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date of service 03/01/2015

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The visit ended up with the patient being admitted and due to the work done in the emergency room our family doctor was able to complete the diagnosis and the patient was able to go home in two days.

Family member was experiencing shortness of breath.  We went to Mercy because we had had positive experiences in the past and this time was no different.  The staff was knowledgeable and helpful.  They took care of the patient quickly and the doctor in charge was extremely careful.

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All in all, this experience at Mercy Medical Center was not a very pleasant one.The ER stay was long, too long.The food is horrible, to say the least. I wouldn't give it to my dog.There seems to be an absence of doctors.The nurses seem to be very stressed and overworked, not enough of them. **The only plus, a private room. Other than that, I was asked the same questions regarding my med's, date of...

I was brought to the Mercy Hospital emergency room after suffering a TIA, the second in two days. I went early in the morning and was lucky, there were only a few people in the waiting room. When I explained the problem to the nurse at the desk, she brought me right in to the emergency area. And that, was the end of the efficiency.I was on a gurney, in a cubicle for a total of 9 hours and never saw a doctor in that time period, only P.A.'s and nurse. After a few hours, I was given a CT Scan and a chest X-Ray and then left on my gurney for several hours more.From 7 AM - 1 PM, I was not offered anything to eat or drink. I finally asked for a cup of ginger ale.I told the nurse who brought that, that I was a little hungry, she said she'd try to "find" me something to eat.She came back with a styrofoam box and placed it in front of me.I opened it to find a...pork chop?? Cold. It looked and felt like a rubber chew toy. I couldn't eat it.There was also something that looked like sweet potato, which I love...but this...left much to be desired.Also, a tablespoon of corn..which tasted so dull, tasted like overcooked canned vegetable, awful.I closed the styrofoam box and put it aside and the next time the nurse appeared, I told her how horrible the food was.She told me, "people don't come to Mercy for the food."Well, you can say that again!!!She asked if I wanted a turkey sandwich. I thought about it and said yes...after all, what can go wrong with a turkey sandwich? She brought "it". Two slices of dry bread, and in between, 3 slices of what appeared to be some sort of packaged turkey slices, dull and tasteless...but I was so hungry by then, I ate nearly half of the sandwich before I had to give up. I was admitted and waited until late afternoon for them to "find" me a bed. I'll tell you..the one they found was as hard as a rock!! The gurney was more comfortable.I asked several times to see a doctor, was never given a straight answer as to why there didn't seem to be any doctors available.I finally saw a doctor in the early evening, but only because he had come in and was on rounds to see his patients who were in the hospital. He was not a hospitalist.Right after that, a woman came into the room and said she had to draw more blood. I asked her why..I had already had blood drawn before coming up to my room. She said they needed to draw blood every 6 or 8 hours because ... I had had a heart attack. WRONG!! Where did that information come from? I did not have a heart attack. The rest of the evening was not very restful. The bed was hard, the mattress being 1 1/2 inches thick with only a light sheet on top and a light sheet to cover up with. The 2 "pillows", if you can call them that, were small, thin and uncomfortable.The noise in the hallway was anything but quiet and restful. The nurses at the nurse's station talked and laughed among themselves, loudly.I was wide awake until nearly 4 AM and finally fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion and slept for...a full hour. I was told by someone who stopped by my room briefly, that the mattress was an air mattress and somebody should have inflated it before I was given the bed. Good information...but a little late.

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They are excellent and the best in the area! I can't say enough good things about them. They had gyms and all of the equipment I needed to work on getting better. They also helped me maintain my diet and checked with me everyday about food options. I also observed a language interpreter who worked with another individual.

I had two strokes and went to the Weldon Rehab Hospital in Mercy Medical for care and rehab.

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