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Portland Grout Repair

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Reviews in Portland to Replace or Repair Grout

Grout never cured properly, remained gray in places when other spots returned to white. New grout was not sealed at all in places. Used caulk instead of grout for "quick fixes." Did not remove all the original grout. They had to come back a second time, and grout issues were not fixed. After that, they would not respond to repeated requests to repair the work. Required full payment before we could inspect and approve work. Would not refund money.
- Lisa S....
DeWolf Tile & Stone LLC
The estimate process was very professional and educational. I chose their recommendation, we agreed upon a date. The workers were very punctual and completed the job the same day without issues. I would hire them again.
- Mindy C....
Did a good job of stripping out old caulk and grout and replacing it with fresh. Wished he would have filled a few low spots (which were nothing compared to the big issue, so easy to overlook) but overall very pleased with the result.
- Kyp W....
Grout Pro
Cleaning of tile and grout was adequate, looked much better. He worked very slowly. I had to point out spots where the grout was missing and needed to be repaired. Grout repair was pretty sloppy and also incomplete. I was disappointed overall given the cost and amount of time the job took.
- Amelia C....
Grout Pro
Very good job and good advice on how to care for tile. Of particular interest to me is that when Brian looked at the job I said I wanted the grout in the shower replaced. Brian pointed out that most of the grout was fine and while he could replace it all that would be expensive and unnecessary. He recommended doing just what really needed replacing. This saved me a lot of money, which I appreciate.
- Michael B....
Lamont Bros.
We had been told that the deal price would not include custom colors and that the company would have only some basic colors on hand. I had assumed that our off white would be one of the colors they would have on hand but was wrong. We would either have had to pay more for them to come back with a match or use the white that they had. We went with white. I would have preferred a better color match, but that was my fault for making too many assumptions. The quality of the work itself was very good.
- Carolyn L....
Repair guy was prompt, polite and friendly. Unfortunately it appears he was not very experienced. We expected that they would replace the cracked grout with new grout. The method for that is to dig out the old grout and replace it. What he used was actually a caulk material. It said it was "grout" on the tube but it was a rubberized, sanded material that had much more in common with caulk than grout. So, maybe it would be ok.... but I was doubtful. I had marked all the areas to repair with blue painters tape. He caulked the cracks at the floor of the shower and around the recessed tile shelf. Unfortunately he missed the blue tape on the upper corners of the shower. After he left the areas he repaired did look better. Unfortunately, two days after he left the caulk at the corners of the shower floor was splitting and gaps opened up. We called and they were quite apologetic and sent the guy out again. He explained that the shower should have been allowed to dry out a few days since moisture caused the problem. It would have been helpful if they told us that before the repair. Anyway, he recaulked the floor and also the areas he missed. I must admit that now the repairs are holding up well and they look pretty good. I would have preferred real grout, installed in the traditional way, but this repair is working.
- Ken S....
Grout Pro
I don't think Brian charged enough for his excellent work, attention to detail and time spent on the job. We thank him for going beyond our expectations and his original estimate without additional charge. Brian arrived on time, was careful with his equipment and thoroughly cleaned up afterwards. Our shower looks like it did when installed over 10 years ago. Beautiful work. We highly recommend Grout Pro!
- Rich K....
Lamont Bros.
Purchased their deal, but when they showed up they had just white grout, so basically it was just grout cleaning and resealing for $99...not bad, but the advertisement said cleaning and replacement. I needed to have some grout filled in, so they used a big chunk of their time driving across town to purchase grout, then came back and installed. Color wasn't quite right and ended up spending about $250 when I was expecting to get this done for $99...I have grown skeptical of these deals anymore since this seems to happen a lot. The person who came out was very nice and cleaned up the place when his work was done.
- David G....
Grout Masters
Mike came over to give a bid and we scheduled the work. He was a nice guy with a good sense of humor. The morning of the job, Mike dropped off two young guys to do the work. He helped them carry in the tools and drove off. They set all their buckets and tools right on the wood floor with no tarps to protect it. The lead guy seemed to be talking down disrespectfully to the helper. They were in a big hurry because Mike was waiting to pick them up. They left and I noticed several places they had missed and also several discolored areas. It was like pulling teeth to get them to come back to fix the missing grout. When they finally came back, they acted like they were doing me a favor and basically accused me of not letting it dry properly. Both times, they left a big mess in the tub for me to clean up. Beware the low bid!!!
- Kate T....

Repair Grout in Portland



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Recent Review: The technician arrived on time and was professional. Before starting the job, he & I walked around the floor while I asked him what my expectation should be regarding the outcome for the grout discoloration. The grout is a light gray color and heavy traffic areas were a brown color. He told me the grout would be close to the original color. When the job was done, the grout was the same color as when he started. The floor in general looked very clean, but I was disappointed the grout color was not improved. The reason I had a company come and clean the tile & grout was to improve the grout discoloration. Since I had never had this done professionally before, I was willing to try the service in hopes of getting a good result. I will not have this type of service done again on this floor because the results did not meet my expectation.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Prompt response. Very good repair. Wish the grout color was a better match.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: One bathroom turned out OK. The other bathroom's grout were still dark, he said it was because grout was too stained. I guess stained grout cannot be really cleaned up... Overall he was courteous, on time, and easy to work with.


Recent Review: They do a great job. I have used them for years and I will continue to use them.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: We really appreciated the professionalism that Nick Kovac brings to his carpet cleaning service. The whole experience was easy and we were totally confident that we had made the right choice.


Recent Review: Steamed cleaned grout in two bathrooms. Showed up on time; friendly attitude. The only caution is that if you have thin non-sanded grout lines, the steam cleaning may knock out some of the grout depending on the condition. This required some repair on my part but everything came out okay. I'll still steam clean them next time.


Business Description: Revivify LLC


Recent Review: We are thrilled with the work done by Jazz at SealX. He was wonderful to work with. He explained each step of what he was doing. He was very knowledgeable about cleaning and sealing the grout and tile. We would highly recommend SealX to friends.


Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: Kevin arrived on time and was very personable and professional. He explained the process clearly. There was a malfunction in the equipment 3/4 of the way through the cleaning process and he worked diligently to fix the equipment and finish the job. We are very pleased with the results.


Recent Review: It went well. The grout appearance was very good after it was completed.

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What do customers in Portland say about Repair Grout?

The estimate process was very professional and educational. I chose their recommendation, we agreed upon a date. The workers were very punctual and completed the job the same day without issues. I would hire them again.