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St Paul Mosquito Misting System Installation

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Reviews for Mosquito Misting System Installation in St Paul

Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities
I think they are wonderful to work with. The work went extremely well. They are extremely knowledgeable and they customize your system according to your site. They are very thorough and great people to talk to during the process.
- David S....
Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities
Great. The mosquitos appeared sparsely late at night, but everyone was outside both Saturday nights until 1:00 a.m. with minimal mosquito issues. Will definitely do it again.
- Shannon E....
Wildlife Control Now
So far we have not had any problems with mosquito's but it has also been very windy which will drive them away. I did try and call them after they came out as I was not at home when they did the service and wanted to know if I could mow the grass or not and no one called me back.
- Shawn J....
Northern Roots Lawn Care
We just moved to MN and within a couple weeks here the mosquitos became out of control. This is our first time to spray for mosquitos, but it seems to have helped tremendously. They were quick to respond and came out the very next day.
- Joseph C....
Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities
This was the second year we used the mosquito squad to come and treat our lawn and it was worth every penny. We love being able to enjoy our deck without getting eaten alive. We don't live near water and tried everything to be able to enjoy being outside without the mosquitos attacking and after finding mosquito squad we will not ever go a summer season without them. They spray the entire property and it is safe for all plants. It is also safe for children and pets after 30 mins of drying. They also offer a natural spray they started using this year. We love the results, the mosquitos are hardly noticeable. Actually we now notice when we see one because they are so rare!
- Katrina C....
NaturaLawn of America
Great experience, they went above and beyond what I expected they were going to do. I have recommended them to my friends and family
- Patrick B....
Wildlife Control Now
It went well. I would definitely do it again. It was so nice to be able to garden and not get eaten up.
- Teresa S....
Northern Roots Lawn Care
We have a very woody backyard that attracts mosquitos. Northern Roots made our yard accessible to my entire family for the whole summer. In years before treatment, we’d have to stay inside the screen porch. Now we’re outside almost all summer long. As for leaf removal, we have done it by ourselves, and it is SO MUCH MORE WORTH IT for Northern Roots to do it. They do a great job, and it saves us on 3+ weekends of back-breaking labor. This is our second year of service with them, and we’ll be customers next year, too.
- Donna N....
Mosquito Squad of Twin Cities
Don’t use Mosquito Squad in East Bethel or Ham Lake, Minnesota (phone 763-434-2483) unless you want to be lied to, hung up on, and then ignored if you have an issue or complain. Absolutely terrible service and despite 100% satisfaction guarantee, they still haven’t refunded the full amount paid. The agreements they enter mean nothing, their techs don’t do their job, and the person who runs the show (Dawn) seems to pride herself on her ability to spin simple situations into something that forces me to write this review, file complaints with the BBB and notify the corporate office about improper business practices. Why anyone would hire this service in lieu of the plethora of others that are cheaper, more honest, flexible and just as effective, is the great unknown here. We had agreement dating back to prior summer to spray the 1 acre of two adjoining properties since they are both owned by the same person. First it was through Groupon deal and then renewed for rest of 2017 season. I prepaid for all of summer 2018 since they were running a special on Cyber Monday, assuming that they would just continue performing the same work and spray the same area. 4/30/18 was the first day that they showed up to spray the property this year and my wife watched the technician ONLY walk around one of the houses during the span of about 3 minutes and leave. The technician didn’t even remotely do the work that was paid for. I called the office and notified Dawn of what happened. I was told that she needs to speak with the tech when she came back in from the field – apparently this company doesn’t use mobile phones. That’s fine though, no issue, I can wait. Then as long as I had them on the phone, I checked into what area they were actually spraying, to which I was told they just reset the spray line to only one of the properties because “it was simpler” once the Groupon ended. WHAT?!? I proceeded to forward prior year emails, agreed upon maps and spray lines, measurement of property showing that it’s under 1 acre, all to no avail since Dawn just kept talking over me and arguing. All this despite the fact that they sprayed that exact area during the prior year and nothing has changed. Then she hung up when I said I want a refund of all the money that I paid them for this year and that I’ll have someone else come out. I called back and someone else picked up the line – while holding, a PARTIAL refund confirmation came through and the phone was hung up again. After several follow-up emails and ignored calls, still no refund. Then while talking to 3 other services, I learned that Mosquito Squad is a rip-off because of 1) higher price than almost every other service out there even after discounts, 2) claim to need to spray every two weeks to be effective, 3) inflexible as they only spray on their schedule and do not cater to their clients preference. This the exact opposite of someone like Mosquito Crush – less expensive, completely flexible as to day and time of day to spray, no questions asked money back guarantee.
- Daniel G....
TruGreen Lawn Care - 5613
They've been doing some mosquito spraying, but this is the first time. They come every month for the first four weeks to start. Being that it's the mosquito season and they spray. So, I'm just trying out how it works because most of Minnesota is famous for mosquitoes. They come and spray it and if you find mosquitoes they come and do it again. They just knock and let me know they're here, the last time I was out of town. They do the maintenance of my lawn. I'm just trying it out for the first time. They guarantee if you have a mosquito again within the month that they spray that they would come and respray. It's very difficult to grade my experience. The quality is very difficult to find out because. I have been out of my home during the summer. So, I haven't been sitting down on my deck or my patio. The service is good. They come on time and spray, so everything is okay. On the pest, it's very difficult to say if it's cost effective to have them spray and pay them $150 a month. So, I don't know. We started recently. I'm on a contract for this season.
- Ansar A....

Mosquito Misting System Installation in Saint Paul

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Business Description: B&BS YARD SERVICES ~ Residential and Commercial ~ Lawn Care ~ Pressure Washing ~ Tree Trimming ~ Yard Cleanups ~ Mosquito Prevention Spray. Refer us to friends and family and get discounted on your next job! Call today!


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Business Description: Black Bull Landscape is dedicated to provide the best quality work in MN, Landscape design and build. We are the best in what we do, we work quality and quality have a price. 10+ years of experience in landscape design and build. Landscape planting . Hardscape - Paver and natural stone Patios, Sidewalks and Driveways. Hardscape - Block, Natural Stone and Boulder - Retaining Walls.


Recent Review: They're awesome.They did a fantastic job. The lawn looks better than ever. I would highly recommend them.


Recent Review: They've been very clear, giving us a timeline about when they're going to be out. Organized and what exactly they'll treating our house. Communication was good. His personality has a lot of talking and stuff. He's doing his job, so we were happy with that. I would use them again in the future.


Business Description: Naturescape® is pleased to offer Complete Lawn And Landscape Care Programs for you at super savings. The philosophy here is to offer the highest quality programs using the very best fertilizer and weed control products, yet doing it at a price less than the cost of doing it yourself, and guaranteeing the results to your satisfaction. We are 100% committed to having each and everyone of our customers completely happy with their lawn. We have been servicing lawns for over 25 years.
Business Description: Green Mosquito Control offers a unique solution to mosquito problems here in the Twin City Metro Area. We offer an all-natural and affordable solution that actually works! Our product is 99.2% Garlic, which is organically certified. We apply our product with a gas powered backpack sprayer. It is a three-pronged attack, it suffocates mosquito larvae, kills adult mosquitoes on contact, and sets up a mosquito barrier which on average lasts about a month. With our price of $179 for the average city lot and being one of the only companies that offer our services without the obligation to sign a seasonal contract, I believe we have to tools to be the premiere mosquito control company in Minnesota.


Recent Review: Naturescape had the lowest prices between a number of different lawn fertilizer providers. The cost of their 5-treatment summer fertilization program was actually about the same as the cost to fertilize my lawn myself using the name brand, premium fertilizer product I used to apply myself so I decided that after years of fertilizing my own lawn, I would give them a try. I was so pleased price and results after the first 2 fertilization services of the summer that I purchased the preventative grub control and a single round of their mosquito control services. My lawn continues to look great, and at a very reasonable price. And as an added bonus we've had far fewer mosquitoes in our yard this summer. The one issue I've had with their service is that they haven't provided us notice prior to coming to apply products so I haven't had a chance to clean up after my dog or child. During each application some of my dog's and son's toys were left on the lawn and the technician actually spread fertilizer/sprayed chemicals right over them instead of moving them or ringing the doorbell and asking me or my wife to move them. I returned a comment card from one of the technicians asking that they call to let us know when they're coming, however we haven't had any additional applications since so I don't yet know if they will consider my feedback and/or honor my request.


Recent Review: My technician Tyler was very kind and incredibly knowledgeable. He treated and informed me of everything I did. I'm excited to now say that we have used their mosquito service and it is great, it has reduced the mosquitos dramatically in our very wooded backyard.


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Recent Review: Great job and great experiences with this company.


Recent Review: I think they are wonderful to work with. The work went extremely well. They are extremely knowledgeable and they customize your system according to your site. They are very thorough and great people to talk to during the process.

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What do customers in Saint Paul say about Mosquito Misting System Installation?

I think they are wonderful to work with. The work went extremely well. They are extremely knowledgeable and they customize your system according to your site. They are very thorough and great people to talk to during the process.