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Reviews in Columbia to Clean or Seal Grout

All Around Handyman
Excellent: Made the call, they showed up at the time agreed upon, provided a quote and date of serivce.  We approved and the work was done as stated and on time.. Did a nice job. looks good.
- Taylor S....
Unlimited Handiworks LLC
Absolutely delightful. We have hired and rehired him for several jobs to help us make our first house into a home. He is polite, easy to talk to, punctual and keeps us updated. Most importantly he is flexible and will allow us to make changes with zero complaint. I would highly recommend and will definitely be hiring him in the future.
- Rachel D....
Surface Specialists of Mid-MO LLC.
Hal did an excellent job. He was on time, cleans up after he's done, and is very professional. The price was also very reasonable.
- Anthony M....
Tidy Keepers Express
We recently used Tidy Keepers again to keep our house clean while it is for sale. This is the third time we've had them come for cleaning. I'm pretty sure their basic rate for standard/light cleaning is $45/hour and that seems to get you two people working during that time. Two professional cleaners can do a lot in an hour. This most recent time, the pine trees had dropped pollen everywhere inside when we had the windows open and the attic fan running. After an hour of trying to clean myself, I gave up and called Tidy Keepers. They came and the pollen went away! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first time they came, they did a full deep clean on our 5 bed/4 bath home and the house looked amazing after they left* and we told the realtor to list it the next day. Since then, we've had them come every couple of weeks to do basic cleaning.  They restored all of our counters, sinks, tubs, fixtures, etc to new, getting rid of all the grime that accumulates over time unless you are a hardcore cleaner yourself. They also dust, clean inside appliances, vacuum, sweep, and whatever else you might expect.  I chose not to "officially" review the deep cleaning because I don't have the receipt, but I believe it was around $400. In my opinion, it was worth it: it took 4-5 people around 6-7 hours of work to make this giant house spotless. There's no way my knees and back could have taken 24+ hours of cleaning. I also had a problem with one area of the house after the deep clean (streaks on one patch of drywall) and they came back to fix it at no charge. I've been recommending them since. I don't generally give all A's when I review, but so far, Tidy Keepers has earned them. Of course I would have liked to have paid less for the deep cleaning, but for an 18-room house that was in need of heavy cleaning, I really can't complain.  * I used a specialist for carpet stain removal that they recommended and that service was very good, too.
- Jeremy C....
Housekeeping Specialists
The initial interview went fine. I thought they were more than capable of cleaning our home based on their experience. Here's where they disappoint:1. Phone calls. I was charged for each person per the time-frame that each person worked. I did not expect to pay for time that people did not work. I noticed at least 2 workers (1 being one of the owners of the company) taking phone calls while they should have been solely focused on cleaning my home - and if they didn't want to be focussed on cleaning my home so that they could take phone calls, that is fine... but don't charge me for that time. Also, I didn't appreciate that if someone left my home after having worked 5 minutes of the 15 minute time segment, I was charged as though they worked the entire time. This may seem like I'm being picky, but not when they charge as much as they charge. I don't mind paying more IF, and only IF, it is STELLAR work, focused on the job I'm paying them to do, and charging ONLY for what time they devote to my home, no rounding up. 2. Communication. I tried a few different times to get something on the schedule with them (the first cleaning went ok, not perfect, but I was willing to give them another try). When I would call, I would be asked to call back (evidently I was catching him at a bad time... perhaps while he should have been cleaning someone else's home?). I don't call companies back. If I'm paying them money, the burden of gaining my business is on them, not me. Not impressed that I was even asked to call back. I will say that the wife/owner (Lara) was VERY kind and a very hard worker. She also sided with me when I questioned why the amount I was paying was being rounded up - so at least once, they did rectify the payment amount. Overall, I felt like I was paying far too much for what they offer - if they were professional enough to turn their cell phones OFF while working, charged according to who actually worked for a specific amount of time, and then would call back on their own, then I would have been able to provide a more favorable review. It's not that they were bad house keepers, it's these other things that turned me off.
- Phebe T....
She calculated needed quantities and made helpful selections down to the grout colors. On the day order was to be placed, she promptly advised of items that would not arrive in time and suggested alternative solutions.  She drew designs for the installers to follow for tile installation.  Sonya even made site visits to my home, which was above and beyond in my past experience with other providers of tile and carpeting.  A+ for a very professional job!
- Geraldine B....
Dave Griggs Flooring America
I had one person do this and I discovered I didn’t like some of his work. Apparently what they do, you’re just stuck with them and they’ll come back and repair it although it was the same person that messed it up in the first place. If he didn’t do detailed work in the beginning, why would he do better work while repairing it. I had him come back but I’m not going to have him come back again and I’m looking elsewhere. I also had them come in and do the utility room right off the kitchen, but then once I started paying attention he wasn’t doing quality work. Some of the guys were, but not him. I wouldn’t recommend them unless you can choose who they send out. It’s like you’re stuck with whom they send you. The tile was perfectly fine but the person who did the tile work was not up to standard in my opinion. There was an instance where I noticed a chip in the tile when he was putting grout in. He said it would be covered by the grout but I had him replace it with some of my own tile. I don’t feel like I should have asked to have him do that either.
- James G....
Michael Schaefer Remodeling, LLC
Showed up when they said they would and completed all projects satisfactorily. I made a few changes after he had prepared the initial estimate. Subtracted a few projects and added some new ones. All were completed as requested. Would definitely hire again.
- Margaret W....
I had a horrible experience with Uncle John's Handyman service. So here’s the negative review hoping it spares someone else. The second estimate was for $8,000 and they took two weeks to get back to me. The total cost ended up being over 15,000 dollars! Almost double the original estimate including the installation of the vanity, toilet and concrete wall repair; all of which didn’t get accomplished. What did get accomplished looked horrible or had to be redone or covered up. I am extremely unhappy with the job that was done. I shouldn’t pay 58 dollars an hour to get amateur work. I was ok with the demolition and plumbing but frustrated that it was taking so many weeks. However I assumed that construction would go smoothly because the contractor was building off of his own walls; unfortunately I was wrong. I liked the contractor, but I can’t afford to pay that much over the estimate for no good reason, especially for substandard work. We had to redo the plumbing ourselves for the vanity drain because it was 6” too short for the vanity drawer. Walls that were built from scratch are crooked. The flooring was: cut terribly - I’m going to have to do molding to cover it up It’s noticeably crooked in comparison with the tub. There are also bubbles in it There’s a gap between segments and both doorways, They also cut too far away from the tub and toilet so that has to be masked. They damaged my countertop when moving the dishwasher to install an icemaker supply line. They damaged the paint in the bedroom while repairing one of the bathroom walls The tile was: Crooked. Ungrouted/Uncaulked on tub/tile seem. Shallow grout application needs to be redone or filled in. Cracking in grout the first week without exposure to water. Problem with hours were: They charged me starting at 8:00 am regardless of when the contractor got there - once it took till 9:30 am to get onsite. I can’t afford to pay for so many freebie hours, especially in a month-long project. They charge for trips to the store. However, they make no effort to minimize trips and passed the cost on to me! I counted 13 separate trips across town and many times they didn’t have the right supplies because proper measurements and planning weren’t done. I bought the vanity, tub, tile, floor, and accessories and brought them onsite, because I didn’t want them to have any more excuses to go to the store. The first bill was 15hrs over what was actually worked even if you exclude the imaginary hours of work going to a store and getting to the work site. I talked with the owner and he said if I had overpaid that amount would be taken off of the final bill. After this concern was raised I asked for another estimate to get us back on track but they never made time. Those 15 hours were still on the final bill and my complaint was dismissed. Estimated at 8,000 and 105 hours of labor, our project took 194 hours. In all fairness, we ran into some complications with a cracked cast iron drain and a rotten wall that needed to be replaced. A generous estimate would be 30 hours for that extra work and this is assuming we get done with the bathroom which of course at 194 we’re still not done. ...Which comes to 60 hours of waste at 58 dollars an hour and that’s not including those imaginary work hours. This amounts to $3,480 which I want refunded. Unfinished work I called Monday morning of what would have been week six and informed the owner that the tub wasn’t functioning, the handle to the faucet was stuck on cold/lukewarm, and that the drain was incorrectly installed for the vanity. He strung me along all week until I got fed up with it and had IC Restorations come on Friday and fix the big stuff. The handle and electrical work they fixed in an hour, cut into the brand new walls and patched and mudded them, and rewired my breaker box. They did 10x better work, 10x faster, and 10x cheaper. Once I saw a real team working I realized the extent to which I had been ripped off. I was way too understanding. It was a huge mistake for Uncle John’s to blow me off and not come back and fix their work. I paid at the end of week 5 for what I thought was a sloppy job, but I wouldn’t have paid at all if I knew the thing didn’t work. I also never received a final bill or invoice as promised.
- Phillip M....
EJ Flooring
Eric and his polite assistant Brent did a beautiful job on the bathroom, and it was a pleasure to have them in our home. Eric is very communicative and polite, so he always tells you what he is doing, why he is doing it and what the outcome will be. Where appropriate, he gave me options. We were always on the same page as to quality of materials, how to proceed, etc... (I don't like cheap materials that won't last. Thankfully, that is Eric's attitude as well). I greatly appreciated all of this, particularly the ongoing communication, and I told Eric on the second day of the job how happy I was that it was his company that I chosen for the job. Eric had provided an estimate for the work after initially looking at the bathroom, and that price was consistent with what I paid in the end (we made adjustments for the pedestal I chose, the hardware we wanted to install, etc...) I found the work to be high quality, Eric and Brent to be extremely punctual and efficient, and the price very fair. I would absolutely use EJ Flooring again; in fact I joked "Next, we do the kitchen!!" because I was so pleased with the bathroom.  Eric does his best to do excellent work, be in consistent communication with the customer and insure satisfaction with his work.
- Margaret O....

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Recent Review: The guys did a great job.. it was tough I must admit.  We purchased this house with the floor in the kitchen unsealed and pretty filthy.  Scheduling online was very easy, and we even had to reschedule, which wasn't a problem.  The guys that showed up were a little rough around the edges, but did a good job.  The job ended up taking about twice as long as they had originally anticipated,  because (we were told) that was because our grout was uneven and required more attention -- which wasn't surprising with the issues we've had else where in the home.


Business Description: Cost is determined by the job.


Business Description: Stanley Steemer has been providing cleaning and restoration services for both residential and business customers for more than 60 years. They offer multiple services, including carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning and water damage restoration services. For more information, visit


Business Description: Stanley Steemer has been providing cleaning and restoration services for both residential and business customers for more than 60 years. They offer multiple services, including carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning and water damage restoration services. For more information, visit
Business Description: M&J steam-cleaning service is a family own busyness, which consists of two employees my wife and myself. We are dedicated to bring you top service, and also take care of your carpet.


Recent Review: I haven't had long enough to see how long it will last, but it looks much, much better, and I'm very pleased with the job so far.


Business Description: Columbia Carpet Cleaning provides both residential and commercial carpet cleaning, ceramic tile/grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, as well as carpet restretching. We run four vans with up to the...
Business Description: Carpet Rescue is a single operated and owned business. We prefer to be paid that day, but will email or mail you a bill and can be paid cash, check,credit card,or pay-pal. With The credit card and pay-pal there will be a processing fee.