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San Francisco Pond Installation

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Reviews in San Francisco to Install Ponds

Mike was recommended by our pond installer, and he said he does 300 pond clean-outs a year. He seemed knowledgeable and experienced. Unfortunately, one of our koi died on the same day as the pond was cleaned (after Mike left). We discussed it with Mike who felt no responsibility. Other than the fish, we were satisfied with his work.
- Barbara D....
Paradise Water Gardens & Landscape
Overall, the work went very well and smoothly. No surprises. Work was completed in two days and we are very happy with the result. The pond, waterfall and stream is very impressive and natural looking. I am really happy with the followup service making sure that everything is working properly. Everyone at Paradise Water Gardens has been a pleasure to work with.
- George R....
Johnson Pool And Spa
After 10 years of a tenant not taking care of the pool on a rental property the pool looked like a brown, algae ridden fish pond (including fish that the tenant put into the pool to eat the mosquitos that were breeding). in order to ready the property for sale after the tenants moved out, the pool needed to be brought back to life. Not knowing the first thing about pools, I took photos and stopped by Johnson Pool. Aaron was extremely helpful and walked me through the details of different options available to me (have them do take on the project or do the work myself). Ultimately I chose to do the work myself since I was on-site every day. I purchased the chemicals and parts that were required from Johnson Pool. Aaron and the team at Johnson consulted with me weekly and answered all of my detailed questions along the way at no charge. When I first looked at the project I was convinced that I would have to drain the pool, clean it by hand and then refill it. With Aaron's guidance that was completely unnecessary and it saved a ton of time, work, and money. Over the course of about 10 days the pool went from unimaginably disgusting to sparkling crystal clear. This wold not have been possible without the honest and straightforward advice from the team at Johnson Pool. For the following six months until the property sold, I stopped in every three to four weeks to purchase new chemicals. Aaron and the team were always happy to answer any questions that I had and continued to give me advice on how to keep the pool performing at its best. Their honest and fair dealings with me created a loyal customer and I will definitely use Johnson Pool and Spa for all my pool needs in the future.
- Mark H....
Paradise Water Gardens & Landscape
On April 29, 2015, our handyman contacted Paradise Water Gardens to bid on a fountain repair project. We needed to replace the lights and pump, redo the waterproofing sealant, and repaint the fountain. They quoted us $3,167 to complete the project. It took until June 9, 2015 for them to actually start the project and it was not finished until July 8, 2015. Upon project completion, we immediately sent a check for the full amount of $3,167. At first, the project looked great, but within a week we started to notice that the sealant was peeling off and the pump was no longer functioning properly. He installed the wrong pump so there is not enough power to successfully operate the water feature. He cut off the electrical conditioning that would allow us to turn the fountain on and off. He failed to properly waterproof the fountain (and it now leaks). The paint he used on the fountain was NOT waterproof and has already begun to peel off - those pieces of paint cause the pump to clog. The project took over two months longer than promised. He was repeatedly late to scheduled appointments, often times not showing up at all and not calling. We would have to call him multiple times to remind him that he was scheduled to come to the home and there were times he still did not show up. We do not trust their workmanship or competence to come back on our property and do any more work on our fountain. We have had to hire another company to fix the issues with the fountain and will now have to pay over $4,100 to fix the problems they created. I have contacted Mauricio to give him the chance to make it right and refund the money paid to his company for this terrible service, and he refused. I have reported him to the Better Business Bureau AND the Contractor State License Board. I hope these actions will prevent this from happening to someone else! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
- Melanie M....
Nick's Handyman Service
Terrible experience. First of all, Nick Pleadwell abandonned the job, made me pay for the materials ($400), broke the koi pond even further than how it was before he started the job. Very unprofessional and unethical contract. I used him before for very small jobs and it was ok (switch replacement, basic plumbing, etc.). However, for something a bit more lengthy it was a total nightmare and now I am initiating a legal procedure. Mr. Pleadwell accepted a contracting job to change a koi pond liner to fix a leak from the previous liner and clean the debris at the end.3 issues occurred from Mr. Pleadwell's job resulting in additional cost for me:1 - He created new holes in the brand new liner (which I paid for), which potentially can create new leaks overtime. This is due to a mistake to place nails in the liner BEFORE filling up the pond (4000 gallons capacity). As the water filled up it created an enormous pressure on the nails that go through the liner and 3 holes were created. He then patched them but this is a leak risk moving forward.2 - He didn't seal well the pipes inside the liner which leaks today. The pond cannot be filled to be in a operating mode.3 - He left the debris cleaned from the pond in the backyard. This is a nuisance and a health risk hazard for my current tenant. He also left the surplus liner materials in the backyard and was supposed to clean them.Mr. Pleadwell left the job even though it is unfinished. All 20 Koi finishes died in the process. At the present time, the koi pond is leaking below the pipes that would help recirculate the water to keep it clean. The stagnant water is a health hazard for my current tenant if it is left "as-in": West Nile Virus site, etc. I found our also that Nick does not have a valid contractor license in California and is therefore doing this work illegally.
- Erwan L....
Quote was way overpriced. It was easy to compare prices for materials (stones, liner, etc.) and they were many times what it would cost just to order them myself. They seemed more interested in a maintenance contract than in actually putting a new pond.
- Ron D....
Summer Sun Landscape
Jose and his father did thorough jobs, They are hard workers and jobs are meticulous. They ended up fixing a leak from the fountain, plant ground covers, adjusted sprinklers and fishing the lights. Great jobs. I would recommend Jose to anyone.
- Sunao Y....
Mel removed our giant koi, drained the pond, cleaned all of the sludge (and there was a lot of it), repositioned the liner and the surrounding rocks (and mortared them where they needed to be secure), raised the waterfall in order to get more rushing water sound, and changed the pump to one that he thought was a better size for the system. After he finished, he came back the following day and decided that we should have an even larger pump and changed it with no additional cost. Our pond is beautiful with a great sound and the koi are MUCH happier. He actually inspired us to re-landscape the adjacent area. Our back yard has never looked better. Mel is a gem. We have now hired him to provide quarterly maintenance so that we can maintain our pond and keep the koi happy and healthy.
- Paula Z....
Fiberglass pool resurfacing was very responsive, the workers were polite, unobtrusive and fast. They did a great job.
- M M....
French's Waterscapes
For 15 years, I've been involved with so many remodeling and construction jobs that I have lost count but I've never asked for a company sign. I ask the guys at French's Waterscapes to give me a sign to post on my back fence near a walking trail. I am also a curious neighbor peeking through my neighbor's fences on the trail and I've seen a lot of backyard waterfalls. I already had a waterfall before I found French's Waterscapes, but I always felt that it was missing a certain something. French's Waterscapes definitely brought the "something" to this project. Here's what I started with: Three years ago I had a waterfall built that started at the top of a steep slope, and meandered down the slope about 35 feet, then dropping into an unattractive perfectly round hole about 6 feet in diameter. Water level was 8-10 inches below ground level and was a sludgy green algae mess. A couple years ago I added 6 mosquito fish to take care of the mosquito-breeding problems that came up from the standing water. Two years later I had about ~100 mosquito fish (warning). I started thinking about how I was going to fix the algae mess, and I already knew that the more water the easier it is to manage water quality. My husband wanted to take it all out and put in a pool instead. We've got 2 little ones, 6 and 4 years old that are not swimmers yet. Between the safety concern with having a pool and the idea of a big hole in the ground with salt or bleach water for swimming the idea just didn't appeal to me. I wanted to continue my landscaping theme of natural and wildlife friendly. So I started looking for someone to either help fix the algae problem or demo the whole thing. That's when I found French's Waterscapes. My main concern from the start was always safety and I also care a lot about aesthetics. There's no way I was going to put in a new water feature that required me to change my parenting style. I like for my kids to have free reign in the backyard and be creative on their own. There's something special that happens when kids are allowed to explore their world without direction from the grown-ups, and we're a homeschooling family so my kids spend a ton of time in the backyard creating, learning, and exploring. French's Waterscapes brought an amazing plan to the table. Ultimately they put in a pond approximately 17 x 20 feet with an amazing filtration system. The deepest part is ~36 inches, but covered with grates to create a standing height of ~18". No part of the pond is more than 18" standing height. AND, they had a brilliant idea to create a special beach area off to one side where my girls can hang out in ankle deep water and play. On the opposite end of the pond, is a grown-up area to sit and hang our feet in the water. Love! Every step of the way, the entire crew from French's Waterscape amazed me with their precision and attention to detail. With all the dirt that needed to be removed (~18 yards), shovels just weren't a practical way to get that job done so they brought in a bobcat. My house is cozy with the neighbor, with an opening clearance at the gate of 42 3/4 inches. The bobcat is 42 inches. We did have the option of removing the fence post and gaining another 3 1/2 inches, but I only wanted to do that as a last resort. When the guys went through the gate with the bobcat, they didn't so much as brush against the post. I don't think I could have fit my pinky between the tractor and the gatepost. I barely saw a sliver of sunlight. They drove that tractor all the way to the back yard with not even a scratch on the stucco. ~18 yards of soil was taken out and ~14,000 pounds of big rocks and countless pounds of pebbles were put in. Everyone at French's Waterscapes is very professional, and my project was managed efficiently. My girls literally couldn't wait to get in the pond and start the serious business of playing. While the guys worked my girls got a head start on enjoying the kid area. I think my kid's bike and scooter riding days are over! Words cannot describe how happy I am with everything. This was a well-run project with amazing results. As for my husband, who originally wanted a pool, and was very resistant to the idea of a pond, much less this size, he's already planning an add-on pond with a stream connecting to the one French's Waterscapes just created, and he has made a list of which fish we're adding first. Cash is artistic and creative on a scale I rarely see. Cash's foreman Mike was on this project as well. He knew exactly what was going on every step of the way. The entire crew worked tirelessly the entire time they were here. If you are considering adding a water feature to your garden, call French's Waterscapes!
- Denise L....

Pond Installation in San Francisco

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Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Juan Garcia was the project manager for the project and did a great job. Very personable, and professional. The pavers at our pond were breaking away and falling toward the pond. It appeared to be only time before the gap would get bigger & bigger. Juan's team demoed out the old pavers, put in a deeper foundation and replaced the new pavers tight to the rest on the patio. Very please with there work. Recommend them highly.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: our sales manager (Peter Smith) went above and beyond to get the job done efficiently and was a great help in resolving unforeseen circumstances. highly recommend peter and will gladly use his services for future projects.


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Recent Review: Everything went smoothly and according to plan. Everyone from Elite Pool Service was informative, efficient and friendly. The pool looks excellent.


Recent Review: The backyard now looks fabulous. They were great to work with.


Business Description: At Boomerang Masonry & Landscaping, we are passionate about transforming your outdoor living space into a beautiful backyard paradise! Whether you want to wow your friends, entertain your family or just want to sit back, relax & escape from your busy hectic lives, we promise to create an outdoor space that will meet all your needs & exceed your expectations! We provide a full range of hardscape & softscape landscaping services, including the landscape design & construction of: Pavers or Flagstone Patios & Walkways Low Maintenance Garden Plants Composite or Wooden Decks & Fences Retaining Walls & Benches Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ's Waterfalls, Fountains & Ponds Pavers or Concrete Driveways Sprinkler & Drainage Systems Gazebos & Pergolas Sod & Artificial Grass Stone Fireplaces & Pizza Ovens Fire Pits


Recent Review: Blue Splash Pool Service was able to do difficult job including concrete work and moving all pool equipment. Would definitely recommend them!


Recent Review: Spa removers are very friendly and communicative, Anne and Lando were both great and easy to work with. I was given a firm quote up front and the crew arrived on time and removed the deck in short shift. My only disappointment is that they couldn't remove the concrete footings and posts (18 of) and so my hopes that removing the deck would give me back my yard were not realized from the deck removal service. The quote said it would be an additional $20 per post, but it ended up that they could not be removed. In speaking with concrete removal vendors, a deck like this "should" have 12-18 inch deep concrete footings, and so ideally, had I known up front that these could not be removed by Spa Removers, I may have gone a different and less expensive direction as the concrete removal is now likely to cost more than the deck removal itself and I may have spent less money with a company that could have done both. I do appreciate that Lando tried hard to see if they could be removed, hence my rating, I'm just disappointed that my yard is no more safe or accessible after the removal as that was my goal. Alie


Award 2020Super Service Award
Business Description: Ecofriendly precision is an complete professional pressure and soft washing service provider. We specialize in house, concrete, pavers, pool decks, solar panels, wood fences, storefronts, dumpster pads, fleets, windows, gutters and much more.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Business Description: we are licensed bonded and insured General Contractor specialize in Kitchen& Bathroom remodel, addition, new building, roof, paint, flooring, landscaping&hardscaping, concrete work, deck, patio, pool, and more...


Recent Review: Very professional with excellent communication. Prompt, responsible and knowledgeable, Imperial gets high marks for service, professionalism and communication.

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Mike was recommended by our pond installer, and he said he does 300 pond clean-outs a year. He seemed knowledgeable and experienced. Unfortunately, one of our koi died on the same day as the pond was cleaned (after Mike left). We discussed it with Mike who felt no responsibility. Other than the fish, we were satisfied with his work.