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P. & E. Sapon - Roof - Image
Complete Roof Replacement.
E. & H. Jones - Flat Roof - Image
5 layer tear, disposal and replace flat roof project.
J. & R. Movius - Coating - Image
Exterior Restoration with Coolwall Coating System.
B. & L. Marconi - Coating - Image
Complete exterior restoration on a home in a historical district of Pasadena.
V. Chaplo - Windows - Image

V. Chaplo - Windows

window replacement
Old wood windows replaced by vinyl windows.
E. Stephenson - Windows and Sliding Glass Doors - Image
Whole condominium of windows and sliding glass doors.
G. Arvizu - Patio Cover - Image
Octagon Shaped Lattice Free Standing Patio Cover.
C. Allen - Patio Cover - Image
Replaced a Costco grade gazebo with Aluminum Patio Cover.
K. & S. Pearce - Gutters - Image
K - Style Gutters.
R. & J. Ruiz - Whole House Fan - Image
A whole house fan installation. A whole house fan pulls in the early morning and late night fresh cool air using approximately 400 watts of power (about 4 light bulbs) which will keep your house cooler in the summer time and keep the temperature lower than you and your family are used to, making it unnecessary to turn on the AC as much or sometimes at all.