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Toothacres Pet Care Center

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Toothacres Pet Care Center provides the finest indoor and outdoor boarding environment for your pet. With over 45 years of experience, the Clem family has created and maintained the highest level of excellence in the pet care industry. We are pet owners too, and we hope that your pet will become part of the Toothacres Family for years to come. Additional email - Additional DBA - Toothacres Cares....

Verified Reviews

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Brenda B.

I couldn’t have asked for better/higher quality of care and service from beginning to end! This was my first experience with All Care Veterinary Hospital as well as Toothacres Pet Care. Had no idea where to find such a service. My sweet Maggie’s ashes were returned to me in just a few days. I was impressed with the top quality of container/lush pouch container was placed in —- plus —- personal touches to reach out to/help me cope with this huge loss. I’m beyond words grateful my Maggie ended up in final care with Toothacres Pet Care. I’m grateful to my daughter for sending me to All Care Veterinary Hospital and I’m so appreciative of the quality of service All Care used for the final care of my Maggie. Thank you Toothacres from the bottom of my heart!

Description of Work
Having my awesome fur-baby cremated

Category veterinarian,pet cremation



Mark C.

My baby died early one morning and I rushed her to the vet to have my beloved pet cremated using their animal cremation service, which just happened to be Toothacres. I dropped her body off around 10:30 that morning, and then contacted the vet clinic that evening around 5. They told me that someone from Toothacres called and said they couldn’t pick her body up that day because the clinic was not on their route that day. The level of disrespect for my fur child was more than I could handle. It caused so much distress to me knowing that my baby would have to lay in the clinic overnight and that whole day I dropped her off without being refrigerated since the vet does not have the equipment for that. I will never use this company EVER again!!!! And let’s not forget it took almost two weeks to get my baby’s cremations back. If they pay Angie’s List to have this rating and my comments removed due to their horrible response to my loss and grief, then I’ll just put it right back on here over and over. People need to know how horrible your customer care is.

Description of Work
Cremation of deceased pet

Category pet cremation

Service Provider Response

Mr. [Member Name Removed] we are sorry to hear about your displeasure with our service, but I must take exception with your claims against us. After speaking with your former employer at the vet clinic in question, it was made clear to you that it is very common on extremely busy days to reschedule pet pickups for the following day, which we did. Your beloved pet was not kept out all day and night, but was placed in a safe state of refrigeration which the clinic did have available and you were aware of as an employee of said clinic at the time. Your claim that they did not have that available is completely false. Also, the reason it took so long to get your pet back to you is that you requested a special-order pet urn which had to come directly from an out of state manufacturer. We returned your little friend to you as soon as humanly possible and no later. Please refrain from making blatantly false statements against us in the future, but feel free to voice your opinions at any time. We here at Toothacres are very sorry for the loss of your beloved companion. Please accept our condolences.


Terry M.

, they took very good care, we have been using them for about 7 years and NEVER had a problem.

Description of Work
Boarded my two dogs , they took very good care, we have been using them for about 7 years and NEVER had a problem.

Category veterinarian,kennels



kathleen M.

They are excellent and we use them all the time. The cost of service is good, about $30 or $50 a day which is great. We love them there and our dog always comes back great so that is all I care about.

Description of Work
We sent our dog to Toothcare Pet Care Center.

Category kennels



Justin A.

They did a good job taking care of my pet for boarding. I wish the price weren't so high and location was closer to me, but overall they have a good quality pet boarding.

Description of Work
Dog Stayed in pet boarding for several days.

Category kennels




Excellent facilities. The care seemed to be more than adequate for our dog.

Description of Work
Boarded our dog while we were away.

Category kennels



Jeri H.

Staff was great and helpful at every encounter from the initial tour to the day of checkout. I was out of the country, and a family member called to check on my dog during the week and made one visit for exercise. She had great things to say about how she was treated and questions were answered even though she wasn't the owner (she was the emergency contact). Facilities are clean and well maintained. They even accommodated a last minute exit bath the morning of pick up (I didn't see it in their website earlier or I would have scheduled it when arranging the stay). Would not hesitate to use them again and have given their name to a friend who was looking into boarding for her vacation.

Description of Work
Boarding for nine nights. Price includes discounts for first time customer and length of stay.

Category kennels



Christina A.

I want to start off by saying that Toothacres provided the service in which I had sought them out for. They DID keep my dog safe, fed and watered. The employees were incredibly courteous over the phone when answering questions, the check in and check out process was thorough. For example, their check in process is done by computer and they make notes as to how many times you feed your dog, what medications / illnesses they have, they DO verify (and require) vaccinations either from your vet or any papers you have to show them. They have their process down pat. With that said, with proper planning, there are so many different resources and options for those of us who own dogs. While Toothacres STARTS their rates a bit less than other dog kenneling places nearby, in order to get any play interaction for your dog, you do have to pay for it and therefore, you'll end up paying very close to other kenneling places - give or take a couple of dollars. I can't find my notes at this moment but to the best of my memory, I believe that their prices started out at $29 / $29.99? and to get 30-45 mins of playtime, per day for your dog then you pay a few dollars more and your daily rate ends up around $34.00 per day. This is only the 3rd time we've had to kennel our dog and the place that we usually take him to was fully booked, and a private resource cancelled at the last minute so I was very thankful that Toothacres had room to keep our doggie. The place we usually take him to is a smaller kennel so they have the ability to walk him 2x per day (included in the price) and if you pay a few dollars extra, will take him on another walk AND play with him for 30mins. Our preferred place also doesn't allow the dogs to intermingle which is fine for us. Our preferred place also have a lake on their property and if your dog is inclined to, they'll allow your dog to jump in their lake, swim, they'll toss the ball into the lake as your dog goes after it in the water. Lots of fun for your pooch :-). He's always come back happy. Right when I walked into Toothacres, I knew we'd be up for a different type of experience however, since their reviews were great, they were referred to me from another dog kennel that was full, I felt confident that although he may not enjoy it as much, I felt confident that he'd be safe and taken care of. To start, Toothacres has A LOT of dog runs / kennels. While just about all of the other kennels were full, Toothacres still had tons more room to take in more dogs. It literally LOOKED like they had perhaps 100? dog runs or so. This place is HUGE!!! Due to the sheer volume, I do understand that they can't be as personalized as other places are for their guest pooches. They have to run efficiently, on schedule in order to properly care for all of the dogs. So I get that and I appreciate their efficiency but for the same amount of money, I'd rather take my dog to a place that receives more attention from the caregivers. Each 'kennel' is attached to a dog run so that the dog can go outside if they want to. They keep it open when the weather is nice but if it's cold / rainy then they'll close the dog runs to keep your dogs warm and also turn on the heater in the buildings so that your dog is warm. Your dog will pee / poop in the dog run and the employees spray it out of the runs / kennels when they do this. I don't know how they manage to do this without getting your dog wet each time? :-(. So if you don't pay for a daily walk / play time, then your dog will essentially be stuck in their kennel / dog run until you come to pick them up. Also, they only play / walk the dogs once per day regardless if you are willing to pay for more times. Again, I want to make clear that Toothacres did exactly what I sought their services for. With exception of my dog's nose being raw (we think from him pressing up on the metal cages), and being a clingy and needy, they kept him fed, watered and safe. Why the mediocre rating from us then? Because for either the same amount of money or a smidge more in the area, you can leave your dog with a company that is set up to be able to give your dog more attention. When I picked my dog up, I was upset because I've NEVER seen him so sad before. When we came up on his kennel, he slowly turned around and had the saddest look in his eyes until he realized that it was me then he perked up, cried and tried to claw his way out of the cage. All of the other times I felt him at the kennel or with a friend, when we showed up, you could tell he was happy to see us but we was happy there. No sad look in his eyes, no depressive slow movements from him. He was happy go lucky from drop off to pick up. Toothacres dog boarding service is good, they will do what is necessary to keep your dog safe and fed however for the money, I'd rather my dog receive more attention. He's already sad that we've left him in a strange place, I don't need him feeling like he's unwanted or abandoned in a shelter like kennel like we've left him behind for good. If you decide to leave your dog here, be prepared to have the ability to bathe them right when you get home. Our dog has NEVER stunk when I've picked him up from being boarded before and we've left him for MUCH longer before. I think it's the way that they have the dogs housed...if they pee / poo in their kennels, it just gets water blasted away...I had to hold him the entire way home because I didn't want him all over our car stinking everything up. He smelled so bad that my husband rolled down the window in freezing weather because I kept dry heaving and gagging from the stench. Thank goodness we had enough doggie shampoo! I carried him upstairs to bathe him immediately - and then had to shower myself since I smelled bad from holding and bathing him. The place we took him to before, we left him for twice as long, didn't have them bathe him and he never came out smelling bad. (Our dog doesn't like to swim in their lake so no need to bathe him there.) Granted, he didn't smell fresh like he does from the groomers but he didn't STINK like he did today. It's so bad that I'm literally tossing his bedding and putting his hard toys through the dishwasher after scrubbing them down. YES, the smell was that bad. They wouldn't allow me to leave his soft / fabric toys with him when we left him and now I understand why. So would I recommend Toothacres to a friend?? IF all of their other options were not available and they understood that their dog wouldn't receive the amount of attention that others places could give them and they knew that they should be prepared to have to bathe their dog immediately after picking their dog up? Maybe even putting them in a travel crate on the way home to not stink up their car? Then yes, sure. They will keep your dog safe and well fed but I would only recommend them with the above mentioned reservations but not before suggesting a list of other places first. Would WE take our dog there again? No, I would not. I would be willing to drive further and try out another dog boarding's services before bringing our dog back there again. Hopefully from now on, we'll be able to plan our trips better so that we can reserve the places that we would prefer to leave our dog.

Description of Work
Provided dog boarding services.

Category kennels

Service Provider Response

We appreciate you taking the time to write such an extended review of our facility! Your feedback always important to us. I am sorry that your pet came home smelling badly. That is not normal and we are sorry that it occurred. We do generally recommend that the pets receive a bath when getting the daily playtimes as they have a tendency to get much dirtier that usual. Should you consider our facility again we would be happy to offer a complimentary bath for your trouble. It is true that we do not physically take the pets out as much as other facilities but that is because they are provided such a large are to stay in compared to most modern kennels. The recent movement in kenneling is to provide smaller living spaces and extended out-of-kennel time, often with group play. We were a pioneer in offering a large space to stay, allowing the pets to have free run, in and out, as much as possible so that they are not dependent on someone letting them get out for bathroom breaks. I can assure you that our staff is constantly interacting with everyone so they still get plenty of attention! We hope that you might reconsider staying with us in the future. We will be happy to see you again!


Chris B.

We've used this place a few times now and they're really great. We love how transparent they are so that you can see how clean and well kept the facilities are. They escort you back to drop off and pick up your dog so can get a very good look at exactly what conditions they'll be staying in. The price isn't the best we've found but the only better are all far out in rural areas so we consider the cost difference as paying for the convenience.

Description of Work
Boarded our dogs for five days.

Category kennels



jim G.

It's a good place. Their pricing was moderate. Their quality was excellent. They were okay, they did what they're supposed to do.

Description of Work
I brought my pet to Toothacres Pet Care Center for boarding services.

Category kennels

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    How is Toothacres Pet Care Center overall rated?

    Toothacres Pet Care Center is currently rated 4.7 overall out of 5.

    What days are Toothacres Pet Care Center open?

    Toothacres Pet Care Center is open:

    Sunday: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

    Monday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Wednesday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Thursday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Saturday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    What payment options does Toothacres Pet Care Center provide

    Toothacres Pet Care Center accepts the following forms of payment: Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

    Does Toothacres Pet Care Center offer free estimates?

    No, Toothacres Pet Care Center does not offer free project estimates.

    Does Toothacres Pet Care Center offer eco-friendly accreditations?

    No, Toothacres Pet Care Center does not offer eco-friendly accreditations.

    Does Toothacres Pet Care Center offer a senior discount?

    No, Toothacres Pet Care Center does not offer a senior discount.

    Are warranties offered by Toothacres Pet Care Center?

    No, Toothacres Pet Care Center does not offer warranties.

    What services does Toothacres Pet Care Center offer?

    Toothacres Pet Care Center offers the following services: Boarding for cats and dogs, pet cremation, burials, indoor & outdoor facilities.