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Keypad Deadbolt With High Security Key - Image
We installed a Schlage Deadbolt keypad on a garage door and replaced the original key cylinder to a high security MUL-T-LOCK key cylinder that will protect against bumping or picking the lock and also protect from unauthorized key duplication.
Installing A Lock On New Door  - Image

Installing A Lock On New Door

2021 77024
We installed a new High Security Mul-T-Lock single side deadbolt on a newly installed door. We drilled the hole for the lock on the door and frame.
Key Lock Installed On Bar Cabinets  - Image
We installed cabinet locks on a wet bar to keep the client kids out of the alcoholic beverages in them. All locks were installed very carefully so no damage was done to the cabinets. Also all locks were keyed to match the same key for easy access.
Adding Extra Locks - Image

Adding Extra Locks

Adding an extra security to your doors doesn’t need to be an ugly addition. Airborne Locksmith have been retrofitting High Security locks on doors for over 15 years! Here are a few samples!
Replace Lock On A Gate  - Image

Replace Lock On A Gate

2020 77056
We replaced the old keypad and metal lock body on the driveway access gate since it was not safe. We welded a new double hole lock box and installed MUL-T-LOCK high security deadbolt and a passage lever . Also for code access, we installed a key safe box on the gate .
Add Lock To A Bathroom Cabinet  - Image
We added a code lock to bathroom cabinet door to prevent the kids from getting to the medication in the cabinet.
Install Front Door Handle Set With Keypad Deadbolt  - Image
We replaced the old handle set on the front door with a new hardware, including a keypad deadbolt.
Adding A Deadbolt On Custom Door  - Image
We added a Schlage deadbolt on custom door.
Installing HIGH SECURITY Locks On Master Closet  - Image
We installed HIGH SECURITY locks and door reinforced plates to secure master closet as an emergency escape area.
Install Code Lock On Gate  - Image

Install Code Lock On Gate

2021 77057
We replaced the deadbolt lock on the iron gate with a KABA simplex code entry keypad lock. To do that we also had to weld a new lock box so the keypad will fit. In addition we installed an outdoor gate closer so the gate will always lock after each time it’s swing open.