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Portland Sewage Ejector Pump Installation

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Reviews in Portland to Pump Installers

Clog Pro Plumbing And Drain
We have a small 1922 home in N Portland, with a finished basement. There is a full bathroom in the basement, and the toilet and sink are connected to a Zoeller sewage ejector pump. The pump needed to be replaced, so I ordered the replacement, and called Clog Pro for the installation. Chris came out for the install on Sunday and was very friendly and great to work with. He cleaned out the basin, took out the old pump, and installed the new one. I would definitely recommend ClogPro for this type of service.
- Beth M....
ProDrain & Rooter Service
Travis showed up an hour early and I wasn't there. Left a message that he was leaving and I should call and reschedule. Strike one. The appointment was set for between 3-5. I couldn't get there before 3. Called and got that squared away. Travis shows up @ 3:30ish. Fine. Explain the problem with the sewage ejector. He says it needs to be replaced. Let me see what pumps are available. Comes back inside about 20 min later saying he's found the pump it's up on Columbia. But not to worry he won't charge me for travel time. In my head I'm thinking ok it's 4 oclock. He's bid the job- not normally part of billable time and he's going to get the pump. 2 hr install time x 95 + 380 for pump as quoted. Travis shows back up @ just after 5. Comes in and poof is done by 6:15. and he did a good job with the work......Says he's going to write up the invoice on Monday and he's ready to go home. I say hey- no problem. so 2 hr's @ 95 would have been 190. Really the work took 1 and 1/4 hour. Which should be 119. Plus pump of 380.....499. I hope you are all following my math here. Needless to say I was floored when I received a bill today for 800+. NOt only was I charged from the minute he pulled in my driveway but I was charged 145 an hour for half of the time because it was after 5. NO ONE TOLD ME THE RATE WENT UP. I would have said comeback on Monday morning and do the job then. Now had Travis said travel time to get parts is part of the deal I could understand. But this is a first time for me with this company and this type of service. In the end Travis did a bang up job on the labor and completed the task. However the way the bill is padded and was told one thing then charged different leaves a really bitter taste in my mouth. Needless to say I will fight these charges but I will likely not call prodrain again. This sucks. They have been my go to plumbing team for 2 houses over 6 years.....
- Melissa S....
American Plumbing Services LP
Tony was amazing. He showed up first thing Sunday morning when I saw the original problem. There was not anything he could do that do. However, Tony and the staff was amazing at tracking down the part and I really feel as though they cared about helping me. They could not find anyone in the Portland area that had the part, but I think they literally called every plumbing store in the area to find it. They ordered the part from Seattle and promptly installed it. Tony was extremely helpful and took my phone calls that were sometimes way later than work hours. I was extremely happy with the whole service, except the price which I was not expecting. However, I feel as though they quoted me fairly.
- Lewis B....
Kennedy Plumbing Inc
Monday, April 23rd my husband called Kennedy Plumbing because during the prior weekend the sewage ejector pump which serves the main floor of our home had begun to cycle every minute or so. We based this call on the Angie's list recommendation. Clay (the plumber) came out early that afternoon and diagnosed a failed pump. The system was 33 years old, so it was not surprising. These pumps are quite expensive and on the phone he authorized the purchase of the pump (over $1,000) paying a deposit with a credit card #. Clay passed on from the vendor that the pump would arrive Wednesday, April 25 and said that the earliest he could install was Thursday. We agreed to that. At this point, we had one upper level bathroom that could be used. All water from food prep and dishwashing had to be carried to the upper level to avoid overflowing the sewage ejector tank. No laundry could be done. We were camping in our home. When the service manager called and told us that the pump was in town, he told my husband that they could install the pump late Friday or Monday. !!! When questioned about why it wasn't scheduled on Thursday as Clay & my husband had agreed to, the service manager repeated that he could schedule for either Monday or late Friday - no explanation, no apology and certainly no compassion. We were camping for another day, even though the part had been in town for over a day at that point. Clay arrived Friday with the pump, but a part was missing. He spent time on the phone looking for the part - a flange that connects the pump to the system. He located one, had it delivered and it was the wrong one. He located another one back in the shop and went to get it. It didn't quite fit, so my husband allowed Clay to use his shop tools to modify the flange to fit the pump. In a side conversation with Clay, my husband found out that they had a plumber out sick - something the service manager didn't mention in any of this. By late in the day, the pump was installed but the float switches didn't work. Clay called the shop and they said they had a set. At this point, we could at least do dishes and laundry, we just had to manually turn the pump on and off. My husband did question why the switches were not replaced as an initial part of the job as they were 33 years old like the pump. Clay came back on Saturday with the switches from the shop, but they were 120 volt - not 240 volt to control the 240 volt pump motor. He said that the shop would call on Monday to schedule the install. On Tuesday morning, my husband called Clay to check on the switches. They were in, but again, the shop had not called to schedule. Later on Tuesday, the service manager called to schedule Clay for Friday. At that point, my husband asked the service manager for the owner's name, but he would not give him John Kennedy's name. He did transfer him to Mr. Kennedy's assistant - a call that went to voice mail. By Friday, two weeks after our initial call, we finally had an operational system. This was a horrible experience. In all fairness, once John Kennedy and Linda, his assistant were contacted, they promptly returned phone calls, but by then it was too late to change the course of this frustrating process. Clay, the plumber was a very nice guy and did a good job. The bottleneck seemed to be the service department. Our two major disappointments were: multiple commitments were made that were not met and that we would expect that the installation of the float switches would have been scheduled in a more timely manner, since that part of the project was an undiagnosed problem at the time of the initial visit. They had the float switches for four days before they were installed. Very disappointing.
- Meg M....
M P Plumbing Co
M.P. Plumbing promptly scheduled a service appointment to work on the problem I was having with the Alarm going off on my sewage pump. Laramie from M.P. Plumbing arrived right on time as scheduled. He was very knowledgable and had no problem taking the sewage pump apart and replacing the alarm system. He then tested the entire system to make sure all the components (old and new) worked before he was done.
- David G....
American Plumbing Services LP
The technician was one time, and he was able to determine what was the problem. However, just to get an estimate, they charged much more than other companies we asked for an estimate. In addition, after his visit, our short time solution before getting the pump fixed/replaced doesn't work anymore. The pump keeps running whenever we try. We are unhappy with their service.
- Yookyung N....
Estimator had called the well driller and had all the information when he called me. Better pipes and parts for the same money as other bids.
- Sherry R....
Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Portland
They installed a new sewage pump and alarm in Oct. The alarm went off the next day, so they had to come back out. The alarm failed on Dec 26th and it allowed the sewage to overflow into my basement. I called them 12/27 and 12/28 they took their time to get back out here. They said the reason it failed was due to tissue paper getting on the float. They sent over a guy to do an estimate on cleaning up the basement and expected me to pay for it. I ended up doing my best trying to clean it up myself.
- Donna M....
Honest Abe Home Services
After finding out about the initial problem I called about 10 providers found on Angie's list. Since I knew what the general problem was I was able to inquire about pricing. I scheduled Honest Abe due to their pricing and ability to come out first thing Monday morning. They showed up promptly and got right to work. They were very friendly guys and explained what was going on and why the pump broke in the first place.
- Joshua W....
Clearwater Pump Service
Clearwater Pump Is very highly recomended for ANY water units. They take high pride in there hard work and the quality of work they provide. I will continue to recommend them.
- Teresa B....

Sewage Ejector Pump Installation in Portland

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Recent Review: He came out with his assistant checked our burnt aux pump ,gave me a quote on a new one,. Very professional helpful, explained what was wrong and cost to repair the old one. Decided to replace. Great job


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Recent Review: My pump started making a horrible noise and I called Jeff right away. The noise was so bad that my neighbor complained to me so something had to be done. Jeff ordered a new pump since mine was under warranty and Joe installed the new one. When Joe discovered that the pump was slightly larger than what I had, Joe called Jeff to verify the correct pump installation. Turns out, Jeff decided to go with a larger pump and his company absorbed the cost for me; the difference in cost between the pump under warranty and the new one installed. Within minutes, Joe installed the new pump, with the water flowing like it should and no noise. I just love these guys and kudos to Jeff! Joe also gave me a good tip for algae control since I have no fish in the pond, a chlorine tablet from Walmart or any store, 3" thick to take care of the algae that might build up- who knew? They did. Thanks guys


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We have a small 1922 home in N Portland, with a finished basement. There is a full bathroom in the basement, and the toilet and sink are connected to a Zoeller sewage ejector pump. The pump needed to be replaced, so I ordered the replacement, and called Clog Pro for the installation. Chris came out for the install on Sunday and was very friendly and great to work with. He cleaned out the basin, took out the old pump, and installed the new one. I would definitely recommend ClogPro for this type of service.