Warren Carport Building

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Reviews in Warren to Build Carports

Hbo Carport
It has been rather aggravating. I've had to deal with them all day today. It has been very frustrating. I would put a warning for people not to deal with HBO Carports out of North Carolina. It has been a hassle. They've not been forthright in the things that they have told us. We're having them come and take it down. It will be four to six weeks before they come and take it down. It has just been very unreasonable. I'm an easy going person. We totally took care of the builders. They were sub-contracted. They were told that I was an aggravated customer. When I addressed that with the company they're like, "We did not say that." I'm like, "Well, then where did they get it from?" The price was not terrible when you consider other places. That was one of the biggest reasons that we went with them, was for cost. The quality was decent but there were a few issues with it. Their customer service was horrible. The guys were totally fine. But, they were sub-contractors. They were fantastic, especially the one builder whose name was Pedro. He was fantastic and super nice. We bought them Pizza. They were great. We really really liked the builders.
- Stephanie H....
Did a great job pouring the floor in my new 40 x 80 equipment building (3,200 sq.ft.). Work was done as specified. Nice guys, very conscientious.
- Alan H....
Enhanced Spaces
Frank White removed 3 damaged walls in our utility shed which measured approximately 10 x 14. The walls were replaced and reinforced. He built double swing out doors. The entire building was primed and painted.
- Linda C....
Hawk Construction LLC
Contractor did a haphazard job. The building inspector had resigned early in the project therefore there was no building inspector to oversee the project to ensure the contractor was building up to code. The contractor used 2 x 6's in the roof instead of 2 x 10's. The roof started to leak the very first winter due to ice buildup and the contractor refused to fix it. He tried blaming it on inadequate insulation, although we could not install the proper amount of insulation in the roof due to the contractor using 2x6's. He refused to come back and resolve the problems. We finally had to take him to small claims court. We learned that when he built the house, he did not use ice and water shield on the roof, he offset the 3-tab shingles less than 2" apart in some areas although the manufacturer recommends a minimum of 4 inches, he did not install an overhang in the back of the house to provide air flow to the roof, and he under-built the roof using 2x6's instead of 2x10's as per code. He kept blaming the problems on us - the homeowners, even though we knew nothing about building and had entirely entrusted him to build the house correctly. Two other contractors provided testimony (both in written form) as to the problems with the house. The contractors concurred that poor insulation was not the problem with the roof and that adding more insulation would just act as a "sponge", absorbing water from the leaks which would contribute to mold and mildew. The court mandated us to split the cost of a licensed architect with the contractor, for the architect to look at the roof and provide his opinion. The architect also provided the same opinion as the two contractors. In the end the court ruled in our favor and the contractor had to pay us a settlement so we could hire another contractor to remove the entire original roof down to the sheathing and properly install a new roof. After we started doing finishing work in the house we found that many of the partitions for the interior walls were "off square" and also that he should have provided with us with 2x6's for wet walls in the bathroom and kitchen areas, which he didn't.
- Cheryl H....
On 8-11-08 Jeff Olson was hired to build a shed and was paid half the total agreed upon price. A contract was signed by both parties. He cashed the check, taking my money, and promised to do the work within a week. One week led to another with more empty promises to start the work. After weekly phone calls and no work done, he stopped taking my phone calls. Only after having a friend call posing to be a new client, did he answer the phone and after a long pause did he decide to talk to my husband who got on the phone. My husband gave him slack for stalling on the job, and gave him another chance to do the work or at least give us our depost money for supplies back by giving us the supplies. Jeff again said he would do the work and drilled one tiny 8" hole in the dirt in which we believed he was going to start building the pole building. He never did any more work. My husband left yet another message that he was going to fire him and hire someone else if he didn't resolve the issue. We never heard from Jeff again; he took our money and never performed the work.
- Jackie V....
Kidder Construction
The sub-contractor did a horrible job on the concrete - it is unlevel, cracks, and water pools to back and in corners rather than go to the drains.  Sub-contractor refused to be accountable and do repair.   James Kidder was unable to hold his sub-contractor accountable.  The legal-ness of their agreement (whether they had a contract) is unknown.  I started a lawsuit against Kidder, he was the general contractor, after he was ALSO unwilling to be responsible and showed he was ABSOLUTELY UNWILLING to take responsibility for the work he did on my property.  Due to technical aspects of contract law, we settled the case.  Attorney advised that I would be a protracted legal battle with appeals, etc. and not worth the cost.  I was paid the amount of the partial payment I gave Kidder for the concrete.  (Originally, I withheld full payment knowing the repair work will need to be done.) Financially, I am where I started.  But, now I have bad concrete that doesn't handle water properly, and in our Western NY winters, that's not good for long life.  New expense will be coming, and soon. Short of it, Kidder was invited to my home to do work.  It was work he refused to stand by and be a standup guy and do the necessary, decent, thing and get the repair done.  Instead we had to go to court.  Buyer beware!
- S W....
Wills Builders
Towards the end of the job the prices excessculated and they said it was due to the prices going up and the contractor doing the excavating. Then they tell me that they did the job time and material, this was never discussed. I think I made the mistake of telling them I would be paying cash for the building of the home. Being an honest person I was paying them what they said it cost. Hired an attorney and found out they have a lot of leans on them and they were a bunch of no goods, drugs, prison for forgery. Found out  they had a smart lawyer and can't get any or my money back due to the leins. They own property and rent it out but don't have any equity. They said they did the jpb time and material but refused to provide receipts, hours and dates work was supposed to be done. Talked to other people that had work done by them and they weren't satisfied with them, said they were crooks. Would not recommend them to anyone!
- David Y....

Garage and Shed Building in Warren



Recent Review: Complete demo of the kitchen and second floor bath. Prior to starting we met a few times with the team (husband/wife) Joseph is the builder and Madeleine is the designer. We really liked the fact that this was a team, which helped with communication and timeliness. They gave us a start date and kept to it. The team showed up on time and kept us apprised of the daily plans. We are new to the renovation process and though they could not take away the tediousness of living through a renovation, they were sensitive to our needs and worked hard to make us as comfortable as possible. Fairly good communication and responsive to our requests. The design is well beyond anything we could have dreamed up, which makes it even more exciting to us. Their employees work hard, are friendly and respectful. One employee had a problem and it was quickly dealt with. Joseph made good on any mistakes the employee caused...and that employee has been fired. The quality of the work was superior, better than any work we've had done before. (which includes a guest bath/bedroom renovation).  We are thrilled with the results and plan to use them again for a future project.  
Business Description: At Heil & Andrews Construction we utilize the latest panelized construction techniques to build you a beautiful and comfortable home at an affordable cost. We provide many unique floor plans and can design custom homes tailored to your needs. Throughout the building process we take advantage of environmentally friendly materials to ensure your home is energy efficient, and with panelized construction you'll be living in your new home faster than ever. Want to more about the benefits of panelized construction? Click the link above to learn more or contact us today! We love working with our customers to build the house of their dreams. Feel free to choose or modify one of our current floor plans or simply tell us what you want your home to be and we'll design a completely custom home for you. Our promise is to deliver unmatched quality and service all while delivering within budget. By choosing Barden Homes as our primary building material provider we have partnered with a long-time industry leader in energy efficient home construction. Barden Homes' material packages far exceed Energy Star Program requirements which use 30% less energy than conventional buildings. The biggest advantage of our commitment to energy efficiency is a cost savings for our customers and lower heating and cooling bills once your home is built!
Business Description: Build steel Bldgs ( CORLE BLDG. SYSTEMS ). From foundation to completion
Business Description: We are a quality over quantity, measure twice cut once type of company. We build it, fix it, or finish it the way YOU want it with the QUALITY you deserve!
Business Description: Dynabilt Technologies Corp. manufactures and distributes patented modular steel insulated panelized housing and commercial buildings using the Dynabilt insulated load-bearing Smartest Wall™ panels (Patent No. 5,722.198 & 6,044,603), galvanized steel roof trusses, and floors joists.


Business Description: Designer and Manufacturer of custom and pre-engineered Red-Iron Steel Frame Homes & Components. Our steel home kits with bolt-together red-iron framing assure your family the strongest, safest, and healthiest choice in new home building today! A Kodiak home is engineered to withstand the average tornado, hurricane, wildfire, earthquake, and with steel, there is no wood for termites to eat or rot. Using steel also provides for a very healthy home with minimizing organic material for mold to grow on. Long paint finish warranties mean decades of not having to paint your home, which saves on maintenance costs over the life of the home. Our steel fabrication plant holds most of the common energy and U.L. certifications sought after by home builders. Today, Kodiak Steel Homes® offers a wide range of products and services. With a full line of pre-engineered all-steel homes, innovative red iron framing, and a complete catalog of designs, Kodiak has much to offer both contractors and weekend do-it-yourselfers. Kodiak Steel Homes® has built a name on providing the steel framing kits, and helping connect customers with local contractors and working with local contractors in order to save the home builder money. Kodiak Steel Homes® is building their reputation one satisfied customer at a time.
Business Description: I’d like to introduce you to my philosophy: If I build it, I build it to last. I take great strides to ensure that I use the best quality materials I can find. I plan every project out to make the best use of the materials that I use, to avoid waste. I also do my best to buy all my materials locally. By spending my money locally, it helps our local economy. When you buy from me, that money stays local, and gets put right back into our local economy. These business practices save me money, and that savings gets passed on to you, my customer. Making sure my projects last for years also reduces the need to replace them every time you turn around, further reducing waste getting into landfills. I am a firm believer in “Going Green”, and protecting this amazing place we call home. Thanks for taking the time to check out my business information. If you have any questions, or would like any more information, please let me know.


Business Description: Additional DBA - Painting Works. Alpine Home Improvement company is a place where home renovations can be done under one roof . From painting projects , kitchen and bath renovations , to carpentry , interior finishing work , up to additions and renovations .
Business Description: We are a full service residential building and remodeling company. We pride ourselves on high quality craftsmanship and excellent design, provided to our clients at an affordable rate. We run a crew of 2-4 men depending on the size and scope of the project and use a small network of highly skilled and capable subcontractors. All initial consultation is free of charge. We are Certified Renovators as required by the EPA for lead safe work practices. We are licensed and insured as required. Check us out on Facebook and see what is making us one of the premier residential construction companies in the Susquehanna Valley.


Business Description: Wills Builders has been performing excellent work at very high standards in all phases of residential and commercial projects since 1972. We are fully capable master craftsmen who have proven experience including, but not limited to, new home and/or building construction, garages, pole barns, additions, excavation, masonry, concrete, framing, siding, and all phases and types of utilities. Wills Builders employees are covered by worker's compensation and we carry a $1,000,000 liability policy. We also provide 24 hour emergency services. Call Keri or Jocelyn at our office to set up a appointment for your next project!