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Loretta D.
Our family has been patients with this office for over 30 years. I had an appointment scheduled with one of their surgeons for evaluation for cataract surgery. When I went in for the appointment, that doctor was not in. I was told to wait and another doctor would see me. The wait was very long because there were a number of other patients there with the same problem. I was finally taken back to the inner waiting area which was packed. They were bringing in extra chairs and people were still standing. The long wait continued. Someone said that the practice had been sold and bought by the new doctor and the doctor who was a no show had left the practice. Obviously, the office did not bother to notify us or reschedule us. When I was finally seen, by the new doctor, he said I needed surgery and the best lenses would be the most expensive one available. I agreed to that and surgery was scheduled. Went in for that and another long wait - 4 hours. 15 minutes procedure, but a very large number of people scheduled obviously for the same time slots. Came out of surgery with a broken blood vessel. It did heal. Next surgery for the other eye, the anesthetist had problems with my breathing, but Dr Ansari couldn't wait and I had surgery without anesthesia. There actually was no pain, but a great deal of anxiety! It's been over a year and my vision is terrible - terribly blurry. I can't read labels when shopping and can't walk around in readers. The blurry is for any distance. I have since read material from the maker of the lenses he recommended, and the company recommends that people with the vision I had should not use these lenses. I feel like the world's biggest idiot for not following my gut and walking out that first day. When I went back for follow-ups, the inner waiting area was always standing room only; I felt like I was in some third world country. Lots of people were complaining and disappointed in their surgeries. I heard several people actually yelling at the doctor in the exam rooms. My husband now needs cataract surgery and we have no intention of him going thru that. The surgeon we want to use requires a referral. When we called Bluegrass Eye Center, they refuse to refer to anyone but Ansari. We have to pay for another office visit with another doctor in order to get a referral to the provider of our choice. Dr Bowers was wonderful for a lot of years, but something has gone terribly wrong!!! Be careful!
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cataract surgery
Stephanie S.
As I stated before we were signed up to see Dr. Penn as she had received a grade A from Angie's list. We only saw the Dr. for a few minutes The Technician did most of the exam and determined what my new prescription should be. She was adamant that both eyes were the same and I did not need a different prescription in each eye. We were given a new prescription for glasses and contacts. We were given two "sample" contacts of a different brand to try as they did not have or do not have the brand I had been using. The technician was adamant that I should have the same prescription in both eyes it just makes life easier. I went home tried the contacts and they did not fit well at all. I called and spoke with the technician and was told they should fit fine almost like I was being a whiner for saying they weren't fitting. I was told they would get them in the same size in my preferred brand and they would fit fine. I picked up the preferred brand and one of them did not fit correctly. I called and said I needed a smaller size for that one eye. I was told there was only one other size but the technician doubted it would fit. I picked up the contact and the tag had been ripped off so I had no idea what the size, maker etc was of this "sample" contact. I did not try it out for many weeks as I had just stuck with my glasses I'd had enough of headaches and sore eyes with the contacts. Finally I tried it and it felt fine wasn't great but better than the previous one. The technician called to check on how the "sample" contact fit and I told her I had not tried it yet, she seemed to be exasperated with me and said she'd make down in my chart the sizes of the contacts. I then ripped the only "sample" I had and needed to get new contacts. I decided I wanted to order online so I called Bluegrass Eyecare to get my prescription with the new "sample's" size. I left 2 messages one in the morning and then another in the early afternoon. I was finally called back 15min before they close. When i asked for the prescription/sizes of the contacts I was told it could not be given over the phone. I informed the called that I wanted to order them online he told me it wasn't possible for him to give it to me over the phone how did i want to get it. I told him I'd come in and pick it up. Of course I couldn't get it that night as they were closing in 15 min. I went the next day when I got there and picked up the prescription to my dismay it was the same exact one they had given me back in January (it is now April). The technician had never changed the "sample" size contact in my chart and since they had ripped off the tag before they gave it to me I had no idea what it was or if it was even different! I told them I would not be back to their office I had had enough. I have since gone to a new office SIMPSON OPTICAL DR. Lambert and have gotten the correct prescription my eyes required two different prescriptions! No wonder I had headaches! The contacts were a different size too and I was actually fitted with them in the office! I am lucky I went from a horrible experience at Bluegrass Eyecare to a fantastic experience at SIMPSON OPTICAL! I would not recommend this technician to anyone.
Description of Work
Yearly eye exam for glasses and contacts. We were scheduled to see Dr. Penn. Her Technician did most of the work. The doctor just checked the back of the eyes once they were fully dilated. The Technician was very abrupt which I normally don't have an issue with except she seemed to believe she knew what was best for my eyes, more than I did. We were never fitted for contacts as they are medical devices the tech or dr should have had me put the contacts in and then examined them to make sure they were fitting correctly in my eyes to assure they had given me the right size etc.... None of this was done. Being that I am new to contacts and had only been fitted once before at a different office I was not aware what a "contact fitting" should entail.



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