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Norco Trailer Home Remodel

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Reviews in Norco to Remodel Trailer Home

JP Mobile Home Leveling
JP Mobile Home Leveling - showed up to site in a very timely manner. Went to work immediately, explaining what was going to be done and showed tools that would be used. Finished in a timely manner and explained where the piers under the mobile home had been "adjusted." Overall, very good experience! I would definately use again and recommend to others.
- Phyllis B....
Chuck's Mobile Home Service
The crew showed up on time and completed in one day as promised. The job was done with the materials agreed. They knew what they were doing. They explained and answered questions. The cleaned up afterward.
- David M....
West Coast Mobile Home Improvement
I have given the West Coast Mobile Home Improvement top grades and said we would use them again, but there is a caveat. Things did not go well the first or second ? or even the third time we had workers here. Ultimately, however, Joe Martin entered the scene and things started going right. Martin was able to get things done, and customer satisfaction seemed to be his primary interest. He had the skills to be in there working with his crew, watching to see that everything was done correctly. He cared about the details and the big picture. It has been a year since the work on our home was done. I have waited until now to write the review because I wanted to make sure everything held together? and it did. We have enjoyed the new plumbing during the past year without any additional problems. More needs to be done in our home, but our protracted experience with West Coast Mobile Home made us reluctant to hire any contractor, fearing we might wind up going through a similar process. The truth is, though, that we are now finally starting to talk about having additional work done? and we are even thinking of having West Coast Mobile Home come back to do it? but ONLY if Joe Martin is the guy on site, making sure things are done right THE FIRST TIME.
- Victor D....
Ramsay One
The quartz cracked on installation. Ramsay One will not replace the quartz even though the quartz company would replace the slab. Ramsay One tried to fix but it only damaged the shine on the quartz. We had a lot of work done at this mobile home. (Almost 70K) This is just one area that was not done correctly. Ramsay One also did substandard work on another home. Cracked the bathroom sink and installed sink assembly wrong on two other sinks.
- Toni B....
We have been collaborating with Graeme Chapman for 15 years as we upgrade our 1970’s tract home and yard. We were the first clients of Brilliant Construction and have never regretted it. I admire Graeme’s craftsmanship, his honesty, his good taste, and creativity. He has put in skylights, new windows and doors, a new heater, custom closets, new bathrooms and kitchens, moved walls, and floors. He has built from scratch a fountain, an outdoor table, and garden walls that can only be described as brilliant. Graeme knows where to spend money and has not shied away from telling us when our ideas were too expensive or too weird. Together we have transformed a dumpy 1960’s tract house into bright, comfortable and eye-catching home. One of the things I particularly like about Graeme’s work is the quality and integrity of his sub-contractors. They are prompt, good-natured, hard-working, and very capable. Graeme treats them and his craftsmen with respect and demands their best work. Work that does not meet his standards gets redone at his cost, but that was a rare occurrence. Naturally, when remodeling an older residence, surprises crop up. Graeme analyzes the problem and suggests the best way forward. We never felt like he used these issues to gouge us for more money and the problems addressed have stayed fixed. Brilliant Construction lives up to its name!
- Dwight J....
West Coast Mobile Home Improvement
The gentleman that came to my house is named Joe Martin. I wanted a complete gutting and remodeling of the mobile home. After explaining to him exactly what I wanted (down to the color and type of cabinets I wanted in the kitchen, wood floors, tile, etc) I basically was not going to get anything I wanted. He had the gall to tell me that wood floors are only put in million dollar homes (hear that, all you who have wood floors but do not own a million dollar home?). I wanted off white or cream colored kitchen cabinets. He only allowed me choices that Builders Surplus carry, which meant I was not going to get my choice. I wanted tile in the kitchen, but he was selling me on fabric backed vinyl. I had only 8 choices for granite countertop, none of which were anywhere near what I wanted. As I tried to tell him that these were not what I wanted, he told me "Why did you call me out if you weren't going to let me do what I wanted". Yes, he said that. He was not going to live in the mobile home, I was. It was all about using the products that HE could get cheap. So, I made my choices from what he had to offer, to see what the estimate would be. Before he left, he assured me that he could get the job done for under $40,000. My jaw dropped when I received the estimate . . . for $53,000+. And wasn't going to get anything I wanted. Needless to say, I did not go with West Coast. Joe Martin's personality, attitude and arrogance should keep home out of doing any PR or sales work.
- Jean S....
Quality Mobile Home Services Inc
TERRIBLE! DISGUSTING, UNPROFESSIONAL, ETC., AND THIS WAS ONLY AN ESTIMATE! Property Damage to exterior Aluminum Siding, across the top of two 4' X 8' sheets. Although this happened back on May 03, 2016, everyday I am reminded how this company treated me. I will never get over this. It haunts all the time, being treated, like I was. Before my cancer, in 2005, I previously had been in the Painting and Decorating business for many years, I've worked for designers, decorators, worked new construction, remodels, tract homes, have tons of references, so I knew how to treat the public, I had to, for good business, and to keep me busy. Sadly, this can not be said for them, given my poor experience. We all have had bad days, but this lasted for many, many, MONTHS! Most of 2016, was primarily consumed not only, by the property damage aspect, which was bad enough, but add all the undue emotional, and mental distress, severe anxiety, waiting everyday for them to return calls, emails, or letters, but NOTHING AT ALL! A FREAK-IN' NIGHTMARE!!!!! SHAME ON THEM FOR PUTTING ME THROUGH THIS. To be mildly fair, they did offer to return to repair, but at this point, months later, I did not trust them, did not believe anything they would say, or would trust them to even to a professional job. That is why, I did not want 'Quality' back, I suffered enough by them. I only wanted Quality to pay for the damages, that Quality's estimator had caused, plain and simple. Two estimates, one was Quality, and another, a competitor, who told me he used to work with Quality, his was the highest, but begrudgingly, and with much disappointment, noting the two, agreed to the lesser amount of the estimates. Everyone told me I needed to file a Civil Small Claims Action, against 'Quality' and all parties involved, for the property damage that occurred. If I can discourage, dismay prospective, and potential naive clients, to save them, from the nightmarish year that I had, maybe that would be satisfaction enough. :-) Problems? Besides complaining to the appropriate agencies, if there was a contract or not, and/or any property damage occurred, LIKE MINE, and you've waited beyond a reasonable time, LIKE ME, then you need to file a civil small claims action/property damage against whomever caused it, and anyone who participated. Also, contact L.A.'s NBC and CBS, local networks, for their consumer help folks, helping to expose the "bad Apples" here in Southern California. There are many reputable roofing companies, but if you are looking for one with extreme Professionalism, who is above board, has scruples, has common sense, decency, honesty, integrity, and will show up when they say they will show up, not be 1-1/2 hrs LATE, for an estimate, and based only on my humble opinion, and experience, YOU WOULD BE VERY WISE TO STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY. I would also take their positive reviews lightly, who knows who exactly, is writing these reviews. Remember, the time limit for filing property damage claims can last up for three years in California. There are two sides to every story, and this is mine. I'm sure the owner will try to discredit me, to protect his business, I get it, but as the owner, he should have tried to accommodate me a lot SOONER, at the very least, to call to apologize, to set a date to fix the damage, as soon as this happened, and not let it go, for as long as he did. The owner never experienced what I went through, never talked with him, he has not personally seen the damage, only photos. So, whatever he has to say, I am not interested, not listening, Your company had a chance, to do the right thing, at the onset, but chose to ignore me, because this was only an estimate, and not a $10K roof project, so you just couldn't be bothered. I would never, trust this company, to perform any work for me, or for my friends, or family!...EVER! If you are smart, you would do the same. I am glad now, that I never hired them to actually do any work. Your experience may be a wondrous one, who knows. I am commenting only on mine.
- Jim T....
West Coast Mobile Home Improvement
They showed up when they said they would. However, the quality of the work was shoddy. They finished the work in less than a day, which made me suspicious. I had an independent inspector come out to check their work and discovered that they didn't replace all the piers, did not secure the piers with new fasteners, but instead left old, rusty fasteners and did not tighten them. Instead of replacing pier pads with pressure treated wood or cement they used 1" plastic pads with openings that allow moisture to reach the metal piers and cause rust again. Plus, they did not replace all the piers, sold us "marriage bars" which we did not need. The work had to be redone at an additional cost of $4,500.
- Linda M....
Pioneer Plumbing
Freddy was quick and sharp to identify where and why the water pipe was leaking. Freddy repaired the leak with no problem and was so kind and helpful enough that he also installed a sink and a toilet for me. And it only took him 30 minutes to finish everything! He was also kind enough to recommend to me on what water heater would work best for my mobile home.
- Fabian A....
West Coast Mobile Home Improvement
From initial call, to quote, to install these guys were great. I have nothing but excellent things to say about Craig, Joe and the entire crew at West Coast Mobile Home Improvement. They did the job fast, they did the job right, the results were completely as expected. There were no hidden charges, they only replaced roof sheathing that required it and were very careful to minimize mess, disruption and cleaned up behind them as appropriate.
- Adam C....

Remodel Mobile Home in Norco



Business Description: We are a full service Mobile , Manufactured, and Modular home construction company. Our mission is to deliver quality service and work to our customers! We offer free estimates and discounts to Seniors and our Military servicemen and women. We accept all major credit cards. Please give us a call for any of your Mobile Home needs!


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Business Description: LionCraft Construction has been designing, building and remodeling homes all over Southern California for the last 44 years. Beginning in 1977, we have worked on thousands of homes in San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. While the name of the company may have changed over the years, our goal remains the same. In a world of fly-by-night, shady contractors, LionCraft Construction is driven to provide homeowners with the best product on the market, with a focus on quality, integrity and transparency at the center of our process.


Business Description: Italian Painting Services is a Licensed Painting Contractor with a C-33 License and also a Licensed General Contractor with a B License. We specialize in Residential and Commercial Interior/Exterior Painting using exclusively top quality material brands and delivering excellent quality. We also have the ability to do any type of home remodels including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions and more. We believe that preparation is the key to any successful project. We ensure that we take the necessary time to properly prepare each surface using the adequate materials and techniques while taking in consideration the weather when working on exterior surfaces such as excessive heat, wind, air quality, etc. These conditions could affect proper adhesion of any coat of primer and paint. Our company is qualified to perform any type of paint job including faux finishes, Venetian plaster, murals and many other special coating. We also specialize in refinishing and painting all types of cabinets. We carry a two million dollar General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation insurance for all of our employees. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about your upcoming project or if you want to set up an appointment for us to meet and provide you with a detailed estimate.
Business Description: Simonton Enterprise
Business Description: We as Mobile Home Dealers sell affordable Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes New and Used. We also have License transporters and contractors to set up your home. We work with banks that may qualify you for a manufactured Home Loan. We set up homes in parks and private property. We also remove old mobile homes and have a mobile home teardown service.


Recent Review: The crew showed up on time and completed in one day as promised. The job was done with the materials agreed. They knew what they were doing. They explained and answered questions. The cleaned up afterward.


Business Description: Whether it's getting your home remodeled or fixing damage that's been done to your home, we're here to help you every step of the way. Quality Mobile Home Services Inc. Really means it when we say we're here to help you.


Recent Review: The service has always been excellent with them. All of the servicemen have been very efficient, knowledgeable, and they clean up after themselves. The company is very professional and they really know what they are doing.


Recent Review: United Mobile Home Service very quick to respond and provide estimate.

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JP Mobile Home Leveling - showed up to site in a very timely manner. Went to work immediately, explaining what was going to be done and showed tools that would be used. Finished in a timely manner and explained where the piers under the mobile home had been "adjusted." Overall, very good experience! I would definately use again and recommend to others.