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Baird, Dr. John

With Angi since October 2008


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Rehabilitation - Physical Medicine & Rehab
Pain Management
Endocrinology & Metabolism
Primary Care - Osteopathic Medicine
Weight Mgt. - Dietitians/Nutritionists

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Verified Reviews

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After a few years of his care, and taking narcotic medication (addicting). I showed up for my May appointment , waited 90 min for my appt. and was told the office was closing, his license was canceled for questionable reasons. I was told to watch for withdrawal problems go to ER if needed and good luck...... I'm sure there must have been some advance notice of this pending closure, too bad he didn...

Description of Work
I was seeing Dr Baird for Fibromyalgia and pain management. As an RN I was unsure of the amounts of prescription medication prescribed. I would take only a portion of the large doses prescribed. There was an extreme emphasis on testing that was expensive and often not covered by insurance, and of questionable value by the general medical community, and not necessarily pertinent to my problems. I must admit, using my own education and nursing experience, with his prescribing meds, I was fairly comfortable, and highly functioning compared to the period of diagnosis, and prior to his care. However, I was active in my own care and meds used, he was overprescribing.

Category pain management,physical medicine



After over three years with this doctor, thinking he was a great guy, I was rudely kicked out. After months of being told I owed nothing, then was told I had to pay nearly a thousand dollars before seeing the doctor at my appointment. Reaching an agreement that my part was just over two hundred dollars and the rest would be billed to my insurance I was allowed to see him on that appointment. The n...

Description of Work
Over three years with this doctor. I thought he was an honorable man. He seemed easy to talk to, understanding and concerned with my medical problems. I was convinced he was a caring doctor. My many health problems included having been given up several times for 6 months or less, and actually having coded twice and brought back to life. I tried any medicine he told me I needed without hesitation. I truly liked this man. I trusted him. I realized to late that I never really knew the real person. He is cold, calculating and the most money hungry doctor I've ever had the misfortune of meeting. God help those who still trust this man. He has hurt me more than any other person on the face of this earth as far as the amount of suffering he has caused me. I'll never be able to look at any other doctor as I was able to prior to my encounter with this man. God help those patients that my venture his way and those who still go there.

Category physical medicine



Every time I have been treated by him I have been impressed at his wealth of knowledge and how careful he is to communicate with me about the different aspects of my condition. He has a great bedside manner and his methods, while sometimes a little unconventional, are extremely effective. He looks beyond a simple TSH report and focuses on free T3 and T4 results as well as the symptoms. He seems to...

Description of Work
I visited Dr. Baird for management of my thyroid condition. I have been treated by him for a little over a year.

Category endocrinologist



My thought is that I could have saved myself a lot of trouble had I discovered Dr. Baird earlier. I was too timid with my first pain manager, and he did help me with arthritic pain but was not helpful in finding out why I hurt all over. I'm sure that had something to do with the fact that this strange pain situation was outside of his expertise or what he wanted to do within his field. But I am eq...

Description of Work
After filling out form after form in other pain doctor's offices with overwhelming symptoms which were misdiagnosed and in some cases ignored I was frustrated and terrified. I could not walk well or far; standing for more than 5 minutes was impossible. Overwhelmed suddenly by allergies and light-headedness I thought I was off my rocker. Pain in my legs and body in general would force me awake in the morning. My sight was blurry. I feared storm seasons, as for some reason the barometric pressure 200 miles out appeared to bother my back and legs. Then I developed tremors in my shoulder (I thought from a prior injury) and began to fear the worst. I hid all of this and tried to work as best I could. I even found a job that did not require much physical motion to avoid aggravating the pain. The final straw was developing TMJ to the point that my shoulder would freeze from the jaw pain. And it did it during the day, not from grinding my teeth at night. I could not go forward any more. I went to a dentist, the eye doctor; a TMJ specialist recommended by my primary care doctor. And then a neurologist who prescribed something that turned out to be used for fibromyalgia. Unsure of what I had, but suspecting possibly fibromyalgia, my primary doctor recommended Dr. Baird. This syndrome is difficult enough to diagnose but he was able to diminish my overall pain dramatically. In addition, he prescribed medication which helped my focus (which I was losing quickly) and upped my energy level a little. I in turn felt good enough to research some general options to help myself. There is no cure but Dr. Baird has it under control and I in turn have a real life again. Extraordinary doctor, open-minded, alert to minute symptoms, caring.

Category pain management,physical medicine



I would never under ANY circumstances suggest that someone see this insensitive doctor! He is in love with himself and is power hungry. He was interested in the fact that I was/or wasn't having S** as compared to my pain levels! He will turn on you in a heartbeat making it next to impossible to find someone to see you! I suffer from a disease and have literally had other doctors call him a "Quack"...

Description of Work
He treated me for Fibromyalgia. I have been told by two doctors since seeing him that they have had cancer patients on less medication than Mr. Baird had me on! He constantly wanted to know if my husband and I were intimate and tried to get more detailed information but....I wouldn't bite! He had a staff at one time that I adored! They were kind and caring! They really treated me like they cared. When they left....his office went to s***! Again, DO NOT Go to this guy!!!!!!

Category physical medicine

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