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I made the mistake of taking my working iPhone 6+ here for a replacement battery in October 2018. The store manager (owner?) worked on it for about 45 minutes on and off and then told me that he had tried 4 new batteries, it was not charging, and he’d get back to me after trying a battery from a different store (in case their battery batch was bad). He asked me if I left it on a charger overnight. I later received a voicemail that *I* had destroyed the phone by overcharging at night and that they’d “only” charge me a $20 service fee. A very fast Google search revealed multiple articles from 2014 to present that there is no such thing as destroying a modern safe-guarded cell phone through overcharging – you can shorten the battery life charging overnight, but the phone is protected. I printed several articles out, took them to the store, and managed to retrieve my wreckage without paying the $20. The clerk on duty stuck to the “I destroyed my phone” story, although he let slip the far more plausible explanation that the battery glue had pulled up some of the motherboard when the old battery was pried out. PERHAPS I can forgive destroying a phone as the batteries are glued in and – in theory – are not meant to be replaced (although professionals routinely do this including the Apple Store). However – their B.S. explanation pinning the fault on me and trying to charge me a service fee (!!) for this disaster are unforgivable. Several hundred dollars and hours of time later, I now have a cheaper refurbished phone replacement I had to buy elsewhere. Avoid this “repair” shop like the plague.
- Michael R....

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