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Change your mind, change your life. Hypnosis is the most effective treatment for smoking cessation and improves results when added to any weight loss program. Custom CD created for every client. Free consultation.
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Description of Work
Hypnosis weight loss
Susan H.
The work with Kimball has been easy, relaxing, and afterwards feels like a fog has lifted.
Description of Work
My daughter has fears and anxiety which we have tried to address many ways. When I suggested hypnosis she was open to the idea. After seeing Kimball, her anxiety level has decreased and she is less fearful. I also scheduled a session and have found that I am moving quickly thru old behavior patterns and beliefs that are burdens. I am taking specific actions to improve my financial outlook and feel more uplifted. Kimball is calm, wise, nonjudgmental and intuitive. If you are open to improvement in your life, you will respond. Sometimes we can't make change happen all on our own, Kimball helps our mind get clear, focused, and unburdened.

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Most people know what changes they want to make, but feel stuck when it's time to take action. Hypnosis has been proven very effective at eliminating resistance to change. Is your mind your greatest enemy? You can make it your best friend by enlisting help from your powerful subconscious. Forget the swinging pocket watch and sci-fi mind control. Hypnotherapy is about helping you get unstuck from old patterns, and create positive changes quickly and easily. Our minds work on two levels - the conscious and the subconscious. We make decisions, think and act with our conscious (logical) mind. The subconscious mind controls our habits. Sometimes, we want to change something but find it difficult. Usually, this is because the conscious and the subconscious minds disagree. It can seem like you are having an argument with yourself. A part of you wants to change, but another part doesn't to want to. In hypnosis, we can communicate directly with the subconscious mind, without logical thought getting in the way. We can change the subconscious part of the mind so that the two parts of the mind agree. You'll no longer feel as if you're having an argument with yourself. Doing what you really want to do just becomes easy and natural. That’s why it's so quick and easy to change habits of a lifetime with hypnosis. If there is something that you don’t wish to share with the therapist, you won’t have to. During your session, you’ll have total control over what’s private, and what you’d rather not discuss. Hypnosis is not a truth serum! You can rest assured anything you do say during a session is kept confidential. Hypnotherapy is NOT a magic wand. You must have a strong desire to change. The hypnotherapist cannot MAKE you do something you don’t really want to do. If you are ready to change, hypnosis can help you to achieve that change easily. Sometimes where years of other therapy has failed.



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Alternative Med. - Hypnotherapy

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Weight management, smoking cessation, behavior changes.

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City of Roses Hypnosis offers the following services: Weight management, smoking cessation, behavior changes.