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Jeri Hallberg H.
Outstanding..reception..super clean environment..the Hygienist..Ms.Gomez..highest rating possible..unparalleled professionalism..gentle as a cloud!!!
Description of Work
Richard L.
Didi a good job on the root canal. The problems began with billing and insurance. They are unwilling to bill more than two insuance companies. Very expensive for service recieved.
Description of Work
Root canal
endodontics, dentists
Helmut S.
He is a good dentist. He is a little expensive but if you have insurance of any sort it wouldn't be so bad. He is very good, very competent, but as I said he is a little expensive for this part of the country. He is very soft. His hygienist who does the cleaning and stuff she is very gentle and knowledgeable. I would recommend them especially if they are having some sort of insurance. The facility is great.
Description of Work
Lois B.
He really relaxes you without using the gas. He's very easygoing. He explains everything that he is going to do. If it's going to be a little uncomfortable, he tells you and I think it's really important. He's very good. But he's very pricey. My sister left him because of that. The insurance gave her some other names and she's with them now. As for punctuality, you don't have to wait long for this dentist. I'll use him again. He is still my doctor. He takes an hour a day for emergencies. No other dentist did that because I had a little tooth break and it was so painful. I tried to get in to a dentist and that's how I got to Mitchell because he has an hour a day when he takes emergencies. It's just walk-in, you don't have to be a patient or anything. To me, he was just really concerned about the welfare of people. It's worth it because he's so caring.
Description of Work
Dr. Patrick Mitchell is my dentist. I went to him two years ago.
Lois B.
He's been my dentist for about 8 years. One of my back molars previously had cracked. He was able to fix that without resorting to the most expensive option. You don't have to wait long to see him. He's everything you could want in a doctor.
Description of Work
I came in for routine visit.
Gloria M.
His staff is very helpful and it was a very good experience. He seems very caring and concerned about his patients. I have always paid them and I have never billed.
Description of Work
Dr. Mitchell is my dentist. The last time I visited him was about a year ago.
Nancy Delgado B.
The crown was for a tooth that his dental hygienist had warned him about and he completely disregarded. When he was getting ready for the crown molding, I brought up the comment his hygienist had made and how it had come true. Unfortunately I did this right before he was going to anestisize the side where the mold had to be done. He actually stuck the needle in my gum without warning or prior topical anestesia. My gum was sore for two weeks. When he had prepped the tooth for the crown insertion, he told that I had to wait two weeks while the crown was being made. When his assistant mentioned that he had not put in the protective cap to keep my tooth from hurting when I chewed anything, he said that I didn't need it. She put one in anyway because she knew how painful it would be without one. I verified this when it fell out and I tried to chew solid food. The pain was very intense until I managed to get another one put in.
Description of Work
Crown molding, preparation and later on insertion of crown.
endodontics, dentists, oral surgeons, periodontics



5665 Trans Mountain Rd

El Paso, TX 79924

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Dentistry - General
Dentistry - Root Canals/Endodontics
Dentistry - Gum Care/Periodontics
Dentistry - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

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