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Rise & Shine Cleaning Service
We have been using Rise and Shine for the past several months to clean our home on a bi-weekly basis. They are always on time, professional, and do exactly the things that we have requested. I would highly recommend this company.
- Marian L....
7 Seven Cleaning Services
The best company you could ever hire her for cleaning your house. They do an awesome job I Definitely Recommend πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯‡
- Tanya B....
Faithful Cleaning Service Inc
Pleasant to deal with, professional! Showed up when promised to, got right to work cleaning my home (3100+ two story). We had a few so called "cleaning company's" come in before Donna and crew. Here it is simple and sweet and you've heard it a 1000 times You Get What You Pay For....... I think a lot of people figure they'll open a cleaning company cause anybody can clean right? Not the case, there's a BIG difference when pros do it with the right equipment and cleaning products. We went ahead and hired this company to do weekly maintenance cleanings. It's not cheap but when you figure your time and the simple relief knowing the house cleaning is getting done and not backing up on the to-do list the value is obvious. Not just surface cleaning... The nook and cranny kind of cleaning.
- Ti S....
Maid To Shine Cleaning LLC
Yelena was amazing! She is always so professional and courteous. I really appreciate her responsiveness and flexibility.
- Tammy M....
Rise & Shine Cleaning Service
Amanda went above and beyond. She is very easy to work with and trustworthy. We are excited to work with her for many months to come! -Katie and Ross
- Ross K....
Maid To Shine Cleaning LLC
I have been a customer of Maid to Shine for about 2 years now. Hayleigh is the person who cleans our house. She is punctual and hard working. When I am at home with my kids (1 and 3), she is very mindful of their naps. She is also very kind to them. We have had an excellent experience!
- Julie &....
Maid To Shine Cleaning LLC
Josie does a terrific job each time she comes to our home. She is very professional and always upbeat! She is meticulous with her cleaning and always accommodating to the needs that arise on the day she cleans. Whitney, (in the office) does a super job with scheduling and answering any questions.
- Nan A....
A Plus G Clean
I've used numerous housecleaning companies in the past and A plus G has been the best. I can't believe how well they did and they cleaned every little nook and cranny! It was great coming home to a beautifully clean house!
- Helena K....
Our Maids are friendly, fast and efficient. We have them come once per month and they always do a good job (if the "house junk" is put away). If i'm late on picking up. I just stow stuff in a box and sort it afterwards. I fully recommend them.
- Peter M....
Maid To Shine Cleaning LLC
They are amazing! Always responsive and detail oriented. I get regular communications and if there is an issue (questions, traffic delay etc.) it is always quickly resolved. Liz is great and we really appreciate her!
- Tammy M....
Maid To Shine Cleaning LLC
On time, friendly, polite, overall very good. My only complaint is they don't do windows and that was one of the main items that needed cleaning - although they did do a few inside after I had problems with the sewer line and they could not use the water - so not everything got done.
- Sherrye S....
ProCare Cleaning, LLC
Amber and Ashley came in and got right to work and didn’t stop until they were done. They did a great job – so we ended up hiring ProCare Cleaning to do ongoing monthly service for us.
- Leilani P....
House Cleaning & Yard Maintenance
Leonor has been cleaning my home in Corvallis for over 3 years and does a fantastic job. Since I've moved up to the Portland area I was very pleased to hear that she's moving up too and will continue to be available to clean my home. They have a family business and with Leonor in Portland and the rest still in Albany/Corvallis area they are available to clean houses/business anywhere within that area. I have had others clean my home and feel that the job Leonor does is far above the rest. She had my stove apart yesterday along with cleaning bathrooms, etc. and David was cleaning window sills, tops of windows and doors and along the baseboards. When they leave I feel that my house is ready for a white glove inspection. They also have a yard maintenance business available from Salem area down to Albany/Corvallis. I hired that part of the business when I was preparing my home in Corvallis for sale and with their pressure washing the house and cement plus weeding, pruning, etc. my house never looked better. I highly recommend them!
- Linda T....
The Faithful Cleaner
Excellent! Faith was on time and worked non stop. Really has great cleaning products and knows her stuff.
- Jay C....
Aegis Cleaning Services
This is a referral service. Independent cleaners use Aegis as a central reservation point, rather than advertising and scheduling clients themselves. The cleaner uses the clients cleaning materials and equipment, which ensures that contaminants are not carried from a previous house. I was very pleased with the service and will use it again
- Jean G....

Clean Crawl Space in Portland



Seattle, WA

Angi Certified
Recent Review: These guys are quick and hauled everything away. Very gratful that they did work within 2 days after estimate. Left no mess. Thank you


Clackamas, OR

Recent Review: Carla and her crew have been doing cleanings for me every 2 weeks for over a year. They also did a move out clean for me last year and it was excellent. They are always professional and hard working. I feel comfortable leaving them alone in my house to clean while I run errands or do yard work. It's great to get some errands done and come home to a clean house and a perfectly made bed!


Battle Ground, WA

Recent Review: It was excellent. They were on time. They were efficient. They were thorough.


Beaverton, OR

Recent Review: We are so happy with Tammy's work! Tammy was immediately communicative and went out of her way to fit with our schedule. The house looks better than when we moved in, we should have hired her to clean while we lived there. Best experience I could have asked for.


Beaverton, OR

Recent Review: The company is courteous, consistent, fair-priced, and are very responsive to customer feedback and requests. When I first started service with them, they were very thorough with their assessment, asking a lot of questions related to everything from treatment of pets (keep indoors, etc) to what will be expected of them. They have done a great job ever since. I am very pleased with their services and really enjoy coming home to a clean house!


Portland, OR

Recent Review: They arrived on time; brought all their own equipment, went over everything with me and then they got right to work. They did a fabulous job - everything was sparkling clean. When I came back later, the place looked and felt and smelled super clean. I noticed a tiny little pin or something on my mother's china hutch. I looked at it closely and it was a very small amethyst/gold stud earring. I don't know how they could've even seen this thing! But they were that thorough - and that honest! It was a very tiny earring that my mother had lost some time ago! I'm very impressed with A Clean House and would definitely use their services again and would highly recommend them!!


Portland, OR

Recent Review: They payed close attention to detail and overall did an excellant job.


Newberg, OR

Recent Review: They arrived promptly, inspected the crawlspace (paying special attention to cleanliness) and reported that I do not need any cleaning services and that I am in good shape. They did make a recommendation to have some insulation replaced. They were very professional and friendly.


Portland, OR



Sherwood, OR

Recent Review: Excellent job, very professional!


Vancouver, WA

Recent Review: Janet and Greg Henderson are very nice people, and did a good job. They provide a company philosophy, have a contract, many rules and a fee schedule. The company cleaned twice for me, and was scheduled to come a third time, but arrived and departed EARLY, before our arranged time (and before I could arrive home). I called them within 15 minutes of the time they had come to the house (and immediately left) and asked them to call me and please to return and clean my house that day as arranged. They arrived at 11:30 a.m. and left; I arrived home at 11:45 a.m. and called them, and they were not scheduled that day until 12:30! They did not return, never responded to my calls, and that was the end of my work-relationship with them. Since I am a busy person, as most of us are, I won't be calling them again, as scheduling became a major problem with them. I think they must be used to cleaning homes where they are given a key and can arrive at any time.


Portland, OR

Recent Review: We have used this company before for the purposes of providing a heavy-duty scrub down and cleaning of homes after we have cleaned them out of hoarded items. Each time we have used them (I think about four times now, the most recent on March 7th), they have been punctual, work very hard and have done such a great job of cleaning! We think they are terrific and they are our go to team when our customers ask for this type of cleaning.

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Background: I picked the wrong type duct cleaing service. Subsequently I have learned tthere are two main types of duct cleaning services... and I have found they are not equal in their cleaning ability. The first type uses a truck mounted large industrial-sized vacuum that is attached to the heating system with large flexible fabric 'hoses" and sucks large volumes of air through the ducts simultaneously as a pneumatic "beater / flailing wand" is manually threaded by the operator though the ducts to loosen dust and debris contained within the ducts. The wand is flexible and snakes around bends and right angle corners in the ducts. The loosened dirt is then rapidly drawn out of the duct and into the vacuum bag filters in the truck. All the vacuum machinery remains outdoors in the street or your driveway. I've heard this referred to as a "negative pressure" type duct cleaning system. This system requires somewhat more time to set up and a sizeable investment in equipment. This is the type cleaning system I assumed would be used... but wasn't. It was my fault that I was not aware that other types of duct cleaning systems existed... and therefore did not verify what type system that would be used on my job. It turns out the second type duct cleaning system is one that uses a rotating brush mounted on the end of long hose attached to a man-portable vacuum cart that is wheeled into and through your home (about the size of a patio barbeque). The grills on your home's heating outlets and return air inlets are removed and the hose with rotating brush on the end is inserted into each outlet and inlet by the operator. The hose is then pushed as far down each duct as the hose length will allow (usually 30' to 35' for the 40' hoses commonly used). The hose typically does not go around right angle bends. The vacuum hose then sucks up dust and debris loosened by the rotating brush... but only for duct lengths not exceeding the hose access length. I've heard this referred to as a "roto-brush" type duct cleaning system. This system requires much less time to set up...a much much smaller investment in equipment and can easily be transported in the back of a family SUV. This is the type of duct cleaning system that was used on my job... but I wasn't expecting. Again, this was my problem that I did not verify the type of system to be used. Aegis used a roto-brush system which didn't have a vacuum hose length adequate to access the full length of my home's ducts as it turns out. I was not told of this situation... and the operators themselves may not have been aware of it... although they should have been. I believe they said their hose was 40' long. Unknown to me... but discovered a week or so later... large lengths (at least 6' to 8') of my ducts were not cleaned at all due to inadeqate hose length and/or inability to negotiate around duct bends. Also I found that remaining dust and debris was still visable through the open outlet & inlet ducts immediately upon "completion" of the cleaning job. I called this to the attention of the operator (while he was still on site)... who then re-cleaned these duct spaces. This made me wonder what else hadn't been cleaned adequately. I later found out. Although the two operators turning up to do the job were polite and accommodating... they did not impress me as being very professional. Hip-hop shorts, raggedy T-shirts and flip-flops did not strike me as appropriate dress for a professional service coming into a person's home. They arrived in an unmarked personal SUV with out-of-state plates (Calif. I think) with the roto-brush machine loaded in the back. After being on the job site for a few minutes...one of the two operators said he had a headache and needed to go to a drug store to get some aspirin. He didn't return until the job was nearly completed by the second operator in a little over an hour or so. Their job price was about half of what I have paid in the past for professional duct cleaning by a contractor using a negative pressure duct cleaning system. I mistakenly assumed I would be getting the same type service... but at half the price. My error. In the future I will only engage contractors using the negative pressure type system and specializing in duct cleaning. To me it's worth the added price given the better results I've experience with negative pressure vacuum systems. For those homeowners having duct work compatible with a roto-brush cleaning system (shorter staight duct runs, no sharp duct bends, visibility allowing verification the cleaning has been done adequately, etc.)... I would check out several contractors before selecting one... to find one that is conscientious, professional and effective. I did not follow-up with the contractor to complain or request a re-cleaning. I figured it would not be worth the effort given the nature of their roto-brush system and the hose lengths of their vacuum. I simply manually vacuumed out the uncleaned sections of duct work myself as best I could... when I later had the furnace taken apart for unrelated repairs. But, all things considered... I personally will not use Aegis again.