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Great Falls Virginia Full House Painting and Carpentry  - Image
This customer had just purchased a 9846 square foot home, and wanted us to freshen up the space! He had us prep (patch, sand, spot prime, caulk) all the trim and drywall, then paint 2 full coats of all the walls, ceilings, trim and doors. As always, the project turned out beautifully and he was very happy with the results. Take a look!
Bath Remodel in Warrenton, VA!  - Image

Bath Remodel in Warrenton, VA!

home remodeling
2022 20186
At Charles Graves Painting LLC, we understand that a quality bathroom introduces the subtleties of life, along with functionality, beauty, and lasting quality. We are a Class A Licensed HIC and PTC Contractor. Our licensed designer is certified with IFDA, WFCP, and CAPS​, graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors degree, and has a Design Certification from the Council of Qualified Residential Interior Designers. With our highly skilled bath remodel/tile staff that has been working with us for over 5 years, strict adherence to code, highest quality material recommendations, and reasonable prices, we are the perfect choice for you- for everything from simple budget remodels, to luxurious high-end bathrooms.
Cabinet Painting Projects - Image

Cabinet Painting Projects

interior painting
These are some cabinet painting photos from cabinet painting projects we have completed in the past couple years! For cabinets that were previously stained, our process includes: Removing all doors and hardware, deglossing, sanding with 220 then 320 grit sandpaper, using a high bonding oil primer, waiting 3 days before re-painting, then painting 2 full coats (and lightly using 320 grit sandpaper between coats). Then we let the paint cure for 24-48 hours before re-hanging doors
Limewash (Lime Wash) projects!   - Image

Limewash (Lime Wash) projects!

house painting
2023 22015
We are Northern Virginia’s PREMIER #1 limewash company, and Romabio’s preferred pro for Northern Virginia! We can apply limewash in any custom/distressed pattern of your choice, and we also can do solid limewash applications and masonry flat applications. Check out our work, and see for yourself!
Exterior Painting Projects - Image
These are same exterior painting projects we have completed within the past year or so. Our quality stands head and shoulders above the competition. Please take a look!
Siding re-staining Project  - Image

Siding re-staining Project

house painting
2022 20112
On this project, we: -Did a HVLP wash -Scrubbed siding with a high-quality stain remover, to remove existing stain -Then scrubbed with a high-quality 3-in-1 wood restorer, wood brightener and wood moisturizer (REVIVE) -Then 3 days later, stained 2 full coats (Note- This is an exterior stain project. There wasn't a stain category available, so we just clicked exterior painting category as it was closest)
Bressingham Drive, Fairfax Station VA Transformation (3 baths, limewash, wallpaper and painting)   - Image
Alison and Franz Schreiner are extremely happy customers of ours, and are happy references for anyone wanting to check on our quality of customer service. We remodeled 3 bathrooms, including a master bathroom, installed wallpaper, limewashed their fireplace and painted their whole interior. We modernized their beautiful home and they’re very pleased with the results! :)
Hardwood Flooring Installation- Warrenton  - Image
We installed new hardwood floor here! The process included: -acclimating the new flooring for a week prior to install, -removed carpeting, -replaced subfloor in a couple places where needed, -installed underlayment, -installed new hardwood flooring, -installed new shoe moulding (then wood fill, and caulking it) Our pricing tends to beat almost all licensed competitor's prices, for hardwood flooring install! 2 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee given on all projects.
Carpentry and Painting- Statement Panel Wall - Image
We installed carpentry (trim boxes) for this customer’s statement panel wall, and then wood filled, caulked and painted. We also painted a few other rooms as well