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McNeil Sinkhole Dunwoody - Image

McNeil Sinkhole Dunwoody

2020 30338
This is a sinkhole excavation project. We correctly dug out the customer's trash pit and filled it in, and graded his yard properly. This particular sinkhole was a deeper sinkhole, that required a larger excavator. To properly fix a sinkhole, you must remove all the material that has been buried (stumps, limbs, and other debris), then use a clay based fill dirt to compact it in the hole properly.
Buckland Residence Grayson - Image

Buckland Residence Grayson

decks & porches
2019 30017
This was a complete renovation of this backyard. We created a landscape plan first. Then we went through and completely tore out everything in her backyard (pool stayed). We even removed her deck. Next stage is to grade and level everything back out. We installed new drainage solutions as well. We then installed a new deck and even changed the location of her stairs! We installed a new patio under her new deck and spilled out into other parts of her yard. We created a new stair way with planters and pavers from the new patio to the pool deck. We installed several new pathways as well. We installed new plants, and new sod to complete the backyard.
Manning Residence Marietta - Image

Manning Residence Marietta

decks & porches
2018 30062
This was a complete remodel of this backyard. A landscape plan was created first. We installed a 2 layered deck, under decking, 2 new paver patios, a stair case to the patio from the backyard, a retaining wall to hold dup the new patios and deck, an entertainment area, new walkway, plantings, mulch, grading, and sod.
Klein Residence Lawrenceville - Image

Klein Residence Lawrenceville

concrete repair
2017 30044
This was a complete renovation of this backyard. We ripped out the deck, and moved the location of their stairs. We installed a new paver patio that ran under the deck as well. Underdecking was also installed. We installed a retaining wall to hold the dirt back next to the patio that was cut further into the hill. There was an existing small wall that was removed. We also installed a fire pit. We also installed electrical for the fan we installed under the deck. There is also privacy section installed under the deck so that it remains open, but semi enclosed on 1 side. A new set of stairs was installed so that the client could walk up into their new patio on the privacy side, and a new concrete pad was installed at the base of the stairs. We also installed a new retaining wall and dry river bed in the front yard and along the right side of the house.
Betsa Landscape Design in Lawrenceville - Image
This was a a landscape design we installed. We went along some of the side of the house, but this install was primarily in the backyard. It consisted of some minor grading, drainage, mulch, new sod, and of course, lots of new plants!