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Veterinary Emergency Referral Center

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Pensacola, FL 32503


Veterinary Emergency Referral Center is fully staffed 24/7. Offering only specialty and emergency veterinary care....

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Norman E.

The staff was professional and compassionate. The staff took care of our sweet cat and of us. We'll always appreciate their kindness during a stressful and painful time

Description of Work
Our elderly cat, suffering from kidney failure, collapsed about 3 am on Easter morning. We rushed him to the emergency vet center. Thank heavens they are open 24 hours. It was obvious that the time had come to let him go.

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J O L.

Description of Work
This facility seems to operate on the business model of maximizing $$$$ income, and tries to maximize the number and cost of tests. It is a nice facility, and is expanding, but I've heard several very negative comments from others that have taken an animal there, and no positive experiences. One friend even had to physically take possession of their animal to get away from the facility. If you take an animal there, be prepared to spend lots of money.

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My cat was not doing well. My local Pensacola vet did some blood work and x-rays, was not able to identify the problem. She concluded I needed to have an ultrasound done to further narrow down the problem. At their recommendation I took him to the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center. They checked him in and did some additional blood work. I spoke with them on the phone regarding the next steps. The head doctor gave me all the possible options of what could be going on. In my grief stricken moment he asked that I consider whether I wanted the ultrasound to be conducted (I was kind of surprised that he hadn't already done it on the command of my main vet). The previous bloodwork that had been ordered would take a couple days or more to get the results back. He said that if I did want the ultrasound done that I should call back in the morning and tell them one way or the other what I want them to do. (side note: upon dropping my kitty off I was told to call between 5 am and 6 am to speak directly with the vet on duty) I called back the following morning and requested that they perform the ultrasound. My usual nature is to pester to make sure that things are being accomplished as requested. I held off in the thought that they were following my requests.... I called the emergency vet at approximately 3pm, after hearing nothing, no results, from them all day. THEY HAD NOT PERFORMED THE ULTRASOUND AS REQUESTED. My vet had requested it. I had ultimately requested it and still they did not do as I asked. What's the worse is that they basically kept my poor scared kitty locked up in a metal cage for 36 hours FOR NO REASON!!!! I updated my local vet on the fact that the requested service had not been performed. They scrambled a bit and were able to procure an ultrasound professional that is able to travel from one location to another. The catch: it was 4:30 and I needed to get my cat from the Veterinary Emergency Referral Center to my vet. My office to the Emergency Vet is 5 min. There to my Vet is 10 min. That leaves 15 min with which to get my cat. I hopped in my car, immediately calling the emergency center to inform them that I'm on my way and that time is of the essence. They say...."oh, there are other people here who are ahead of you. We will do our best" I get there. There is one other couple in the huge complex (very, very fancy digs btw). I spend 15 min just standing there waiting to actually speak to the desk clerk. Finally she comes and settles my bill. When I checked him in I had to leave a $1,000 deposit. The lady tells me that I will receive a $14 refund (oh, golly, gee whiz! a whole $14...*insert massive sarcasm here*) I tell her she can keep the $14 if she'll just give me my cat so I can go. She laughs. I sign paperwork, they give me a refund. I wait 5 more minutes. OK, now I get to go to a room where they will go through the check out procedure... still no cat. I wait in the smaller room for 5 more min. Another lady (vet tech?) comes in, has me sign more papers. STILL NO CAT. She says, "ok, now I'll go get your cat". Holy s*** really!? Now I get my cat back?! Wait 5 more min. She finally comes back with my cat in my crate. I beat feet out and head to my vet, where they have been holding the Ultrasound person longer than necessary because I've been keeping them updated on the uber slow check-out process. i.e. they know why I'm late, and it's not my fault. Upon handing my baby off to the Ultrasound person the head vet pulls me aside and apologizes for the ordeal of dealing with the Emergency Vet. By doing an ultrasound they were able to see that my kitty had a collapsed lung and multiple tumors. I take him home for the evening, to give him one more night in a comfortable place (as opposed to a horrible metal crate) and then I brought him back to my vet to let him go. - The emergency vet did NOT do as I requested, nor as my vet requested. - The emergency vet needlessly kept my kitty locked up (I could have brought him home) - They charged me for the early release...yes, they charged me $50 because I took him out earlier than *they* anticipated... - Slowest most convoluted check-out process ever. - My vet was ashamed of the trouble I went through because of the emergency vet - The Veterinary Emergency Referral Center is well aware that they are the only game in town and they will fleece you for it.

Description of Work
My local vet referred me to this emergency vet because he was capable of providing some specialized services (ultrasound). My cat was suffering from something and the next step was to do an ultrasound. I took him in, they messed around, didn't do the ultrasound and charged me essentially for keeping him locked up in a metal cage for 36 hours. On top of that they charged me for an early extraction!!

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Service Provider Response

Ms. [removed member name]brought Dante, her cat, to Veterinary Emergency Referral Center at 1:05pm, on January 15, 2014, as an emergency work-in, between appointments, at her regular veterinarian's request. Upon arrival, Dante was stable but admitted for diagnostics. At that time, Ms. [removed member name]agreed (as per her signed Health Care Plan) for our doctors to perform radiographs, to be interpreted by a board certified radiologist, laboratory work, that had to be sent to an outside laboratory, and hospitalization to monitor Dante for the night, in case he needed supplemental oxygen support. Ms. [removed member name]did not agree to have an ultrasound done that day, as she was waiting for the other results. At 5:49pm, on January 15, 2014, our board certified critical care doctor, contacted Ms. [removed member name], by phone, and explained that the radiologist said, “we are likely dealing with cancer as there is a mass in the right cranial thorax and nodules in the right and left caudal lung lobes.” As well, there was pleural effusion and mineral opacities in both kidneys and lumbar spondylosis deformations. Our doctor offered all recommendations given by the radiologist, and asked how she would like to proceed. She elected to run the blood work first, and would call the next morning to let us know if she would like to perform the ultrasound, and/or a fine needle aspirate. At 5:08am, on January 16, 2014, Ms. [removed member name]called and talked to our overnight, emergency doctor who had been monitoring Dante all night. At that time, she was told that Dante had remained stable all night and not needed oxygen supplementation. Ms. [removed member name]asked about the cost of the ultrasound and if it would give a definitive diagnosis. The doctor explained the fine needle aspirate would be a better diagnostic tool for determining if the mass was cancerous and what type but an ultrasound could give a better picture of the masses. At that time, Ms. [removed member name]told the emergency doctor she would like to go ahead and have ultrasound worked in to that day's schedule, and she understood the doctor would call her when it was completed. At 3:15pm, on January 16, 2014, Ms. [removed member name]called and talked to the critical care doctor. He explained the laboratory results we had gotten back, so far, were negative and we could proceed with the ultrasound, with or without the fine needle aspiration, or continue to wait for laboratory results. At that time, she asked the critical care doctor to call and discuss the options with her regular veterinarian, which he did. Just after 4:30pm, Ms. [removed member name]called, telling our receptionist that she needed Dante ready to go immediately, stating that she “had to be somewhere with Dante at 5:00pm”. It was explained to her then, that the critical care staff was currently involved in one case, and had another waiting on them, already, but they would do the best they could. If it is not already understood, we are an emergency and critical care facility. We triage patients, in order of critical need. Critically ill patients must be tended to prior to all other cases, as is the medical standard of our field. As well, it is medical standard, to give all clients the opportunity to speak to the medical staff, in private, prior to discharging a patient. This ensures proper communication of medical needs, maintains continuity of care among facilities, and allows the client time to address any concerns. It is unfortunate, that neither Ms. [removed member name], nor her regular veterinarian, used this opportunity to communicate, that her regular veterinarian had asked an ultrasonographer, who was there for her personal pets, to wait at their clinic for Ms. [removed member name]to arrive. In summary, Dante's diagnostics were reviewed by two board certified doctors, and Ms. [removed member name]was given the diagnosis of likely cancer, within 4 hours of arriving to VERC. She opted not to have the ultrasound performed the day Dante arrived and signed, agreeing to have Dante stay the night for monitoring and continued care. Ms. [removed member name]signed a Health Care Plan and Estimate for a range of $703.53 - $1918.29. Her total invoice ended up being $985.25. Ms. [removed member name]was not charged for discharging her cat early. In fact, the doctor discounted the full-day hospitalization fee, and only charged her “Hospitalization – outpatient”, which lowered her cost. This is clearly printed on Ms. [removed member name] invoice. Our staff have documented several communications with Ms. [removed member name] and her regular veterinarian, during Dante's stay. It is unfortunate, that Ms. [removed member name] had to come to terms with Dante's terminal condition and we are sorry for her loss. However, the VERC staff operated based on the requests of her and her regular veterinarian as verified by her signed consent forms, medical results, and video footage.


Jean B.

I was visiting my sister and her family in Melbourne, Florida. I had taken my 9 year old golden retriever, Shelby, with me. We had an awesome visit but about 3 weeks into the visit we noticed Shelby being very tired and listless. Several days later we noted that she seemed bloated and had lost her appetite. Thought maybe it was the food, so I changed food. Tried several different things but it seemed to make no difference. I called an emergency clinic in town. They did blood work, x-rays and ultrasound. They said it was hemangiosarcoma, a cancer of the blood vessels which is not usually caught until it is too late. They said that likely the spleen had ruptured and she was bleeding internally. My only thought was that I had to get her home to see my husband and to be in her own environment. They said she might make the 9 hour car trip but there were no guarantees. They provided the test results on both paper and on a CD, to include the x-rays and ultrasound. They gave me some pain medication and heartfelt condolences. My sister rode home with me, consoling Shelby, and me. Her husband followed in their car. It was the hardest ride of my life. Shelby did survive the trip, but we knew that she was not comfortable and we needed to put an end to her suffering. We went to Veterinary Emergency Referral Center in Pensacola, Florida. They looked at those results and did a physical exam. All signs confirmed the diagnosis. The doc did give us alternatives, to include surgery. When we said that the most humane thing would be to end her suffering, he agreed and she was peacefully put out of her suffering Sunday morning at 1am. I would definitely return to Veterinary Emergency Referral Center in Pensacola. They are professional, efficient, thorough and sympathetic.

Description of Work
They looked at the test results provided by the vet in Melbourne, FL 12 hours prior. They did an exam and explained all of our options, to include surgery. But when we said she was in too bad a condition, they peacefully put her to sleep.

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willliam M.

They could not have been better. We were not the only ones there crying with our dogs on Tuesday morning at 9 am. They did a really terrific job.

Description of Work
We used Veterinary Emergency Referral Center when our dog passed away.

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    Veterinary Emergency Referral Center is currently rated 4 overall out of 5.

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    Veterinary Emergency Referral Center accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, American Express, Check, Discover, MasterCard, Financing Available

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    No, Veterinary Emergency Referral Center does not offer a senior discount.

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    Yes, Veterinary Emergency Referral Center offers emergency services.

    What services does Veterinary Emergency Referral Center offer?

    Veterinary Emergency Referral Center offers the following services: Veterinary including pet care, cardiology, surgery, critical care & ophthalmology.

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    Boarding, vaccinations, selling of pet foods and medications.