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Radon Abatement Services
Jim Humphryes of Radon Abatement Services installed radon mitigation systems for my single family home in Sterling. The original/prior radon level was 5.8 in the basement, I ran couple of short-term radon testings a week after Jim installed the system, and now the reading is 0.4 which is normal. I strongly recommend Jim and Radon Abatement Services for any radon mitigation work. Jim and John are very professional, the price is very reasonable at $800, and quality is exceptional. Best of all, my radon level is now normal, and moldy smell in the basement is gone. I am so happy to use their services and will recommend them to all of my friends and neighbors. 5-star company. Keep up the good work.
- Derek F....
Radon Abatement Services
Radon Abatement Services (RAS) had certain, correct radon tests performed, demonstrated sound experience and good judgment in developing radon abatement plan, demonstrated good workmanship, dealt intelligently with special problems that arose, and stubbornly refused to give up its efforts to solve my radon problems. An honorable, intelligent, experienced and highly capable company.
- Michael M....
United Radon Sciences
United Radon Sciences were great. They put up two fences and they track the radon. I chose them because of the Big Deal. They were quick and responsive.
- Evelyn L....
Radon Abatement Services
Outstanding. Could not have asked for anything more. We had been experiencing high levels of Radon in our basement area. I measured levels above 6 pCI/L using a a very good electronic radon detector. I located Radon Abatement Services on Angie's List and received an on-line quote from them after answering a number of questions about my home. The quote was very reasonable and well within the range that I expected to pay. They met all of the qualifications you should look for in hiring a radon abatement service. They do no radon testing to preclude any conflict of interest with their clients. The installer was outstanding, knew what had to be done and completed the installation to my satisfaction in about 6 hours for the quoted price. I'm pleased to say that my radon level has dropped to 1.2 pCI/L since the system was installed a little less than 2 months ago. If you need a radon abatement system definitely call Radon Abatement Services.
- Arlene V....
Radon Abatement Services
I used Radon Abetment Services LLC to install a radon system in my basement. John and his team were excellent and I highly recommend them to anybody with this need. John was able via video over phone identify where the system should go. His team was extremely professional and courteous. The installation took a day and the improvement in radon levels was remarkable. We would absolutely use them again.
- Todd F....
Radon Installation Contractors LLC
I highly recommend Ric for his ability to think outside the box to solve a complex problem that I had. We were told it was almost impossible to fix but Radon Installers saved the day. After looking around for 40 minutes Ric figured out how to install the migration system. Not only were the radon testers who came by afterwards to retest my radon levels impressed with his work but my home owners association took his business and want to use him for any other radon problem that may arise in the future. That is QUALITY work.
- John M....
Radon Abatement Services
I monitored the radon in my house for about a month with a Radon Monitor made by AirThings. After a month, the average stayed around 4 pCi/L. I have a friend who recently had a radon reduction system installed in his house, so I asked who did the work for him. He told me that Radon Abatement Services did the work and that he could not have been happier with the work. He gave the owner's (John Swett) direct number. I called John and told him that I would like an estimate to have a radon reduction system installed. John immediately gave me the information that I needed to start the process. Within an hour, an employee (Nikki) called me and patiently, knowledgably, and professionally provided me with step-by-step instructions to get the ball rolling. Nikki is very responsive, and she follows through with everything she says she is going to do. I was provided an estimate, installation date, and within a few days I had a new system installed. The crew arrived on time and impressed me from the minute they got out of the truck. The team leader (Walter) knew me by name and introduced me to his crew. The crew is AMAZING! From start to finish, they respectfully treated my house as if it was theirs. Drop cloths were laid everywhere they were working. Walter and I walked throughout my basement, and he explained in great detail the extent of the work that he and his team would be performing. He explained the tests that he was performing (i.e. material under slab, air suction). Once he gathered the data he needed, he explained to me the entire process, and then he and his crew went to work. Walter is an expert through and through. Not just with his knowledge of radon abatement, but as a professional craftsman. The attention to detail, precise placement of all holes, piping, and electrical are very impressive. The efficient manner in how the job was carried out is second-to-none. The precision and amount of work that they accomplished in just under 4 hours is phenomenal. Since my basement slab did not have gravel underneath, the installation required two suction points. Walter's design, calculations, and fabrication of the two-suction system were brilliant. The work, both inside and outside, looks like a masterpiece. When the job was complete, Walter walked me to each portion of the job (inside and outside) to show and explain all aspects of the system. I'm 59 years old. During my lifetime I have hired many companies to perform a variety of services. Radon Abatement Services ranks in the top 5% of all companies I've ever hired. If you are considering getting a Radon Reduction System, or have Radon Reduction needs of any kind, LOOK NO FURTHER! Radon Abatement Services is the only place to go. The owner, employees, and services are beyond compare.
- James F....
Reliable Radon
Reliable Radon was able to schedule quickly, and Robert did a very neat job activating my existing passive radon pipe. It was a challenging job, with the pipe tucked in a corner behind an HVAC unit, but Robert did it very cleanly. The included re-test gave us a high reading, so Reliable dropped off another test, which showed that the actual radon levels had been remediated quite well by the work.
- Sadiq A....
United Radon Sciences
Mr. Parry of United Radon Sciences was professional, thorough and punctual. When I forgot to set out the box for him to pick up he even came back the next day, without any hassles! He explained the process to me so that I understood exactly what was happening during the test and answered all of my questions. My husband and I decided to do our radon test after purchasing our house and we are so glad that we did it with United Radon Sciences!
- Natalie E....
I did get it off of Angie's List. They came just before the 4th of July and set it up, and they came on time and everything and everything was fine. A nice woman came, and then she came back picked up everything and then, by that afternoon, I had the results. I just called one person and I don't know about the price but it was fine. I didn't check it out because it was hard to find anybody. Most of them put in the device that solves the problem of the Radon and the first company I called didn't do the testing. A couple of them said they didn't do testing, so I was just glad to find them. They were here exactly when they said they would. I had to leave earlier and so I called them and asked if they could come an hour earlier, and they did.
- Gail V....
Environmental Testing & Research Laboratories, Inc
That was excellent. That worked really well. It showed that it was negative, which is good. I had it tested by a different company before and they found radon. The builder put on an active radon fan system so I hired this company to do a post radon test. They were excellent. I’ll give them a top rating. They were prompt. I had the lab results within a week.
- Jeffrey B....
Radon Installation Contractors LLC
Ric did an excellent job. He definitely knows the in's and out's of Radon remediation and is a careful craftsman who pays attention to the details. I did recommend him to a friend and she was also very happy with his work. My Radon level in the living space had a 3 month average of 3 PiC/L with peaks as high as 5, and after remediation it fell to a seven day average of .27 which is roughly the outside Radon level.
- Michael S....
Radon Abatement Services
Professional from beginning to finish of the job!! Installed Radon system from the basement and had it run outside the house on the side corner where the system is not noticable. Technican was quick but thorough and cleaned up after himself. He explained how to monitor the system and showed me everything he did. I have told my neighbor about Radon and that they should get their home tested and referred Radon Abatement Services to them. True professionals!!
- Joann D....
Radon Abatement Services
I met the team at the door. Walter the team leader presented me with a business card and introduced his other team member Mario. They had their own foot covers to protect the floors and were so very courteous. Walter assessed what work had to be done ... this was after John Swett the owner had been to the house previously to provide and estimate. Walter explained every step of the way on what they would be doing ... how the system would look outside of the house and where it would be placed. They worked very hard and diligently with smiles on their faces. I knew they had a very long day and I was their last appointment for the day. Walter and Mario finished the project had the entire area cleaned up and were just great guys. Once completed, Walter went over the entire system to show how it worked. The electricians that conducted work in our house prior left electrical wires hanging out of a box and the box on a shelf. Walter happily put the box back in place once it was discovered. The work started a few hours later than I had expected but seeing how much work goes into this ... I was not offended as anything can change on a job. All I can say is a great job ... well done!!!
- Anna B....
Ferraro Real Estate Service, LLC
Michael Ferraro designed and installed a radon mitigation system. He surveyed the home and installed a quality system that looks great. Our home in Leesburg had an average radon level of 12. After Michael installed his system we have an average of 0.50. Highly recommended.
- Christopher A....

Mitigate Radon in Valley Lee



Knoxville, MD

Recent Review: I would highly recommend them. They were on time. They did a very thorough inspection of the whole house. They took their time and explained everything to me. They not only explained but also pointed out certain things that I could get done, inexpensive. They were very knowledgeable. They had great amount of knowledge in the area of home, repairs and so forth. They were within the range of the other prices that I looked at.


Columbia, MD

Super Service Award
Angi Certified
Recent Review: Excellent! The work was done in a very timely and professional manner. The workers were friendly and efficient. Would hire again.


Ellicott City, MD

Recent Review: Incredibly thorough and helpful! Would definitely hire again.


Washington, DC

Recent Review: It was good. A very good process. They came in on time. Cleaned up after themselves. Only thing was they should give their clients some ideas on what its gonna look like.


Alpharetta, GA

Recent Review: Well, we are buying an older home that we know needs work. While I'm a bit handy, I did want some additional information and background. Plus, as the house has a cellar, radon testing was a no brainer. I arrived early at the house at the time of inspection, and Jason Thompson had already arrived. To make a long story short, Jason spent the next 3 hours walking around and through the house. He had a number of findings, and it felt like a thorough walkthrough. As for the radon, Lynda King was on site to collect the radon devices. They both answered my myriad of questions. Do I expect that we found everything wrong with the house? Goodness no. I'm certain that there are numerous small issues that we missed, but I still feel that this was a thorough review and inspection. The reports were received on a Saturday evening, a quick turnaround in my opinion.


Poolesville, MD

Recent Review: The inspector was prompt, throrough and professional. He caught wiring and drain issues I was not aware of. He pointed out an unvented fireplace. He walked us through the entire house, explaining issues constantly throughout the three hour process. All appliances and facuets were tested. The inspection report was slightly formulaic, but sent promptly that evening. The 48 hour radon test report was sent to us within 12 hours of it being complete (it showed high radon). The mold test included a background (outdoor test) and analyzed for mold species. As an indoor a


Washington, DC

Recent Review: Sheldon was very informative on our first phone call. He advised me of what he would be looking for, how long the inspection could potentially take and the turn around time for his final report. Upon arriving at the site, Sheldon was 20 minutes early and came prepared to start immediately. He answered my questions patiently and educated me on everything about the interior and exterior of the home. I was quite satisfied with my home inspection report. It was very professional with lots of pictures and detail as to the issues and areas that could be potential bargaining points with the seller. I would definitely use F.A.C.E.S. again!!


Gaithersburg, MD

Recent Review: Went as expected and I was provided quick results via email with a graph of the test information.


Clarksburg, MD

Recent Review: It was a very painless process. Steven came to my house and dropped off the recording device. Approximately two days later he returned to pick it up. He was only in my house a few minutes each time and scheduled the visits at my convenience. Answered all my questions clearly and succinctly. He explained he did additional services but was not at all pushy or hard-sell on anything additional. (I did not request anything additional.) He was very professional and very polite. I received my results with a good explanation of what they meant on the same day as he picked up the device.


Chevy Chase, MD

Recent Review: Mr. Goldberg performed a radon test for me and did find that I had some moderate radon levels in my home. He's very efficient with what he does. He referred me to a guy named John Sweat to help me deal with the problem. I spoke with the guy and gave me a proposal but I have not heard from him in about a week and a half.


Hyattsville, MD

Recent Review: Excellent. We used the report to inform the seller of a few things to take care of before we go to settlement. His report was very useful in our discussion with the seller to repair important safety issues and non-working items. He also was able to crawl into the attic to view the condition of the insulation and discovered a few things we will need to take care of eventually which were not necessarily show stoppers.


Elkridge, MD

Recent Review: The inspection was performed by Greg Holden, one of the associate at Maury Home Inspections, LLC. He was methodical, detail oriented and provided thorough explanations. During the inspection he also provided helpful suggestions and tips on the maintenance throughout the visits as I'm a first time owner. The final report provided detailed information/assessment, suggested actions, and photographs. Was really impress with the quality of the service. Highly recommended!


Silver Spring, MD

Angi Certified
Recent Review: We used Radon Abatement Services for our basement. The radon levels were slightly over the EPA recommended limit. We mitigated the radon as part of a larger basement renovation. Radon Abatement Services worked with our General Contractor and did a great job. Radon levels are vastly reduced now as a result of their work.


Upper Marlboro, MD

Angi Certified
Recent Review: The company was professional and efficient. The report was detailed and given in a timely manner. I have recommended this company to my family.


Reston, VA

Recent Review: Radon Control Professionals is an outstanding company. They are very knowledgeable, reasonably priced, punctual and finished the job in the timeframe quoted with exceptional results! We could not have asked for a better outcome and are extremely pleased with their work and customer service. They turned our frustrating discovery of radon into their problem and we are now essentially radon free with lower levels in our house than the air we breathe outside! With two young children, that peace of mind is priceless. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.


Stafford, VA

Recent Review: These guys did a great job and were professional, polite, efficient and punctual. When we bought our house we had high, but non-actionable levels of Radon, around 3.8, in the finished basement. My kids started playing in there more so I bought a radon monitor. Some days we had radon in the 2s and other times it would jump past 4. We hired these guys to install the sump pump radon mitigation system, but my wife thought it was worth paying the extra amount to do a system where the pipes would run through our garage attic/roof to avoid having a big pvc pipe running up the back of our house. Things seem to be working great, with our radon monitor consistently reading below 0.5, which I believe is roughly the level of radon outdoors. Pretty pleased and happy I don't have to worry about my kids playing down there for extended periods of time!


Leominster, MA

Recent Review: good. I have now install a radon system

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We used Radon Abatement Services for our basement. The radon levels were slightly over the EPA recommended limit. We mitigated the radon as part of a larger basement renovation. Radon Abatement Services worked with our General Contractor and did a great job. Radon levels are vastly reduced now as a result of their work.