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Erie Kitchen Remodel

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10 Best Kitchen Remodel Contractors in Erie PA | Angi [Angie's List]
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10 Best Kitchen Remodel Contractors in Erie PA | Angi [Angie's List]
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10 Best Kitchen Remodel Contractors in Erie PA | Angi [Angie's List]
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Reviews for Kitchen Remodeling in Erie

Hofmann Construction
Didn't take him weeks to complete the assignment, finished in a timely manner . Cleaned up after his self . Very nice and professional
- Luis D....
Andrea's Kitchens Plus Interior Design
Hi Tammy, After I spoke with you on the phone, I checked my spam folder and found your email. I am still trying to work out the kinks on the new email program. I understand that you have waited a very long time for your kitchen. We have discussed the reasons for this. During the planning process of the kitchen, when you decided to tear out your own cabinets, I recommended then that you wait until the cabinets were in to tear out the kitchen. I explained that we normally deliver the cabinets out to the job 2 weeks early to make sure we have a little extra time to order replacements before we tear out the kitchen (in situations where we are doing the tear out). Unfortunately, this information was not in writing, but it was discussed. CORRECTION: As per your disclosure statement on page 5, first bullet, and ldquo;Any work that is the responsibility of the customer must be done on schedule to comply with Andrea's Kitchens. If it is not complete, cabinet installation may be rescheduled to be completed after other projects, resulting in a long delay and a trip chargeand rdquo;. This statement appears again on page 6 of the disclosure. According to our last communication prior to the cabinets arriving, our cabinets were to be delivered on Oct. 14. In order to allow time for the old cabinets to be torn out and the new floor to be installed, we tore out the existing cabinetry on Oct. 8th. We realized then that there may be a window of time between the cabinets time of arrival and the time they would be installed in order to check the cabinets for damage and the possible need to order additional cabinets had something been damaged. It wasn't until we contacted you after the 14th, when the cabinets had not arrived, that you shared with us the manufacturer's issues with the stain and that you did not know when they would be deliveredand hellip;.possibly another two weeks. Another two weeks had passed, we contacted you again, and you stated the manufacturer had issues with the second batch of stain, and the cabinets would be delayed an additional two weeks. Issues continued until the cabinets finally arrived the week of December 11th, two months after the initial date. Had you communicated the problems with us prior to the initial cabinet delivery date, we would have postponed our tear out, and the floor installation. Again, the only reason we moved forward with the tear out six days prior to the cabinets being delivered is because we did not want our kitchen remodel postponed as stated in your disclosure statement, and were unaware of any extenuating circumstances that would have postponed their delivery due to your lack of communication. In reference to items 2, 9 and 14, I would refer you to page 6 of our disclosure statement under the general clean-up policy. If you cannot find you disclosures, I would be happy to provide you with a copy. For item 3, the plugged sink was unable to be taken care of in the time Mark had available. The plugged sink is an extra (unforeseen condition) that was in existing drain lines that were not altered by us. In order to remedy the situation, we attempted to use a chemical solution that was unsuccessful due to a large amount of water and food debris from the sink(s) being used freely. I had spoken with Gary Friday evening and let him know that Mark was unable to unclog the drain before he had to leave and they were slow draining, but could be used and ldquo;if you have toand rdquo;. We eventually have to gut apart your drain line and replace a section to remedy the problem. In total, there were 2 active hours involved in unclogging the drain, 3 inactive hours (waiting for the chemical cleaner to work) and at least $40 in materials. Item 6 is addressed in our disclosure statement on page 6 under the plumbing/electrical/carpentry work heading in the area where we discuss existing items. CORRECTION: The disclosure statement says the job site will be and lsquo;broom cleanedand rdquo; at the end of each work day. When the ceiling was being refinished, pink paper was laid on the floor to protect the laminate. Debris on that paper was never removed. After several days had passed, and the paper not being removed or and lsquo;broom cleaned', we put additional pink paper over the existing layer of paper to keep the debris from being tracked from the kitchen to adjacent rooms. Upon realizing that we had used paper from the role the contractor had left, he removed the role and still did not and lsquo;broom clean' the floor. Even after receiving the cabinets, the paper was not removed, but simply moved out of the way in order to install the cabinets. It was at that time, that we removed the paper and swept the floor. Please note that the paper was on the floor for approximately 10 days from the initial time it had been laid to the time we picked it up. CORRECTION: In regards to the clogged sink, we will refer back to the timeline. Again, had we known the cabinets were going to be delayed, we would not have torn out the kitchen. It was your theory that the pipes had clogged because they were dry for such an inordinate amount of time. Therefore, while the pipes are preexisting, the clog was a direct result of poor communication. Your 2 active and 3 inactive hours, and $40 worth of material, pales in comparison to our inability to host Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family, as well as three months of not having a kitchen. The chemicals that were used, spilled on the basement wall and peeled the paint off the wall. Flakes of paint are on the floor in the basement and were not swept up. At the end of a job, we do a walk-through where we discuss any outstanding issues, such as nicked window molding, etc. and compile a and ldquo;punch listand rdquo; of items to fix or rework. I would say that the placement of the outlet in the microwave cabinet (11) would fall into this category as well as the damage to the sink cabinet(1). Items 4, 5 and 6 would also be things that we can take care of as and ldquo;punch listand rdquo; items, even though item 6 does fall under existing items, it would have been something I would have taken care of for you had you allowed us to do so. CORRECTION: We do not feel comfortable having any additional work done by the contractor that you have selected, given the issues that have occurred. For example, in order for the cabinet to be replaced that has the water damage, he would have to remove the granite counter top that he did not install, in order to get to the cabinet. (Pg. 2 of the disclosure: and ldquo;I understand that on occasion cabinetry does receive damage. This damage will be replaced at the cost of whoever caused the damage.and rdquo;) Item 7 was unfortunate and should not have happened. I apologize to you for that. Mark had used the outlet and forgot to plug the freezer back in. CORRECTION: While it is understandable that power tools require a source of power, it is worrisome that the contractor felt it was sanitary to leave a freezer full of food unplugged for an entire work day. We have power strips, as I'm sure he does as well, that could have been made available had there been adequate communication. Fortunately, it had been cool enough that we felt the food would be okay given the amount of time it had been unplugged. Had we not seen the empty outlet, this would have resulted in a much larger issue. Item 8 was something that could have been handled differently. Mark did not feel that the sweater would have been damaged where he placed it, but I will attest to the fact that his knowledge of handling delicate laundry is limited. He probably could have made a better decision on what to use to empty your clogged sink, but he used what was available. CORRECTION: Our concern stems from him freely using items in the house and not having the proper tools to complete a job, as well as not taking proper care of items that were carefully stored in an area of the house that was sealed from the dust resulting in the kitchen remodel. This concern also parallels item 7. Item 10; was the carpeting dirty or damaged from the air compressor sitting on it? Mark did not intend to leave it there. He placed it there thinking he would remember to take it with him if it was placed there, but seemingly, he still forgot it. CORRECTION: Again, lack of concern for our property. The four month old carpet had to be swept but was thankfully not damaged. For the drawer front, I have the replacement. Mark turned it upside down to see if he could still see it. We have every intention of replacing it. CORRECTION: We did not understand why he would take the time to flip the drawer and install the hardware, had he truly intended to replace the drawer. I'm sending you one of your pictures that show the and ldquo;white supply lineand rdquo; I was referring to when I said he replaced one that was bad. This is the supply line that goes from the stop to the faucet. It was the supply line that you provided with your faucet. We replaced it for you because it was leaking. This was only a few minutes of time, and a few dollars in materials. CORRECTION: We had assumed that those water lines were thrown out with the old sink. In summary, Items 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 and 14 have been addressed. Items 1, 4, 5, 11 and 12 are items that I will put on my punch list to address for you on our next visit. Please have the touch-up paint available that will be necessary to repair the window molding and the hole on the living room wall. CORRECTON: In regards to the paint, please refer to our statement referencing the punch list.
- Tamara E....

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling in Erie

Business Description: Fletcher Construction is a trusted contractor of the Erie, PA region who specializes in new home construction and home remodeling projects including bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, home addition construction, decks, and garages.


Business Description: Whitetail Construction’s attention to detail, focus on customer service, and good old fashioned family values has quickly earned them a reputation as one of the top remodeling companies in the Erie Pennsylvania area. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, this company prides themselves on their unmatched workmanship and doing the job right the first time. Their wide range of services includes residential and commercial remodeling, kitchen and bath remodels, additions, new construction to include custom built homes, siding, gutters, windows and doors, painting, flooring, concrete, roofing, construction management, and more.


Business Description: Financing available. Family owned & operated. Additional phone numbers: (888) 454-8462 & (814) 774-9230. Additional DBA names: H Jack Langer Inc, H Jack Langer Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc, Langer H Jack Inc & Langer H Jack Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Very wonderful , finished in a timely manner and very professional


Business Description: Financing - Erie Federal Credit Union


Business Description: We are an interior design company specializing in kitchen and bath remodeling.