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Reviews of Gutter Guys Near You

Alco Products Inc
The roofing crew was great; the siding crew was pretty messy and damaged some plants, but the boss made a price adjustment and said he had talked to the crew; the gutter guys were excellent, very efficient and neat.
- Barbara H....
Peak Roofing Contractors Inc
Very well. There was some confusion as to when the guttering job was to begin. I thought it wasa day earlier than the gutter guys actually came out. In the end not a serious issue,\.
- Richard B....
Central Exteriors
They gave a prompt estimate, worked exactly as scheduled, and billed for exactly what was estimated. They started the roof as I left for work and were done before I got home. I never even saw the gutter guys. If the roof wasn't a different color, I wouldn't even know anything had happened.
- Ellen J....
Aerotech Gutter Service of Metro Inc
Fine. Estimator took a few days to get here, but gutter cleaning is usually not an emergency project. Gutter guys came when they said they would, worked quickly and efficiently, and left without making too much of a mess.
- Sara C....
Shiner Exteriors
It went extremely well and the service was performed extremely quickly and professionally. The staged worked teams came out promptly. As soon as the removal guys were finished, then the carpenters and gutter guys were there. Even though I was home, I could keep up with the teams arriving and departing. This is an excellent company with an excellent set of workers. I will hire them for all my roofing, siding and gutter needs.
- Cathleen L....
G H Clark Jr Contractors Inc
They did a terrific job. The gutter guys came out in a day, and completed their work, and the next day, the roofing guys came out. They completed both jobs in a timely manner, and the price was very reasonable. I particularly liked the way they cleaned up after the job. Very thorough. Overall, very pleased with the job they did. Would recommend them to anyone.
- Matthew M....
Northern Virginia Roofing Co
It went well, and fast. Although, the gutter work was done at night in the pitch black. The quality was good, but I was very concerned for the gutter guys' safety. They missed picking up some of the old shingle and gutter nails on the driveway and lawn. My lawn tractor caught a shingle nail in a tire, and a gutter nail in the blade.
- Terrence C....
Whiting Co
The job was done in three segments. First the supplier delivered the roofing materials about two days before the job began. Second, six or seven roofers arrived at approximately 7am and began work. They completed the entire job in one day. They were polite, efficient, and respectful. Most importantly, they cleaned up just about every spec of debris and prior to working covered all of the plants and flowers near the house. Third, the gutter guy came. It took him about a day and half to take down the old gutters, install the new ones, and install the leaf guards. He also did a thorough clean up of all debris and was careful not to harm our plants and flowers. Whiting Company did an excellent job coordinating this project. Based on our experience, I highly recommend Whiting.
- Irshad A....
Sixpenny Chimney Sweeps
Despite their company name, Sixpenny Chimney Sweeps does clean gutters. Right now many gutter cleaning companies are booked through May and some into mid-June. My gutters overflowed in the last storm, rain is predicted for tomorrow, and I couldn’t get my regular gutter guys. So, I was very pleased that the woman, Catherine, who answered the phone really cared about my situation. She reached out to the technicians and fit my house into their schedule today. I usually pay $100-120 for one gutter cleaning. For same-day service I didn’t mind paying a bit more, $135. Catherine called me when I was the next house to be serviced. The technician, Denny, arrived promptly, was polite and efficient. My gutters are ready for the next storm. Yay!
- Ruth A....
Commonwealth Roofing & Siding LLC
Mike and his company are first class. I really enjoyed working with him, and found him to be highly experienced and interested in ensuring that we had the roof we wanted. He did not try and upsell us on anything, but took the time to explain things to us, and help reach the best outcome. His employees were prompt, quick, and thorough, and the roofers returned the next day to make sure that they had not missed anything on the clean-up. The gutter guys were equally good. Mike was personally involved through-out, and even showed up the day before when they were delivering the roofing materials to make sure everything was properly setup for the operation. I'd fully recommend him and his company to anyone looking for roofing work.
- Christopher B....
Marshall Roofing Siding and Windows
First the gutter guy came out, took a look and I never heard from him again. Then the roof repair guy came out. He told me that the low slope roof wasn't installed right and that it would need to be redone. Also he said that the siding around the roof would have to be reinstalled. I said OK, give me a price. I never heard back. I called him a week later to see if he was going to quote the work. Oh yes he says. i have just been busy. I haven't heard anything since and that was over a month ago. They probably didn't want the work but didn't have the guts to tell me. What a nonprofessional way to do business.
- Mark T....
Timothy's Roofing Company Inc
As per usual, things went great. Because of all the rain, a waterlogged tree in my backyard fell over and punched a hole in my back roof one evening. The guys at Timothy's were the first folks I called the next morning because with more rain in the forecast, I needed to have the roof tarped that day while I waited for the insurance appraiser to come out. They came out that afternoon and got the roof sealed up, then told me to follow up with them as soon as the tree had been removed, so they could cover up any additional holes until they were able to do the replacement. I followed up the day the tree was removed and they came by that evening and made sure the roof was airtight, which was indispensable given all the rain we were having. No matter that the crew was often working at great distances from my N. VA home, they always made coming by to get the roof covered, and staying in touch with me about my discussions with the appraiser, and the timing of the replacement a priority. They also made time to replace my damaged back gutters while we were waiting for a day that was dry enough to allow the roof repairs to proceed. In short, because I had an excellent experience with them in 2011, I didn't hesitate to call them again during my latest roofing emergency. I wasn't disappointed. I can't thank, or praise them enough!!!
- Lisalyn J....
Augustine Roofing LLC
Ben Burnie from Augustine came promptly and provided the first of three estimates we got. He was the lowest by only a little bit, and of course, the way these things go, a good deal of the expense is in the details we all find later. In this regard, Augustine was exceptional to deal with, not prickly or officious, very constructive and easy going. The final bill was within the parameters we expected. (And one of the other bidders was going to end up quite a bit higher just by the terms of their proposal.) The Augustine roofing team was fast, thorough and very professional. Pedro, the team leader, was extraordinarily detail oriented. His work on the flashing alone was fastidious in fixing once and for all what had been a chronic problem. The roof itself looks great, all the lines flowing evenly and the close up details all neatly finished in every case. Unfortunately the gutter guys (who may have been subs) did not exhibit quite the same attention to detail, so if you have special requirements in the gutter area, stay on top of it. It wasn't a disaster by any means, but something was missed that had been discussed. Overall, this is an excellent, honest, fair-dealing company that I would recommend to any of my friends.
- Wallace B....
Orion Home Improvements LLC
We would never use this company again. It was a terrible experience. The project started badly from the very first day. I received an email that work was to begin on June 21st, a week after we paid our deposit on June 14th. Nobody showed, called nor emailed on the 21st to say no one was going to make it. On the 22nd a roofing guy showed up and did the roof repairs. He also replaced some wood but he had to leave as he wasn't scheduled to do any work other than the roof on our house. The person to start the other work showed up but didn't stay to do any actual work. The gutter guys showed up at 3:30, discovered rotten and unpainted wood so they had to stop since there was no one available to repair the wood which was part of the contracted work. The gutter guy called Geoff (our sales contact) and sent him pictures of the wood. The gutter guy said Geoff was going to call me with a plan but he didn't. On June 23 work was done on wood replacements. 6/24 nobody showed. I called Geoff about why no one was working and he said he'd call me back, he didn't. By 6/27 when nobody had showed up still and I still had not heard from Geoff I called Jason (supervisor), I explained the situation and was told he'd get us back on schedule. 6/28 power washing started 6/29 work was done all day, Geoff showed up and we went over in detail all that still needed to be done. I didn't hear one word nor did anybody show up to do any work until July 29, yes a whole month. 7/29 Geoff called and we set up a time to meet that day. I asked him multiple times why he didn't think they were in default on this contract, he would never tell me why they were completing ignoring our job. I went over all of the outstanding items, and he agreed to all of them. He told me he would call me on Monday, Aug 1st to let me know the schedule. 8/1 no call from Geoff 8/2 Geoff called and said work would start again on 8/8 8/8 nobody showed 8/9 nobody showed 8/18 received email from Geoff saying that someone would be at our house on 8/19 to finish 8/19 Rob here all day 8/20 Rob was here all day I think this should lay out why we would never use nor recommend Orion Home Improvements. Kelly Price and Mike Phelps
- Kelly P....
Whiting Co
The roof looks great and I think the workers did a very nice job. However, we were surprised that we had to replace almost all of the old wood underneath (which added 4K to the total cost). Was hard to know if this was truly necessary as the roofing guy showed just a few samples of rotten wood, and you just have to trust that they are not taking advantage of you. Because they had to replace the roof down to the wood, there was a lot of debris in our attic. I wish they would have tried to clean it up a little since they must have seen some of this.. there were nails, sharp pieces of wood debris, etc. It wasn't just sawdust. They also broke one of our overhead lights in the attic. So we spent an hour wearing masks and cleaning it up on our own! I don't know if this falls into the required job description for them to pay attention to this, but anyway it was not ideal. And for the cost of the project we expected more. They did do a fabulous job cleaning up on our front yard and backyard, so if you don't need the wood replaced, it would be fine. In terms of the gutters, the end result is fine. But it was challenging to communicate with the gutter guy, who is an older Asian man with limited fluency in English. After the job was done, we had some questions and everything had to be relayed through Don Nicholson. We felt that the gutters were downsloped too much in one area, and it looked odd that they were hanging off the house. It was nice that Don was willing to come out again and meet us to go over everything, but it somehow prolonged the whole process. At any rate, overall they did a decent job overall but there were a few stressful issues along the way.
- Margaret P....
Lyons Contracting Inc
We contacted Lyons based on great reviews on AngiesList. Tom Petrilli came out and determined that the roof replacement we wanted would work well within the special they offered on AngiesList. Lyons then worked with us on some additional work we wanted, specifically replacing all the gutters and doing some reconstructive work on the lower roof of our split level home. They gave us very competitive prices on everything and were great about getting us new quotes as we thought and rethought the job (we had a small dose of "project creep"). Once we figured out what we wanted done, Lyons swung into action. Within a few days the roofing materials were dropped off, the next day the Lyons crew showed up at 8 am (just as we had been told, Lyons is great about communicating whats happening and when) and started work. These guys were great, efficient and thoroughly professional. They carefully moved potted plants, covered shrubs and bushes, and took every precaution to avoid damaging anything. They completed the roofing job in 1 day, even though a significant amount of plywood decking needed to be replaced (it was a 35 year old roof, so that was no surprise). The gutter guys showed up the next day and got to work by 8 am. They first did the reconstructive work, then did the gutter work, at one point carefully relocating a birds nest from a downspout bend to a tree in our back yard (it had two baby birds in it). Like the roofing team, these guys were careful, thorough, and very professional. So in two day the whole job was finished, and it looks great! I would recommend Lyons to anyone who needed a professional and quality job done at a great price.
- Angela W....
Beyond Exteriors
Beyond Exteriors performed a flatroof and gutter replacement on my rambler. Overall, the experience was a good one. All of the employees that I encountered were very professional and knowledgeable. The estimator (John Campbell) was very knowledgeable and took plenty of time on the estimate to provide a thorough assessment of what I needed to resolve my leaking flat roof. He even took the time to get a garden hose and check how it water was running off my roof into my gutters. Their estimate was consistent with the two other companies that I had look at my roof in both cost and the work that was needed. They were slightly cheaper than the others. All of the work that was done was very good. Everyone that was at my home was very professional and very respectful of my property. I felt that they took pride in the quality of the work that was performed. They did a good job at keeping the area clean during and after the job. The only thing I'd say I wasn't 100% happy with was their communication throughout the project. It took several weeks to get on the production schedule and there was no communication between when I signed the contract until the job was scheduled (about 3-4 weeks). Also, there was some additional work that was needed taking care of some rotted wood that was discovered during the job that took a while to get addressed. They have several different crews that specialize in the different phases of the job (roofers, trim guys, gutter guys, etc) Each was a separate visit and it seemed that the communication to me was not that clear. In the end, everything came out great! The work looks great. They were very fair and honest regarding any additional costs for unknown wood damage, etc. Overall, a good experience and I would recommend Beyond Exteriors and would use them again in the future.
- Brian L....
Unicorp Home Energy Services
We reached out to Unicorp for a quote on windows. When David came out for the quote, I doubled-down and asked for a quote on roofing, trim and gutters as well. He spent plenty of time with us, discussed our options, time frames, color choices/recommendations and realistic expectations for the job. After meeting with David, we felt confident that Unicorp would meet our needs. We signed a contract for everything - windows, roofing, trim and gutters. The roof was the first be installed. Tear off and install happened over 2 days. The crew was early and courteous. They did a wonderful job! There was actually one young man who spent a TON of time walking around just looking for nails. They even used a magnet bar to help look for nails in the landscaping. In fact, since they were here, we've only found 3-4 nails. The roof looks AMAZING, and the work was done efficiently and neatly! They even added in a ridge vent that was non-existent before, and ensured that everything was exactly how we wanted it. Roof was installed 3-4 weeks after contract, which was the time quoted at time of signing contract. Next to go was the trim (which lasted 2 days), then followed by gutters the next day. The trim - wow, wow, to the new color of the roof?, wow, wow... We went from an ugly reddish brown to black roof with white trim and bronze colored gutters. Classically beautiful to completely renovate and update our home - which was previously fairly monochromatic - red brown roof, brown gutters, brown windows and brick...ugh. Trim and gutter guys were in and out and I could see the project coming to fruition! Trim and gutters went on the week after the roof. The last stage of the process was the windows. I thought I was impressed up to this part...but the windows...oh, the windows. OH THE WINDOWS!!!!!!!!! Holy gorgeous windows!! We can't stop looking at/through them! So well made. So nice. We signed up for the casements, and the are just fantastic. The hardware is nice, the handles fold in, and the opening slides smoothly. They actually had a window install cancellation, so we got these in the week after the trim and gutters. Install happened in one day. No mess was left, the installers were courteous and professional and I came home to amazingly beautiful windows. Of import, I can and did notice a huge difference immediately in the air movement in the home , or lack thereof as it was. I also have noticed that the home feels tighter, and there is no doubt they will be substantially more energy efficient than what we had! I didn't keep exact dates, but I believe full performance on the contract occurred between 6-7 weeks of contract. We could not be any happier! Working with Unicorp was by far the most enjoyable contracting experience we have ever had. This is THE company to hire.
- Crea J....
J & E Home Services
I after checking out their website,I called to confirm that J and E Home Services would clean the moss off a roof. I have a detached garage whose roof has a lot of moss growing on it. The scheduler confirmed that they do this type of work. Since I also needed my gutters cleaned, I set up an appointment to have that done, and she said the guy would look at the roof while he was there and provide an estimate. The earliest available appointment was about 3 weeks later, on June 3, 2014, and I took it. The gutter guys came out on the agreed date and cleaned the gutters. They told my husband that they didn't know anything about the roof issue and that someone else would have to come out and giive an estimate on that. As for the gutters, they cleaned them and noted that the front gutter was pulling away from the house and needed to be repaired, and several of the plastic grate covers were either missing or broken and needed to be replaced. They said they would send an estimate for the additional work. They charged my husband only $50 for the gutter cleaning, explaining that I had purchased an Angie's List coupon which covered the gutter cleaning, but there was a $50 surcharge because we have plastic gutter guards. In fact, I had not purchased a coupon from Angie' s List -- a fact my husband did not know -- and I still am not sure why J and E thought I had. The company's website clearly states that they do not charge a surcharge for grates on the gutters, so after the service, I called and spoke with the receptionist. After several go-rounds, we straightened out the correct charge for the gutter cleaning. Neither she nor "her manager" was aware that the website states they don't charge a surcharge for grates, so they did not charge me for that. and I owed an additional sum because I had not in fact purchased an Angie's List deal. I asked when I would get an estimate for the additional work on the gutters, all of which was noted on my original invoice. They said they would have to send someone out AGAIN to give us the estimate. They said they would send someone who could give us the estimate for the additional gutter work AND the moss removal from the roof. The soonest they could send someone was another 10 days later -- June 13 th. The guy showed up on the agreed date and informed my husband that he was only there for the gutter estimate and someone else would have to look at the roof. I called the office to find out what was going on, and the woman informed me that, no, they don't do moss removal. So now I have wasted nearly a month and a half for an estimate for work the company does not perform and I still do not have an estimate for the additional gutter work! I have called several times and have requested to speak with a manger. Each time, I have been told he would call me back, but I have never received a call. Not that I would use this company at this point anyway. But it is amazing to me that this company is in business and even more amazing is that it is an A rated company on Angie's List!! How is this even possible?!
- Eleanor S....
Luxury Home Care
THIS COMPANY IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND OVERCHARGES FOR THEIR SERVICES. IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE THEM, YOU CAN'T SAY YOU HAVE NOT BEEN WARNED. HIS RESPONSE TO MY REPORT IS NOT FACTUAL AND IS RIDDLED WITH MISTRUTHS. THEY HAVE NO CONCEPT OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, THOUGH THEY CLAIM THAT THEY DO. My first mistake was to contract with this company without a written estimate. We had them clean our gutters and clear off 4 flat roofs in November of 2008. I sent an e-mail to Mark Olmstead requesting an estimate. He called me back and said that it would probably cost around $200 to $250. He said he could come that day to do the work. WARNING: HIS STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE IS TO BE PLEASANTLY HELPFUL, ESTIMATE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD AND THEN PROCEED TO RACK UP THE CHARGES FOR ALL OF THE "PROBLEMS" THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD". In addition, he did not have the proper equipment and asked for my assistance a number of times. He and his assistant were at our home less than 3 hours. By the time he was done, the $200 estimate turned into $635 and he still asked for an extra $20 in cash. He also admitted he did not get to one of the roofs and gutters. The nightmare was just beginning... My husband told him that he had overcharged us and that we would offer him a fair price of $250. WE DID NOT HEAR BACK FROM HIM FOR MORE THAN 90 DAYS. THEN ONE EVENING HE SHOWED UP AT OUR HOUSE AND DEMANDED THAT WE PAY HIS BILL ON THE SPOT. When we asked why we had not heard from him, he said he had been busy. Once again we offered $250. He turned that down and threatened to put a lien on our house as well as turn us over to a credit agency and "make our lives miserable". He revised his charges 5 different times and included 3 months of interest to arrive at $517, which was changed yet again to $533. We finally contacted our attorney and considered taking him to court, but decided to just pay him the $517 to get him out of our hair. Along with the $20 in cash, he scammed a total of $537 out of us. IN SHORT, THE AMOUNT WE PAID WORKS OUT TO $180 AN HOUR, WHICH EXCEEDS OUR ATTORNEY'S RATE AND IS STILL $337 TOO MUCH TO PAY AN UNPROFESSIONAL GUTTER GUY WHO PERFORMED AN INCOMPLETE JOB. Note: During the winter storm we needed additional help and Mark Vickery of Joe's Window Cleaning gave us superior service and it was reasonably priced. I wish we had found him first. (See his reports)
- Cj A....

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