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Duncan, AZ Remodel Fireplace

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10 Best Fireplace or Hearth Remodeling in Duncan AZ | Angi [Angie's List]
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10 Best Fireplace or Hearth Remodeling in Duncan AZ | Angi [Angie's List]
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10 Best Fireplace or Hearth Remodeling in Duncan AZ | Angi [Angie's List]
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Reviews in Duncan to Remodel Fireplace

Very nice company. Came out to check our fireplace and chimney to see why smoke was coming in. Found the problem and fixed it quickly, offering suggestions.
- Judie A....
Als Home Imporvements
First, he helped us with the design. Then, he executed the design all the way through till finish painting. It's gorgeous. What stood out about this service was his ability to understand what it was that we were trying to achieve and being able to then do the design work and execute it.
- Don L....
Amazing Scapes LLC
Wonderful experience. Robert arrived a day prior to meet with foreman Ivan. They all arrived on time and completed the project in one week. The crew was professional and accommodating. Extremely satisfied.
- Glenda N....
A Joy Chimney Service
Used my fireplace the night before and we started to notice a smokey smell. The next morning I wrote down 6 names of chimney sweepers from angies list and called several hoping to have someone out today due to upcoming cold front. All were nice but Larry said he would squeeze us in this afternoon. He and his partner came out that afternoon, calling me ahead of time he was on his way, and swiftly and cleanly did his job. Excellant results, we used our fireplace that night with no further smell.
- John M....
When we made the appointment we were given a date and time that the work would be completed (Monday at 8:00AM) The Friday before the work was scheduled I called to confirm the appointment and was informed that they did not do installs on the day we were told. They gave us a different day and time. The night before the new date, we got a phone call saying the weather was kind of bad (just a few flurries) so they may not be able to make it, they would call first thing in the morning. I called them after 11:30 that day and was informed that they could not reach the installer. After a few hours of phone tag we were informed that the installer had tried to take a shortcut, on dirt back roads in the snow, and got stuck. The owner was going to go pull him out and get back to me ASAP. I got no news until the next morning (Christmas Eve day) when I called him and he said it was after 9:00 PM when they got unstuck so he decided not to call me. I asked him what time they would be out and was told I would have to reschedule because the truck was muddy and he wanted to clean it. At that point I asked for a refund of my deposit, I did recieve the refund but he did not try to make it right, just said OK and put it back on my card. The customer service was great until we gave a deposit, then it was as if we did not matter at all. Lousy business practices.
- Ed C....
Flagstaff Hearth and Home came to my house and took measurements, then had to call me back a few weeks later asking to come out and take measurements again because they had lost the original ones. I gave them a deposit for the insert and was told they would be out to install it on a Friday. They called me Thursday and informed me that the insert they ordered would not fit and that I would have to purchase a free standing wood burning stove instead. They assured me that my deposit check would not be cashed until we had come to an agreement on the purchase of a different stove. I went to their store on a Saturday to look at stoves and requested quotes. The following Monday my deposit check was cashed without me having received a quote on the new stove. I called demanding to know why my check was cashed, the person that answered the phone replied back that "it shouldn't have been cashed, somebody in bookkeeping must have made a mistake, let me talk to the owner". I was put on hold and then told that the check was cashed because they had ordered the stove for me in which I replied "how can you order a stove for me when you haven't provided me a quote?" On Wednesday I finally received a quote but it was not accurate, there were items that were missing and items that were included that should not have been. After receiving a few other quotes the remainder of the week (most of them were inaccurate) I decided that I did not want to do business with this company. I requested my full deposit back and was told they would send me my deposit minus $150 for the cost of shipping the stove back. I informed the owner that I did not order a stove and would not pay shipping costs due to his mistake. I had to file a claim in small claims court against Flagstaff Hearth and Home to try and get my deposit money back.
- Scott J....
Coleman's Handyman Service
They are INCOMPETENT AND DISHONEST. They CHEATED US OUT OF NEARLY $300! First, they were an hour and a half late. Okay, we understood the baby sitter showed up late, and they not only had to drive from Tucson to Tubac, they also stopped at Home Depot and picked up the paint we needed. When they got here, we greeted them with enthusiasm. We moved into our townhome about 5 weeks ago and have desperately needed help from the start. The place is small, not much room to unpack, and we have badly needed to get some large pictures and our 2 large-screen TVs up so we can maneuver better. We had called 3 other recommended handymen over the weeks and none of them even showed up. So when the Coleman's arrived, I told them it was like Christmas morning for me to have them here. I had emailed them the list of things we needed done. Initially, they had quoted us over the phone $100 an hour to do the work, estimating that it would take about 5 hours. I said we couldn't hope to pay that much as we are now retired (forcibly, due to the pandemic), broke, and living on a fixed income. We politely declined the offer. Within an hour, we got a call back; they wanted to know what we could pay. I suggested $300, Alexandria accepted, and I thanked her "very much." They told us they had all day to do the work, and I assumed they were going to cover the things on my list for $300. There was no mention again of an hourly amount. So, they came, were welcomed with profuse thanks for coming, and after a lot of chit chat with my husband, who is as friendly as a puppy, they got to work mounting the first picture. My husband has always done all the handyman work around our house; he's good at it, and would have done all the things we asked the Colemans to do but for two things: he sold all his tools when we moved, and he's now 76 with a heart condition that makes it dangerous for him to climb very high ladders and lift very heavy objects into high places. I can't help him like I used to because I have Parkinson's and almost crippling arthritis. But Bernie loves to talk and wanted to help, and a couple of times I said he ought to get out of their way and let them work; I even mentioned that they had a babysitter at home and that their time might be limited. At which both the Coleman's said that that was NO problem. Okay, so they got the heavy picture up and went to work on the first TV. I was at the kitchen counter working on my computer and Bernie was in and out of the bedroom where they were working and it went on and on and on. Finally, I asked Bernie what was taking so long and he made some excuse for them. It took at least an hour for them to get the first TV up. (It had taken less time than that for the guy to mount the TV and drop the wires behind the wall and wire them to and close up the outlet in the wall in our previous home in Mesa.) Anyway, it was up, and they went into the den to hang the larger TV in there. After a while, I heard Bernie say something, in an irritated tone, like, "Just take it down. I'll fix it." Turns out, they had drilled the mount into the wall so high and close to the ceiling that it would have been impossible to even mount the TV on the wall mount, much less to comfortably watch the thing without practically lying on your back to see the screen. Bernie came out of the room obviously irritated, repeating, "Just take it down." It was awkward. He was mad, but trying to control it, and the Coleman's were quiet, and I was embarrassed. AT THIS POINT, they inform us that they have to leave at noon because they have another appointment. I was really disappointed. Said with a laugh that if I'd known that, I'd have kept Bernie from talking to them so much when they first got here. I assumed that, as they had only completed 3 of the items on our list of agreed-upon projects (for $300), they would come back to finish, and I asked when they could schedule their return. Alexandria said something about checking her schedule at home, and at 11:30, despite my urging them not to start so late, they began slapping paint on the fireplace. Said it wouldn't take but a few minutes, and it didn't. When they were finished, they began counting the hours they had been here in order to figure out what we owed them. Alexandria's husband (who never bothered to introduce himself, though I kept asking his name when they first arrived) started in on how they normally charged $100 and hour, but that they weren't going to charge us that, and I said something like, yes, we agreed to $300 for everything, but still, Alexandria added up the 4 and a half hours they'd been here at $70 per hour (at $300 for 5 hours, it would have been $60 per hour, but I didn't object), plus $30 for the paint, which came to $275, almost $300 to hang 3 things and paint the fireplace front! But wait, there's more. Within 10 minutes of slapping all that paint on the fireplace, and despite my warning that it was too soon, they pulled the tape off the edges and sure enough, the dark brown paint ran into the off-while wall around it. It was a mess! And now I was mad. Finally. I was polite, but I let my irritation show when I pointed out the brown paint all over the off-white wall. And guess what. Alexandria pretended she couldn't see anything wrong with it. Now I was really angry, but I still controlling my anger, I said to the husband, when he returned from stashing our check in his truck, that the paint job was unacceptable and that furthermore, come to think of it, we should not be asked to pay for the time spent in putting the den TV wall mounts in the wrong place, as we were going to have to now pay to have that work undone and done all over again. He looked at me and said, "I see where this is going. How much do you think our work is worth?" Before I could answer, however, he began to reassure us that he could easily fix the sloppy paint job; said he'd come back and make it perfect. Became very apologetic and reassuring. Even offered to come back and hang the 2 things we wanted to put on the patio walls free of charge. He kept on apologizing long after I wanted him to stop, continuing to repeat that he'd make it right. Apologized for arriving late, for booking another appointment at noon, for messing up the TV job and for the sloppy paint work, which he acknowledged was unacceptable, saying that they normally did not do work like that. By this time I was back at my computer, and I said something about just being tired of everything always going wrong, that on top of all the hassles trying to get moved and settled in, I was also dealing with a printer and scanner that wouldn't work and trying to get manufacturer support, etc. etc., and he kept repeating that he would come back and make everything right and he'd call us that evening when he got home and finally, we all said goodbye and thank you and he left. Alexandria, by the way, had already gathered up the paint cloth and tools and stormed out, slamming the door behind her. We said nothing, just ignored her petty tantrum. But I told Bernie when they left that even if he was sincere, she was mad and would talk him out of ever coming back. We waited 2 days before emailing and asking, politely, with a "please" and "thank you," when they were planning on coming back. That was yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon, the heavy picture they hung in the bedroom fell off the wall. Had my husband not been there to catch it, it would have broken everything on the table below it and shattered glass everywhere. Had it fallen when we were sleeping below it, I guess at least one of us would be in the morgue this morning. But there's more. When it fell, we discovered that the bracket upon which it had not been mounted properly, was crooked. Last night, I emailed again to tell them what had happened and asking them again when they could come back "to clean up the mess." I knew I risked making Miss Pouty Alexandria mad again, but I couldn't help it. I get so tired of being polite to people all the time while they cheat me out of money I cannot afford to lose! We are trying to live on social security alone, and $300 was A LOT of money to us. And now, we have to pay someone else, assuming we can find someone, to rehang the picture and the TV and to touch up around our 12'-high, kiva-style fireplace! Why? Because, as I suspected, the Coleman's, for all his sincere apologies and promises, had no intention of coming back. I got an email from Alexandria this morning saying, "we will not be returning we do not service rude people." Says the childish woman who stalked out, slamming the door behind her while we were nodding and saying thanks to her apologetic husband after making an effort to control our justifiable anger at the mess he had made of the den wall (which has to be spackled and repainted before the TV is remounted) and of the fireplace which is the focal point of the living room. Don't hire these two cheats. Even had we been rude, there is no excuse for taking $300 from us for hanging one television! All the rest has to be done all over again! One lousy TV, with all the lines and cables hanging down from it, which we now also have to pay to have dropped behind the wall! When I mentioned this to the husband, by the way, he said, "Why didn't you say you wanted that?" Talk about rude, and yet all I did was stammer something about I didn't know you could do that, at which point he begins to inform me that he is a certified electrician, and a certified plumber and a certified something else and that's why he charges $100 an hour, and all I did was say, "Wow. I didn't know that," and "that's great." Meanwhile, he's slapping dark brown paint on my white walls. My question to Angie's List is how in **** do you recommend incompetent and dishonest people like this to your members? Honest to God, if I could, I'd sue Angie's List to recover our loss here. Beware of Coleman Handyman Service and now, be aware that not everybody recommended on Angie's List is all they're cracked up to be.
- Bernie &....

Fireplaces in Duncan



Business Description: Billing procedures are as follows: 1/2 of total amount of job to begin work; and balance due upon completion. All work is custom and owner hands on and is warrantied. Been in business for over 25 years
Business Description: Ancient Stone® is more economical and durable with greater design flexibility than natural stone. Proudly made in the USA, Ancient Stone® is locally produced in Phoenix, Arizona and shipped worldwide. Ancient Stone® will turn your home or business into a distinct and dramatic expression of classic elegance. Traditionally, cut stone has been synonymous with strength and security. Architecturally, Ancient Stone® has blended these virtues into a variety of cast stone products to represent the best. Originally developed as a structural alternative to natural stone, our material has been in use for over sixty years, withstanding the test of time in all climates and regions. Ancient Stone® is available in a wide variety of rich Mediterranean, Tuscan and Southwestern colors. Structural elements such as columns and balustrade, as well as, architectural elements like window and door surrounds, are the perfect alternative to natural stone. As an alternative to conventional floor covering materials, Ancient Stone® pavers provide ease of installation, affordable pricing, thermal capabilities (cool in summer, warm in winter) and beauty, making them a logical choice for any type of flooring. As an exterior surface, Ancient Stone® lasts a virtual lifetime. Once you see Ancient Stone® you won't settle for anything less. Our Trademarked texturing® process gives Ancient Stone® the rich look of carved stone. Ancient Stone® has been produced exclusively at our Phoenix location for over ten years, creating points of pride for international celebrities, as well as prominent businesses in the community.


Recent Review: Kathryn was helpful with quotes. Gave me a variety of options. I came back several months later to do the job and she was still responsive and helpful. David was also responsive and good at what he did. My one concern was that he proceeded to cut into my fireplace to make the box fit. Ultimately this wasn't an issue because there is a frame aesthically, and it had to happen (or I would've had to switch to a smaller model insert), I just really wanted to be communicated with. I was home most of the time, but even if not home, I wanted a phone call. At the very least, this would've given me a chance to cover items nearby with sheets to protect from dust---I really wish they had done this without me asking but I would've liked to do it myself if they didn't. I sensed from the conversations that his assistant was very much learning. The assistant was capable, but to me that means the supervisor shouldn't leave the job. He did for a couple hours and I think this made the job take longer. Luckily, they did not bill me for this time. Finally, they did leave some aesthetic blemishes on the fireplace stone. I called them after a couple days and they were at my home the next morning, buffing/repairing the stone, apologizing, no cost, and letting me know it would take a little time/wear for the stone to not look freshly buffed. Overall, satisfied. Not perfect, Not fantastic, but good.


Recent Review: First, he helped us with the design. Then, he executed the design all the way through till finish painting. It's gorgeous. What stood out about this service was his ability to understand what it was that we were trying to achieve and being able to then do the design work and execute it.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Wonderful experience. Robert arrived a day prior to meet with foreman Ivan. They all arrived on time and completed the project in one week. The crew was professional and accommodating. Extremely satisfied.


Recent Review: Used my fireplace the night before and we started to notice a smokey smell. The next morning I wrote down 6 names of chimney sweepers from angies list and called several hoping to have someone out today due to upcoming cold front. All were nice but Larry said he would squeeze us in this afternoon. He and his partner came out that afternoon, calling me ahead of time he was on his way, and swiftly and cleanly did his job. Excellant results, we used our fireplace that night with no further smell.


Business Description: Blacksmith shop creating functional art for the home


Recent Review: We are new to the Flagstaff area, and after living in the house for 3 months, we identified work that needed to be done. One of these items was about heating. We have gas, forced air heat, which varies over a 4 degree range and is not very comfortable. In addition, we had a bulky pellet stove that had an ugly hearth and mantle and took up too much of the living room. Our old house was oil/hot water heat, which I find more comfortable. In addition, we had a pellet stove on a 4 season porch. I have also heated by wood (pot belly stove). Heating with wood in an energy efficient stove is nice. It provides a zone that you can warm up in, and it is nice to watch the flames. The biggest drawback is harvesting, cutting, splitting, stacking and hauling the wood. The pellet stove also provided a warm zone that was nice, but not as nice as the wood stove. The main drawbacks were getting, stacking, and hauling the pellets, the noise it makes and the fact that it doesn't work in a power outage (electric pellet feed). The pellet stove was a Quadrafire fireplace insert. I custom made a hearth, surround and mantle for it. The stove would come on and a blower created draft for the fire. Once it heated up, a second fan would blow hot air into the room. It was extremely noisy. Having reached my middle 60's, I didn't need all the exercise, and since we are on city gas, I looked into a gas fireplace. I went to all 3 shops in town, and Flagstaff Hearth and Home was the easiest to work with. My initial fireplace was too large for the house, and the sales people at Hearth and Home did a great job of picking the right fireplace for the application. They came out and looked at the job and came up with a plan. The things that didn't work well were the communications and installation schedule. We were promised a plan prior to the installation, that never materialized, and we might have changed some things if we had seen it. There was also a problem getting the installer on site, and we were delayed a few days for that. There also was a snafu with the burners that delayed using the unit for a few more days. I considered these small things, more inconvenient than anything. With the unit in, I am very pleased with the result. The fireplace has a remote that is also a temperature sensor. You can move it around the room to create a comfort zone that can be adjusted. The unit does a great job of heating the main living area, and allows me to keep the rest of the house at a lower temperature. Another great feature is that the unit has a smart thermometer. As you approach the correct temperature, the unit lowers the flame instead of providing a straight on/off function. At this point, we have the enclosure done in concrete board, at our request. We want to live with the unit for a while so we can get used to the size and shape and then we will decide what "finish" we will do.


Recent Review: They came out and looked at the fireplace and chimney. They were unable to perform the service because of the damage done to my fireplace.


Business Description: With clean, friendly, and prompt service, we've been serving all of Northern Arizona and the Verde Valley since 1991. You can count on our expert service at a low price. Our services cater to sweeps, repairs, installation and inspections, including the following: • Chimney sweeping for fireplaces, inserts, wood stoves and pellet stoves • Repairs for dampers, doors, caps, masonry cracks, firebrick and crowns • Installation of new products such as caps, spark arrestors, crown coats, screens, grates, rooftop dampers, wind protectors and smoke guards • Installation of new stoves from the ground up • Installation of inserts to code, lined to the crown and caped properly The office is open from 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. On time appointments can be made from Monday to Saturday during daylight hours. Call Aaron's Chimney Sweeping for your fireplace, wood stove, and pellet stove needs. There are thousands of wood burning products out there, let us give you the experience you need for the product you want. We are licensed and insured.