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Pittsburgh Trailer Home Remodel

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10 Best Trailer Home Remodeling - Pittsburgh | Angi [Angie's List]
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10 Best Trailer Home Remodeling - Pittsburgh | Angi [Angie's List]
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10 Best Trailer Home Remodeling - Pittsburgh | Angi [Angie's List]
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Reviews in Pittsburgh to Remodel Trailer Home

Lackey Home Improvement LLC
He was excellent in his work. He showed up on time, worked until 5:30/6:00. If something didn't go right, he fixed right away. Very friendly, reliable and did good work. We were very pleased with his work. We've since gotten to be friends. If something happens, he is out right away to take care of it.
- Larry M....
I chose Home Depot to provide the commode, tile, mortar, grout, paint, shower door and various components for my bathroom remodel. Home Depot has so much more available on-line than they do in the store. They ship it to the store or in some cases to your home (free of charge). The awesome thing is their liberal return policy. I changed my mind fairly often, after a purchase I would take it home only to find that it didn't work with my décor, return it to the store for a full refund, even on custom ordered parts. The end result is stunning, the quality is there and I expect a long service life.
- Anthony M....
J & B Remodeling and Design
Dealing with Jason Lapay was a complete nightmare. He assured me in writing that the job would take about 3 weeks and begin in mid Feb 2016 and that he would personally manage it. I should have known trouble was ahead when he added incorrectly for the total on the quote. He actually shorted himself over $1,000 and being honest I let him know. In preparing for the remodel, I would send him a few simple questions but rarely get a useful response. There is no "design" in "J&B Remodeling and Design". It was up to me to order every last little valve etc and hope it went together. I happened to run into him at Home Depot and he said it was good I was gathering materials since he often shows up and the homeowner has nothing. He meant it to show how dumb his customers were; I later realized it showed his own complete lack of communication. I sent him a list of materials I had ordered asking if he saw any issues or missing items; the usual no response. There was no help of any kind in preparing for job. Having no communication from him by early April I asked when they would be coming (oddly, he had been sending out Angie's List special offers the whole time not showing up at my job) He said two people will be there 8:00 AM. No one comes. I call and he says, they will be there the next day. So I wasted a whole day of my time because it was not worth 10 seconds of his to tell me no one would be coming. This would happen over and over. Joe and Steve show up but have no idea what they are supposed to be doing. This would be the norm. My 6 week nightmare begins. I explain it to them and they tell me they did not bring tools (and were not sure which site they had been left at) or materials. Eventually they get started. They measured wrong and had to move the studs, but eventually the walls and floor were in. Up to then it was annoying delays, but now things start to go bad. Joe and Steve did their best and just needed a competent manager. After weeks of prodding, Jason finally comes and does the plaster. Of all the shoddy work that would be done by Jason Lapay's people, Jason himself was the worst. The plaster went up ok, but he splattered it all over my brick fireplace. This would have taken about 2 minutes to mask off. Instead, and only after I notice it, he says they can remove it with Muriatic Acid. It turns out, this is concentrated Hydrochloric Acid meant for things like driveways. Very toxic and not meant for indoor use on vertical surfaces. Ridiculous. And they never actually fixed it. I would hear "we'll fix that" on many issues, but they never did on anything. They also screwed up the outlets which are not flush with the final plaster wall so the plates don't go on properly. He was supposed to install new baseboard. Weeks into the job, no baseboard. I sent a text asking when it would arrive and he responds that stressing him out will not make the job go more smoothly. So his only concern is his stress (not mine) and openly admits it is not going smoothly. Finally some guy drops off unfinished baseboard. Another guy slaps on some prestain and stain and they start installing it. What a disaster. Staining is a very time consuming process; you have to sand and then apply it evenly and add a finish coat. They did none of that and it is all a splotchy mess that does not remotely match the door trim. I'm having all of it redone. They finished nothing. Baseboard in open areas but not in closets. A few tiles left undone in each area. No door for the electrical box. The "plumber" did a tub faucet but not the shower head or vanity plumbing. No T molding installed. And on and on and on. So instead of having people do as much as possible in one trip, they would have to come out multiple times. If he wants to pay people to drive around, that's his business, but it wasted weeks of my time. The so called "plumber" did not check the bathtub drain for leaks. Of course it leaks, so that needs redone. I happen to have a hole in my garage to see it is leaking. Without that, I would have found out in a year or two when the garage ceiling started dripping water. They would misplace things. I have missing wall plates, toilet bolt caps, vanity shelf clips, ... I've had to order parts from various manufacturers. In the kitchen, they were supposed to remove the existing floor and put in tile. They just put the tile on top of the existing floor. Now my refrigerator does not fit under the cabinet. He told me they would just cut off the bottom of the cabinet. He never did and it turns out that is not an easy thing to do. Cabinets are not made to have the bottoms "trimmed off". And my dishwasher no longer fits. All the painting they did was shoddy and incomplete. They did not believe in masking things off and I have splotches on my door trim, tile, etc. Any part not readily accessible was ignored. For example, I just finished removing the blinds in my kitchen and painting around the sill. They were not content with trashing the inside of my home. They put tile saw fluid and plaster in my side garden. I have not been able to get it off and it killed some shrubs. My driveway is covered with splatter. I often had to "loan" them tools such as paint trays, a Shop-Vac since theirs shot dust out the back, buckets, etc. Not a big deal, but more aggravation. For most of the job, there was only one guy very slowly doing tile work and a few odds and ends. No "full crews" that I was promised. On a well run job, they would have had a low end assistant to do tile cuts etc which would have made it go much faster. The Hall Bathroom was the biggest disaster. There were 2" gaps in the drywall and cement board. The corner bead (which Jason did not want at all) was glued on crooked since they failed to true up the corner and fell off along with the tile on top of it. They did not use plumbers putty for the tub drain so it leaks. They put the surround tile up before testing the shower or connecting the shower head and it is now inaccessible without ripping it all out. They were supposed to put an outlet above the vanity. This would be easy while the walls were open. As usual, they left it for later. Jason assured me he would personally manage the job. He did not do so in person or otherwise. I thought this was the source of the problem until I saw how shoddy his own work was. Angie's List only allows 10,000 characters, so I can't explain my 6 week Jason Lapay nightmare in every detail. He just does not know what he is doing, his people don't know what they are doing, and he has no ability to manage himself much less multiple projects. My time and stress meant nothing to him and he cared nothing about the quality of the work being performed. He has zero project management skills (even basic common sense like doing walls before floors), and refuses to communicate for weeks on end. After weeks of no communication on the hall bathroom plaster work (and 6 weeks into a 3 week job with no end in sight), and given the shoddy incomplete work already done, I could not take it anymore and kicked them out. I had paid him $14,000 of the $22,000. I estimate I overpaid by about $6,000.00 including incomplete items and shoddy work that needs redone. When I kicked them out, I had hoped he would call and apologize for the delays and issues and correct the situation. Successful businesses solve customer problems. Jason Lapay has hissy fits and temper tantrums (several times I heard him screaming at his people over the phone as they would just hold it away from their ear). He sent a text saying there was no end date in the contract and he would sue me if I did not pay for the rest for rooms he had not even started even though he had no intention of finishing the job. He wanted me to send a check for $8,000. With his usual lack of attention to detail, he gave a street address but no city and state. He had gotten divorced and it was different from the business address. In looking into the legal aspects, I discovered "PA Act 132 of 2008". He thought that not having an end date in the contract meant he could do work if and when he pleased. But none of his contracts are valid or enforceable in PA since they must have an approximate start and completion date. They are missing many other things such as his HICPA number, etc. Other states have similar provisions. I'm in the process of filing a complaint with the PA state attorney general. As I'm hiring people to redo and finish things, I'm discovering ever more issues with Jason Lapay's shoddy work. For example, I hired a plaster guy, Mark Steele, for the hall bathroom (what a pleasure to deal with a pro). They had not put nearly enough screws into the drywall. I'm assuming the shower surround has the same issue, but is now covered in tile can't be fixed. I feel foolish for allowing this to go on as long as I did. I had hoped to be enjoying my nice remodeled home and the good weather by April. Instead, thanks to Jason Lapay, it's June and I'm dealing with lawyers, and fixing the shoddy incomplete work he left in my home. If I ever do another remodel, I would never contract for more than one project at a time. It's much easier to get rid of them if they are doing a bad job and it would force them to finish one thing before going on to the next. I would also not be "patient and understanding" with a contractor. Someone who is doing shoddy or slow work is not going to suddenly start doing quality work in a reasonable time. If they had just been slow, I probably would have let it go on, but the second they start doing shoddy work, get rid of them. I took many pictures during the project, so I have alot of documentation of the shoddy work.
- David H....

Remodeling - Modular & Mobile Home in Pittsburgh



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Recent Review: He was excellent in his work. He showed up on time, worked until 5:30/6:00. If something didn't go right, he fixed right away. Very friendly, reliable and did good work. We were very pleased with his work. We've since gotten to be friends. If something happens, he is out right away to take care of it.