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Full Spectrum Contracting LLC
We bought a mobile home in Apache wells 55+ community. I did not like the fact that the whole house was paneling. I initially wanted sheet rock installed in the whole house. I contacted Full Spectrum and they suggested putting gripper primer on the paneling and filing in the grooves with mud, then texturing the walls and painting. This was also a much cheaper way to achieve the look I wanted. They also inquired if I wanted the bathroom remodeled. We had plans to remodel the bathroom any way, so I asked to put that in the price quote. The price was very reasonable, so we agreed. I am very happy that we agreed and the bathroom looks fabulous. The price was over what was originally bid, but there are problems you encounter with a mobile home that you don't with a stick built house. The project was completed in approximately 3-4 weeks and we couldn't be happier with the results. Will definitely use them again. Floyd and Sue are great people to work with. Keep in touch.
- Dori N....
I was referred to Ilse Scarborough of Smart Interiors by the contractor I ultimately hired for my kitchen remodel project (this is the BEST referral I have ever received !). I met with Ilse in March 2011 at which time we discussed the idea of renovating my kitchen. She asked meaningful questions, listened to what my likes / dislikes / taste are, and discussed some general ideas of what might possibly be done. After I hired Ilse, we met many times to review the drawings and options for the project. She provided, and we met and discussed in detail, drawings of the kitchen and adjacent rooms as they relate to the kitchen area, floor plan options, a construction plan, a mechanical plan, elevations, artistic representation of the general design concept, detailed list of cabinets, and footprint drawing of countertop. Ilse was generous with her time as selections for paint colors, cabinets, backsplash, countertop, appliances, decorative lighting, etc., were made. Renovation began on July 25, 2011, and was completed on October 13, 2011. Ilse's input and assistance continued throughout the entire construction process. She has a wealth of knowledge and ideas concerning kitchen design, placement, colors, functionality construction / remodel process, and putting together a, plan to beautifully blend paint, cabinet, backsplash, countertop, and flooring colors for an eye-pleasing, beautiful, functional kitchen. Ilse was able to present great ideas that were in keeping with my personality, lifestyle, and budget. She was always cheerful and pleasant, professional, punctual, and generous with her time. Ilse was very helpful even with the tiniest of details as well as the mid-size to large details; she regularly kept in touch and available throughout the entire evolution and completion of the project. I will hire Ilse again when I am ready to upgrade my bathrooms. I highly recommend Ilse Scarborough for kitchen remodeling design services.
- Eileen V....
Allgood Electric
They stated the reason the charge was so high was because the outlet would be more than 5 feet from a circuit. What does that even mean? We live in a 2 year old singlewide mobile home and wanted the outlet installed on the front. I tried emailing the owner but he didn't respond he just made the poor man who came out here call me. It isn't the man who came out here that set up this scam. The man who came out here didn't have any suggestions for being able to install the outlet for the price we paid. I guess it is just not possible. I at least want the 99.00 dollars back or I will file a complaint with the BBB.
- Laura S....
It took them a little longer than they planned to do the work but that was okay. My washing machine is working fine right now, no more leaks.
- Susan C....
ACB Services Home Improvement
Super. Alan and nick cut out raised header and widened rough open on my mobile home to accommodate a regular home sized exterior door and security door. Only took 2 hours from start to clean up. They also installed the new hardware. Very knowledgeable, friendly, professional and very reasonable. On time took no breaks cleaned up and vanished. This company has always given me the best service, best price. Always recommended have yet to find a job they cannot handle. Will have them remodeling my dining area and installing windows my next project. They have already helped with emergency plumbing on a below freezing Sunday evening at standard not overtime charges, installed my mini-split ac unit and remodeled a closet/laundry room to large laundry/ pantry with new subfloor , water heater and water softener. Always a superb job. Sara and Alan Gayford are running a super business if you’re wanting quality work at an affordable price these days use ACB services as I do. Thanks Ed devol
- Ed D....
Alamo Handyman LLC
Brian came out to look at 3 projects around June 21st. Projects were bathroom remodel, chain link fence, and gutters. Finally received the quote on June 27th after it was sent to the wrong e-mail. The fencing price was almost double the other two quotes I'd gotten so marked that off the list. I decided to go through with the other two projects mid July and booked the job to start work on August 27th. I wanted a particular shower and sent the picture on July 20th to Brian but got no word back. Sent a follow-up e-mail on Aug 2 and received a response from Brian on Aug 3 saying they had found a few and would send me an e-mail with a pic or link of the one they chose the following week. Well I left the following week for vacation and got back on Aug 23. Wendy called me on Aug 24th to confirm for Monday and tell me that their guy would be here around noon because he was finishing up a project. I asked her if they got my shower and she said she wasn't aware I needed one and would get with Brian. So I also asked when I was supposed to choose flooring. Again she did not know I needed any. So they told me they would pick a shower up over the weekend and would see me on Monday. Monday August 27th, around 11pm I checked my e-mail to find an e-mail from Brian stating they could not get a 60" shower like I wanted because it had to be special ordered and would take 9 days to come in. I called Wendy in which she told me they had tried to call me that morning (mind you they had and have called me several times with no problems and I had no voicemail that day). So an hour before they were due to show up I found out they weren't coming and we were going to have to reschedule for Sept 10th. Thinking the remodel would start on the 27th, my fiancé and I had demoed the master bath and moved out of our bedroom for the project. On Tuesday, Sept 4th I called to confirm everything was still good & was told it was. Shower was on order & so was flooring (I had to drive to their vendor the week before to pick it out). On Thursday, Sept 6th, I received a phone call from Wendy that the shower order had been cancelled over Labor Day weekend because they used their PO Box as a shipping address and the vendor could not ship a shower to a PO Box. The e-mail the vendor sent was overlooked and therefore there was no way I was getting my shower by the 10th. So needless to say I was rescheduled again for 8-9am on Monday Sept 24th. Wendy did call me as soon as the shower and flooring arrived and confirmed we were good to go for the 24th of Sept. I cancelled the gutter install and went with another company that came out right away and installed cheaper. On the morning of Monday Sept 24th, Brian showed up around 9-9:30 but just to drop off the shower as he notified me that Michael was finishing up at the last job. We talked about a few of my concerns which included a couple mirrors we did not take down because of the difficulty and hazard they posed. We came up with a solution to see what the walls looked like after the shower/tub unit was removed and go from there. He then left and told me the office would call to let me know if Michael would make it out. Couple hours later I got a call that he would be there the next morning. Michael did arrive on Tuesday Sept 25th. We did not chat as I was preoccupied and just showed him where the bathroom was thinking that Brian and he had communicated. About an hour or two later Michael came out and said he needed to go to the clinic because he has cut his finger badly. Apparently he and Brian hadn't talked because after he left I went into the bathroom to find he had been trying to remove the mirrors and that is how he got cut. I received a call from Ed a couple hours later letting me know Michael was still at the clinic getting stitches and they would call me back later in the day to let me know how they were going to proceed. I called the office back at 5pm after not hearing anything and was told they would call me back. Around 6 they did call me back and told me they weren't sure if Michael would be back in the morning but someone would be here. On the morning of Wednesday Sept 26th Monica called and let me know that Brian was coming out but a little behind. He did show up around 10 or so and get to work. He brought me into the bathroom a couple times to show me various things like the way the main house power was ran up through the floor with the tub pipes as well as how the floor was rotted and told me it would need to be replaced (I live in a mobile home). He stayed until about 6pm trying to get as much done as possible. On Thursday Sept 27th, Michael showed back up and told me Brian was coming back out to help him. The floor under the shower and tub unit had been built up because of the metal beams under the house and they were going to need to rebuild it for the plumbing. I was ok with that but then realized they never replaced the floor. When Brian got there he told me that they knocked out the rotted part and didn't want to have to charge me more to replace it and it should be fine. I left it at that. Michael was here late again this night. Michael had also let me know I was scheduled to have my flooring laid on Saturday morning. First I'd heard of this. On Friday Sept 28th, Michael came back by himself. Told him I wanted the flooring done during a week day and not on Saturday because we had plans. Later that day I got a call from Brian. They thought they were going to finish the remodel on time still (which would have been the 28th) and said the flooring guy could only come out on Saturday or maybe Wednesday evening. But they asked if I waited until Wednesday if they could still collect payment for the project today. I was not ok with this and just asked them to do it Saturday and I wanted Brian to do a walk through on Monday. He agreed. Needless to say Michael was not able to finish Friday and still had to tape and float the walls, trim the shower, and prime the walls. So he said he'd be back on Monday. After he left I went to check what had been done and noticed that the trim on the top of the new walls was only about 1" whereas everything else in the bathroom was 2 1/4" this bothered me because Brian had told me they would try to match it as best they could. So I took a trip to Lowes over the weekend and found trim that was the same size and matched it a LOT better. So I bought a piece. Michael showed back up around 11am on Monday Oct 1st. Although Michael had done some really good work I was a bit upset that my NEW flooring was not covered for the remainder of the remodel. Michael was able to get most of the work finished on Monday but still had about 4 hours left to complete. He did replace the trim with the one I bought that matched. I told him I?d be available on Tuesday but they would have to leave at 2pm because I had an appt. So he said he'd feel more comfortable coming back on Wednesday instead. I said ok. On Tuesday, Oct 2 I received a call from Monica, during my appt, stating they wanted to make arrangements to finish and to call her back with a couple dates I would be available for. Of course by the time I got out of my appt they had closed down for the day and I couldn't talk to anyone to see why they weren't coming on Wednesday. On Wednesday Oct 3rd I received a call from Monica letting me know that Michael and a helper were on their way out to finish up. They showed up and got to work. I think they left at 2pm and Michael said he'd let Brian know I was ready for my walk through as we had discussed. Late in the afternoon of Thursday Oct 4th I got the call from Monica for payment and she said she would run it on Friday. I asked about the walk through and she said Michael had told Brian he had already done it. I asked for an itemized receipt with my warranty certificate and was told she would send me the general receipt and warranty on Friday and I would get the itemized one by the end of the following week. Two Fridays have now come and gone I have not received ANYTHING! I find this company to have: LACK OF COMMUNICATION LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE Even though by no fault of my own I was put out of my bathroom and room for 5 weeks and encountered problem after problem with the company they did not offer to compensate me or try and make things right. I take that back, when they first forgot to order my shower they said they would install a 48" shower and build me free shelves in the empty nook. I didn't want a 48" shower though I wanted a 60" so I said no. I even asked if they could at least install my new toilet and base boards. I was told they could install the toilet because they had to remove the old toilet to install the flooring anyways. But I was told they would have to charge me labor for the base boards (I already had the boards on site that I purchased). REALLY?? You couldn't take an extra 30 min to install the boards for me? Most people are probably asking by now why I continued to use the company. Well I had another contractor lined up that was a little cheaper but Alamo Handyman had such great reviews here on Angieslist that I decided to go with them. After the second mess-up on my shower I called my other contact but he was already booked & it would have been a month or two before he could fit me in. There are limited people that will work on mobile homes. Overall I think the work was good. There are some things here and there I am not 100% happy with but at this point it?s not even worth the hassle to complain to the company about it. Because of their lack of organization & pushing the reno back twice, we haven't even gotten a chance to completely finish the bathroom because of prior commitments we?d made thinking the reno would be done 3 weeks ago. We?ve been living out of the guest bed and bath for 6 weeks now. It will be completed today so we can move back into our room tonight.
- Cherie M....
Westphall Remodeling
From the beginning Brad was absolute professional. He provided us with an itemized detail of what he would provide and the cost of materials and labor. We had to abide by our HOA regulations and Brad worked with us to provide floor plans, drawing of the elevation, and specifics for our HOA committee. He also obtained all permits and arranged for the inspections. Work began on time and everything was perfectly timed. From foundation to roof the work was of exceptional quality. The crew was very careful not to disturb the landscape any more than absolutely necessary and they cleaned the work site every evening before departing. Everyone was respectful of our home and our time. No corners were cut and Brad personally made sure that everything was completed to perfection. In fact, he had the painting done three times before he was satisfied, we were satisfied after the first time! In summary, we were completely satisfied with the work. It surpassed our expectations. Brad and his entire office and crew were a pleasure to deal with. We will definitely call them again for future needs.
- Lois D....
Anthony's Make Ready
Everything went very well. Anthony returned calls in a timely manor. He was prompt and was sincere about doing a good job. I felt the estimate was fair, and he mdid some extra electrical work that was not in the bid. I am very happy with the remodel and already told Anthony and his team, that I will use them again. They kept the dust and mess to a minimum and cleaned up the pile of tile and other trash from the remodel.
- Pamela P....
BTS Floors & Remodeling
This family owned company is awesome. The owner, Frank Vasquez and his son, Jason, take a personal interest in the job and went the extra mile to make sure we were satisfied. They also had great ideas that were very helpful. We met them at the home show in San Antonio. We had never done a remodel previously and we were a little apprehensive. This company has done everything they said they would do and on schedule. We had approx 2400 sqft of tile and hardwood floors installed, new granite countertops, new granite composite sinks, remodel of master bath area among other little extras. Their pricing was very competitive. Their employees were true craftsmen and took great pride in their work. My experience with BTS Floors has made this remodel a pleasant experience. Before the work began they taped and covered all areas not being worked on and they cleaned up everyday. During the process Frank and/or Jason would come by or call to see if we had any questions or concerns. If we had any, they were promptly addressed. I would highly recommend BTS Floors and Remodeling to anyone considering a small job to a major remodeling.
- Mark C....
Greenville Custom Homes
I was very pleased and impressed with Kevin's friendliness and willingness to do my home remodel. He came out to my property in December 2014. He took thorough measurements and promised a quote within 2 weeks. So I waited. And waited. And waited. I followed up with him a few times and he made repeated promises that a "bid was on its way". He asked for another week. Then another week. Then another week. I put my other contractors on hold so I could receive Kevin's bid. I truly wanted to use Kevin's services. So I waited. Many emails and texts exchanged for the next many weeks. Finally, two months later.... I received a short, mobile email from Kevin while he was on the go. His bid was $80,000.... which was over $20,000 higher than other companies who were much more thorough. Since Kevin had taken TWO MONTHS to finally reply with a price.... his bid was woefully outdated. I had already spent the previous TWO MONTHS working on the project while I waited for Kevin. So, a lot of work had been done, and his outdated price quote included work that I had already completed. It was just very frustrating. He was friendly.... but sadly lax about his work. My project, literally, fell behind two months for major construction while I waited on Kevin and his simple estimate. Very disappointing. I regret the time I waited for Kevin. He was friendly and eager... but he just simply put me and dozens of other projects on the backburner for months. He told me he had a dozen other customers waiting months for him, but he "wanted to put me at the top of the list." Unfortunately, two months just for a bid is what he call "top of the list". I joined all the rest of the folks waiting on him. No thank you. Two months wasted. I went with another company who began work the following day.
- Jarrett A....
First and foremost, I have never complained publicly on any contractor. My husband and I hired KM builders to do a $400,000+ remodel. We met twice and gave a deposit of $5000 on August 27, 2015. At that meeting I requested a budget prior to our Sept 25 closing date (of the home we were purchasing to remodel). Keith M***** assured us that was plenty of time to get a budget and numbers in order to proceed with the purchase of our home. Today is Oct 13 and I do not have any bids, estimates or a budget and no work has commenced. We were assured a Nov 1 start date for our remodel. We are 2 weeks away from that start date and again: no budget, no design plan. From the time we gave our deposit to Oct 8, we have had little contact with their "customer service" oriented company. One week after hiring KM Builders, I was able to procure a copy of the original building plans and blue prints as well as current ones from the HOA. I hand delivered them to KM Builders who promised to copy them and return the next day. (On loan from the HOA). They were not returned 3 weeks later and I had to continually make phone calls to KM requesting the blueprints. I spoke with 3 different individuals on this and I should not have had to repeatedly ask. Finally they were returned 4 weeks after. Literally from Day 1, there was very little contact from them and it seemed to only be in response to me desperately reaching out asking: What is our timeline, when will we get prices, when is our next meeting, what do we expect next, how soon will we get a design plan, how soon will we have an estimate, when can we start ordering everything??? On October 2, my husband sent an email to Keith M*****, owner: "I need 2 questions answered: 1) When will you have a budget for us 2) When will you begin the remodel." On October 8, I finally met with the architect and design team and all they produced was a blueprint of the house. (This was useless to me as we already had a blueprint from the previous owners). I was told they needed to make sure it was correct, which I understand, however that was the ONLY thing that had transpired since we hired KM. They apologized profusely for getting backed up with other projects, lack of response, overstating their abilities. So much so that the lead interior designer sent this email to her co-workers and accidentally copied me: ".......... I think she (Stacey) is a bit frustrated in that she had hoped to see more progress since it has been 10 weeks since inception. She is making progress on the project with or without us and has already completed some of the original scope of work. So I do think it is important that we work diligently to bring her proposal to fruition so construction can start as soon as possible. I think we should go ahead and get started on the labor portion of the proposal so when I get selections completed we can just plug those numbers in and be ready to go. It would also be handy at this point to have the elevations of the master bath and a plan for flooring. Keith had originally promised a start date of November 1st and I think it’s important to try to stay as close to that as we can. As far as meetings are concerned I don’t think she loves the idea of traveling over here twice a week. If it is possible meet her at the house I think that would be preferable to her. She is a high end client and expects high end service and I fear she feels like we are dropping the ball..........." Thanks! Rebecca Q**** Interior Designer KM Remodeling ###-###-#### Additionally, the lack of follow up was tremendous with Keith M*****, Owner. On Sept 28th, 2015 I sent a picture with the following text: "Good afternoon Keith, 1-Can you give us an update on timeline? 2-I need to return original copies of house plans to the HOA. (In ur teams possession) " HIS RESPONSE: "I AM WORKING ON IT. GET WITH YOU SOON". (Today is October 15th and I never received another response). After careful review of the disappointing events that had transpired, we terminated their services and requested full refund of our $5000 deposit. Here is Keith M*****'s response: .......therefore there will not be a full refund. I will take some time to consider our next step. I wish this would have worked out. " Thanks, Keith M***** KM BUILDERS ###-###-#### My husband's response: "Keith, Therein lies the problem; to date, after all this time, we have not seen any work product substantially different from the drawings we supplied to you." My response: Keith, Yes this has been extremely disappointing. We have also incurred significant costs thus far including rental for $4000 month while we waited 10 weeks of down time. This caused us to have to extend our rental indefinitely. The start date was originally Nov 1, thru no fault of ours that date has not been met, nor will it. I have been on standby waiting for someone to contact me and before Kevin reached out via text to you asking for dates, there was radio silence. We moved forward with closing as we trusted the start date would be Nov 1, per our discussion in July. We have now incurred tremendous expenses such as taxes, HOA fees and utilities. Had you not promised us a start date of Nov 1, we would have postponed closing to a mutually beneficial time for all of us. Last week I was ONLY presented with a blue print of the home (which I already had presented that exact same blue print from previous owner to your staff). I think Rebecca's email outlined my frustration exactly. She said it best: "You have not met our expectations up to this point". "we are high end clients that expect high end service". The only design work Rebecca invested in was follow up on the items I selected. Per Erick's own words: "there are no architectural designs to be made, simply finish out". Our agreement with you was if we got all the way to pricing and did not like the design or price you would give us full refund of the deposit. I feel we are being considerate and not make you do anymore work so as not to incur anymore expenses. Someone from your end dropped the ball. Many deadlines have not been met. I was very adamant that I receive price quotes prior to our Sept 25th closing. I did not. Additionally, I ask you 2 different things via text, even sent pictures, your response was "I will find out and get right back to you", and on Sept 28th-- "I am working on it. Get with you soon" I never heard back on either. We have patiently waited for someone to reach out to us and only until Kevin sent a text in frustration asking for 2 dates from you did we hear any response. You will find us to be very fair, patient and honest people. Had your customer service been even minimal, at best, we would not be having this conversation. Considering it took 10 weeks to obtain your blueprints, only (which are not in our possession, nor do we need)
- Stacey S....
Fieldgate Remodeling
This is one of the worst contractors I have ever hired and the worst experience I have ever had! After paying them the initial deposit, I should have anticipated there were going to be problems when they did not show up to work on shower 3 of the first 6 work days. It would be a constant battle to get them to show up or even to call. They then began to ask for their second payment even though they had not even started to tile yet. This job started on November 17th; on December 12th, they demanded final payment saying they were "done". I had no glass; no fixtures, and a mess of a grout job on the floor of the shower. We had a heated argument about what the definition of "done" was? They said they would NOT DISCUSS the glass which was not installed because it was "cosmetic" and MY RESPONSIBILITY. Who hires a contractor to just do a partial job? Below is the bottom line on this contractor. You decide ... Professionalism: (this is all you need to know about this contractor!) . . Neither of the workers I had to deal with had working mobile phones. Often, when they did not show up to work, I had not way of getting hold of them when they didn't show up for work. . On December 12th, Fieldgate was demanding final payment even though we did not have a complete or working shower. I refused to pay. Chris then proceeded to ... . Accused me, in front of his workers, of forcing his workers to wait for their money because I wanted the job completely finished before I made the last payment. (It?s not my job to pay his workers. It?s his job to pay his workers.) . Told my wife he would put a lien against our home if we didn?t pay, which sent my wife crying from our house. . But the absolute worst thing was he accused me of treating him and his workers as though they were ?mojados? (?wetbacks?) because I didn?t want to make the final payment until the shower was 100% complete. . Kept insisting they were "done". See attached photos and tell my if you would consider this a complete shower?? Quality: . Said they would have the glass company come out and measure for the glass after they framed the shower. This would ensure the glass was ready by the time they finished the shower. I learned later that glass cannot be measured and ordered until ?after? the tile is complete. (How can they not have known that?) . Plumbing was designed to have a hot/cold valve feeding a second diverter valve to switch between the shower-can and the handheld sprayer. They incorrectly plumbed it so that the hot/cold valve controlled the handheld, and the diverter valve controlled the rain-can. (They had to re-plumb both valves.) . Plumbing leaked overnight. They arrived the next morning to re-soldered some joints but it still leaked. (Had to call them at home that night to come back and repair it again before the drip ruined the plywood subfloor. Lucky, the walls were still open at the time.) . Design called for a shower bench. Instead of a standard 18? high bench, they built a bench that was only about 9? high. (Had to insist they demo the bench and rebuild it.) . After pouring the cement base, they realized they installed the new drain too ?high?. Even with thinset and tile, the drain would have still been about an inch too high. (They had to pour thick layer of thinset over the cement to raise the level of the shower floor. Then thinset again so that when they tiled, it would be level with the drain.) . After the floor was grouted and dried, the grout that was supposed to be a light grey color was ?black? in a number of areas. They thought the grout got dirty possibly from using a dirty bucket or dirty sponge. (They had to come back out and re-grout the shower floor.) . When they came back to re-grout the floor, but this time used a bucket that previously had white paint in it. (They had to spend extra time picking white paint flecks of paint out of the grout lines.) . When installing the valve trim, they realized they had installed the hot/cold valve too close to the wall. When they screwed the handle on, there was a about a half inch gap between the handle and the trim plate. (Their first attempted was to try to install some cheap homemade metal shims to close the gap which would have just moved the gap to a different place. Then they tried to find a thicker trim plate from the manufacturer in order to avoid the inevitable conclusion that the valve was going to have to be repositioned.) . They cut into a bedroom wall behind the shower to adjust the valve and floated the wall patch but never returned to paint or clean their mess. (Finally, had to hire another contractor to repair the wall and clean up their mess.) . In addition to never returning to paint the wall, they also never cleaned the tile after re-grouting the shower floor. (In cleaning the tile on the shower floor, we spent a considerable amount of time scraping white grout off the white wainscot tile as well. Finished by having to scrub the wood floors from the dirty grout water they dripped on the floor and never cleaned up. . Glass installer was upset because they said they told Fieldgate NOT to install certain tile where the glass was going to be installed. They chose to install the tile anyway saying they would come back when the glass arrived and ?notch? the tile with a grinder. Because they refused to coordinate with the glass company, I could not get them here at the same time. (Luckily I had an oscillating tool with a fine-toothed metal cutting blade the glass company was able to use to notch the tile.) Promptness: . Almost immediately, I had to have a conversation with Chris about how inconsiderate his worker were with regards to their promptness. Explained to him that all I expected was a little courtesy and wanted his people to call if they were going to be late. This issue was never addressed. . At one point when they failed to be here at an agreed upon time to meet with the glass company, I called Chris very upset. Chris said I should not get upset ?until they are at least 30 minutes late.? . Their normal response was always ?we?ll be there between 8:30 and 9:00 in the morning.? With the exception of once or twice, they NEVER showed up on time. Usually arrived about 10:30 and never called to indicate they were going to be late. . Or, would say they were going to be here by 9:00; then call about 11:00 to say they would be here at 2:00; then call about 4:00 and ask if they could come work after 6:30. . On several occasions (3 or 4 times), they would simply not show up at all, then finally call about 6:00pm and say they were tied up on another job but couldn?t call me because they ?didn?t have a phone?. . Also, on several occasions they would show up without the right tools, or to my dismay, without any tools at all! They would look at the job and say they would need to come back tomorrow when they had the right tools. . The last straw was being told they would be here the morning of Wednesday January 11th to finish repairing the wall they had to cut into in order to reposition the shower valve they installed incorrectly. By Friday evening, I had yet to hear from Fieldgate and was forced to hire another contractor to complete the repair. To this date (Jan 29), I have never heard from Fieldgate Remodeling regarding the wall repair. If you wish to hire this contractor, it's your choice. I would never recommend them.
- Frank R....

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San Antonio, TX

Super Service Award
Recent Review: Jim and Rob came out to provide an estimate within 4 hours of my contacting them. They were able to cost the project and provide me an estimate on the spot. This occurred on a Saturday afternoon after a severe storm blew down part of the fence flooding the entire fence line. They provided a fair estimate considering the current inflated wood prices (not their fault) and advised me they could start the work, if contracted during on Wednesday of the next week. I signed the contract, provided their requested deposit and felt good about their estimate, repair timing, and plan of action. Like clockwork, they showed up on-time, removed the posts and fence sections, removed the concrete footings, and reset the new posts by the end of the first day. They returned 2 days later, as adjusted for rain, and completed that entire side with new gate. The work was screwed in vs. less reliable nailing... a plus in my book. They also hand selected the new dog-eared fence boards rather than just go with a pallet of wood... another plus. Throughout, they cleaned up after their selves and neatly stacked the old fence for a contractor to pickup. The pile was gone before they left. Due to the flooding of my rear yard, they removed that section of fence but could not complete the reinstallation until the following Monday. However, over the weekend, they temporarily secured enough of the old fence to not leave the backyard exposed... another plus. On Tuesday, as agreed, they returned, on time and completed the job. The job site was left without any damage or debris... All in all, these gentlemen are a family business that take price in their work, respect the home-owner's wishes, and fulfill their contracts. The property is now safely secured with a new, professionally installed fence. I'm happy and will let them redo my 30 year old deck in two months. If you are looking for pro's, look no further... these fella's are great! Rare professional ethics these days! Thanks folks!


Austin, TX

Super Service Award
Recent Review: Very nice ladies who came to clean. Showed up on time and got things done in a timely manner. Will hire again. House looks and smells amazing ☺️


San Antonio, TX

Business Description: With 30 years of experience in the home improvement and sales industries, Texas Revolution Remodeling came to fruition when our founders decided there needed to be a change in the remodeling industry and the way business is currently being conducted by competitors. We want to transform spaces so they're beautiful, functional, and affordable for our customers as well. Our company takes pride in our ability to revolutionize homes and lifestyles, to give people their homes back so they can feel at home in their home no matter their budget or mobility challenges. We promise to send only the most adept sales people and laborers who will give you a sensible quote and leave you with an outstanding final result. Our company does bathroom and kitchen remodeling, patios and even decks. We always make sure you're 100% satisfied with our people and our work. We promise to treat your home as our own, respecting its sanctity so you can retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life once you're behind closed doors. You've worked hard for a home. You deserve a beautiful one. Each of us at Texas Revolution Remodeling is eager to do business with you and want you to be happy with your home and our business. We believe the best way to do business is to courteous, honest, and humble. We believe in treating people the right way, from customers to employees and business partners. You're making us guests in your home, and we appreciate and respect your trust. These aren't just words for us, but the values that found our business. We would love to hear from you!


San Antonio, TX

Angi Certified
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Recent Review: Great. Could not have been better. Chris and Daniel were on time, fast, efficient and very polite.


Spring Branch, TX

Recent Review: Their performance from contracting through materials selection, construction and final detail was exceptional. The project was on a cost-plus basis with their fee quite reasonable for the size/scope of work to be performed. They were on site every day, including many weekends. The project was completed in less time than similar ones and within budget. The quality of the workmanship, both the finish work you see and the structural work that is out of sight, were of the highest quality. They were highly responsive to special requests and resourceful in identifying opportunities to enhace the project as well as save money where alternatives were available. Their crews and trades people were uniformly courteous and professional. The property was kept clean and orderly during construction and thoroughly cleaned upon completion. The few minor issues that have developed post-construction have been dealt with expeditiously and fairly. In my business I've worked with hundreds of general contractors across the counrtry and Tri-Built clearly ranks among the best.


San Antonio, TX

Recent Review: Robare Custom Homes has built my wife and I, a magnificent home on our property in Comal county. Everyone in Mike Robare's organization is intelligent, funny, nice to be around, honest, insightful, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. They will become your friends during the building process if you let them. The standards that are the basis of the construction of anything that was executed on our property were high. I would go so far as to say that Robare Custom Homes set the standard. The level of craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail is truly amazing. We got the feeling that they were building our home as if they were going to reside in it themselves. Even the driveway is a work of art--absolutely beautiful. Mike and his team spent an enormous amount of time with us initially to find out exactly what kind of home we would like. The bank draw request schedule is handed to you before any construction begins and shows the percentage being drawn and what is left. During our building process, this schedule was followed with no surprises and no issues. Robare Custom Homes commit to you. They do what they say they are going to do and really do want to make you happy .. Robare Custom homes has earned these words here. They have exceeded our expectations, and we had high expectations. They deserve these kind words. They have earned our praise and respect. Thank you Mike, Linda, Blaine, Ron, Pete and everyone. My wife and I consider it an honor and a privilege that we can say " we own a Robare Custom Home"


City Of Industry, CA

Recent Review: I called for a quote, they were very professional.


Slocomb, AL

Recent Review: They did a very good job. They were quick and I am very happy with the work that they did for me.


San Antonio, TX

Recent Review: I was referred to Ilse Scarborough of Smart Interiors by the contractor I ultimately hired for my kitchen remodel project (this is the BEST referral I have ever received !). I met with Ilse in March 2011 at which time we discussed the idea of renovating my kitchen. She asked meaningful questions, listened to what my likes / dislikes / taste are, and discussed some general ideas of what might possibly be done. After I hired Ilse, we met many times to review the drawings and options for the project. She provided, and we met and discussed in detail, drawings of the kitchen and adjacent rooms as they relate to the kitchen area, floor plan options, a construction plan, a mechanical plan, elevations, artistic representation of the general design concept, detailed list of cabinets, and footprint drawing of countertop. Ilse was generous with her time as selections for paint colors, cabinets, backsplash, countertop, appliances, decorative lighting, etc., were made. Renovation began on July 25, 2011, and was completed on October 13, 2011. Ilse's input and assistance continued throughout the entire construction process. She has a wealth of knowledge and ideas concerning kitchen design, placement, colors, functionality construction / remodel process, and putting together a, plan to beautifully blend paint, cabinet, backsplash, countertop, and flooring colors for an eye-pleasing, beautiful, functional kitchen. Ilse was able to present great ideas that were in keeping with my personality, lifestyle, and budget. She was always cheerful and pleasant, professional, punctual, and generous with her time. Ilse was very helpful even with the tiniest of details as well as the mid-size to large details; she regularly kept in touch and available throughout the entire evolution and completion of the project. I will hire Ilse again when I am ready to upgrade my bathrooms. I highly recommend Ilse Scarborough for kitchen remodeling design services.


Cibolo, TX

Recent Review: It took them a little longer than they planned to do the work but that was okay. My washing machine is working fine right now, no more leaks.

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Mr. Atwood did a phenomenal job installing the flooring, framing and building the countertops, and installing the concession window in my mobile coffee trailer. His experience and professionalism clearly shows in his work, and I will definitely hire him again for his expertise.