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Family owned & operated. Veteran Owned . A+ rating with the BBB...

Verified Reviews

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This guy is all about the work doing it right! These guys didn't take advantage of her being a woman and she appreciate. They offered the choice of having to tow with tow.

Description of Work
She had a power issue. Went to several mechanics prior that couldn't get an estimate less than $1400. Walker found out the real reason for her problems and they provided the service. They went all out, did oil change and they fixed her car right waya. Saved her alot of money.

Category auto repair



The price was much less than other places here in town. These guys are the best so far. They are very upfront. If they need to fix something, they will get your consent. It was very economical. I give them As across the board.

Description of Work
I brought my car in 2 months ago for an oil change and had some new tires put on.

Category auto repair

Service Provider Response

The customer is a repeat customer. I appreciate his good review


The service was friendly. They seem like good, honest people. The price is reasonable. It didn't seem like they were trying to sell me things I didn't need. I would give them an A+ for everything. They took care of me right away. When I checked around to compare prices, other companies were charging $100 for the same service. They are very professional and helpful. If I need advice on buying a car...

Description of Work
They fixed my car window.

Category auto repair

Service Provider Response

Its good to hear people saying you didnt overcharge them. We try our best to be very competitive. We do perform pre-purchase inspection inexpensively depending on how far you want to go.


I will never use this shop ever again. I took my truck there for a transmission leak and they tried to sell me a starter repair that I didn't need.

Description of Work
o I dropped my truck off on 12-19-11 at Walkers Service Center 2020 Creekview Dr Fayetteville AR. I dropped my truck off at their shop because it was closest to my house. I had never used them before. On Sunday 12-18-11 I was towing a trailer for a few hours and got my transmission hot. When I got home it was wet under my truck with transmission fluid. I was paranoid when I seen tranny fluid so I added 3 quarts and parked the truck. On Monday morning I went out to the truck and started it and did not see any leaks. I check the tranny fluid and it was over full because of the fluid I added. I took the truck for a drive and it shifted strong. So I was about 99% sure I did not have a bad transmission. But I did not want to drive it to Arkansas Transmissions in Springdale, AR just in case. I have used Arkansas Transmission several times and trust the owner Paul very much. I only choose Walker Service Center in Johnson, AR / Fayetteville, AR because it was the closest to my house. I dropped it off at 3:00 on Monday and the receptionist said they would probably not look at it until Tuesday morning. I received a call about 9:00 am from John 479-973-9343 (the owner / service writer) and he wanted to know what was wrong with my truck. I explained to him my concern and what I was doing when the leak started. I told him that I may have blown a seal on / in my transmission. He said they took it for a drive and it shifted strong. So they would take a look to make sure that the pump bushing was ok. If the pump bushing was ok they would just drain the fluid back down to the level it should be at and it should be fine. I told him thanks for being honest and just go ahead and do a fluid and filter change on the transmission because its probably do for one anyway. He said no problem and we hung up. About 4:00 on Tuesday he called me and asked if I have ever had any problems starting my truck. I said yes it happens all the time. I told him that my battery cables get corroded and cause my truck not to start all the time. I told him that it has done it off and on for over 4 years. (He did not know that I had went thru 2 starters 3 months ago.) He said that he would take a look at it and clean the cables if it needed it and I told him that would be great. About 4:30 he called me and said that his Voltage meter was not getting a reading from some wires at the starter. He explained to me that they stripped the wires, brushed them out, and put it back together. They still were not getting a reading at the starter. He went on to explain that the wire that went from the starter to the neutral safety switch did not have a reading and the wire from the ignition to the starter did not have a reading. He said that he was not sure if it was a bad wire or the starter was bad. I really felt like he had already decided that the starter was bad. I explained to him that I had already put two starters on my truck before. The first starter that I got from Oriellys was bad and quit within a couple of weeks. The second starter I put on was great and have had no issues since it was installed. He said that its notorious to get bad parts all the time. He said he would look at it in the morning and give me a call. At 8:30 12-21-11 I got a call from John 479-973-9343. (I thought to myself, WOW they should did get it diagnosed fast. Since they just opened at 8am) John told me that he looked at it and I had a bad wire because of a CB and some accent lights that were installed in the dash. That caused the wire to go bad that leads to the starter. He said they replaced the wire and the starter now has power but just clicks. (keep in mind, it has always done this to me. It has always been corroded battery cables.) He said that he knows for sure that the starter is bad. (I thought to myself, WOW I brought it in for a tranny leak and now they are saying my truck wont start. It started fine for them during their test drive and tranny service but now it wont start to pull it out of their shop bay?!?!) I told John 479-973-9343 of Walkers Service Center 2020 Creekview Dr Fayetteville AR. Don't worry about replacing my starter. Just button up my truck and I will have a tow truck come and get it. I told him that I thought it was funny that I brought my truck in there for a transmission leak and now my truck wont start and needs a starter. I said that I also thought it was funny that it started fine to do the transmission service but now when he tries to pull it out of the shop it wont start. He said to me: "what do you do for a living?" (none of his business but I humored him!) I said: "I'm a recruiter." He said:"are you good at your job?" I said: "yes of course." He said: "good, so am I. You leave the mechanic work to me." Then he said: "you know what, I won't charge you for a thing. Just tell me where you want it towed and I will tow it there." Then he hung up on me. I waited about an hour to cool off before calling him back. I talked to the receptionist and told her, to tell John that I was sorry for being rude to John and tell him to do what ever he needs to do to the truck. She said: "Ok I'll tell him." Before I could put my phone down John called me. I told him I was sorry for being rude with him and he's the mechanic. I told him to do what ever he needed to do to my truck. He said that you for my apology. Then told me he's not touching my truck. Where do I want it towed. I told him to tow it to my regular mechanic. This is the shadiest Mechanic shop I have ever seen. I would not recommend them to anyone. They will just try to up sell you to something that you don't need. They were trying to gouge me for over $500 in repairs that I didn't need right before Christmas. SHADY UN HONEST people. Two things may have happened here. 1. He was being honest and took my criticism as rude. 2. He was not being honest and I caught him in a Lie! Its been my experience when you apologize to someone they take you as being a jerk and accept it. But I think I caught him in a Lie and he's afraid to touch my truck. So got my truck to my mechanic, Guess what? Starts every time. No issues. My mechanic was like: "their's no issues with power to this starter!!" This guy tried to get me for a starter I didn't need.

Category auto repair,transmission repair

Service Provider Response

In 17 years of business we have never sold someone a part they did not need. This is the part 99% of the public dont understand and Member falls into this percent. I also understand the customer is at the mercy of the mechanic. Strange, weird and unexplained issues arise constantly with your vehicle. We had driven the vehicle several times and had no issues with it starting. When it did not start ...


Transmission failed on our Chevrolet full size pickup. Walkers picked up the truck, repaired the transmission in less than a week and let us pay out the bill in installments. If it hadn't been for their giving us the option of financing the work, we would have been without a vehicle. Since the service was performed the truck has performed marvelously. And the price was less than I would have expec...

Description of Work
Full Transmission Rebuild on a full size Chevrolet pickup.

Category transmission repair

Service Provider Response

Transmission work is what we like most therefore we try to be flexable with our customers. We now offer up to a 4 year warranty on most transmission overhauls.

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