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I actually really liked this clinic. I had a good relationship with Ron King, the PA at this clinic, and I also had interactions with the other 2 providers here (Derrick Knowles, MD and Cheryl Einerson, FNP), who were both very friendly, professional, and skilled. Unfortunately, Dr. Knowles and Mr. King have apparently abandoned their practice and their patients, without any kind of notice. Cheryl Einerson is staying behind for another month, presumably offering the same superlative care she gave me, but I have no access whatsoever to my primary care provider, and the clinic will offer me no explanation. I have no idea why a provider would abruptly walk away from all of his patients without any kind of notice or follow-up. It's a very unprofessional move.

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Ron King, PA-C was my primary care provider.

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The following account of events from Aug 24th, 2010 relates to interactions my wife and I had with the staff and a PA from Fisher?s Landing Urgent Care (FLUC) in Vancouver, WA. During the course of a day, and while attempting to acquire results of lab work, my wife and I were met with a seemingly impenetrable barrage of unpleasantness, entitlement, verbal abuse, and threats. The reasons for this treatment are a mystery for us, but if I were to speculate, it must be due to questions we raised regarding their office policy and practices. The culmination of these events (explained in full at the end of the below summary) feels like an act of retaliation for not taking the staff?s explanations and poor patient relations as an acceptable response to our requests and inquiries. In an attempt to recount the details of the day?s events, the following serves as my best recollection of my experiences with FLUC on 8/24/2010: Approximately 9:15 am ? My wife, Heather Dunnavant called FLUC regarding important lab results she had been waiting on since the previous Thursday. Christine (receptionist) answered the phone and confirmed her results were in, but said she?d have to make another appointment with her Dr. Knowles to get the results. This was extremely frustrating as she was anxious about the results and her condition seemed to have worsened the past few days. After asking several times for the results, the receptionist kept insisting she would have to see the Doctor again and her Dr wouldn?t be in until the next day. After requesting to speak with another doctor at the clinic, the receptionist said she?d have someone call when they were available and hung up on my wife. Heather called back because they hadn?t taken down any contact info and therefore couldn?t confirm the message for a call back had been taken. When she called back, Anna (the office manager) took the info and said someone would call her back later. App 10:20 am ? I was in the vicinity of FLUC after a chiropractic treatment and stopped by to see if I could help facilitate the release of the lab results to my wife. I knew the facility could not release them to me, but it was my intention to give them our fax number and further explain our sense of urgency. I was leaving the next day to visit my sister in New York City, and both me and my wife were concerned about her being left with our 20/month old toddler without knowing the test results and compiling a plan of action for treatment. If Heather could not see Dr. Knowles that day, she had 2 close family members who were practicing MD?s who she could consult with over the phone. When I entered FLUC, I asked the female at the front desk if she was Christine. She said no; she was Anna. I explained who I was and courteously gave a brief synopsis of why I was there and that I was there at my wife?s request, who wasn?t feeling well and was home with our daughter. I asked if the lab results could be faxed to our home number, and Anna said yes, she would just need a signed release - which she could also fax. She faxed it while I stood there, but told me the result wouldn?t be faxed until Dr. Knowles signed off on the results. Since I knew he wouldn?t be in until the next day, I asked why that was. Anna stated it was office policy. I told her I didn?t understand how that policy would trump a patient?s direct request for their lab results, especially if they were interested in seeking the opinion of another doctor. Anna insisted the Dr that ordered the tests had to sign off on them before the patient could see them. She then went on to say she wasn?t going to sit there and argue with me about it; that she had a job to do, and needed me to go. I asked if this was part of her job, but she seemed to have gotten flustered and insisted she had patients to attend to. I complied and left FLUC. I called Heather as I was leaving to tell her about my visit, but she asked to go back in as she had just spoken with someone else who had just reviewed the results and said another doctor could sign off on them and she would give them to me after that. I went back to the facility and waited in the waiting room. I did not say anything because Anna was busy with other patients, but waited for contact from an assistant or Anna. Eventually, Anna asked (in what seemed to me a snide tone and at a volume the entire waiting room could hear), ?Was there something else I can help you with?? I stated Heather just spoke with whom she thought was the office manager and they said another Dr could sign off on the labs. Anna told me (again, at a volume everyone could hear) that if I had just stayed around long enough, she would?ve told me that another Dr could?ve signed off on the results, but I had left abruptly. I reminded her that she had asked me to leave and told me that only Dr. Knowles could sign off on the results because he had ordered the tests. She quickly changed the subject and said (from across the room for everyone in the waiting room to hear) that I had gotten ?sharp? with her and was arguing. I corrected her conception by reminder her I had only been speaking in a regular speaking tone/volume and was simply asking for explanations for the things she was telling me. She changed the subject again, and after helping some incoming patients asked me if Heather had signed the waiver yet. I said I don?t know because Heather had asked me to come back due to her conversation with someone on the phone. Anna then stated she would still have to have the release signed. I said OK. I was then able to look up the waiver that was faxed to us, because they are copied to my email automatically. The waiver not only had nowhere to mark oneself as the one receiving the records, but it had the FLUC as the recipient. I brought this up to Anna and she brushed me off by saying its office policy that a release needs to be signed even for one?s own records. I asked why, and Anna stated it was required by Federal HIPPA Law, and went on by saying she didn?t have time to look it up and explain it to me. I said I would look it up on my iPhone. I sat back down and researched the subject. I eventually found the actual text from the Code of Federal Regulation. In a simple text version of the final rules, the documentation explained the release of protected information to individuals for which the information pertains should be without conditions. Further, the 206 final rules also stated a covered entity may request a form for such a release, but it was not a required condition for the release of said information. Not only was FLUC stating the form was a requirement but they initially insisted another appointment was a condition for receiving the results of the lab work. Not only were the above stated office policies in contradiction with the text of the HIPPA rulings, the FLUC staff were unwilling, and in fact, retaliatory with any such questioning of their policy. The worst example of this will come in the later recounting of the culmination of the days events. App 11:15 am: As I brought the above findings to the attention of Anna, attempting to even show her the text on my phone, her only responses were ?Regardless? and ?It doesn?t matter.? At this point, I felt extremely frustrated and decided to leave, drive home, pick up my wife, and come back. In an moment of utter frustration, I mumbled to myself on the way out of the door, ?My god, she?s being such a b$%&*.? Understandably, this was not the best response at the time, but I felt the behavior on Anna?s part was notably qualified for the description. App 1:00 pm: Arrived back at the clinic with my wife and 20-month old daughter. I suggested my wife go in by herself to avoid further exacerbating the issue with my experience of earlier that day. We had to ask for a couple of different forms because we kept finding errors with the forms we were given. The first one was for a release of info to FLUC, the next one was a release for another Dr. or Facility. It came to pass that they didn?t even have a specific form for a release of info to oneself. My wife completed her form, asked Anna to sign the back verifying she was being asked to sign a release for herself to receive her own test results. Then, we both filled out the same forms for our entire record to be released. When we were waiting for the copies to be made, my wife, daughter, and I waited quietly and patiently in the waiting room and left after receiving our records- with no plans to ever return. App 6 pm: At home that evening, we received a phone call from FLUC. My wife answered and informed me that Ron King would like to speak to me. He is the PA at the facility and I?ve seen him once or twice for treatment. When I answered, I expected her might be attempting to find out where the miscommunication took place or why there might have been some tension about the subject, but what actually took place was a verbal lashing by a seemingly put of control PA. He began by telling me, in a condescending tone how I was ignorant about Federal HIIPPA law. He then began yelling at me, threatening to a have me arrested if I ever came to his place of business again. I asked if he would perhaps like to hear my side of the story in order to find out where the miscommunication took place. He said he didn?t need to hear my side and continued to yell at me about whether I understood what her was saying; ?DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? YES OR NO? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? I told him it appeared I would need to file a complaint with the DOH concerning this matter. His response was,? I?d like to see that one.? He then hung up on me. This was a total and utter shock; to hear a supposed professional PA threaten a patent with arrest for questioning the applicability and implementation of their ?office policy.? I now can?t believe I ever entrusted this person with my medical well-being and my wife?s.

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