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Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Installation August 18, 2020 - Image
This install consisted of two Tesla Powerwall 2 Home Batteries, a Gateway 2 and a critical load panel. The Gateway 2 is a nice addition to this install as it matches the Tesla car-white finish that comes with the new Tesla Powerwall 2. This Home Battery install was an add to a previous Solar System that had already been installed by Baker years before. The home back up system was partial and not a full Home Battery backup. The owner was very pleased with the results.
EV Charger Install - Image

EV Charger Install

This 40 amp EV circuit install had conduit ran up to attic toward the garage. This was for a Tesla car charging station in the homeowner's garage. The exterior surface conduit mounted from the second story to the first story garage roof. The installation of this EV panel required a conduit run through the house but was well hidden and aesthetically pleasing with the polished finish on the charging station.
Exterior Powerwall Home Battery Installation - Image
Two Tesla Powerwalls were installed to the exterior of the house, as well as electrical conduits running into the home. This project was an addition to a previously installed Solar Project.
Nest Thermostat Install - Image

Nest Thermostat Install

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This first time Baker Electric Home Energy customer received a FREE estimate and decided to proceed with the job order. The NEST Smart Thermostat was installed in less than 30 minutes. Our professional HVAC installer educated the customer on how to use the thermostat while addressing all important questions.
Interior Tesla Powerwall Install - Garage - Image
This returning customer had two Tesla Powerwall home batteries installed in their garage. Because of the location of the electrical panel adjacent to the chimney, the homeowner opted for some external conduit wrapping around the house, making this a more unique installation. The homeowner is utilizing energy from a 5.6 kW Solar system installed by us on their home 6 years ago.
Ground Mount and Rooftop Solar Installation - Image
The 20-year old roof required careful attention. The homeowner carefully considered between a ground mount and other rooftop options to offset $500 monthly electrical bills. The homeowner found it within their best interest to move forward with both options. The complete Solar system installation consisted of 36 370 watt LG panels with microinverters.
Rooftop Solar System Installation - Image
Baker Electric Home Energy installed an Enphase wireless monitoring system and 18 340 watt LG Panels. Because of slight shading from the tree, the homeowner decided to go for higher producing optimized panels with micro-inverters and is now pleased when reviewing their utility bill.