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Circle Pines, Trex Tiki Torch Resurface

Project Description
20215501422,000 - 28,000

This project turned out phenomenal and was a privilege to be a part of. We had to alter some of the existing framing and completely replace other parts as we always expect with resurface jobs. But all in all this was a great project for us to start off the 2021 fiscal year with. Another huge bonus to this project was we were finally able to lay some Trex Transcend Tiki Torch decking, we at Dexpert have been looking forward to trying out that decking and building some art with it for some time it seems. This deck, being a resurface, had it's own set of challenges like they all do. I'll try not to bore you with the details but the whole floor frame was slightly out of square in 2 directions, which made for some fun cutting all the mitered corners. We got it done and turned an older deteriorated deck on its last legs into an elegant structure again. We really loved the turnout of this deck and know the homeowners did too. We hope they make some good use out of it this summer and make lasting memories on their new, long lasting, maintenance-free deck.