house. Eric Barbee of Precision came out to give me a quote which I accepted. Eric had his crew completely remove the leaking potion of the upper deck, which amounted to an area approximately 10 feet by 20 feet. This work was done in September 2015 and seemed to work fine until the first big rain storm at which time water started leading from around one of the support posts. I contacted both Eric and Wayne of Precision to come out and inspect/repair the leaking condition. I was told that all that needed to be done was caulk around the pillars. One of Precision's workers came out and inspected the area to be caulked. He said that he would return to perform the caulking, but he never did. I subsequently caulked the area myself, but the leaking has continued. I have contacted Eric and Wayne numerous times via text and by leaving messages on their answering machine, but there has been no resolution to this problem.

Description of Work
Replaced an upper deck over the rear entrance to our house.

Category decks



Ravi P.

We scheduled the work to be performed on May 31. The vendor had an emergency and came the next day. The installer surveyed the work to be done and told us he would be back in an hour with material. Later in the day we were informed that the installer would not be returning and that the vendor would not be honoring the deal. The vendor simply upped and left us hanging for nearly two days. One of the biggest problems in dealing with the vendor is communication. Calls go to voice mail suggesting that you text. The response times are erratic. When I requested call back, the vendor would be unresponsive. Text messages would be cryptic and not useful for closing the loop on communication. First the vendor insisted that no material was included in terms of tile. Since we wanted choose our own backsplash we agreed to purchasing the material ourselves which took some time. We thought we will work on the allowance for new tile later with the vendor. We finally scheduled the installation. The vendor never came to do a measurement or to ensure that the new backsplash material was adequate or in general to survey the work involved. On the scheduled day, the vendor texted that an emergency had come up and the installation had to be rescheduled. Again through text, we were informed that he would come the next day for the install. The installer come the next day, I showed him the details of the deal, he looked at the material. He informed that he would have to take down the old backsplash and install new drywall and then install the new backsplash - all of which were listed as included in the deal. He told me that he would be back with the required material - for drywall. The vendor then texted me that after surveying the work, he would not be doing the work unless Angie's list paid him more. His worker never showed up, I wasted half a day going back forth with texts and he did not call back despite my requests to have a conversation. The vendor insisted that the Angie's list purchase was just for installation and that no demolition work or drywall work was part of the purchase. I got in touch with Angie's list and they informed me that the vendor was not going to honor the deal. Bottom line from the experience. The vendor does not communicate well and does not want to talk to work through the details making it possible for unexpected issues to come up. Even though he sold a deal through Angie's List, refused to honor the deal. Is unprofessional in that he did not do an assessment of the work, did not inform us directly that he would not be doing the work, inconvenienced us for two days where we could not use the kitchen, simply upped and left leaving us hanging for nearly a day.

Description of Work
I bought an Angie's List Big Deal that was for up to 40 sq ft of Tile or Backsplash. The deal specifically included demolition of existing tile/backsplash, preparation of surface and installation of new tile with some allowance for tile. It included labor and material (limited allowance for new tile). We scheduled the work to be performed on May 31. The vendor had an emergency and came the next day. The installer surveyed the work to be done and told us he would be back in an hour with material. Later in the day we were informed that the installer would not be returning and that the vendor would not be honoring the deal. The vendor simply upped and left us hanging for nearly two days.

Category ceramic tile, home remodeling



John M.

They did an average job. It was supposed to be the pine ones and the pine needles and they sort of left out the pine cones and did the pine needles. When they were bagging I mentioned that they were kind of wasting bags and they needed to push the pine needles down a little bit and that kind of went over their head. They were talking on their cellphones during the 4 hours we were paying them. Just general things, a younger generations lack of work ethic.

Description of Work
They raked up some pine needles and bagged them.

Category lawn service



Molly F.

Exceptional skill and service! A+, so happy with the end result. Affordable, dependable, fast.

Description of Work
We had our house painted, wooden siding repaired, front columns patched, repaired wooden siding on chimney, replaced sliding glass door with French doors (which they installed and painted, painted front door.

Category house painters



Debra B.

Provider never showed and never called to cancel. I left several messages and even text but heard nothing.

Description of Work
Did nothing cause they didn't show.

Category landscaping



Kelly T.

Short story: Poor communication from the company. Long story: Purchased the deal on Tuesday, April 12th, and called Precision the same day to verify an appointment. Left a voicemail. No return call by Thursday, so we texted a 'detailed message', as instructed on the voicemail. A return text said to call. Called a few hours later (3:30pm) and got voicemail. Texted Friday morning to try again and finally got an appointment for Saturday at 8am. Saturday at 8am, no show, 9:30am, still no show. My husband called to inquire and we were told that no one would be coming because he didn't get our text with the verified receipt (that he couldn't find in his 'system' on Friday) until this morning. My husband asked why we weren't called to be informed that our appointment was cancelled the morning of, so that we didn't waste an hour and a half waiting, with no response. Eric offered an appointment on Tuesday, however, we are landlords that live out of town, and needed the work to be completed by or on Monday. We felt like a week's worth of trying to schedule (since Tuesday) was sufficient and that communication from the company was poor. Angie's List customer service was fantastic and refunded our money.

Description of Work
Scheduled service was to be weed pulling and a small area of bamboo removal, with tools we were required to provide. We were told that mowing, edging, trimming wasn't a possibility with this deal unless we provide the equipment.

Category lawn service



Bill B.

I liked the work that they did. They left some hardware in that we had to replace but I think it was a little effective anyway. I thought it was a good deal. They did pretty good. They were really responsive. They were very professional. They just didn't let us know about the hardware problems and we had to find it ourselves.

Description of Work
I purchased a Big Deal for Precision Enterprise for $399 for a New Ceramic Tile Floor or Backsplash, Including Labor and Materials. They did a backsplash for me.

Category ceramic tile



Judith C.

After an initial scheduling glitch, they worked with me to get a new date scheduled. I was a little concerned about the new date, since I was not going to be there the entire time, but was assured that this is the usual situation. Workers showed up on time and I gave them directions about what needed to be done. When I returned, most of the work had been completed as directed. I was a little disappointed that not all of the yard waste had been removed (tree branches left in back yard and some pruning trimmings were left behind.) Had I been home, I could have requested these things be done. Workers were very nice and I am sure they would have complied had they been reminded.

Description of Work
Clean up flower beds and did some light pruning of plants.

Category lawn service



tamyra M.

Purchased for seasonal yard clean-up. Provider scheduled work in a very timely manner. Work was done exactly as I requested. I would purchase this service again without hesitation.

Description of Work
Trimmed and weed-elated yard, hedges and trees.

Category ceramic tile, lawn service, tree service



Stephen S.

Two young men, both named David, did a great job cleaning up everything I wanted done. Good hard workers & both very nice & respectful. Will highly recommend to friends & family.

Description of Work
Cleaned up debris in yard.

Category lawn service



Tammie B.

All jobs were done with quality and professionalism. The fence gate works better than it ever has! Wayne was very easy to work with and his workers were very polite and left no sign of a mess. I would recommend Precision to my friends and family.

Description of Work
Replaced fixtures and moved a fixture in the dining room. They also fixed my wooded fence which was coming off the posts.

Category fencing, handyman service, moving companies, driveway gates



Sanford B.

All went really well. Two employees arrived eager to get started. We discussed what needed to be done and they got started. They did an excellent job on completing everything within the four hours and did exactly as asked. The price was very fair for the work performed.

Description of Work
The provider picked up stacks of limbs on the property, cleaned out two ditch areas of leaves, brush, and fallen limbs, and placed all items next to roadway for pick-up.

Category landscaping

Service Provider Response

Thank you for allowing us to provide the quality service we stand behind. Please call us in the future for any needs.


Joseph M.

Wayne was very friendly when he came to give an estimate. His team was available whenever we were to get the job done, which was extremely convenient. The two men who came to do the job were punctual and also friendly and helpful. They got right to work after understanding what we wanted (something I had seen on Pinterest :) and it took them about two hours. We had moved the little things out of their way beforehand, but they kindly moved the heavier pieces of furniture out of the way and back when they were done. The project involved cutting the metal conduit rods we were using and they were prepared with the tools to do so and the ladders needed to hang the 95" curtains. They did a great job and it looks wonderful in our sunroom now and I feel so relieved the job is done! The price felt a little high but I have no reference for if it actually was or not.

Description of Work
They cut and hung curtain rods (metal electrical conduit) in our very long sunroom. They even hung the 10 curtains for us.

Category ceramic tile, electrician, handyman service, hauling services, moving companies, window treatments, sunrooms



Bobby D.

Workman did an excellent job.

Description of Work
Replaced frame work around garage door were a dog had chewed it off on two sides.

Category ceramic tile, garage doors, woodworking



Emily L.

They did a good job. Showed up on time and completed the job within the given timeframe.

Description of Work
Painted walls and ceiling

Category ceramic tile



Dean C.

Communication with the person who gave the estimate was poor. He didn?t call when he said he would and the workers didn?t show up when he said they would. A job that I was told would take two days actually took five hours. Based on that, I consider the work completed to be overpriced. They worked two hours one day and came back the next morning and finished in three hours. Even though they worked two separate days - I don?t consider that two days of work.

Description of Work
The workers cleaned out an overgrown area which included digging up three bushes and transplanting two of them. Also, removed several large yucca plants and transplanted a large shrub into the area. They hauled off all the debris.

Category hauling services, landscaping, lawn service, moving companies



Michele B S.

I felt that the amount I paid for this service wasn't worth the cost. What could have been a $40 job cost me $100. I didn't have a problem with the gentleman who did the work for me, although he was a a little over an hour late he was still polite and looked like he did the best job he could. My shrubs didn't look like they were trimmed properly and half of my flowerbed was worked on. Overall the value wasn't delivered for whatever reason.

Description of Work
Shrubs were trimmed, weeding in front of my house and flowerbeds were worked on.

Category landscaping

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    Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Precision Enterprise

    How is Precision Enterprise overall rated?

    Precision Enterprise is currently rated 4.3 overall out of 5.

    What days are Precision Enterprise open?

    Precision Enterprise is open:

    Sunday: Open All Day

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    What payment options does Precision Enterprise provide

    Precision Enterprise accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

    Does Precision Enterprise offer free estimates?

    Yes, Precision Enterprise offers free project estimates.

    Does Precision Enterprise offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Precision Enterprise does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Precision Enterprise offer a senior discount?

    No, Precision Enterprise does not offer a senior discount.

    Does Precision Enterprise offer emergency services?

    Yes, Precision Enterprise offers emergency services.

    Are warranties offered by Precision Enterprise?

    No, Precision Enterprise does not offer warranties.

    What services does Precision Enterprise offer?

    Precision Enterprise offers the following services: We do it ALL! Handyman, General Contracting, Windows, Doors, Decks & Porches, Remodeling, Trim, Flooring, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Roofing, Masonry, Tile, Hardwood, Fending, Drywall, Landscaping, Lawn & Yard Work, Pavers, Marble & Granite, Gutter Repair & Replacement, and much much more.