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On behalf of the Clem family we would like to thank you in advance for considering us for your automotive needs. Since 1932, we have stood by the principles set forth by four generations of family to deliver fast, friendly service with integrity. Our name is on our buildings - along with our reputation....

Verified Reviews

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Warren F.

My SUV has an uncommon size. When one of the tires went flat and they were already getting to be in need of replacement I bought them at Clem’s in Madison which is where I usually get my oil changed. It was a Saturday and Clem’s told me that it would probably be Monday before they could get the tires They unexpectedly called me back later that day and my SUV was ready. Not only that they applied a discount coupon and filled out my rebate. I was very impressed!

Description of Work
Had to unexpectedly buy new tires

Category auto repair, car tires



Michelle C.

Description of Work
Personable, knowledgeable, reasonably priced.

Category car tires



Russell T.

Vehicle was taken to Clem on several occasions for different services. On this last occasion, we brought our minivan in for its 80,000 mile maintenance check in preparation for a trip to florida. During the maintenance the tires were rotated and balanced. I also asked them to reset the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring sensors) since they were not working. Upon picking up the vehicle, I noticed a pronounced vibration while driving, so I brought it back to Clem. They checked it out and couldn't find anything wrong. I drove with the mechanic and pointed out the vibration. He stated that it was probably due to wear on the tires being more noticeable since they were rotated. I asked, "If this was your family you were bringing on a long trip, would you feel safe driving them in this vehicle?". He said "Yes, I would". We left the next day for Florida. Upon arriving to our Condo. My wife headed out to the grocery store, and called me to say the van felt like it was about to shake apart. She returned to the condo immediately, and I drove it. The shaking was very severe. I got out and in looking at the wheels, I noticed that one of the wheel lugs (bolt and nut) was missing. Upon further inspection I found that every lug nut on the vehicle was very loose. Each lug nut was within a couple of turns from coming off. I tightened all lug nuts an immediately brought the vehicle to a service station to have it checked out, and to have the broken lug replaced. While I was waiting, I called Clem to let them know what happened. I was immediately met with an attitude from the person at the front desk telling me that it was impossible for all of the lug nuts to be loose like that. He refused to take any responsibility, and then suggested that I was lying about the entire incident. He told me that either I lossened the lug nuts myself, or someone else did it while we were not watching the vehicle. the vehicle was parked in our garage over night prior to our trip, and was never unattended during our travel to florida. I requested that they reimburse me for the cost of fixing the lug, and he refused. I called back and talked to one of the owners of Clems, who also claimed no responsibility in the matter either. He did inform me that they have a policy of NOT using a torque wrench on lug nuts to ensure they are properly torqued. Stating that it was a waste of time. After a long conversation about responsibility and the dangerous situation they placed my family in by not ensuring the lug nuts were properly torqued, the owner agreed to pay for the replacement lug, which was approximately $75. But insisted that Clems was in no way admitting responsibility for the issue. When I originally requested the mechanic reset the TPMS system. He informed me that they would have to "trick" the ECU into relearning the TPMS settings. Which may or may not have led to future issues detailed here: While having the vehicle inspected in florida, the check engine light (CEL) came on. It indicated that one of the O2 sensors was bad. We had that replaced by the mechanic and went on our way. On our way back from florida, the CEL came back on. We had the codes read, and it was now indicating a fault in the cam position sensor. Resetting the code cleared the problem, and the vehicle was fine until the next day, when the same fault came up again. We had the cam position sensor replaced. Again, the same CEL came up again several times... each time the vehicle would stall out. The CEL was reset. We brought the vehicle to our local nissan dealership, who could find no problems with the vehicle. Prior to the maintenance provided by Clem, this vehicle had never given us issues. No CEL codes, no vibrations, nothing. I cannot prove that the CEL codes were a fault of Clems' mechanic "fooling" the system in his attempt to reset the TPMS, but the chain of events that occurred after sure do point to the suspicion. The unprofessional attitude that I received from Clems was astounding. I would not refer anyone to them.

Description of Work
80,000 mile maintenance on our vehicle

Category auto repair



James M.

It always goes very well. On time and for a good price. I never have to worry whether or not the repair is really needed. If they say it is neeed, it is needed.

Description of Work
They always do the repairs to all three of my vehicles when needed. Love them. Very knowledgeable and the price is right.

Category auto repair, car tires



Mary G.

Very good

Description of Work
Got new tires and alignment

Category auto repair



Rebecca W.

They were kind, respectful, and the price was less than I thought it would be. This is the second time I have used this company for tires and I will go back!

Description of Work
I needed 2 new tires and they had them in stock. They were able to put them on the next day when I got off work. I didn't make an exact appointment. They had the work completed within 45 minutes or so and even removed a nail and repaired one of my good tires for free.

Category car tires



Philip R.

Clems Tire came recommended to me when I first got to town. This honest accurate account is the indecent which can happen to you if you fail to heed my warnings. I will begin with the good. Clems Tire offers fair deals on tires and rotation of tires. All the cost is provided up front. They went as far as telling me not to purchase from an over-priced OEM dealer. Their labor is listed at $80 an hour and will little to no effort will gladly except $75 an hour. However: The markup on part was DOUBLE. The starter I purchased from Clems who purchases from local brick and mortar shops like Discount Auto, Autozone, Advanced Auto etc... cost me $79.99. The actual retail price is $39.99. I called all 3 after the fact. This is not my main complaint as I agreed to the price, though I felt a bit bullied into it. Without giving me the time, even after I asked, I was told I could not leave my vehicle in their lot while I shopped around. It was towed there so I had no choice but to accept the price and hope it was within reason. It was DOUBLE. Again this is not my main concern, but I believe I would be remiss if I didn't let you know of the incredible 100% mark-up. The Issue at hand: I told Clem's I was fairly mechanically inclined and could replace a starter myself and being the one that probably burned it out, was willing to do so. My distributor was loose and I figured that was the problem and I wanted that diagnosed. It made sense to me that I could have burned the starter out while thinking it was an ignition problem and they would of course have to have it running to do a proper diagnostic, but now being towed to the shop, they wanted me to tow it home or take their price on the starter to perform the diagnostic. I was assured that this model vehicle would be an extreme job because of the strange placement of the starter. I should gladly pay the $115 labor and would certainly thank them. I took the bait. After they put in the starter at great cost, it was time for me to find out what the problem with the distributor was. They claimed it was arching and I needed to replace it for an additional $410.00 . Arching? This is what they are supposed to do as they send a charge through the plug wires to "spark" the plug, igniting the fuel. This is a 4 cylinder 1983 Mazda pick-up and there is just not that much to them, so I decided to get a second opinion. The second opinion came from my wonderful ASC certified neighbor several doors down, whom I met while my truck was at Clems. The distributor was not the problem at all. It was and is fine. He simply timed it and tightened it. He was done in about 25 minutes, with me over his shoulder asking questions the whole time. He saved me $410.00 and warned me about Clems. He did not ask for compensation, or take it when I offered. He also has a passion for teaching and invited me to use his expertise and tools if I have any future problems, so I know he was not trying to solicit business away from Clems Tire. The problem was the carburetor. I mentioned to CLEMS TIRE that there may be an issue there and was assured again I would get a full diagnostic. They wanted me to replace the entire distributor first, then they would address whats next. Can you see the pattern? I'm not confident at this point that my starter was ever bad. They did not pull it and test it, or clear it if it was jammed, they just wanted to replace it. They lied about the distributor. They charged me double for the part. I found the starter location and could have put in a new one (2 bolts) in 1/2 hour. Since then (less than a week) I have had to crimp the wire they installed (it fell off), and I cant prove it was malicious but I have been driving this truck forever and there is a difference in my brakes. They are stiffer and yet dont brake as well. I believe Clems is using devious tactics to clean your wallet. This is a family business and they have been around for 58+ years, but Im going to call and talk to Dad. The relatives who apparently still operate the business are money hungry and just plain liars. Finding a competent, honest mechanic has always been a trick. Its pretty much who you know. I dont know anyone at CLEMS TIRE and paid dearly for it. Had I fixed the phantom distributor problem I would be in to CLEMS TIRE for around $700 and my truck would still not be fixed. Their job on the starter was a failed effort as they didnt put one of the 2 wires that go to it (ground and power) on tight enough, leaving me stuck again. Wrap up: The truck came back with a new starter I may not have needed and was charged double for. I paid $254.53 for what I could have fixed for $40 and 1/2 hr. of my time. I was deceived into believing this was going to be a difficult job, again deceived into believing that I needed another $400+ fix for an arching distributor and this was ALL BEFORE they would have hit me with another bill that may or may not have fixed the issue that they never brought back up, the carburetor. The shop was dirty as you would probably expect, the team wore no uniforms, the atmosphere was aloof and unprofessional, Its my observation that they treat regulars much better than new business, and new business pays for the favoritism. My opinion as well as my ASC certified neighbor, is to stay as far away from them as you can if you only have a basic understanding of the combustion engine. They will smell it and feed on you.

Description of Work
Install starter on a truck.Diagnostic.

Category auto repair



Trudie F G.

They were rude. I wanted to ask a question and he just acted like I wasn't there. He was talking to somebody else just shooting the breeze. After 5 minutes or so, I said excuse me. He was rude and I won't go back. I didn't have any work done.

Description of Work
I went to Clem Tire to have some work done.

Category auto repair, car tires



john R.

Their prices are fair, their service is excelent, and their attention to detail is exceptional. I usually do most of my own mechancial work except when it's beyond my capacity or tools. I will only take my vehicles to CLEM'S Auto.

Description of Work
The first time I used their services I had taken my car to one of the national "brake" service centers for a front end allignment. The car was pulling hard to the right. The "Brake" service center said they performed the service and charged me $60.00. When I drove the car home it was still pulling to the right. The next day I took it to CLEM's auto service where their technician spent over 2 hours trying to fix the issue. Using their computerized allignment system they determined the front right "A" frame was bent and suggested a shop to take it too and provided me with the computer printout. THEY DID NOT CHARGE ME A DIME. The next time I took another vehicle to have the air conditioner condenser replaced. I had purchased the part at a local auto parts chain and took it to them. During the installation they called and informed me the part I supplied would not fit correctly. As it turns out even the parts supplier they use only had the same replacement part. I could have gone to the FORD dealer and purchased a original replacement part at twice the price or Clem's would do their best to fit this other condenser replacement. THEY DID A GREAT JOB. I was very please with both the service, attention to detail and the price..

Category auto repair



Richard J.

They gave me a good estimate, performed the work when they said they would and did not try to add on additional services like some shops do. I have used this shop in the past and have always been dealt with honestly and straightforwardly. They do good work and are significantly below the sky-high dealership rates.

Description of Work
Performed maintenance work on 2002 Toyota Highlander including installing timing belt kit (belt, tensioner, water pump, etc), serpentine belt and power steering belt.

Category auto repair

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    Clem Tire Co is currently rated 4 overall out of 5.

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